Primus - Too Many Puppies Lyrics

Too many puppies are being shot in the dark
Too many puppies are trained not to bark
At the sight of blood that must be spilled so that
We may maintain our oil fields
Too many puppies
Too many puppies

Too many puppies are taught to heal
Too many puppies are trained to kill
On the command of men wearing money belts that buy
Mistresses sleek animal pelts

Too many puppies
Too many puppies
Too many p-p-p-p-p-p-pup-puppies
Too many puppies

Too many puppies with guns in their hands
Too many puppies in foreign lands
Are dressed up sharp in suits of green and
Placed upon the war machine
Too many puppies are just like me
Too many puppies are afraid to see
The visions of the past brought to life again
Too many puppies, too many dead men

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Primus Too Many Puppies Comments
  1. Brothers Keeper

    Just learned this bass line today, got curious and gave it a shot.

  2. cay thorgrimson

    ohh waths a puppie feild i dont know " butterfiles butterfleis" i cant see that the poppie feild is anything toe write home abut " butterfleis butterfleis" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jarrett Bauer

    Guys I think I can hear colors and taste sounds now

  4. Grandpa Piss

    Master of Puppies

  5. Melody DHS

    vengo por dama G


    Are youuu readyyyy?!!... Waait, this is not KoRn ._.

  7. o g

    Just noticed the The Residents references in the lyrics

    o g

    Drunk and appreciate so much

  8. Donovan Thibodeau

    Did they cook Shrek into a soup for this album cover?

  9. Johnson Dave

    Korn has a song like this also 🤘🏻but about vision

  10. commercialies

    flipper sucked first

  11. Max Devo

    Welp, the US just assassinated one of the most powerful military leaders of Iran. Here we go, folks. More puppies are gonna die for the oil fields.

    Abdullah Al-Azmi

    Max Devo fuck

  12. Edward Navedo

    281 people have too little puppies

  13. will Grello

    i have a feeling the guys from gojira love this riff

  14. patrick dombroski

    Best anti war song ever

  15. Anakin Skywalker

    Primus sucks

  16. i cant stay interested in a thing for a season :c

    i cant hear the guitar

  17. ぶらん丼

    korn blind


    Is nobody going to talk about that tiny sound bit at the end of the song

  19. Tentacle Brain


  20. Lilly Russell

    Tell me you do not go " BUH DAH DAH DAH DAH BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM" with the bass at the beginning of the song and I still wont believe you.

  21. Alien Cultist

    Wjen you have 10 tamed wolves in your Minecraft house

  22. Satanic Panic

    277x2 thumbs that need to be snapped off and forgotten about!

  23. The Underground Man

    Early soad, like before the self titled album, sounds like it was heavily influenced by primus. Almost like early soad was a budget primus for normies

  24. livin' in chains

    Arreeeeee yoooouuuu readyyyyyy?!!!

  25. Son of Crystal Pepsi

    This plays like every week at my local bar.

    Hero Price

    Scallywag's on Thompkins?

  26. Kenny Barton

    Good...... Primus still are the shot in the dark gu gu ggggggu gggggugugu guess gu gu and fuken romantic the way she likes to be romanced by her side say bbbbbbbbbbabbbby ! On one !

  27. Martin Bachleda

    All The kids are hitting a New Phone for christmas! Martin

  28. Heisenbooger

    But I love puppies

  29. BADD1ONE

    90s protest song

  30. Jeffrey Swiderski

    Going to see these guys in Fargo North Dakota! Life is beautiful

  31. TheTypical Gamer

    i legit have too many puppies

  32. itsBayFreshALLday


  33. michelle hughes

    Let's hope malus likes it

  34. ryan fumbum


  35. Kurt Andresen

    I hear Korn and Gojira ripping off this shit

    Jeffrey Swiderski

    Kurt Andresen that’s a good thing

  36. Grande Plinio

    Isso é simplesmente do krl demais! \,,/

  37. Loop Is Dedz

    Did KoRn took this as a sample, or got a little bit inspired?

  38. Danielle Rideordie

    I fuckin LOVE PRIMUS

  39. Formalbug571

    Quick reminder that the US military commits more acts of terrorism than the alleged terrorist do.

    goo tar

    Too many puppies..

  40. Satoshi Kong

    Has anyone ever figured out what the fuck is being sung @ 2:25?
    That shit's been driving me nuts for years.

    Sir Cube

    A peanut sat on a railroad track, his heart was all a flutter. Along came a train toot toot peanut butter.

    Satoshi Kong

    Sir Cube Thank you, sir. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

  41. Dameon Bailey

    Not enough Primus in this world, sadly...

  42. wannabecarguy

    Is Les still running for president?

  43. heather

    I went camping with my auntie when I was little and she wrote “too many puppies with guns in their hands” on the wooden table. I finally understand haha

    Melanie C

    Cool auntie ✌

  44. Alejandro Gonzalez

    ARE..YOU...READY!?!? Sorry wrong song. This song is way fucking better.

  45. mleni12

    soooo this is where Korn Blind came from....

  46. BlahBlahBlah

    Too many Pupperinos drinking Cappuccinos

  47. Justin Smith

    hey everybody

  48. Kry Kry Stott

    Dope ass song Primus sucks 💯🔥

  49. Chris Lynn

    One of my favorites . So original

  50. INFIDEL6

    Reminds me of my sister, that I lovenly nick-named her
    "Woof Woof" ...

  51. Lowkey Relatable

    Dollar store korn

  52. Don't be shy

    I would like to make love while this song is playing ahhehe.

  53. MCA Fabio

    Primus é muito foda!!

  54. alien moon base sector 420

    primus succcccccckkkks!~

  55. Paul Corbello

    Primus is fucking awesome if you say Primus sucks you suck.

  56. Avery Castle

    My favorite Primus song

  57. Princess Polybius

    Hell yesssss

  58. Alexandrea Cruz

    it's 2019 and listening to this while passing meds

  59. Joseph Ancion

    What is muttered before Mr Knowitallm ?

  60. 7meouphe

    Primus Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. InhalerOfMoistMeals

    One of the simplest Primus songs, yet still tricky to play...

  62. antonio bradiano

    Pill popies. Slow is yo. master non easy to say. ask the master.

  63. Christian Gillespie

    Q kilometers of Amgen was gonna hohbn

  64. The groove sessions anyalewechi

    korn more or less ripped off this song with blind. even the song structure is the same. blind is better though

    black john

    Korn is 👎

  65. Terry Mick

    Areeee youuu readdddddyyy

  66. Cody Bankhead

    Ive always thought of this song about immigrants being put in bad situations to have to move to somewhere better. I dont think hes being mean either. I think hes saying that the way they get here is unfortunate. But who am i kidding 😄 im probably wrong!

  67. Craig Stevens

    notice how sometimes he makes the word "puppies" sound like "poppies"

    very subtle Les... very subtle...

    Christian Gasior

    I don’t think that’s intentional


    The songs about young soldiers who get drafted I think

    Craig Stevens

    Yeah but those soldiers also guard and protect opium fields

  68. Cameron Perez

    I'm this song suks

  69. Marqus Cano

    I could end someone's whole life in the pit to this song🤘

  70. Kavi Jackson

    ME: BASS GOD 🤔

  71. Nick Cooper

    This about as heavy as Les ever got.

    And it is beautiful.

  72. Brokenatoms

    Could he be talking about the USARMY ? 😉

  73. plz stop no plz plz stop

    I love that gutiar solo!

  74. Altonex

    one of the heaviest primus songs in my opinion

  75. andre muise

    3:23 Fillgasms

  76. dead pool

    A guy sang this for the talent show at my school and he did the base for it and it was the funniest thing ever cause he sucked

  77. IP Needly

    Well We do Need Anu Bus. For the School Chuck!

  78. IP Needly

    Well Feed Them To The Pit. That's Were I keep my other dogs. Haven't feed them in a minute Either. Usely That's were I have my Unwanted guest stay.

  79. Corey Posey

    2019, Primus still sucks. This was the album that built my love for Les Claypool when I was younger. ❤🤘

  80. Deanne Clark

    This was way before snapchat

  81. Tony stark

    if you play 2 at a time with a slight echo its actually pretty good and funny

  82. 2.zef. 7

    Family friendly.

  83. TheCornCobbers

    The days of old and good times .. It's was a party

  84. AK 4o

    Are taught to HEEEEAL

  85. Raiden Shields

    This would go good on the next Pet Semetary movie soundtrack.

  86. Eddie Vedder

    ARE YOU READY.....oh wait wrong song

  87. crumpo mcbumpo

    I got a dogs journey ad

  88. Aaron Berry

    Korn, is that you?

  89. Conor Somers


  90. Nathan Sirois

    The most unique band to ever exist!

  91. Czikkan Hardt

    Harold of the Rocks comin' in at the end, there.

    Joseph Ancion

    Nah that's Mr Knowitall

  92. Ryan Oliver Daugherty Recio

    the bell at the beggining and throughout the song sounds like the noises that those twin red light things at a railroad crossing signals sound like when a train is nearby

  93. Raymond Tolomei

    This Song made me a Fan of this Band Til This Day! Great Stomp Beat.

  94. Andrew Francis Xavier Hellmann

    This Sound Sucks Forever ! I ' ve got " Frizzle Fry " as CD in The 90 ' s !! This is Real Crazy Shit !!
    × PRIMUS ×

  95. no use for a name

    666 thousand viiiiiewwwws!!

  96. Good Crusader

    Jammed to this when I was 4