Primus - Los Bastardos Lyrics

Shut up you bastards!

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Primus Los Bastardos Comments
  1. Mr. Blutarsky

    RIP Rik

  2. Professor Nutterbutter

    God, this is the crappiest song. It's just 2 notes?

    Kevin Kimble

    You're the crappiest song mate

  3. Paegr

    This song is about Les Ler and Tim being trapped inside an SCP facility while SCP-001 mounds break in

  4. Drebin 893

    Shut up you bastards!!

  5. Shane Farrell

    Is that the lads from Bottom at the end.

    gut rot

    Young ones bro ☺

    Mr. Blutarsky

    same guys different characters

  6. Everyday Deckienson

    2:30 What did he say?


    Im pretty sure it "You just called me a bastard didnt ya!"

  7. Sparky Bonehead

    Primus Sucks! ❤️

  8. Mark Dunn

    Where is spaghetti western !!!

  9. Milo Rodriguez

    is that a sound bite from the young ones?


    Sure it is. Vivian and Rick (spelled with a silent P - RIP mate) from one of the best comedy series ever.

    Kay Muldoon

    This is the only reason I bought the album - because of the Young Ones sound bite.

    Kay Muldoon

    ForARide actually it’s Vyvyan. Lol

    Milo Rodriguez

    Totally a good reason to get the album! (and because Primus sucks) after jogging my memory of the young ones, the song mostly features Vyv from the episode "Time" and a bit of rick and one line of Vyvyan's mom. Primus and the Young ones, doesn't get much better than this

  10. Jer Mitch

    ''These guys are freaks, man....ah ah'' :=D