Primus - The Pressman Lyrics

By the light of the lamp I sit to type-my notes on tab at my side
I don't see the sun much these days
A fluorescent tan covers my hide
How much impact shall I have this time?
My goal today is to reac the deadline
I write between the lines
I deal with fantasy
I report the facts
Give them to me, please

Ham and egg sald on white bread keeps me company on nights like this
A pack of metholated cigarettes keeps my air nice and thick
When I write, words flow like coins from a candy box
Get out of my way
I've got something to say

The pulse is beating louder now
The cramps in my hands grow more intense with each
Tik, tik, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap on the keys
My social life is at an end so it seems to be
Why don't I trample on your lawn today?
I'll take skies of blue, turn over skies of grey
I write between the lines
I deal with fantasy
I am the pressman
Acknowledge me

Mother always told me never stray too far from home
The little lady said, "Boy, you'll never have to be alone,
You build with fountain pen
You create the memory stain
You are the pressman
Stand up straight, boy

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Primus The Pressman Comments
  1. Stanton Smith

    Fake News!

  2. theMenace

    This song is sick.

  3. Erik Frankfurt

    Genius song. I don't know how one finds this cadence. Claypool is a a master.

  4. Bob C. Cock

    This song is so epic. I love both album versions of the song.

    This is a perfect moment when you see them live to give Les some shit and demand to show off his greatness!

    I love how Les interacts with the audience so much. They yell "FUCK YOU LES!" and instead of crying about it and leaving he'll bring the audience to a stare and bust out the most extraterrestrial bass playing the world has ever heard, literally!

  5. Greg A

    Definitely the best lyrics he's ever written

  6. Joshua Flowers

    All this time I thought he said, I am the pressman, " ignorance please" lol

  7. Chance Mackay

    Track 10 of pork soda album

  8. Michelle Haven

    One of my regular songs for masturbation

    Siamese Tool

    Hahaha the pulse is beating louder now 😂

  9. River Lyle Reuveni

    yeah cool lyrics bro

  10. Shaun Benton

    As one of the few songs that acknowledges and respects the role that a journalist plays in our societies, this is a rarity. Killing a journalist is a war crime, a crime against our humanity. Getting killed, maimed, illegally detained or tortured is NOT to be accepted as merely part of this job.


    these days journalists are nothing but propaganda spewing pawns, no mater if it;s FOX, VICE or CNN all that counts is the narrative

    Abdul Adeshina

    I don't interpret these lyrics as being particularly respectful to journalists... it seems though he's mocking them

  11. Facundo Castelo

    this reminds me to Winston Smith and his job on 1984 idk why

  12. Mr Cool

    love this...awesome background for anything you're doing

  13. Rob Cornell

    Clearwater primus and the chocolate factory the best ever my girl front row stopped the concert center stage mwah love u girl


    These guys are genius

    Juan Mendoza

    They Suck

    Erik Frankfurt

    @Juan Mendoza PRIMUS SUCKS

  15. helpmyasshurts

    introducing my son to the wonderful world of primus. I have a broken drum stick herb signed in 96


    I just saw Primus live for the first time (Oct. 3rd, 2018.) Tim nailed it! He's my favorite drummer. The whole band sounded great.

    Brad Weiler

    Primus is the reason I started drumming Tim is a God!!

    Xavier Ouellet

    @Brad Weiler i approve his drum might not be the most complex but its damn catchy i love it

  16. Kittens & Daisies

    That song takes me back...

  17. lesclaypool0727

    Ler Lalonde solo is fuckin' sick! :D

  18. YourHost SpaceGhost

    ya this songs awesome. albums good. although dmv and my name is mud are really good too. I still think frizzle fry is there best album


    Love this song on "Suck on this" 

  20. jim

    I spelled it with a k......  don't know why it came out with a c.... ha ha

  21. jim

    best song on pork soda in my humble opinion ...... just beating out mr crinkle

    River Lyle Reuveni

    no best  but cool-est

    B Real

    My Name is Mud is pretty hard to beat too.

    GL B

    It's Krinkle, brah.

    Everyday Deckienson

    For me it's Nature Boy


    DMV is my favorite. So good.

  22. Jarfish

    this album is so good, i'd buy the LP just becouse of the artwork :)

  23. Metal3750

    I write between the lies

  24. Gabriel Chaves

    Look at this lyrics... OMG. How much druggs was used to do this? kkkkkkkkkkk

  25. Sidney Faust

    So brilliant.

  26. TheZhonGuoRen

    this is me

  27. Screwy17

    Poke Smot!

  28. CartoonMuhammed

    Happy 20th Anniversary Pork Soda!

  29. Kevin Branum

    Primus has a funky smell.

  30. bigboy21433

    That pig creeps me right the fuck out.

    Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    bigboy21433 it knows it will be carbonated liquid soon. how's it supposed to look? happy?

  31. The Omega Jojo

    Pork Soda :)

  32. RobZ

    Ham and egg salad on whhhhite bread.... the man

  33. Buzz Morgan

    How about when drunk?

  34. Buzz Morgan


  35. Daniel Grimes

    Simus Prucks!

  36. Bullfango of the West

    What's up with the black smudges in these videos?

  37. Sebastian

    this is fucking scary