Primus - Greet The Sacred Cow Lyrics

Slice me up a big slab of that sympathetic cheer.
If I'm zapped with radiation they say I'll last another year.

Line 'em up now to greet the sacred cow.

My hands are full of protein, my arms are made of fire.
If you're calling me a diplomat, I'll be calling you a liar.

Line 'em up now to greet the sacred cow.
Line 'em up now to greet the sacred cow.

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Primus Greet The Sacred Cow Comments
  1. Scott Bradley

    Huge Primus fan. I wasnt sure during the intro but it really sets the mood for the rest of the song. I was really thrown off at first but this is a banger

  2. Musistics

    Crunchy af! Yum.

  3. Keith Murray

    Meat rotten meat

  4. Musistics

    Is that the bass in intro or real human chanting?

    Superfortnitegamer 999

    Bass is the only instrument used in this song...

  5. Anto Iswahyudi

    What? did i just heard the adzan, moslem call of prayer in the opening of this song? PRIMUS rock hard! almost 2020 and this band still amazing!


    Anto Iswahyudi Thanks for the info. Very cool.

  6. levbosock

    Primus sucks!

  7. 1HotSkiBunnie

    Brain beats the skins off those buckets. All Primus drummers Rock. Primus, oh how you Suck! Love Primer and Primette, your favorite primates.

  8. Marco Blättler

    Sound's great!!

  9. Matthew Comer

    Primus sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ricky Thurman

    You Died! G.D.C. Cat Man Due!

  11. Philip Ogden

    OMG this sucks. Primus sucks

  12. Roland Blunt

    Light em up now...that about says it all....Primus Sucks!

  13. Scooter

    Is it just me or does Les sing in a conpletely different way than he normally does on this album?

  14. Misanthropic Kat


  15. St.EveNMichael MADara

    Gotta get India to milk say cred it a cow ting

  16. Franco Puri

    What does it sound like at the beginning?

    Mateus Braga

    harmonics and mute notes. you gotta respect les the man is a genius

  17. Aaron Ruesch

    Greet the sacred cow = Shake Hands with Beef

  18. Trevor Craig

    This is excatly les is popping bass style

  19. Rikki Stixx

    That's the coolest tune.... I guess It's a Matter of Opinion!

  20. Daniel Doria

    What surat is this in the beginning?

  21. Walter Sullivan

    Primus fucking sucks!! 🙃😬🙃😬

  22. don Juan

    Funk rock

    Paranoiq X

    fuck fucking rock

  23. Otis

    Frizzle Fry On Redbull

  24. Christopher Deppen

    this song makes me wanna go wild! damn Primus sucks!!!!

  25. Charlezz Sock

    I just had my first actual bassgasm without faking it

  26. Matt Brooks

    Les sounds angry at his bass here. Primus sucks.

    Phoenix Pruett

    Just may be RyKnOw from Mudvayne


    Funny you say that as Les made it clear he was feeling no direction at this time. Of course, it rocks.

  27. LimitIsIllusion

    Best to listen to at deafening volumes. Turns out my car can fucking bump

  28. Daniel Lewis

    burglekutt approved

  29. Jack Frost

    Take out the first fifty seconds and you got yourself a good song.


    prior to the mp3 age when i could just cut that shit out, having to shuttle through pointless* 50-90 minute intros to songs was the bane of my first world existence. wu-tang clan, i'm looking at you

    *yes im aware it has an extremely tangential connection to the topic (or as close to a "topic" as claypool ever gets) of the song

    Google+ suck my cock

    90minute intro to a song? What the fuck are you listening to dude?


    He's a real religious heh, little shit.

    AII American Chutzpah

    I think it's safe to say that the European experience is running its course in America.

  30. Sage Degraff

    this will blow ur brain when u hear what I have put together

  31. Xibbalba

    Yep, PRIMUS suck...if the word suck=kick ass music...i'm agree with the term

  32. Nicolas Escudero

    i need to know what kind of pray is the first part

    Austin Cappell

    +Officer Noodle fuck off


    i wish to know this too what did he said but the pray its allaaaaaaaaaahu akbar allaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hu akbar and then Wassalamu Aleikum aleikum sallam


    Just search "Islam - Ajaan" it's an invitation process to invite Muslims to attend their prayers timely. To be honest "Allahu Akbar" has nothing to with terrorism,it just means "In the name of Allah" or "Allah is great" and "Assalamualaikum" means "May the peace be with you" or something like that.

  33. Anuskasv0

    Did he really say "he's a real religious little shit" HAHAHA


    +Polly Pearsol No for sure it was shit


    yeah, 'religious little shit'.

    Nemanja Avramovic

    Official lyrics say "kid" but it really does sound like "shit" :D


    I'm guessing he was explaining something to the tourists, and then the kid was trying to make him kneel for the prayer, so he called the kid a religious little shit

    Lucas Flach

    it only sounds like that because of a sound effect in the background that gives a sh sound, and his accent makes it hard to distinguish between a "d" and "t."

  34. Google+ suck my cock

    Primus sucks


    @Kauri Martin
    and where were you then they used to suck?!

    I've Got Cateyes ***

    Saying Primus sucks is an inside joke between Primus and their fans

    Aidan C

    u suck bro. primus is a great band i bet you dont even know how to play a single note on bass

    I've Got Cateyes ***

    Saying "Primus Sucks" is sort of an inside joke... Have you ever seen Primus live? People are screaming "Primus Sucks" in between songs... Les loves it...


    I just accidentally reorted someone...Primus sucks.

  35. Michael Morris

    the very first is kinda creepy


    whats he saying?

  36. Craig Long

    can't touch my man Les.


    for some reason i misread this as "Man, Les can touch my ass"

    House Lamp

    The way you phased that it sounds like he has a restraining order on you

  37. Colt Hubbard

    obey the cow god brought me back here lol

  38. Craig

    Why would you search for a song then dislike it...

    Primus is amazing.


    +EllipticalGaming Thanks for reminding me to press the "Like Button"!
    ... and: you're right!
    It's like this: *Primus sucks = Press the goddamn "Like"-Button!* Maybe some newbies forgot about that... Cheers!


    +EllipticalGaming primus sucks

    Seven Letter


    Doktor Jekyll van Hyde

    @Seven Letter indeed

    Ryan Gavala

    Craghopper Primus sucks!

  39. Tickleshits

    line 'em up now, to kill the sacred cow.


    Greet the sacred cow isn't it lol?


    yeah, all except for the last time it repeats, it changes to "kill"


    Ignore me I see where you're coming from


    it's all good

  40. Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

    Great song. 

  41. milos mitrovic

    light them up now


    @milos mitrovic line* lol but light could work too i suppose.

  42. Chris Meyer

    Primus sucks!!! =P c2b3 needs to do end of the world tour along with a Anti pop end of the world tour! =P

  43. Gawank Kusumo

    Yeah, right!

  44. Gawank Kusumo

    it's called 'adzan'

  45. serbdetritus182

    that was muslim, not hindu :)

  46. Carlos Rodriguez Blanco

    I like " the avangarden music". Thank`s much.

  47. Sogouda420

    in case you were not aware when people listen to music when there high its not becasue its shit i dont see how smoking cannabis and then listening to primus tarnishes primus . those who are addicts that act like losers would be losers if they didnt use any '' crutches '' .
    with that said Primus Sucks !

  48. Music Box

    I don't like it,and I did it mostly for me.

  49. Necromancy For Kids

    Why would you want to skip the intro? It sets the mood for the song.

  50. GingerGarlicOnion

    hindu sanskrit prayer intro fucking awesome

    Thushara Kulatunga

    not sankrit. islamic call to prayer

  51. Rand Wulf

    The irony of calling someone a child after you start a reply with an immature "fuck you" Ask the police department if people pumping Primus while drunk or high is a problem. They are the ones that have to babysit the addicts when they disturb the rest of us who can get though life without destructive mind crutches to get through life. My point was Primus is a talented band, but that talent is sadly not as recognized due to the mass amount of addicts who flock around Primus and tarnish them.

    Jack Holmes

    Rand Wulf. Your addicted to being better than everyone under false pretensive assumptions. You loser addict. Your tarnishing my thoughts with your mindless opinion. You bigot fuck

    Rob Lewis

    I say why do you have to be high to listen to any music? If you like it , you jam out to it high or not

    Jack Holmes

    Your a moron.

    Roderick Stone

    What? Did the scary addict hurt you feelings little man?

    Brandon Kelly

    You're a dipshit, man. There are a myriad of addicts (whom cannot be labeled as such by you) that are much more intelligent, productive, monetarily, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually successful than you, sir. They're also generally better people than you. You're a prick, and a dumbass. However, I do wish you well, and truly hope you can become capable of changing.

  52. jefferson1232757

    @IMBACHABRI LOL I thought of hear this in an airplane but it just wasnt a good idea

  53. dingledorf1

    Indeed Primus sucks! Now for some lacquer head! YAY!!!!

  54. joefins

    @LSDlucid Primus sucks! ;)

  55. Mistabonkas

    1:20 wow 8 /

  56. Piatic

    @Bonusbananas311 no..

  57. Luis Sousa

    @Bonusbananas311 don´t compare

  58. Luis Sousa

    Primus really sucks!! 4:20 :;)

  59. Emil Malmberg


  60. Music Box

    0:49 Skip to song

  61. eddthrasher

    He is a real religious (hehe) little... shit


    josh bohn

    he says kid, not shit

    josh bohn

    religious little kid

    Lucas Flach

    it only sounds like that because of a sound effect in the background that gives a sh sound, and his accent makes it hard to distinguish between a "d" and "t."

  62. skeetholydiver

    @patoon55 ...

  63. Agoraphobic

    Ihad to cut off intro.Someone would think that i'm a terrorist

  64. André Karlsen

    @ohmygoditsjesus That's Captain Shiner!

  65. uiruu

    @Teriblthundrlzrd Oh ho ho ho. Ain't you just the smartest person ever.

  66. Joseph

    @uiruu Just joking around. Dont get all crazy liberal rights on

  67. Chris Meyer

    Fuck yea, One of there best!!!!! XD

  68. JTheDawg

    @jofureel05 I can understand why people can not like Primus.Mabye people who do not like a new kind of sound,and just like the same old Rock N Roll,or Pop,but primus is amazing.


    Primus and other bands. That are heavly bass focused are for people who enjoy rhythm based music more then traditional rock or metal that require more technical guitar focused with detailed. Solos or etc more vocal focused. I love rhythm bands the bass and catchy element is what I look for. Music. Rather if it's catchy drums, bass, piano, vocals. That energy also is important, bands like Korn, FNM, system of a down, and Primus have that energy and rhythm flow.

  69. GiveMeMyWhammy

    cool cool cool

  70. Threshingfloor814

    This is by FAR the most underrated song by Primus.

  71. Adventurous Red

    @glorp896 I'm sticking with you are a .... moron.. :) now we can move on.

  72. Adventurous Red

    @glorp896 SO, you are a moron? I mean I don't get it ... Moron.

    Gary Mitchell

    Moron TV

  73. ryan49er1

    primus is different for that fact the bass is the main front of ALL their songs


    ryan49er1 except Kalamazoo

  74. Adventurous Red

    @glorp896 you need to trip mushrooms or lsd .... then maybe you will see this shit is not a joke... I am trying to hard not to call you an idiot.

  75. Gains

    All these coments in music videos following the general theme of "this music is crap" really tick me off, its an expression of themselves (or whatever label bought them out) not some layed out set of rules and hints on how music should be, point is it's in the eye of the beholder, i mean fuck it, britney spears had......talent *cringe* u get my point though i hope, some 1 some where will like any band, no band is shit, just different and partial to peoples tastes.

  76. meinabucket

    In my opinion, Antipop was Primus' low, and it's still fucking great

    Been listening to Primus since Frizzle Fry released... still love it just as much

  77. 94Bassman

    @longrangeskeeter for antipop, Primus brought in a bunch of different musicians and producers to collaborate with, so it's likely that someone tweaked his sound a bit.

  78. phychodemon


  79. Ryan

    @smarticus88 +Over 9000 likes

  80. mathieulebum

    Every song's a voyage..

  81. Niels Verschuren

    Les is so awesome. He inspired me to go play bass. Starting lessons in a few weeks and hope to get just as good as him (probably not gonna happen)

    Ricky Thurman

    Feed My Jigger's Window Faster Bastard!

  82. Samantha Gallant

    i love the bass :)

  83. scottus1955

    I was watchin' a Warren Miller film the other day and dudes were ballz out skiing off this mountain to this song - fuckin' awesome!! Primus is the thing that should not be!!! Long Live Primus!!!

  84. TorrMup

    a top 5 Primus song for me.... that is saying a lot

  85. athecheat

    @Teriblthundrlzrd Naw, you got the AOE on that one for "bigot" atk. :P

  86. athecheat


  87. athecheat

    @Teriblthundrlzrd First, I hate when thunder lizards kill me, and it's the Hindus that praise cows and they are stealth because they don't wear the head wraps. I believe you were referencing the Muslims, which is bigoted BTW and they actually eat cows.

  88. Johann Gambolputty

    yeaaah! that's the shit!

  89. Max Watson

    He's a- real religious. Primus sucks!!!!

  90. thelargefry

    Can't wait for June to roll around, so i can have my ears turn to goo by the amazing playing of Les.

  91. Joseph

    You're gonna post somethin bout Lincoln Park under a Primus song? Get the fuk outta here with that bullshit. If you were 3 years younger you'd be braggin about Justin Beiber on here. No one here gives two shits that you listen to that poser crap.

  92. Matt Villo

    @srodo145 what?

  93. chris long

    @op2myst tool

  94. vef444

    @alexkills I think theres too much of me here. But lo,l yeah Linkin Park rules". LOL.. They are true musicians for mature audience.