Primus - Tragedy's A' Comin' Lyrics

Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
There's no place to run and hide
Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
Damn my bastard pride

From the middle of nowhere
He rides it all alone
From the edges of somewhere
He's grindin' flesh and bone
From the fringes of darkness
He breathes a steady hand
And the tinges of poison
Come seeping from his glands

Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
There's no place to run and hide
Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
Damn my bastard pride

If you ask him nicely
Perhaps he'll go away
Just move politely
And beg him not to stay
With a mouth full of garbage
He spits into your eye
And an ear full of pity
He'll teach you how to die

Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
There's no place to run and hide
Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
Damn my bastard pride

She stands before us
With a Bible in her grasp
When she opens her mouth up
You can hear the wretched rasp
Like a bucket of barnacles
She's abrasive to the skin
Like the ignorant masses
That hope someday she'll win

Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
There's no place to run and hide
Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
Damn my bastard pride

Tragedy's poundin'
Hard against your door
And the cancer's eating
At your inner core
And you're feeling helpless
Can't control the game
Do you fade away softly
Or go out in a ball of flames cause

Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
There's no place to run and hide
Tragedy's A' Comin'
And I cannot step aside
No I cannot step aside
Damn this bastard pride

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Primus Tragedy's A' Comin' Comments
  1. Lee Smith

    Damn,I always knew Primus was unique & sometimes their music doesn't fit into any one category. This song has made a new one,& I want to call it "Funk Rock"!

  2. jose basujno

    Únicos e inimitables.

  3. Nathan Lizarraga

    Dude my fucking bong broke 5 minutes after the song played

  4. N. W. Dood

    That Actornot on horseback is more realistic than the actornots in "space"...

  5. Pan Tera

    This is actually really freaking bad

  6. Musistics

    Mark Haggard, is that you? 😜

  7. Tresadenn

    Primus sucks.

  8. UncleFexxer

    Gawd I love Primus videos. The non sequitur is strong in this one.

  9. rushthezeppelin

    I can't be the only one who thinks this sounds like a song from The Mighty Boosh

  10. wharsmetoothpicson

    Sounds similar to Ballad of Bodacious

  11. Kemal Gürer Koloğlu

    everything primus make is so fucked up I love it

  12. Don Havard

    Thanks Primus for some excellent music over the years.I’m never bored,always amazed.

  13. Cdolla

    When you get level 40 fishing in runescape

  14. Aaron Hopkins

    why has this video more views than the video uploaded on primus’s channel?

  15. ehpunka

    Ler the guitar genius

    Um Cara Aleatório Qualquer

    Larry Lalonde?

  16. Jolty_

    Everytime I listen to a Primus song for the first time I dislike it, second time it sounds good and not before long I'm on my 10th listen

  17. Ettore Maccà

    Les Claypool in this video : Observe*

  18. Simon B

    No offence to Larry....much love for Death Metal and Primus

  19. Simon B

    Les should collaborate with Nigel Pusford

  20. Jordan González

    What the fuck is this shit about?😂😂😂😂 O fucking love it but dunno what the fuck Is this.

  21. Kyne McCullough

    primus sucks

  22. Error

    all neo-nazis eat maggots from rancid trash and fuck their cousins.


    awesome song though.... those fucking drums....

  23. Paul Beahm

    I respect the use of the regulation horse rider outfit

  24. Sturdy diamond 67

    When I saw the lobster I immediately thought to catch a lobster you mist be a lobster

  25. ClotheslineAwesome

    One of their best songs

  26. Richard Clark

    am I the only who is completely confused on why they decided to add the dancers?

    Like yeah it's Primus, it doesn't have to make sense

    But for me dance =/= Primus

  27. Renzo Ciancaglini

    Did someone else note there's a far barking at 4:49 when the song finishes?

  28. menckencynic

    How many puppies?

  29. StarmaGeddon

    primus got a strange obsession with food


    and fishing =]

  30. Itamar Zemel

    This is soooo similar to The Ballad of Bodacious

  31. Courier 6

    Imagine walking outside a park maybe and seeing les claypool in a lobster suit on the ground...

  32. kodibass

    Less,,    I know  u  watch  these Vids,,,   Call  me for the fishing adventure of your life !!!,,,   No strings attached,,,,   No b-shet Man,,,     Waiting,   Kodi!   @   Alaska x 40 years,,, ! x4

  33. Jesse Lapham

    Green Naugahyde is for Primus what The Hunter is for Mastodon.

  34. Michael Parr

    castaway on drums

  35. Danny Boi

    I was listening to this in class on my phone with the music video playing and the kid next to me gave me possibly the most confused expression ive ever seen

  36. RamsFan

    What a great sound.

  37. Luc Therriault

    J'aime Primus à toute heure de la journée, mais je l'ADORE après minuit.


    Luc Therriault - Ce n'est pas du meilleur, mais c'est bien.

  38. 58jimmie

    OMG, is it the 60s? Love Primus Hate this!

  39. The Ultimate Reductionist

    Weird for the sake of weird.

  40. Robert Herman

    What effect is Les using to get that tone in the main slap bass line that starts at 0:18?

  41. Miller


  42. Robert Herman

    Les kinda looks like Mads Mikkelsen in this one

  43. denni95HM

    just wished "the lobster" was like this

  44. monkeyboy4746

    The skull is a little hard to crack, you know all that Kevlar and polycarbonate, but the meat inside is very tender.

  45. Sullivan R.

    weirdest primus video ever except for the lacquer head video

  46. XZagatoX

    Why does this feel like a FIFA song (not a bad thing)

  47. Jason F

    badass jam!

  48. Luke Gallagher

    Lob Craypool.

  49. no name

    One of my fav tunes off the record

  50. olden creek

    When I first saw this video, it got me thinking... " Is anyone in Primus a vegetarian? Do they have any opinion against eating meat? Is there more to the musician dressing up as a scared lobster?"

  51. George Texstel

    This awesome song could have been a Funkadelic jam. Those were some awesome freak musicians.
    Who's listened to "Standin' on the Verge" lately? Still Hot


    George Texstel Les played with the late Bernie Worrall in his side project C2B3. I'm sure he appreciates the Funkadelic muchly.

  52. bulmadora

    reminds me a lot of "the ballad of bodacious"

  53. Tickleshits

    ignoring the solo, this song is extremely easy (yet still fun as hell) to play on guitar.

    SwimHelper Da_Killa_Ounze

    sunnyvale 4 life lol


    i roll with mah kitties and i'm hard as fuck.

  54. Google+ suck my cock

    Les Claypool is probably the only man in the world who could take a song about his mother's disease and death and turn it into a goofy video

    Adam 23

    oh that sucks. :(

  55. David Todd

    Should be relabeled "The Trump Song"

    Spermy the Nick Cur

    Two hands
    Two scoops
    Two genders
    Two terms

  56. JP Toutant

    if you like that song, without the guy disguised in a lobster, you need to take a hammer to the head repeatedly.

  57. Juan Mendoza

    Sounds like Antipop Here

  58. Kay Sss

    Primus sucks!

  59. Justin Tyler

    Maynard from tool should have been the waiter

    Ben Papp

    Justin Tyler he looked like it didn’t he

  60. Steven Umphlett

    tragedy of the lobster dancing in butter

  61. Mrfuckup1993

    whats your mental illness, iam Canadian

  62. rsd338

    wow 2:14 says it all about corrupt hillarys theme song....oh shit ! ... its right on about her! lol...

    SwimHelper Da_Killa_Ounze

    This song has nothing to do with her. Take your Trump boner else where, you don't belong Primus sucks.


    @SwimHelper Da_Killa_Ounze ha ha ha ...primus sucks and we won...but u really suck

    DFM Bass

    rsd338 Fuck them both


    @DFM Bass and you 2

    SwimHelper Da_Killa_Ounze

    rsd338 haha you don't even know primus sucks, you must suck.

  63. Hnnrck Vhn Hmmlr

    primus sucks

  64. Arbiter1912

    Les Craypool. laugh at my horrible pun.

    codeine clown

    Arbiter1912 i hate u but i also love u for that


    That's an awesome pun!

    Adam 23

    I like it.

    Adam 23

    the hell happened to my comment

    hYeah BoAh

    69th comment like. I love puns

  65. Michael Teale

    Always the sea,do you see?classic primus.

  66. Alessandro Cerusico

    Pretty similar to Bodacious but good song nontheless

    David Lee Wrath

    Similar, but cooler!

  67. Victor Martín Villalta Delgado

    Primus Tragedy`s A Comin-2011
    Les Claypool-Lead Vocal , Bass Guitarr
    Jay Lane-Drums,Backing Vocals
    Larry Lalonde-Guitarr

  68. Kelly Pheasant

    I f-ing LOVE this band! They probably ain't the best in the world of music, as a whole but they are beyond a doubt one of the COOLEST! MY big brown beaver and I listen to them almost every day.


    wrong on one thing...80% of musicians dont have anywhere near the talent of all three

  69. der informationstechniker

    legendarily cool!

  70. David Gates

    Great!!now mu broke Ass is Hungry for sea

  71. Bushrod Rust Johnson

    I like how Primus has appropriate theme songs for everything.

  72. Justin Trovrt

    'Bout time they replaced that Claypool feller with a crawdad.

    DFM Bass

    Justin Trovrt Damn thats funny

  73. Claudio Toledo

    🤔where is the fucking lobster in emoji?🦀

  74. Agustin Aragon Tercero mexicali

    jajajajajajajajj fckn fckn crazy !!!!

  75. Megajoe800

    He even mentions cancer in the song.

  76. Marc Dominguez

    I didn't get it

  77. Rob Fraser

    Les has a facial hair face like Rowan Atkinson, he suits soup straining equipment a lot and just looks damned strange when clean shaven.

  78. Jiganomics


  79. Gustavo Durden

    Les about this song:
    "There's a lot of crazy s--t in my life right now: My mom is fading away from us; she's not going to be around much longer. My little nephew was diagnosed with leukaemia at only two months old. I have friends battling cancer. When I wrote that song, I was just like, 'Holy f---ing hell…' Whatever metaphor you want to use: Into everyone's life a little rain must fall. Well, there you go – Tragedy's A-Comin'. The funny thing is, the music to that song is very uplifting. I love the contrast of it. From Tommy The Cat to Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, there's a lot of tragic figures in my music and Primus' music. It's just the way I exorcise my demons, through these kinds of people."

    Mr. Futago

    Why lobsters though?


    Mr. Futago why not?


    @Mr. Futago That Lobster knows that it takes just one customer of that restaurant who wants him on his menu.

    It takes just ONE who will go "I'll have the lobster!"

  80. YZF51

    Didn't know Maynard James Keenan was a waiter.

    Greg Turner

    +Infidel Freedom looks like the dude from "The presidents of the united states of america" more than maynard

  81. Gemeral dis

    What a bunch of Lobsters,man...Really.....Seriously.....C'mon.....I....mean....Really....

  82. PoopShipDestroy3r

    What is that Synthesizer that's going wa wa wa?


    +Julian Scarbrough I think it's just a Wah-wah pedal but he may also use a whammy pedal in parts, I'm not sure.

    Grax TheWanderer

    It's bass synthesizer pedal or envelope filter. I guess synth

  83. Super Marszczę Rano Bros

    Do you know why Primus is dyin'? Because it has cancer *BADUM TSSS*

  84. Elliott

    its funny because he cant eat the lobster wearing a spacesuit


    that's the tragedy

  85. Gonzaa Rmt

    I didnt know Johnny Depp could play bass like that

    Cali Braxus

    Johnny Depp plays Pirates, not Bass.



    Michael Parr



    He looks so much like vince gilligan tho


    @Greg Turner More cowbell!

  86. Jacob Karsina

    Les Claypool looks kind of like Egoraptor in that lobster suit.


    +Jacob K Les Claypool looks like he hasn't left the inside world since frizzle fry

  87. Mario Ibarra

    When are these guys gonna stop sucking??

    Randy Allison

    their not and never will

  88. Steve Armstrong

    People who Troll SUCK

  89. Pete Alien


  90. Pete Alien


  91. Beatnik Conspiracy

    Reminds me of Bodacious.

  92. Bandito Boi

    les kinda looks like Johnny depp

    Bandito Boi

    @Greg Turner XD


    How shallow. Very insulting to Les.

    c s

    you mean johnny depp kinda looks like les.

    Emma Mae

    I'm very impressed with Les. Johnny, not so much.

    Jeffery Catterton

    No, Johnny Depp looks like Les Claypool. 👌

  93. Marcos Pichichero

    El casco atrae un misterio... O.o

  94. Albert Einstein

    the guitar playing starting at 3:39 is awesome; I wish they had built more of the song around it.

    Marc Dominguez

    they did. in the beginning

    wal wal

    Marc Dominguez Lol

    Jay Doe

    Would be dope if the whole song was based on that riff instead of the rythym he's got for it

    Joshua Faulkner

    @Jay Doe

  95. Yugo Lago

    Oh Man oh man, I really don't know what part of is brain those ideas coming from but i got to say he's got amazing imaginary.....

  96. JordsWales 96

    Damn my bastard pride..

  97. DTMC215

    I oddly enjoyed that

    Uncle Rob

    Don't Tell Anyone.

  98. Bertha Martin

    Great song, by Primus ( as usual)  astronaut  riding a horse , like it....