Primus - The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky Lyrics

I been fightin' gravity since I was two.

Questers of the prize
blind men int he snow.
Some streak the skies
I choose to go below.

Skin moves towards malignant
worshipping the sun.
They clamber over corpses
to be the chosen ones.

Drift along liquid sky.

Descending through the darkness
to the vast terrain.
Down here on the bottom
you rarely hear the rain.

Drift along liquid sky.

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Primus The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky Comments
  1. Lizerdspherex

    I swear, that one little sound effect is from Urusei Yatsura.

  2. Raymond Vorndran


  3. jonathon glowacki

    6 pathetic comment on your dirtiest album ever? Lame. Also putting it out there beside two from this album. The rest top me off from all your rest. Just keep doing you. Nevermind the creepy sheep sleeping in filthy heaps of old lady upkeep. Don't ever let the resting... Nay, never let the resting clean up your shit. Never let them rest, barely let them weep and we are all a creep for the weak.

    jonathon glowacki

    Shh trainquilo. I was most definitely not first to like nor comment on said vid. May be definitely low. Always the first yet last to bid. You flow not slow. Stuck on agriculture no one left to kid. Knowing thy flow Ignoring lament from thy sin.

    jonathon glowacki

    Shh quiet. be silent

    Tato Boi

    jonathon glowacki you are indeed a weird one.

  4. Peter S. Paulson

    Space rock: Primus style.

  5. Kenshin Shimayama

    The three people who disliked this track must be deaf.

  6. OrangeMan ThankQ


    The Yakking Wakko

    OrangeMan GOOD everything about says dead meme, even Les is sick of the primus sucks shit, and npc memes died so long ago it’s a rotten corpse only still used the worst of the conservative, who thinks there be original, when there not there just stupid

    OrangeMan ThankQ

    @The Yakking Wakko Ok then... Wacking Yackoff. Cheers.

    james Henrich

    There greatest of all time👀🐍😇🔝🔚🆚🆕


    The Yakking Wakko their, there, and they’re. Learn them.