Primus - The Air Is Getting Slippery Lyrics

It's incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here
It's incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here
The air is getting slipper and it's not to my surprise
My heart, it beats irregularly and the sweat it fills my eyes
I do not mind what I excrete 'cause
I'm here to make a buck
And those that cannot take the heat can take a flying...
Forgive me if I hesitate
It's incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here

The dogs are barking merrily as Jerry sits on high
If you've studied your Floyd property, you'd know that pigs could fly
Now if you want an encore you might hear it is luck
But me, I'd rather play Residents, 'cause I don't give a...
Forgive me if I hesitate
It's incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here

Now, Fatty, he's a hell of a guy but he sweats like a dancing mule
He likes to hang out at Checker Gas with the Chets he knew from high school
He sold enough crystal meth to buy a stepside truck
But if you ask me twice I'd say the boy ain't worth a...
Forgive me if I hesitate
It's incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here

The act of perspiration is far beyond control
If the heat compels to aspirate please try not to miss the bowl
If sweatiness makes you horny, well darlin' I think you're in luck
'Cause all this clever banter gives me the urge to FUCK

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Primus The Air Is Getting Slippery Comments
  1. Mike Henny

    Everyone's reminded of following fat people, and this whole time I thought it sounded like a sea shanty. About a literal sweat shop. Where they sell sweat... and nothing else

  2. Alex Mendoza

    I don't get how this album is dark to people

  3. Edgar Alonzo

    Robot Chicken?

  4. FriendlyFellaJed

    You can hardly hear his voice

  5. vidzChannel

    Who else is here because of Stewart Gilligan Griffin

  6. Cowstrum

    i would play this song if i decided to give a

    forgive me if i hesitate

  7. Medic Jigglypuff

    And I got a job following fat people around with a tuba.

  8. Joseph Ancion

    Primus should play a concert in Antartica and play a 10-minute version of this song.

  9. Sadimir Poutin

    I didn't know Dunkey was a singer in a band

  10. plz stop no plz plz stop

    Primus really sucks

  11. Martin Hroch

    27 people can take a flying...

    ...forgive me if I hesitate.

  12. Rianna Roberts

    Is the video glitchy for anyone else?

  13. Qrafter 7113

    I’ve finally found it.

  14. SurfAlien2

    No one ever taught me about carbohydrates.

  15. Carl

    Ler : the best banji playin fool around

  16. Driver Nephi

    Mad AS hell, Galliger's mad AS hell.

  17. Joseph Ancion

    That banjo solo...

  18. King Turd

    Ler..... Banji boy

  19. King Turd

    This beat is hilarious.

  20. Jason Stone

    This song fucking rocks lol 🤘 🤘

  21. Phantom 1

    Following fat people

    KK Hagerty

    Phantom 1 Stop it

    Phantom 1

    I have a glandular problem.

    KK Hagerty

    Phantom 1 that’ll be $60

  22. Lord Skeptic

    Cut it out
    I am just trying to live my life
    No one taught me about carbs

  23. boneless human

    Anyone here bc of the gotham theory??

  24. Grady Mcclintock

    This sounds a little like Peter and stewie

  25. jerry racecardriver

    sideways in the commy to this.

  26. Stevie Wolfe

    My 600 lbs life theme song

  27. Josh Thompson

    Try listening to this while working as a dishwasher high on meth... In August with no AC.

    Lord Zylok

    Just that description made me physically uncomfortable.

    Andrew Thomas

    Lol I know the feeling, except replace dishwasher with IT Support Tech working in a poorly ventilated office. But in August and totally super high on meth, same same my friend.

  28. Josh Thompson

    I'm on day meff and alcohol. It's incredibly hit in here today. Incredibly hot today.

  29. Chance Mackay

    #AustinStois Well, if Bob was in alphabetical order, it would be track number 2.

  30. AwllyPolly AS

    Fuckin banji boy

  31. Chance Mackay

    If the tracks were in alphabetical order in the pork soda album, this song would be Track 1

    Austin Stois

    Chance Mackay what about Bob?

  32. Chance Mackay

    Track 12 of pork soda album

  33. James Leslie

    Forgive me if I hesitate

  34. 4st

    Stop it!
    Cut it out!
    I have a glandular problem!
    *Falls on his face*
    Stewie: that'll be 60 dollars

    AwllyPolly AS

    What's this reference from?

    AwllyPolly AS

    Never mind I get it

    Martin Hroch

    @AwllyPolly AS Family Guy

  35. Nasser Dubauree


  36. There is only 1 beanbirb

    Stop it

    Cut it out

    I have a glandular problem!

    ember ashes

    That will be $60

    Joseph Ancion

    @ember ashes What it this joke from ?

    ember ashes

    @Joseph Ancion family guy

    Joseph Ancion

    @ember ashes Thanks

  37. Luke Matthews

    Weird ass song

  38. Nick Jones

    Stop it. Cut it out. _I have a glandular problem._ *faints*

  39. martyman778

    Ler banjo boy hahahahaha

  40. John Barfield

    great vocation!

  41. Talkingdungbeetle

    Only CD I’ve worn out

  42. Ron McGuire

    Everyday I go into work... living in Florida... this song rings in my head, happily ^^

  43. DANIELlaroqustar

    I never seen a pig fly but I am still watching for pigs on the wing

  44. Faith Melton

    Hot as fuck

  45. Russell Sullivan

    13 people ain't worth a forgive me if I hesitate

  46. Kyler Peek

    Why does this song frighten me?

    Martin Hroch

    Because it sounds like a musical equivalent of a fart smell after consuming too much Sauerkraut.

  47. Colton pelechosky


  48. Kuma King


  49. Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.

    *plays tuba solo of this and follows ord from dragon tales (the fattest dragon in the multiverse.)*

  50. skinnydoggyz

    tommys holiday camp

  51. thespoonterer

    I love this. Herb is as tight as nuts. Very technical drumming!

  52. LordSpleach

    "You're the Hamburger Train, right?"

    Justin Kline

    Shit yeah, that's my pit bull's walking around song!  Believe that.

  53. Sylvain Bouchard

    Incredible genius crazy hot mesh of groove

  54. Robert Yalanty

    he sold enough crystal meth to buy a stepside truck

    Justin Kline

    Yeah, that's a fair bit of glass.

    skindian6669 u2

    I sold him the truck (and all his dope)

  55. Phoenix258

    That'll be 60 dollars.

  56. charles williams

    trickle down econ

  57. Berly Tannyono Putra

    Fatman marching song

  58. The_Burchfield

    probably one of the wierdest songs I've heard

    Andrew Pappas

    The_Burchfield Nobody gives a- Forgive me if I hesitate.... (Sorry, but yeah what can you expect from Primus?)


    The_Burchfield Try listening to Mr Bungle 😂

    Danial Anthony

    Have you ever listened to Residents?

    Adam Bussert

    It’s about cooking meth

  59. LowResFastRes

    Primus sucks!


    Gnashing Greninja a high five to you good sir!

    AwllyPolly AS

    I'm real sick of the shat out fetuses like you believing that phrase and I'm tired of the asshat mongaloids that still use that phrase. "Primus Sucks!" was the slogan Primus used in the early days of their career, but now it's all washed up. Now shut up and go to bed.

  60. Mystik66

    6 people couldn't take the heat

    LesGetIt Vic

    Lmao yeah right

    Derek Fuchs

    still holding steady at 6

    Evan Pickett

    lmao now 25

    Martin Hroch

    27 people can take a flying...

    ...forgive me if I hesitate.

    Mike Henny

    35 people bought a stepside truck, go on, ask me twice

  61. Monique Honeybird Mizrahi


  62. jerry campbell

    This song is flat out incredible.. This was my first time reading the lyrics and laughed my balls off when my name appeared on it. "Jerry is sitting high".. Up too this day.. This is on my top 5 favorite primus hoedown jams.

  63. The FBI

    This band is so fucking weird.

    Adam Thurston

    that's the point :D

  64. Dhieen

    This song is so funnyyy i love it

  65. Red Fox

    That'll be 60$

  66. Jae Beez

    Tim kills this

  67. David Maione

    sounds way better with a sousaphone


    whats a sousaphone

    David Maione

    @marianyhc ehhh... It's essentially a tuba


    Its like a tube, except it wraps around you.


    marianyhc marching tuba

  68. chuckobscure

    Forgive... me... if... I... mas... tur... bate...

    Robert Yalanty

    chuckobscure LMFAO

  69. Lachlan Sidak

    You either love primus or you hate them

    Adolf Ilyich Marx

    Primus sucks!

  70. KingxDillon

    I have a glandular problem!

  71. Kiosse Egor

    Following fat people brought me here(:

    Jesse Farley

    @Kiosse Egor Haha sadly it's the same for me too.


    "Making of Primus' Mr. Krinkle video" brought me here because it was playing in the background in the beginning of the video.

    im Relos

    ur mom brought me here :)

  72. Lemon

    Kinda sounds like Banjo Kazooie...

    Edgar Alonzo

    Yes actually

  73. vrtex17

    That will be 60 dollars.

  74. KetamineAddict

    People think I'm retarded when they hear me listening to this song. I feel bad for them because THEY are the ones that are actually deeply retarded and they have no idea. 

    Jae Beez

    They just can't comprehend

  75. Digs0703

    these lyrics are amazing lmfaoooooooo

  76. patitopototo pototo

    LER.... Banjiii boy

  77. gasmaskboi19371945

    I fucking love the Pork Soda album, it is so dark.

  78. Гитаркин

    Man it's been 15 years since I listened to this whole album. I forgot how awesome this was. Thank you PrimusCD.

  79. paul verhoeff

    primus sucks!!

  80. hss1949

    Jeeeeeezzzzz Primus Sucks so goooooooood.

  81. TheZhonGuoRen

    rofl man

  82. Alex Mitchell

    WTF with this song ?!

    Martin Hroch

    Go listen to Drake or Twenty One Pilots or some other conformist music. This is only for insiders.

  83. Moon Along My Head

    Peter Griffin should sing this once, I'd enjoy the forgive me if I hesitate out of it.

  84. Colten Hubbard

    good thing I've studied my Floyd properly;)

    James Leslie

    Colten Hubbard studying Floyd in general is essential. Tear down the wall to get the lunatic on the grass

    Mike Henny

    @James Leslie But can you explain the cat?

  85. Yvan Cluet

    I wanted to thumbs up this comment dause it's exactly what i think and what fucking bores me on every Primus video but i accidentally thumbed it down and it doesn't want to correct even when i hit thumbs up button. Destiny ?

  86. Yvan Cluet

    You need about 20 seconds to figure out everybody says "Primus Sucks" on a Primus video straight after discovering and listening to your first primus song

  87. Yvan Cluet

    It used to be their slogan, but now it annoys Les.

  88. ROLLKlCK

    This song is absurd. I laughed my ass off when they played this in Woodstock '94 in front of +200k people... everyone was moshing to it xD

  89. Tommy Toadman

    ya, Primus Sucks!!!

  90. Missingo Volodarskii

    Damn straight.

  91. john moss

    primus sucks!!!!

  92. Scott Malloch

    First heard this on WTOS in Maine on the Dr. Demento show. Man, I miss those days! PRIMUS SUCKS!

  93. daRaginCajun

    Primus Sucks!

  94. EviLevi Law

    wELL wHAt Do yOu tHINk?!!?

  95. EviLevi Law

    PRIMUS SUCKS!!!!!!

  96. swordcollection

    0:50 Was that a referance to Pink Floyd's ''Animals''?

    Andrew Pappas

    Yup, I've heard they have a giant inflatable pig at their shows

    Logan Vaughan

    swordcollection Of course

    James Leslie

    swordcollection nope, it's The Final Cut.

    Mike Henny

    Someone studied their Floyd properly

  97. Sarognk92

    This shit is crazy. Damm i love it