Primus - Mama Didn't Raise No Fool Lyrics

The best of times, the worst of times,
the times you can't ignore.
Sometimes you bite the bullet
and flip flop on the floor.

They tell you where to go,
and they tell you what to do.
They set your face on fire
then stomp it out with their shoes.

I ain't no fool.
Mama didn't raise no fool.

The times I can't complain
are the times I do the most.
On a diet of black coffee
and prozac buttered toast.

These eunuchs in their prada
and Gucci flavored clothes.
Wouldn't know a fresh perspective
if it bit 'em up on the nose.

I ain't no fool.
Mama didn't raise no fool.

Don't do as they say,
just say as they do.
No flavor's quite so bitter
as the taste of one's own shoe.

I ain't no fool.
Mama didn't raise no fool.

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Primus Mama Didn't Raise No Fool Comments
  1. Giacomo Ieraci

    The riff reminds me of born of a broken man by RATM

  2. The Apple man aka Collin Matthews

    This tune wow😊 thankyou for the energy. ✌

  3. Franga Vita


  4. Phoenix Pruett

    The Ryan Martinie before Ryan Martinie

  5. Marco Blättler

    I can't sit still,when I hear PRIMUS!

  6. David Aaron

    Primus Sucks

  7. Franga Vita


  8. Alisha Stephens

    They set your face on fire And stomp it out with their shoes

  9. Danny Elfman Appreciation

    The “mama didn’t raise no” sounds like the fuckn audio filter that everyone uses on TikTok
    Fuck me for being a gen x kid and knowing this shit

  10. Soeren Frunse

    This is such a f****** perfect song 😍😍😍

  11. Chris Brown


  12. Jovan Jokic

    that bass is insane

  13. jack flak


  14. MrParkerman6

    I'm no fool, no sure Re! I'm gonna live to be 103!!!!!

  15. Richard Dragven

    Anybody who would pick this song apart is jealous. Also, James Maynard Keenan is the most talented douchebag twat of a lying conman running around today. I see comments about him below and blah blah blah. If Les Claypool is involved in making a song, just stand back and shut the fuck up. At least he puts out albums consistently and does not base his subject matter on venemous, self-pitying shit. Not that every TOOL song does. Or those other two projects. Hooker With a Penis is my favorite TOOL offering. FFFFUUUUUUCK you Jimmy (Maynard Keenan) It is tough when you grow up in anger loving TOOL and then you see the light about them. They are dry and OVER. They peaked 20 years ago. Chevelle sounds like them. So do others. Claypool's stuff transcends TOOL, rage against the machine is what you get when JMK takes a greasy shit. Stay away from picking apart Primus. It is a litmus test by which we identify the fools. I'm getting a bit revved up. I'll have to leave it there for now.....

  16. Dustin Churchman

    I used to candyflip to this album so often.

  17. Nick Morante

    Larry lalonde > tom morello

  18. Miss Elana

    This song is hilarious and stellar

  19. kevin willems

    This is too simple for Primus. Doesn't fit.

  20. Chromatic Chimera

    You can tell Fred Durst helped with the production in this particular one.

    Josh Mosh

    you are drunk

    Chromatic Chimera

    Josh Mosh Lol I wish I was! But you can just barely hear it on some parts. Look it up, he helped a little bit with the production and some random stuff.

    Josh Mosh

    BLIND ILLUSION is the way THE SANE ASYLUMN claypools first record before primus

    Chromatic Chimera

    Josh Mosh Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out!

  21. Infinity8

    I don’t know why everyone is dissing on this song so much, like it has Tom Morello in it (from RATM) and it does sound pretty nice. And one of my favorite songs from Primus. (Infact Antipop is my favorite album)

    Marco Blättler

    I have the same Feeling about Primus,specialy I Like this CD "Anti pop

  22. Shane Coleman

    Mama raised 22 fools.

    Dae Abbott

    10 more

  23. roger2686 matthews

    I seen them live , it was insane . The concert was like 5 hours long .. I love primus

    Marc Liebowitz

    Yeah those are the best, I saw that once. The other times they were limited by like...county noise ordinances and fest schedules. But still dope.

  24. Shanelle Nicole

    Like the eye creepsssssss

  25. Shanelle Nicole

    The face soooooo creep

  26. Elliot J

    Mama didn't raise no fool ? That's a double negative, dummy.

    critical of onions

    Not if ya got bad grammar it ain't

  27. Ivanyi Attila

    I'm the antipop.

    Some kind of Garf

    Ivanyi Attila You'll run against the grain til the day you drop?

  28. Matt Benson

    Primus shops at kmart and pays with little poo poos

  29. Thraidox

    In my opinion, this is without a doubt, this is Primus' worst song to date. However, even though it is bad for Primus, it is still great music.

    critical of onions

    That's how good Primus is!!!


    Well everyone has a right to an opinion and your opinion sucks


    Primus sucks XD

    Kaleb Morrow

    As les would say “Please don’t get mad”

  30. Cristian Galarce Sánchez

    3:41 - 3:43 this part of bass is cool.

  31. Eric Williams

    Gucci flavored clothes

  32. nonamewhocares

    RATM also sucks!

  33. Pavel Stribrny

    1:40 <3

  34. Chris Patterson

    this my favorite song on anti pop such true n real



  36. Nicole Novo

    Love this

  37. David Wizowski

    that tone tho soooo diirrrtttyyy!

  38. DFM Bass

    Les' punk bass chords are badass. I'm talking about the shape of the chord on the A, D, and G string which happen to be in the shape of a punk chord on guitar.


    Power chords

  39. Xibbalba

    Well, one thing is sure: PRIMUS won't never be a "Wall Mart" product, PRIMUS old fans bitching about the sound of this album, but "gudafuck" with them?...always they want PRIMUS repeats themselves over and over again?

    S.R Woodward

    Xibbalba i actually bought this album at wal mart when it came out 😄

    Stephanie Cloward

    S.R Woodward cuz I special ordered a few Primus cos from walmart

  40. Mauro Bueno


  41. halfpipefreak


  42. infectedcumbubble420


  43. infectedcumbubble420

    claypool AND Morello? damn, thats like when maynard james keenan did know your enemy with RATM

    Noise Complaint

    infectedcumbubble420 ikr fucking great dude

    taryn leaman

    Adam Jones lived with Tom Morello for years before ratm and tool

    taryn leaman

    Tim Alexander did drums for puscifer and early a perfect circle too... primus has been connected with everyone lol

  44. Rico Horton

    very RATM.

    Andrew Page

    +Rico Horton Tom Morello is playing guitar.

    Blackspot M.B

    @Andrew Page yes and it's a beautiful mix of sound and groove.

  45. Randy Garda

    I hear Rage .. Born of a broken man

    Da.Nobody Nameless

    +Randy Garda we all are born broken only when we all c this can we mend our selfs

  46. Soundslave The Loud

    Obvious Tom Morello is Obvious

    Everyday Deckienson

    @Aidan Southwick Redundant... Boring

  47. Truckfighter

    Tom Morello!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @никита лобанов Hehehehe...morello plays's easy to feel player did the difference! But Brain still fucks my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Kyle Dixon

    Heavy as shit when you think about it

  49. milos mitrovic


  50. kelly stone

    wwhat up with whole not bein a full??? eh, them dam pachyderms packin heat.

  51. TheDizeazedKiller

    @TheDeftonesVault Ahhh yeah i remember now, taking the shit out of these guys or something. Yeah I'll take a look at their first album, didn't realise they had earlier albums, thanks for the heads up xD

  52. TheDeftonesVault

    @TheDizeazedKiller And Primus not being energetic. I meant listen to Primus' first album & just go down the line.

  53. TheDizeazedKiller

    6 months ago - This is total shit
    3 months ago - Oh i remember this... this is shit.
    Today - Wait, haven't i heard this before? I don't remember it not being so shit.

    It seems the more i listen to this stuff the less shit it sounds. Maybe if i come back by accident in another 3 months it might actually sound good. lol


    TheDizeazedKiller how bout 6 years later? Lol

    Valentino M.

    raydog0 he absolutely loves it now

    пломбир в стаканчике

    6 years later: this is THE SHIT

    Richard Dragven

    Hopefully you don't ever make it back

  54. TheDizeazedKiller

    @TheDeftonesVault Have no idea what i originally posted. I'm assuming i said something about SOAD.... I'll look at their first album then lol.

  55. TheDizeazedKiller

    @Quiltfish LOL just realised you meant me. Your a fgt and a mag :D.
    Honestly can't remember what i commented and a cbf looking through it but i do know for certain all you are is a mgt, clearly evident by the way you reply. :)

  56. TheDeftonesVault

    @TheDizeazedKiller One song. Listen to their first album. System isn't mainstream.

  57. Adam H

    Detuned my bass E string to B for this song.

    The dirty buzz actually suits it.

  58. Shredding Splinters

    lmao whoa there need to get butt hurt over a trifle of a comment ;)

  59. thedeadkennygs1

    occupy deez nuts!

  60. Some kind of Garf

    @jinzodude Yes, he was. You couldn't tell unless you see the bass solo clip, but he was.

  61. KevinGDelCid

    @Quiltfish Wasn't claypool also in blind illusion?

  62. Neon Badger

    my favorite guitarist and favorite bassist in one song :o

  63. uiruu

    @Charlizardine What? Why? Him playing with Serj is a good thing, no?

  64. TheDizeazedKiller

    @jrmwigga5555 weird is Emilie autumn. Weird is Mindless Self Indulgence. SUPER fuckign weird is the left rights :)

  65. Shredding Splinters


    define "weird bands". "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back"

  66. Adam H

    Damn I need a 5 string bass for this

  67. Music Box

    @Quiltfish Thanks. He played with Serj. Now I fucking hate him. Kinda ruined Primus for me.

  68. Tereza Svobodová

    when I first hear this song, after it ended.. All what I could say was only: Oh f**k this was perfect! :)

  69. Ziggy Sardust

    @Outlierdrummer No... RATM Sounds like the intro rift.

  70. Music6982

    @Quiltfish Yeah Tom just played with Serj for the Gate 21 Remix on the Imperfect remixes album.

  71. Brady Wright

    I came here to listen to some good music, and upon reading the comments, I'm the only one. Does everybody have sand it their vagina or something?

  72. uiruu

    @TheDizeazedKiller Trust me, as a sensible System of a Down fan, all of the band's fans are not like murtadha. Every fanbase has it's retards.

  73. rockdoesntdie

    @5tonyvvvv then we'll find a new thing to make songs with =) something like every instrument plays seperately for like 4 of 5 notes :p

  74. Brett Dixon

    On a diet of Black Coffee and Prozac butter toast!

    Shanelle Nicole

    What does that have to do with song

    Cameron Walton

    Its in the lyrics of the song man haha

    Rick C-137 Sanchez

    Breakfast of champions

  75. TheDizeazedKiller

    Nothing wrong with this shit but its a little monotonal for my taste, and it has no goddam energy.
    I came here after seeing it being in a top 10 of weird bands... I should have realised it was going to be boring when the top band was System of the down... Thats mainstream in my books.

  76. jaredphx9

    Hearing my favorite guitarist and favorite bassist play in the same song...... my ears just came.

  77. MinnesotaSlims

    That's that why they're in the Funk/Metal bin. Primus Sucks!!!!!

  78. easy2foley

    @Hulamonkey45 im pretty sure every1 knows who he is..

  79. UTFRG

    This was pretty good thanks youtube for allowing music to be heard

  80. rozkrokokrok

    @Quiltfish this riff play morello, he is guest on this album ;)

  81. Some kind of Garf

    @Outlierdrummer No surprise there.Tom Morello has a tendency to do that.

  82. i . . .

    @Quiltfish it's true. Larry LaLonde is a seriously underrated musician.

  83. Some kind of Garf

    @Hulamonkey45 Larry LaLonde is nuts. I'll see about getting some of his earlier stuff (Posessed, Blind Illusion) uploaded. Huh, just read he played with Serj Tankian recently too.

  84. The Omega Jojo

    @smegmasaurus the best comment i've ever read on youtube. I salute you.

  85. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    @smegmasaurus word

  86. smegmasaurus

    @jek21 They all kick ass. Everything Les touches turns to gold and fills my ears with rainbow flavored orgasms.

  87. smegmasaurus

    1 person's mama raised a fool!

  88. Holden Mcgroine

    oh they do have songs that arent fast talk, i dont mind the fast talk but it got old

  89. paul welsh

    @jek21 daed right-i love it too.

  90. riptorn311


  91. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    Fuck all you "trve" fans that don't like this album. This albums kicks ass.

  92. Dillbob1

    @7LucasCabrera71 haha, kinda does have the same thing in the beginning doesnt it, never thought of it before

  93. internash

    seeing primus tomorrow!!!!

  94. slatan420

    best band ever

  95. _______27e

    The first 2 seconds, I though It was Antichrist Superstar , lol

  96. Frizzle Fry

    tom morello and primus cant beat that