Primus - Scissor Man Lyrics

Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man
Putting end to evil doers games
Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man
Maybe you are in his book of names
Maybe you are in his book of names

So be kind and helpful to your mother
Just think twice before you try and steal
When he cuts with sticky silver snippers
You may find the wounds will never heal

All self made bad boys
If you refuse to believe he exist
You won't be frightened when you find out
You're on his list
You're on his list
You're on his list

So be good and never poison people
Just think twice before the deed is done
When you wake up guilty in the morning
You may find important pieces gone

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Primus Scissor Man Comments
  1. Dik Beats

    A strange and questionable opening track for an album. Still genius tho in it's own right.

  2. Dik Beats

    I really wonder if Les ever met daevid allen or at least had some admiration of love for Gong. Although VERY different in music and performance there seems to be an odd connection at times. But not here.

  3. Steve Greg

    About record my version of XTC's Scissor Man after recording Outside World.
    Stay tune ... a Jazz guy going back to his 80's New Wave / Punk Roots !

  4. Carol Cromie

    Heh. I think Roger Stone is in his book of names, now.

  5. Steph G

  6. daddysensei Silver

    I've always put Herb and Jayski ahead of Brain, but he is fantastic on this track. Some of his best work with Primus.


    well, brain is incredibly clean and he mostly leads the song (mostly in brown album), I would really put him between jay and herb (not that jay is bad but I would prefer brain).

  7. Franga Vita


  8. Joshua Moore

    Love this tune... it sets a lovely inter monologue of song and dance✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️💮💮

  9. Austin Lucas

    Sounds better then the original, IMHO. I can't say the same of Primus' cover of "Making Plans for Nigel" since the drums are different.


    i much prefer primus' "nigel" personally


    Well, you're obviously the master, so let's hear your extended review...


    "Making Plans for Nigel" is actually not that different, the drumming is actually pretty consistent to the original, it's just that bass hit is a quarter hit.

    I also don't see why you would favor something over the different types of drumming.

    tubetardism 20/20

    Austin Lucas and no.

  10. Boco Corwin

    Soooo many great Primus songs

    Big Small_Travel

    Boco, this song was written by XTC. The Original by XTC is here:


    @Big Small_Travel performed greatly by primus though.

    Mighty mafia x

    Dude this is a cover of XTC

  11. FeelingShred

    Brain Mantia !!!!

  12. Jack Handy

    Very close to the original.  I like how some of the parts have been transposed between the instruments.


    Jack Handy that's Primus for ya! Look up their cover of Master of Puppets