Primus - Have A Cigar Lyrics

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar. You're gonna go far, fly high,
You're never gonna die, you're gonna make it if you try; they're gonna love you.
Well, I've always had a deep respect, and I mean that most sincerely.
The band is just fantastic of the town you are the talk,
but who the hell's this guy they call Bob Cock?"
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the
Gravy Train.

We're just knocked out. We heard about the sell out. You gotta get an
album out,
You owe it to the people. We're so happy we can hardly count.
Everybody else is just green, have you seen the chart?
It's a helluva start, it could be made into a monster if we all pull together
as a team.
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the
Gravy Train.

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Primus Have A Cigar Comments
  1. Jay Rome

    Yo that bass shred in conjunction with the album cover photo is too fuckin ridiculous for words haha

  2. Steven Dennis

    Amazing rendition of a floyd hit

  3. nate wilkie

    Damn this sucks so bad

  4. Ramen Noodles sounds like les is actually singing haha. Not so much of that goofy sound he usually has. Don't get me wrong, love me some les claypool. But it's nice to hear him sing like this

  5. Matt Schmitz

    James Hetfield to Les Claypool. " you are too Good for us" " you have your own thing going on"

  6. The Challange

    Damn!!! Wow! Favorite band is pink floyd and primus pulls this off brilliantly! Music, baby!!

  7. omarkaya42

    "The band is just fantastic, of the town you are the talk, but who the hell's this guy they call Bob Cock!?"

  8. Spencer Cagle

    This cover is fuckin badass

  9. Nicholas ‘Nik’ Gerse

    Les killed this. Phenomenal bass work

  10. Brian Modum

    I like the mayo sounds great!!

  11. Ally R

    anyone know where a good tab for this version?

  12. Box Tunnel

    This is a really interesting cover. I enjoyed it, so I looked for more Primus music. It wasn't very good.

  13. Joseph Ancion

    In my opinion, this song is really what a good cover should be, though I'm not saying it's the best way to make a cover song. I understand that some people hate it, though. It's not super ambitious in its variations (unlike say All Along The Watchtower), but they definitely added the band's sound to it. The bass to replace the keyboard, the vocals, the solo's adaptation, the slightly faster tempo, the funkier groove... I mean it's just Primus covering a Pink FLoyd song, it's not or everyone. I think it's one of those covers where you can like both equally, just like "Hurt", though I'm not saying it's as relevant.

  14. _AK Deezy


  15. John Goers

    You've got to be on on fucking drugs to think this shit is better than Pink Floyd..... I mean Floyd's is even better on drugs too but that's not the point. There is a reason Floyd is one of the all time greatest and Primus is just Primus. This cover sucks

    rent a shill

    primus sucks
    what did you expect

    Everyday Deckienson

    The entire Primus discography sucks

    John Goers

    Damon, believe it or not I am not a huge Pink Floyd fan. I eat sleep and breathe Led Zeppelin. My shot at Primus was really to shut up the idiots who were commenting on how Primus puts Floyd to shame on this song. Come on man, anybody can do a unique cover but there is a very small amount that are better than the original. Very small and this is not one of them. I'm not doubting claypools talent but there's a reason why Pink Floyd Floyd is Pink Floyd and why Primus is just another half ass rock band

  16. tirsah Ingalls

    No need for a lead guitar when Les is on the bass.

    Joseph Daugherty

    What?!? Les is great, but he also surrounds himself with amazing talent. Primus has exceptional musicians on guitar and drums, and it's a shame so many people overlook the talents of Primus members not named Les.

    Tee Aitch See

    Nonsense - Ler is a monster on the guitar and a virtuoso in his own right.

  17. Nick Kriesen

    Primus sucks.

  18. David Evans

    Saw this band live in concert, this band is so loud! But I could watch PRIME-US play forever. :P

  19. Shannon

    I can't get this out of my head. It's been months.

    Mix-Master Murphy

    Holy shit... another Ween fan! Sup, bro?


    @Mix-Master Murphy sup mang? No 2019 dates :(

    peace frog

    hail boognish, mang


    Fucking Ween , holy shit ! Hail Boognish !

  20. Ramai Guzmán

    Horrible horrible horrible

  21. Timothy Berry

    Primus SUCKS!

    Whosur Caddy

    Is this a meme or


    @Whosur Caddy no primus sucks

  22. Wolfgang Falck

    Just compared it to the original again, this is so much tighter, has so much more focus, stays on point... Sorry Pink Floyd still a great Song but Les Claypool while still honoring it made it his own and better.

    jon stolpe

    I don't know if it's better but definitely made it his own.
    Sounds tight and dammmmmmn funky.

  23. Mario Juano

    Great cover.

  24. daniel duran hernandez

    Hasta el momento, la versión mas chafa que he escuchado.

  25. ShadScurry

    i feel as if its just not the same without the synth

  26. Wanda Henderson

    Awesome,I feel I'm a concert

  27. William IV Borges

    PRIMUS SUCKS! Les, can you play for my next birthday party? Best damn Bassist.

    smegma preserves

    Primus does indeed suck. If you want the best bassist I would try flea

  28. Jorge G.d.

    Les Is one of the greatest bass players, but I think he over did this one, sounds too "mudy " for me. He's allways trying to stand off but I think went a bit far.


    I mean, it's his sound. It is what it is!


    Ur crazy, that muddyness is what makes it so spicy, fuckin love it

  29. Richard Edwards

    1:25 who the hells this guy they call bob cock

  30. Carrie Munnick

    I'm just not diggin this cover :/

    Luke Vankirk

    Try again ?

    Luke Vankirk

    Just give it another listen.... is all

    Brian Modum

    Ya just don't know taste!

  31. C D

    Best worst!!!

  32. Shadow Zone Productions

    And did they tell you the name of the game, boy ? They call it riding the gravy train

  33. Billy Cardoza

    very few instances where a cover is better than the original... this is one of those cases...

    Whosur Caddy

    Wouldn’t say better but definitely equal

    j r


    Tyler Bone

    I prefer the vocals on the other one, but some aspects of this one outshine the OG


    I thought this version was ok then I went back and listened to the pink floyd one and now I like this one better.

  34. Blair Pico

    Playing keyboard parts with the bass, Claypool is a genius

  35. Kathy McCrory

    I used to have this album it was pretty good

  36. Hector McGraw

    ^^^^^ Riding the gravy train unseen Pink Floyd video

  37. Shannon Summers


    Shannon Summers

    Better than Pink Floyd. .
    Jus sayin

  38. DI.FI

    Primus Number One

  39. Andrew Luchsinger

    I wish Primus would do "One of these days"


    Heck yeah boi

    Diego Holguin

    I can see TOOL doin that song

  40. Yeet Yeet spaghetti skeet

    I didn’t know big bands did official Floyd covers

    Tiozinho Babacofóbico

    You don't know nothing then

  41. Castor Helsing

    Better than The Floyd. That hurts to say.

    Big PP

    +Castor Helsing I agree.

    Ralph Richter

    You must be either high, deaf, or retarded.

    House Lamp

    Ralph Richter or we like different types of music

    j r

    Usually people say the truth hurts, but not you.

    Mr. Big

    To each his own

  42. Patience Hope

    my Primus colors are antique beaver in Cuban sex scenes

  43. Dan Wellesley

    Godda love that frettless slap

    jon stolpe

    Damn right, nothing sounds better than a fretless it.

  44. MrPhen2006

    love this cover. sounds like pink Floyd, whit a hint of primus in it

    Carlos Miguel Palacios Castañeda

    MrPhen2006 No shit...!!!

    j r

    Sounds like Primus doing Pink Floyd you ...

    Everyday Deckienson

    Sounds like Primus covering Pink Floyd

  45. nino

    "who the hells this guys, Bob Cock?" lmfao classic Primus raping the original lyriccccc


    I mean. It makes sense in context of the song..... Bob C Cock works as a lyric for the smae reason "which one is pink" works... If you dont know... then... well.... you always had their deepest respet right?


    Nice verbage, are you 12?

  46. MarquinhiosBrown

    I love Primus & Pink Floyd... but this is a murder of a Classic

    Chuck De Nomolos

    Well, the music is great, I think. If it was a Roy Harper like voice singing, I'd be fine.

    Everyday Deckienson

    @Ben '64 The Heckler

    Ben '64

    @Everyday Deckienson someone finally noticed😆 good on you

    Everyday Deckienson

    @Ben '64 btw nice doggo pic

    Ben '64

    @Everyday Deckienson thanks same to you!

  47. Find A Reason

    Eh I mean it's alright but I think Pink Floyd should just play it

  48. eric post

    awesome cover!

    Everyday Deckienson

    En efecto

  49. Guitarmaster7272

    Any reason this is available on Youtube, but not Primus doing N.I.B. ? Is it an Ozzy thing? Then why is there tons of other Ozzy music available on Youtube?

    John Kilroy

    I know right! I've been searching for it and found nothing

    Jerrod Alford

    Jerrod Alford

    Do realize I'm late but yeah

    Joseph Ancion

    @Jerrod Alford Thank you but the link doesn't work.

  50. Tyler Dokis

    Les Claypool once again showing he is one of the greatest bassist out there.
    The vocals on the other hand....

    Bru No

    You either like it or you don't. That#s Les music. Les is more


    they work for primus but any other band they sound really out of place

    Nick Lister

    He was told by highschool friend James Hetfield he was too good to join metallica

    Toad Harris

    They fucking rock this one

  51. Boxing 101

    Herb !!! Are u kidding ! The best ever !!!!!!!!!!

    michael banks

    Show me a drummer that can play any Primus song with Herb correctly, and I'll show you Herb!

    Boxing 101

    +michael banks hell yeah bro ! He's the best

    Mike D


    oxy 75

    Mike D very best

  52. evilcraig359

    Loved the release's between albums.

  53. Do Right

    eyyy is this primus? I jammed to this shit and some of some awesome blues. I see an uploader but cracked this shit out over an entire park. This tune rock. Yes I can speak like a professional. I just love thinking of the times I banged this out the third story window at several hundred watts of Marshal Peavey ART Jackson Gibson ... watching all the mothers look like  "oh my God what is that". ))) Bass. Guitar, Keys. Whatever man it takes for the day to float hahahahahaha. Hard day work. hard evening jamming. It don't matter. Play 'em all. Ibanez 6 bass Yami / Roland keys. shit...Thanks for hearing. Love the sound bros and sisters. ps... wish I never made icbm..sry Thanks Uploader. Chris!

    Kataklysm Kitty

    It says Primus in the video title.

    Maciej Pyziak

    smoke less weed

  54. SHaWn 2.0

    just stumbled across this, fucking awesome

  55. J.A.Ratt85

    you know, this would be awesome.... if Corey Taylor was singing.

    The Modern Day American John Lennon

    Jim Deecken Les Mother Fucking Claypool.

    House Lamp

    Jim Deecken it’s meant to suck


    ew fucking NO. Corey Taylor? Get the out of here normie,

  56. Mirta Adriana Gundin

    Aguante Primus AAAAAAAAaaaAAAAAAAaAAaaA !!!!!!

  57. John Bonham

    primus suck ;D

    Brett Schneider

    Guitar Fingerer all Primus fans say that,do some research!


    It's 2017 and you're still fighting over "Primus sucks"? *If you don't know what it means, you aren't a dedicated Primus-fan, period.* So to everyone else: *don't explain it to them!* I learned the meaning in the 90's without help of the internet, I think the newbies can be bothered to do 5 min of online research ;)
    In fact: *taunt them until they look it up!* That way it'll be much more "aww, shit" when they discovered that they made an ass out of themselves while they thought they were oh-so-smart-and-dedicated Primus fans since they discovered them in the apple store 5 days ago :D


    It is the band Primus' slogan, meaning that you would say it if you really like primus. they got sick of the slogan after awhile but some people still say it because it's a great slogan, so if you see someone post a comment on a youtube video of primus and they say primus sucks give them an E-high five.

    Paolo Gerin

    Johnny u're a bastard! ;D

  58. Michelle Robinson

    Les showing once again why he's on of the all time great bass players.

    Alberto Trápaga

    Claypool best musician of all bass too


    Are you Sid's Michelle Robinson?

    Jamie Busico

    Thee all time best bass player


    @Jamie Busico Tony Levin requests a word

    Jamie Busico

    I gave you the word

  59. Max Maidment

    I don't like it D: the original studio recording seems the only version of this song I can really listen to and it's amazing. All covers and live performances I've seen seem really bad


    Max Maidment maybe you should extract the gerbil from your rectum, that might help.

    Boxing 101

    Max Hahahaha!

    Max Maidment

    I tried your advise and it helped! TY!


    I love Floyd, I like Primus, the instrumentation is amazing, but the vocals are literally painful to listen to..

    Trent Arnold

    That's the whole point of Primus, they suck and we love it. Gilmour and Waters are just bad vocalists


    Yeah I think I prefer his vocals on this to the original

    Diego Holguin

    Wtf he sounds like les claypool what u expect roy harper on this hoe too!


    Claypool is the man and this kicks all kinds of ass.
    It just so happens that Roy Harper put down one of the greatest vocal tracks of all time on the original.

  61. Marcus Dennis


    Maciej Pyziak


  62. CogitoErgoSumtimes

    I've gained a whole new respect for covering songs. If you can take a classic never again will it be seen live by the original band song and you put your own twist on it and make it fucking awesome and then play the shit out of it live then fucking go for it! Gov't Mule w. Warren Haynes from The Allman Brother's Band is a damn good example. They cover most of Pink's stuff :0, Hendrix Bob Cocker, and such


    +CogitoErgoSumtimes If you like covers, you should get into jazz music. That whole genre is about covering songs.

    oxy 75

    CogitoErgoSumtimes I know you ate not talking about simon and Garfunkel. That new cover pisses me off

  63. Jack Meoff

    Very rarely do you ever find a cover that's better than the original.


    @Luke Vankirk Wow bro do you even know how to play the drums???


    @Luke Vankirk Bro I bet you dont know how to play the drums

    Othan Arroyo

    so so false

    Diego Holguin

    Ik what u mean i liked this version more than OG the first i heard both but now the OG one is my fave

  64. direwoof3

    the pic...the name...the tune...had to sub lol