Primus - Lacquer Head Lyrics

Sometimes bored and sometimes lonely
Pimple faced and rather homely
He wasn't much for socializin'
The TV kept a mesmerizin'

In one ear and out the other
Picked up a trick from his older brother
Got him a can of sniffin' sauce
Pinned his mind up on a cross

Lacquer head knows but one desire
Lacquer head sets his skull on fire
Lacquer head knows no in betweens
Huffin' on bags of gasoline

Sniffin' paint since the seventh grade
She was high on gin and gatorade
On turpentine she lost her luck
Fell in front of a speeding pick-up truck

He was a boy of soft demeanor
And he loved his carburetor cleaner
The vapor made a sweet aroma
He sniffed himself into a coma

Lacquer head feeds his one desire
Lacquer head sets his brain on fire
Lacquer head knows no in betweens
Huffin' on bags of gasoline

Keep on sniffin' till yer brain goes pop

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Primus Lacquer Head Comments
  1. Max Robinson

    Primus is in the metal section of the music store and that always troubled me

  2. PaulyJay 1984

    1:08 Shia Labouf

  3. Bensedin5mg

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments.

  4. Zara Gossa

    ♥ ♥ ♥ !

  5. ToRqC

    I can't imagine how good this band would be if they actually had a good drummer that knew how to fucken beat out some insane grooves. Guiters+drums average as fuck. Bass = insanely good.

  6. Tresadenn

    Primus sucks.

  7. Andrew E. Craver

    top 100 best rock albums ever.. "Anti-Pop"

  8. Reed Potts

    Primus is tool for hillbillies

  9. ADRIAn Lowery

    dunna dow dun dun dun dun

  10. jcwarlock

    Lacquer head - primer

  11. M Dupre

    2:20 reminds of Spirit... much too fat and a little too slow... much too fat... much too fat

  12. CrazyBear65

    Simus prux

  13. Jeremy Stevens

    Yeah, I guess huffers need some kind of tribute. Ya know the poor fools don't last long. Ode to the gas head.

  14. Cadetri

    Nothing gets me fucking hyped like 2:45

  15. Julian Cruces

    Les is the only one who can make a bass line with ghost notes and make it sound awesome

  16. Gabby Treloar

    If you ever thought "man I need a song where the bassist just beats the fuck outta his bass" look no further Primus has you covered

  17. jorge wnfns

    Maaaaan that bass tone in that "turu turu" is awesome

  18. Not An Idiot


  19. Marcin Mamrot

    I Have good title for you- The Cat Was Moulted

  20. emorej batoy

    power trio

  21. cygnustsp

    I feel like i read today that fred durst produced this song

  22. GrymX Media

    0:52 that's heavy stuff

  23. Endarfin

    To my shame, as a metalhead since.... 1980..... I have NEVER heard primus........

    Fuck ! that guy can play bass......

  24. Sonny Jones

    Incidious demon came from here .......

  25. K̶ylo̾w̾

    Keep on sniffing till you’re brain goes pop!

  26. James Oliver

    Burnout pussy music ..too many drugs they we're never cool never will be..MTV sellouts that's the only thing that made them anything we all know it

    Ramen Rampage

    This is anti drugs you idiot and tell me how they sold out

  27. Matt Goodwin

    This is a really important song.

    Inhalants get no press but they're just awful.

  28. Animal Language

    I like Primus, incredible musicians, but they are totally SATANIC. I wonder how many humans and animals This band must murder to keep up with their sacrifices. We lost paradise a long tine ago.

    Sir Cube

    How are they satanic?

    Animal Language

    @Sir Cube well, is all the symbology and colors you see in their music videos.

    Sir Cube

    @Animal Language Do you mean the devil that appears in this video? Because this song is anti-drug and it depicts the dealer as the devil to say that they're evil.

  29. John Moses Browning

    This song is just an advertising stint for this band.
    You don't need drugs if you're listening to Primus.

  30. Sir. Vladmir Jerkov

    Les looks like an Uncle named Larry that everybody has

  31. Korean Jesus

    Edward Norton on vocals

  32. darkySp

    I thought that i was brave when i started to learn this song. 2 hours in, i understood that i was not brave, but stupid
    At least i got the bassy hammer-ons right

  33. John Gregg

    The Primus Cinematic Universe is not somewhere I want to get stuck.

  34. Jax 0901

    People think primus is weird don’t get me wrong I really like them but try listening to mr bungle

  35. Trevnev

    Am I the only one who thinks Antipop is the best Primus album?

  36. Van TST

    ¡¡Que rolisima!! Iml

  37. Adrian Robertson

    Best song on the album.

  38. Devin Dove

    Primus is just hillbilly tool

  39. Amber Walls

    Les Claypool ;undeniably greatest bass player in the entire freaking world man!!!!!! (that should legally be in the Oxford English dictionary

  40. SunState Designs


  41. Paul TheSkeptic

    Wait, is Lacquerhead a male or a female? Primus uses both pronouns. Or is this attempt at gender neutrality? Lol.

    william jones

    Paul TheSkeptic I think that the part of the song you’re thinking about talks about 2 separate people who experience the negative effects of solvent abuse (one gets run over and one enters a coma). Whereas the music video lacquerhead we see is almost completely separate from those two stories and is just another victim of solvent abuse portrayed in the song, at different parts in the song. Basically I think the song is about 3 different people.

  42. Geek37

    Here’s the brother of Citizen Ruth.

    Yeah, you may need to Google that.

  43. Rattle me Bones

    Les looks like Fidel Castro lol

  44. ownerfate


    *Mind Blown*

  45. Ben Stewart

    Pleaae come to Sydney once again

  46. Black shroom

    This song describes a situation I found myself 10 years ago. Almost to a T

  47. mr dootan

    Play this shit live! Seen you 3 Times same set every time besides the add album.

  48. Justin Montagne

    Is it just or does Primus like to make fun of their fans ironically?

  49. RemixedVoice

    Gosh this reminds me a lot of RHCP. The extended live jams they would do in the 90s. I think Les is better than Flea but Flea is definitely also a legend.

  50. Rene Duval

    best band ever..seen them many times

  51. Crimson Lens OFFICIAL

    3:21 3:21 3:21

  52. KEN- OH

    This song is a whole different experience when played at 2x

  53. Mc001Rem002

    Yah ya yah ya!!!!!!!

  54. Roland Cole

    The morons at MTV banned this because they thought it promoted drug use!

  55. karlfritz47

    Flea got nothin on this bassist

  56. Christopher Schott

    Wow.. Amazing...this a bad ass song. It's a anti alcohaul , drug abuse song ..

  57. day6creation breathing

    Beaver got me this far

  58. I am me

    what songs are 2:26 and 2:30 from?

  59. NiesamowityAmz13

    Everyone focuses on the incredible bass but the chorus guitar sounds like sex.

  60. donald stiles

    Alot of great songs,this is one of my favs.🤘🤘🤘🤘

  61. Carl Johnson

    This is some of the heaviest shit I’ve ever heard

  62. Crimson Lens OFFICIAL

    Perfect song for sniff'n paint

  63. KC Michelson

    Just no love for Larry tho. This [email protected]&$ guy on geeetar tho. Needs more respect.


    Yeah, perfect complement to Les and Brain.

  64. huzai fah

    I remember this is first song I could get into primus. Maybe its because the song is quite simple for a primus. And probably because this vid had some weird animation. I was 14 at the time lol

  65. Nix Adventures

    The fucking groove gets me every time.

  66. Rob Rodriguez

    Everyone hated my Myspace profile cause this song was my profile song 🤦🏽‍♂️

    goo tar


  67. Marc Dominguez

    That's a very evil video

    McMullen Khan

    Hay by NOODLE

  68. Chosen One

    Primus Sucks

  69. Ma/ Prz/

    Unbelievable song. It's absurd and yet kind of serious. I like this tension between nonsense and sense very, very much.

  70. flan

    This is me when I smoke chemical-fed indoor marijuana

  71. Alancete333

    Que temaso por DIO!!!

  72. Railfanning Productions

    Is it me or does the TV looks evil???

  73. Micro Gabe 3407

    Like the video I see how mtv didn’t want this on

  74. Titus the degenerate

    🤘primus sucks🤘 (this means i love primus)


    Yeah I'm pretty sure we're all primus fans and know what primus sucks means

  75. Troll Hunter

    I could play this on my second go... Of glue.. Didn't even have a bass in my hands..

  76. menckencynic

    Don't get angry that I say controversial things, but I think Primus' bass player is occasionally pretty good. Not the consensus, I know.

  77. Shvidko Driyko

    That bass riff is God damn buttery goodness, it makes the whole song

  78. Cowstrum

    i could watch a movie with primus music and claymation

  79. Gluten free Clown

    Thank you Mr Campbell for showing me this wonderful song

  80. Mike Mason

    Fkn intense video man...

  81. Life of a Fat Man

    If that kid made that huffing device, he may want to consider becoming an engineer. I mean, Gas prices are not all that cheap. Maybe then it was.

  82. Zapato :v

    I love it

  83. akeno himejima

    Love this fucking song

  84. Mark Bunach

    Claypool would not be Primus without Larry LaLonde... His guitar work makes all of Claypool's Zappa like 8th dimension images of music come alive. Most disregarded guitar god of them all.....

  85. wylieecoyote

    Music to huff by? It is amusing for a second but gets old very quickly.. like a joke that goes on FAR too long!! That applies to all of Primus' songs really. IMHO of course.

  86. doublea125

    Mother of god that bassist can play!

  87. Kent Gardner

    This video totally gives me nightmares.


    Keep on sniffin til your brain goes pop

  89. long lost neighbor ?

    Took me 3 years to learn this song and Tommy the cat on bass, been playing for 8 years and it took me that long, that's how you know there talented/ they got me in to bass ha

  90. ElDantae

    Primus suck

  91. BVE

    This makes me want to go clean my lawnmower!

  92. Peanut Toe

    Castro goin brazy

  93. Ashoulle

    i saw few people saying that Antipop is Primus' worst album
    i disagree because first of all i love Antipop second of all i haven't listened to all Primus' albums more than twice and finally don't ask me to choose a best or a worst because i can't

  94. Michael Cole Bay Bay

    Moral of the story: Dont huff paint, because LSD is better!

  95. Noneya Business

    These guys kill live. So thankful they are still touring!!