Primus - Hats Off Lyrics

When I was born, the doc he held me by my ankles
Smacked my red behind
They hosed me down, wrapped me like a bean burrito
Then marked the date and time

Hats off, to the ones that string the beads together
And keep the ducks in line
Hats off to all the ones that stood before me
And taught a fool to rhyme

At thirteen, I made myself a motion picture
Out of lumps of clay
At fourteen, I pulled some weeds and bought a four string
Taught myself to play
At seventeen, I'd get naked with a beauty queen
At the Hot Tub Zone
At nineteen, she was livin' hard and snortin' drugs
That decayed her bones

Hats off to the ones that put it all together
And keep their ducks in line
Hats off to all the ones that erred before me
And taught me how to survive

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Primus Hats Off Comments
  1. Richard Roberson

    So catchy

  2. Grim Tilland

    Good times

  3. DidYaServe

    I've often heard idiots refer to Primus as a great band that couldn't write lyrics for shit. *Facepalm*

    The Yakking Wakko

    No it’s a great band with a lead singer who is shit at singing, let’s be fair Les can’t sing, and what he does in songs where he doesn’t sound bad is actually rapping

    Suzuki Halwende

    What the fuck do you listen to? Lil Wayne? Extreme amounts of auto tune? His singing is fine.

  4. Robert Loudon

    This song is such an earworm

  5. Jared Wright


  6. michael Junot jr

    Hats off to all the ones that erred before me
    And taught me how to survive.

  7. John Cole

    How'd they do that ?

  8. Sleazus Christ

    "Wrapped me like a bean burrito" 

    david jandrow

    Primus is all about "Shake hands with beef"

  9. Forbidden Cargo

    Les Claypool Aka Slappy McSlapster

  10. seersaint

    @PhillipThunderGrunge wut

  11. Alen gonzo

    this song makes me wanna eat a whisker biscuit

    Tyler Durden a GOOD way!

  12. Dominico97


  13. cvframer

    At 16, I swept some feed barns and bought a 6 string.

    Tyler Durden

    Congrats, fellow musician ;)

  14. killakylenate

    Primus sucks. Just like Metallica!! Lol seriously though.

  15. Thomas Pearson

    First dislike, hahah owned

  16. Logan Palmer

    @ForbiddenHaze So glad you understand the meaning of this song (and Harold of the Rocks, and Over the Electric Grapevine, and Spegetti Western, ect.)

  17. DeadmanNeth

    Primus sucks so much.

  18. CoolCoverBro

    @UTFRG it doesn't literally mean that they suck, it is a way of saying they are awesome.

    Suzuki Halwende

    It still makes sense. It's outdated but we get it.

  19. UTFRG

    why are people saying primus sucks? im a noob to this band

    Dan Atchason

    UTFRG if you have to ask...


    @ForbiddenHaze HAHAHAHA i'm doing that now !!!!!

  21. Weedy Sparx

    @EvKbassdude07 I don't mean to. That was a long time ago, but all i was saying is that this song is not slap bass. then he called me a douche and spelled it incorrectly. thats all.

  22. Weedy Sparx

    @hughstoned Spell correctly. Its douche. And I definitely am not a douche. You commented about him being the best slap bass player, and i agreed. I'm simply pointing out that this is not slap bass. You did not clarify at all, all you said was les claypool=maddest slap bass player, when this song does NOT give that comment justice. Fuckin fagot

  23. Weedy Sparx

    @hughstoned This isn't slap bass..I agree that les claypool is the best slap player, but this is definitely not slap bass...Pretty sure its double bass

  24. Joel

    Amaizing song!

    Primus sucks hardcore!

    Tyler Durden

    Ooooh, if I didn't realize already that this was just Primus-slang... ha, just kidding, have a great day Joel!

  25. PhillipThunderGrunge

    Primus Sucks !