Primus - Ballad Of Bodacious Lyrics

Bodacious am a whole lotta' bull
over nineteen hundred pounds.
He's born in Galry, Oklahoma
and he's the baddest sonsabitch around
if a Burma bull ever were a super star
then Bodacious just might be.
He's a cream colored, beefy brawn,
full-fledged, four footed bovine celebrity.

Who's gonna ride Bodacious?
Who's gonna tame him down?
Look out for Bodacious,
he's bound to hold his ground.
Here comes Bodacious,
ya'll just step aside.
Big and bad Bodacious
takes a toll from those who ride.

Young Bo met a man named Tuff Hedeman
at the start of his buckin' spree
and Tuff became one of the few to make the whistle
bkac in Nineteen Ninety Three.

Tuff tried to ride Bo again at the finals
in Nineteen Ninety Five.
Bodacious had got a little older and wiser
Tuff barely came out alive.

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Primus Ballad Of Bodacious Comments
  1. Joseph Cribari

    Goddamn Bodacious' bastard pride. Tragedies A Coming, and he cannot run and hide.

  2. lukisnootis

    Tragedies A'comin sounds very similar to this song

    Joseph Cribari

    Thank you.

  3. Jesse Mitchamore

    Primus SUCKS

  4. R James

    The Wynona's Big Brown Beaver of 1999.

  5. tweinge asdf

    This song is just as badass as Bodacious himself. It doesn't buck as hard though. Nothing does.

  6. marcel gaddis

    I like to go to country bars and ask does anyone want to hear some rodeo music? then i play this!

  7. Varkings

    And that's how you play the drums.

  8. Owen Krieg

    I listened to this when I was like 5 or 6 with my dad in his 66 Chevy and I still jam to this. Primus is pretty badass.

  9. St. O'Ned

    Primus huffs...

  10. Gary Mitchell

    Amazing album

  11. Alain Young

    ngl primus is pretty good

  12. Misanthropic Kat

    Huff nitrous and then listen.... you're welcome assholes 😂

  13. fuzzygreenturtle _

    Disliked cause the image for this video is not the bull from the Tommy the Cat video.

  14. Drake Pinegar

    I love song it is badass

  15. Drake Pinegar

    And I feel so bad for tuff

  16. Drake Pinegar

    Bodacious was a badass!!

  17. Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    Guess what?
    P R I M U S

    S U U U U U U CKERS!

    Thought I was gonna provide y'all with yet another suck....nope.

  18. Darwin Blinks

    Mason Lowe hates this song.

    Some kind of Garf

    I had to google that and yikes... Then again, he was a professional dumbass, so not entirely unexpected.

  19. FuckEbonics

    Les was a friend of Kirk hammets and after cliff died Kirk got him a try out for the band. After they all jammed for a while James said no way...the guy is in a bass league all his own. It would have been metallica featuring les had he joined the band.

  20. Perkele

    I listen to Slayer and Death on the daily, yet The Primus mascot is the one who always haunts My dreams

  21. LeeTG3

    A most bodacious perfromance by primus


    That comment should have more likes than just mine.

  22. Lando Ram

    One my favorites ...kicks ass..
    Primus Sucks n so does Tom Morello...

  23. Noah Taylor

    so funky

    Noah Taylor

    why does this sound like a bad transition to the 80s from a good progressive rock band

  24. Lisa Curry

    Another reason, I love Les Claypool. I watched Bodacious back in the day, and i... believe... he retired unridden?? Yes, I've just in the last 2 months discovered Primus at 52. :o

  25. Mark Anthony

    I really love this song!

  26. joshualucas

    big FAT ASS bodacious

  27. Uncle Rob

    Bodacious, the best athlete on 4 feet!

    You're Right

    Uncle Rob Bushwacker was a better bull. Bodacious had that head snap back head butt he would throw right after kicking up his hind end. The rider was thrown forward just as Bodacious was snapping his head back. Nothing a rider could do.

  28. Cook moore

    Love the description, yep

  29. StonedApeSociety lang


  30. Robert Rouse

    Y'all haters probably went to the concert sober or something. If it hadn't been for that one cool chick that you regret not running away with, you probably would've never given them a chance(+_+)

  31. Casie Bland

    R.i.p bro

  32. Casie Bland

    Bad to the bon

  33. Casie Bland

    I love this song

  34. phil haines

    So let me see if I understand. You got on this thread by listening to a Primus video. You did this because you're a fan or had some interest in the band or its music. No? You just got on this thread to post the comment "Primus sucks"? Really? A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Why don't you start using yours instead........

    Some kind of Garf

    phil haines "Primus sucks" was their actual endorsed by the band slogan for a while,don't ya know.

    Stacie Kohler

    Primus Sucks!

    Stacie Kohler

    Hopefully you know that true Primus fans are the ones that are saying Primus Sucks! Google it. It's their thing.

    LuckyBearBassist •

    But Phil needs to do research and use his mind. PRIMUS SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!


    Hahaha. Who needs to educate themselves now Phil? Lol

  35. Damon Weikleenget

    This album kicks major ass love primus

  36. Eric Johnston

    Omfg this song fukin blows so bad. fuck Bodacious and fuck Primus. Primus Sucks ! I cant stand wicked or original music. Or dirt skanky bass.

  37. soundautomatic1

    toast to the bull that won! I salute you

  38. SusiPineapple

    After all these years; Primus still suck...

  39. Jeff Ledger

    Hell yes

  40. Zeus Masterson

    RIP Bodacious, a bull so badass he was retired in his prime. "...Tuff tried to ride Bo again at the finals in 1995, but Bodacious had gotten a little older and wiser and Tuff barely got out alive." Bo broke all the bones in Tuff's face, requiring six hours of reconstructive surgery.

    Dino Morell

    Everybody that rode him only beat BO when he was younger & under weight.Once BO was in his prime & learned that head butt it was over with! BO wasn't having none of it.

    Adam Alcaida

    True story!


    It was 13 hours of reconstructive surgery but yeah Bo was a bada$$

  41. Frank S

    I saw Primus and Rush years ago and Claypool blew me away...PRIMUS SUCKS

    Donovan Gordon

    Damn, Primus and Rush in the same concert?

    Sign me the fuck up.


    That sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    b phillip

    Hi, I'm not a fan of Rush, not my thing, really, but I appreciate that they are considered top of their game, one of my things to do in life is to see a Primus concert a least once..........

    You're Right

    You know Les doesn’t really like the Primus Sucks thing. It’s one of those organic things that was cool at first, but has been driven into the ground.

  42. francis arias

    One word bitches PRIMUS!!

    hippie !!

    two words PRIMUS SUCKZ!! lol

  43. Shieldz64

    have they EVER played this live?

    Martin Stefan

    +Shieldz64 I am also curious about that


    I haven't heard this one but have seen dirty drowning man live


    Look up primus on

  44. MrNodebate

    Primus, the only band with their own ID3 tag... guess why?
    Because PRIMUS SUCKS!

    PS: To the Newbies, that means: Primus is even better than yo Mama, and you'll just have to deal with it...

    Nikolai Maness

    @MrNodebate I didn't know of them till this year, tbh.


    @Tom Schmidt
    Well, you'd be surprised;) But check the comment sections yourself of a couple of songs: my guess is it happens about 50% of the time when "Primus sucks" is used as a slogan that a newbie thinks you literally mean it...


    +Nikolai Maness Fair enough! Gotta love Primus eh!?


    Always good to have new sailors on deck ;)
    Fish on!

    Shepherd _fire271

    MrNodebate wait why give me good reason

  45. Bode Bill

    whenever i feel down i just liusten to this song

  46. Foggy Goggle

    Bodacious pees on the dislikers.... so far three peed upon.....squish squish squish

  47. Uri Man

    this song highly resambles Tragedy's A' Comin'...

    Jose tomas B. M.

    +Uri Man great observation, I cant belive I didnt notice before

    Jose tomas B. M.

    +Uri Man Except this one has a sicker guitar

    Bianca Tate

    +Jose tomas B. M. i think its buckethead

    Karl Weafer

    Took the words right outta my mouth.... must have been while you were fistin me

    Ryan Marks

    @Justin Brown you replied the right way to that imbecile swine

  48. James Schmitt

    I always wondered why this album had more of a raw funk feel compared to their other stuff, then I saw it was produced by Tom Morello.


    @James Schmitt There's a lot of producers on Antipop (Tom Morello on this, Stewart Copeland on Dirty Drowning Man for example). I even think Fred Durst did one of them too.


    James Hetfield co-produced one of the middle songs on the album too. I believe Lacquer head is the one with Fred Durst. Also, the guy who voiced Tommy the Cat also does a backing vocal for Coattails of a Deadman song (2nd last one on the album). Whats his name....? Ah I remember now. Tom Waits.

    Adolf Finn

    thats fuckin so damn cool, it's creative people like les claypool and tom waits who truly have created art, like it or not, there is nobody who can say les copied his style, influences like tom waits i'm sure can only show you how they do it, by creating it from their wtf minds and fuck how everyone else does it, check tom waits music out if you've never heard anything from him

    Amber Abalama

    Noooo shit!!?!?

  49. 10centGUN

    Fucking love this fucking song !......Fuck !

  50. Trancor

    country or metal, I don't know. But what I do know is that they are the best freaking polka band I've ever heard!

  51. smats42

    @TheTrainFace id love to see them, as a fellow primus fan :)

  52. tlv music

    0:05 Open E string.... ( nasty open E )

  53. EvilErnie1992

    It's not metal, It's not country, there only Four words can describe this those are LES MOTHA'FUCKIN CLAYPOOL. an i like the fact that Bodacious is a bull.

    Brock Murphy

    3 words

  54. Jojo Kelly

    Primus does suck, but I have a lovely pair of coconuts.

    LuckyBearBassist •


  55. Beggar Wall

    Because somebody said it was. Anyone can put whatever label they want on anything. Does it matter? No.

  56. MrPeanutDojo

    @XmegaXandrewX Les himself has described he music as a sort of metal in the past. And as for country, frankly Les sings like a hillbilly sometimes lol.

  57. Some kind of Garf

    @NomoTheDomo Always.

  58. Seirath

    Is this Les singing?

  59. Tim Climie

    @Quiltfish yeah apparently the dude had "input" on this album.... i'm not sure primus would, or could, sustain such "input"... even if they'd tried they'd have made him irrelevant by their output.
    follow? i'm sure you do

  60. bluu78

    i don't know why this would be good. it sucks!!

  61. Trahira517

    Primus sucks!

  62. Forbidden Cargo

    wow primus sucks

  63. Eldorado Goldberg

    @peteskeeno No you dont... just look at Rosie O Donnell

  64. BearArt

    @scazi1017 people who think primus is being slandered are awsome

  65. Mongomaniac94

    This almost sounds like graham central station

  66. Hugo

    People are so horney about dubstep, and yeah, it is pretty cool, but primus sucks!

    Ryan Marks

    Fuck dubstep and fuck you

  67. Conor Geoghegan

    awwe shiit thats funky bass

  68. shineMYknob

    Primus sucks!!!!!!!! Lol

  69. Luke Robinson

    @Quiltfish guitarist was in Possessed?? did not know that, thats awesome

  70. Some kind of Garf

    @7000ironman 2 even. Posessed and Blind Illusion(Which Les was also in). Both awesome. FACT.

  71. Friendski Goodguy

    I have a lovely pair of coconuts.

  72. MHQ5589

    I noticed that nobody has disliked this song. Bodacious is the baddest sonsabitch around !! PRIMUS SUCKS !!

  73. Brett Dixon

    @themooddisorders Fred Durst produced "Lacquer Head", not this one.

  74. akerswizard779

    @scazi1017 in that case, I Have A Lovely Pair of Coconuts because Primus Sucks.

  75. akerswizard779

    Its about a bull. who else knew that?

  76. Lunar Brain

    @JASONvsBOSCO yeah I don't get it. I'll admit I'm not much of a Primus fan.. I'm more of a King Crimson fan, note the name, if you don't get it your not a KK fan!(lol)


    @MrAdrianbelew I don't think he means Primus sucks! I think he means Primus sucks! If you don't get it you aren't a Primus fan...

  78. Lunar Brain

    @picklefucker555 They don't really take their own music seriously so that's kind of a dumb thing to say. Also, compared to almost any popular band now-a-days they're really good.

  79. 86crud

    @bigge0369 Sweet! :D

  80. 86crud

    @bigge0369 Tuff rode him! Then turned him out on the next draw after his wreck.

  81. jstitus916

    i wish i knew of this band ten years ago

  82. Jake Chant

    this is the best primus song, and all there songs are good :D

  83. smegmasaurus

    @scazi1017 It's like black people using the N word. They own it and so the soulless masses that really do think they suck have no effect on them. PRIMUS SUCKS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Jacob Cole

    @EpicRetardation Fuck Yer. primus is the shit

  85. Ally blabla

    @KreatorOfDeath1985 Fred Durst is a person/ thing you should be glad you don't know...

  86. FuckGoogle+

    Yea but Primus Sucks rolls to good to just drop

  87. FuckGoogle+

    What part of this is Fred Durst?
    WHo and what is Fred Durst?
    I have no idea =/

  88. Ah Kher

    wad kind of music is this?


    Anti Pop

  89. Drivenut4

    I am so sick of this Primus sucks slogan.. we fucking get it... who cares... its lame now.. In my opinion Primus fucking kicks ass.. and i feel better saying that than feeling like I am a true fan by yelling out "primus sucks" ..

  90. JudasAngel666

    FUCK Les is SUCH a good Bass player. PRIMUS SUCKS \m/

  91. Some kind of Garf

    @themooddisorders What about the dipshit?

  92. David Brawner

    fred durst? omfg

  93. atomhammer

    Time for play number 3!! :) thanks so much for the upload, Quitfish. I forgot just how much I loved this song!!!

  94. jayfatha

    @GheloPunk That's a bit much.

  95. tim saunders

    Quiltfish — June 14, 2009 — Country Music versus a Metal hoedown on weed.

    Country Music smoking Funk versus a Metal hoedown on weed

  96. Ctraltdefeat


  97. Holy Shizuo!

    @SgtBaker953 Apparently you can smoke blotter, huh... who knew?

  98. Holy Shizuo!

    @usadrumhead True, I'd go as far as say not enough of Primus, period...

  99. Dustin Burrows

    @mcLovinator101 you don't smoke one