Primus - The Thing That Should Not Be Lyrics

Messenger of Fear in sight
Dark deception kills the light

Hybrid children watch the sea
Pray for Father, roaming free

fearless Wretch
He watches
lurking beneath the sea
great Old One
forbidden site
He searches
Hunter of the Shadows is rising
in madness You dwell

Crawling Chaos, underground
cult has summoned, twisted sound

Out from ruins once possessed
fallen city, living death

fearless Wretch
He watches
lurking beneath the sea
timeless sleep
has been upset
He awakens
Hunter of the Shadows is rising
in madness You dwell
Not dead which eternal lie
stranger eons Death may die

drain you of your sanity
face The Thing That Should Not Be

fearless Wretch
He watches
lurking beneath the sea
timeless sleep
has been upset
He awakens
Hunter of the Shadows is rising
in madness You dwell

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Primus The Thing That Should Not Be Comments
  1. pablo diablo

    drummer sounds bored. only using half his kit.

  2. tueude euiexdtu

    Yay Primus!

  3. The Terminator

    Since Metallica is my favorite band I feel like I shouldn't like this. But damn it's so weird and so good. Primus is fucking awesome!!! \m/

  4. Max Hauke

    Bass tone makes me orgasm

  5. Chubbz Makenzi

    Is it weird that he sounds a lot like James Hetfield when he sings this? I mean, it's not EXACT, but it's damn near to the original song

  6. Jeremy James

    Les Claypool DID once try to join Metallica and was denied because he was told he was too good.


    partly, it was just that his style of playing was so outlandish to the band's style of playing.

    Muhammad Irsyazman

    Yes. But the main reason is his style of playing not fit to metallica

    Richard Hardeman

    But he showed him that he could casue listen to the song

  7. spine4you

    This is amazing!

  8. hmpz36911

    I'd like to hear an impression of The Doors doing this

  9. natergater10

    The thing that should be

  10. Ian Flanagan

    'lurking beneath the sea of cheese". What if it was cathulu that killed john the fisherman?

  11. JoeSena

    I love the guitar tone on this

    fuck offer

    If you are meaning the main sound of this version, thats the bass guitar. Fucking Les Claypool man!

    jonny j

    The guitar tone is utter shit, but the bass guitar sounds fucking badass. This is not how you do a metal guitar tone lol

  12. Sathington Waltz

    Better than the original imo

  13. Cowstrum

    for people who don't know, this is a cover song, not an actual song by them.

  14. exxor9108

    I find it interesting that this version sounds a bit more muddled. Gives me the feeling of the person listening to it fell further into their insanity, and is losing their grip on reality.

  15. Louis Minett

    If Les joined Metallica it would be funk based new metal a decade before new metal.

    Talk about ahead of his time!

    Jeremy James

    He did try to join and was denied.

  16. Nathaniel Boerigter

    If thrash was played with a lead bass

  17. Enzo Jolt

    This is metallic u piece of shit

  18. Tristan Ambrester

    Bruh don't listen to this high at 3am it'll fuck you up

  19. whencesoeverman

    better than Lars.

    Meme Centrel

    Say some right now

  20. GamerOfNerds! Aka GON

    took me a minute to pick the song up :/

  21. Erik l

    Heard this on liquid metal and was surprised how awsome it is....never been a huge primus fan

  22. Andre Bryant

    Les Claypool's voice fits this song unbelievably well.

  23. mark stewart

    Love the different take on it, took it with a pinch of salt

  24. Elver Galarga

    Prefer original, sorry primus

  25. metallica rules

    My teacher last year he said is it flea of les claypool i laughed and i said who do u think he said les and i was like les is way better than flea

  26. Ricky B

    just found that they did this cover sounds great a drummer and love the drums in their version songs pretty bad ass

    Samuel Mauldin

    I'm a guitarist, mostly focusing on a 6 string bass, and I'm one that loves to reverse the roles (meaning using a regular guitar for the bass parts and using a bass for the lead guitar parts) and this is a great version to do this with!

  27. Lieselotte Aya

    The best worst solo ever

  28. Jeff Hanneman

    Best cover!


    33 seconds in and I can tell this is going to be awesome and I am pleasantly surprised

  30. Jules

    Heavy shit.

  31. DJ Donkeyface

    Primus is so weird, absurdist, and almost disturbing/unsettling, so they're pretty much the perfect band for a song about Cthulhu.


    @Lieselotte Aya Dagon, yes. The Pope is all about Dagon too, check out his hat

    Die Zufällige Kartoffel

    That's why Primus Sucks.

    Pain Mitica

    @Darkness Incarnate funny you say that . The original is way heavier.

    Darkness Incarnate

    Pain Mitica neither are really all that heavy but I find that the guttural bass hits a bit harder.

    Onemanarmylol Lol

    Cthulhu is overused get that shit out of here it's for fagolas and saps

  32. RightHand_tool

    does no one realize this is metallica

    Sebas Rodriguez

    im pretty sure everyone here knows it's metallica but idk


    We know

    Moto R6

    Ikr metallica is better

    Joey Mutts

    @ThrashMetalKid 666 bold take, thanks for your opinion

    ThrashMetalKid 666

    Joey Mutts I am known as the guy with shitty opinion

  33. Everyday Deckienson

    Sounds like The Melvins lol

    Moto R6

    @Tim Orrok ik dude ive known since yesterday

    Tim Orrok

    @Moto R6 Yeah You've Known Since Yesterday

    Moto R6

    @Tim Orrok yea is there a problem

    Tim Orrok

    @Moto R6 Problem With You You're Hilarious Pal

    Moto R6

    @Tim Orrok 😁👍👌

  34. Hobojoedogbro 64

    Primus sucks!

    ThrashMetalKid 666

    Jason Kouyoumjian Primus sucks is their slogan...

    Jason Kouyoumjian

    ThrashMetalKid 666 well I only know 2 of their songs the ones I own


    You suck!

    Cosmo Or something

    Primus sucks


    Primus fucking sucks 🤘

  35. Chandler Fox

    Dang lol never would have imagined.

    Ross Jacobs

    les claypool tried out for metallica back when cliff burton died, they chose jason newstead. larry lalonde was in a speed metal band called possessed back in the 80s, at least I think it was possessed, I think he played guitar in that band so Primus has a lot of heavy metal history and it does not surprise me at all that they would cover this song, especially considering Hetfield has always sounded a little bit like Les Claypool when he sings this song live

    Chandler Fox

    @Ross Jacobs wow didn't know that man! Thats hella cool.

    Wilhelm Hofmann

    Metallica basically told him to make his own band.. came primus and sausage....


    Kirk and Claypool are also old high school friends


    @Ross Jacobs Yes, the band was Possessed and the album Seven Churches in which Larry played on is to some considered the first death metal album that and Death's Scream Bloody Gore. Scream Bloody Gore was official death metal. While Seven Churches was officially thrash metal but prototypes death metal. So, Larry Lalonde could actually be considered the innovator of death metal guitar playing. After Possessed he would join progressive thrash metal band Blind Illusion and play guitar on the debut album The Sane Asylum produced by Kirk Hammett. I will let you guess who the bass player was.