Primus - The Carpenter And The Dainty Bride Lyrics

To the carpenter and the dainty bride
The grass appears greener on the other side
So let's clarify before we unite
That the grass in never greener on the other side

To the carpenter said the dainty bride
I pledge to you my love tonight
But I will not hesitate to euthanize
If the grass becomes greener on the other side

Said the carpenter to the dainty bride
I would never do a thing to jeopardize
This union I consider prize
Grass never will be greener on the other side

To the preacher man said the dainty wife
He thought the grass was greener on the other side
So I buried in his belly my butcher knife
And ended these years of wretched strife

Said the preacher man to the guilty wife
Though the law may give you twenty years to life
Pray forgiveness in the Father's eyes
And the grass just may be greener on the other side

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Primus The Carpenter And The Dainty Bride Comments
  1. oo0O0

    This EP established the sound they'd use on Green Naugahyde.

  2. Dugsart

    10 people think the grass is greener on their side.

  3. Eugene Krabs

    Who got a headache

  4. Mrizz 12

    Am I the only one who thinks it's insane that top comment is from 4 years ago? I mean this is a fucking piece of work for god's sake. Yea no capitol, not a christian, there I go again without caps...

  5. Sara Gensch

    There is so much going on in this song, I feel as though i may EXPLODE!

  6. Monkey d Luffy

    lol cool

  7. tmatt1996


  8. B Golla

    Primus primarily

  9. EmFayg

    They both suck? :)

  10. leirgauk

    Why don't you have the full version, you big noob? It's 6:36 long!

  11. B Golla

    Why the hell is there a catholic matchmaking service advertising on a Primus video?

  12. André Karlsen

    @anotherMittens I guess you don't have the actual EP then? On the version I downloaded, it ended like this, but on the actual EP it lasts a minute longer.

  13. pmn357

    Naaaaw. BS. The song doesn't really end that way, does it? I call shenanigans.

  14. Berry Mandelo

    AAAHAHAHAH it was great up until that fucking ending!!! what the fuck happened??? did youtube do this to you ???!!!

  15. brendinoglackino

    only 3,961 views wtf

  16. jessie

    @wesman2232 theres a missing minute

  17. lackofspeed

    What fuck happened to the end of the song? It was a pretty hard ending. Fuck this

  18. JudasAngel666

    I Have to say that this song has some of les's BEST bass work..

  19. DQ Reviews

    Best song on the EP!

  20. Wesley Patrick

    u sure this is it? its way shorter than the length posted on wikipedia :P

  21. Nicholas Smith

    I can tell Yu having heard this agin todai that I thynQ this is one of Primus's best ever pieces of music. i love the space and dark, eerie...thick and rich with sound that so few people would eVer be able to haV patience recognising....