Primus - Arnie Lyrics

The man he stepped up to the microphone and he gave it a kiss, it was a big wet, slippery kiss
And he had sweat dripping off of his nose onto the windscreen
As he looked out over the audience he said, "God bless you, God bless you one and all"
The he took a can of Ronson lighter fluid and he squirted it over the top of his head
And proceeded to light himself on fire
As he stood there glowing and said, "Remember this day"

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Primus Arnie Comments
  1. Richard Roberson

    Great drums

  2. dappergen

    $5 F*cky $ucky.

  3. Al Haynes

    Go ahead fish face... :D

  4. critical of onions

    Such a foggy, pretty lil song

  5. Evandro Carlos de Lima

    Yes. I remember this day.

  6. God

    Go ahead, Fish Bait.

    kevin willems

    *smooth as fuck drum roll*

    Al Haynes

    I thought it was fish face.. :D

  7. Sean Sorrell

    "This track belongs in a Guy Richie film."

  8. Budd Well

    ~The man, he stepped up to the microphone, and he gave it a kiss
    It was a big wet slippery kiss,
    and he had sweat dripping off of his nose on to the windscreen
    as he looked out over the audience he said, God bless you - God bless you one and all
    and he grabed a can of ronson lighter fluid and squirted it on top of his head
    and proceeded to light himself on fire
    He stood there glowing and said

    Evandro Carlos de Lima

    Yeah. I remember.

    Ivanyi Attila

    Remember, Les Clay! :D

  9. Giada D'Addazio

    Twin peaks atmosphere

  10. Tickleshits

    i need to see these guys live again.

  11. kulturvultur

    This is the music fishes listen to underwater when they go to sleep. This is the hidden Fish Chronicle song that closes the circle. And then,

  12. Romero Rebelde

    man the bass player really knows how to play loud

    T C

    Les is a God. Only one better is Geddy Lee.

    Frizzle the Seas of Pork Cheese

    T C I don't think so but it's like apples and oranges

    Rasmus Ambrosius

    Les Claypool stands alone!

  13. Richard B.

    Good. But this is not Primus' style. This is post punk, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

    Gonzaa Rmt

    +Richard B. and so? :O

    Richard B.

    @Gonzaa Rmt Up to you what you think. This is only a fact.


    lol it's not a "fact," it's only your opinion.
    not to mention, i don't see how this comment is relevant.


    It's hard to define Primus' style. Each album they have made takes a life of it's own. This album had Brian Mantia on drums which made a big difference over having Herb and his more eclectic style of percussive rhythms.

    kevin willems

    They're their own style. Get the fuck outta here.

  14. Randall Wetmore

    Prime Us

  15. mike h

    The anti suck strikes again

  16. d b

    Finally some real fans instead of a bunch of haters

    Luke Legere

    Sup dl-_-lb

  17. lesclaypool0727

    Remember, that day, remember that day....when i heard first this music!

  18. Punishment Music

    Hands down my favorite primus album!

    DalaTV UK

    @Malcontented Individuals Trueeeeeeeeeeee

    black star

    +Punishment Deathstep Shit, I dont know how to pick one Primus album over another, cuz they are ALL fuckin stellar.

    Zavian Groff

    Punishment Music Love how raw it sounds

    Joel Dukes

    Frizzle fo shizzle my nizzzle....

    kevin willems

    @black star all I know, is Antipop is not my favorite

  19. lesclaypool0727

    Remember Les Clay

  20. tmatt1996

    that's brain for ya

  21. aldusxenon

    The best Hip-Hop, Jazz fusion, Industrial, Hardcore, Metal song.....EVER!!!

  22. dee jay

    the drums on this whole album is sick shit

    ShannyFor Attention

    They make a lot of noise for just 3 people. So righteous:)

  23. PrimusSteve

    Claypool Will live Forever

  24. htownnigggga

    lol they do the theme song for the most popular satire in the world.

  25. nineelevenjfk1776


  26. Bat0u89

    Who's Arnie?

  27. critical of onions

    what songs?

  28. MasteroChieftan

    @MrPeanutDojo Satire: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly.
    If you don't think Primus is satire then you're a moron. Sorry. Read their lyrics. Not all their songs, but a lot. In fact, their newest album is almost complete

  29. MrPeanutDojo

    @MasteroChieftan Primus has never been satire.

  30. smats42

    @NotATubeSurfer i agree and sympathize, and i cant explain the phenomenon. the brown album rocks.

  31. MasteroChieftan

    The instrumentals in this are so serious and hard it almost doesn't even sound like Primus' style. It sounds like a non-satirical progrock band.

  32. capncoolio

    Primus Sucks!

  33. critical of onions

    this is so hard to play on bass, it took me countless hours and its still not exact.

  34. nostalgiacreep

    @chronic9292 the drum sound includes a lot of room ambience, as led zep drums often did. the playing itself doesnt really sound much like bonham

  35. Stan Smitheman

    I love the sound of the drums on this album.

  36. UndefinedMadrid

    I like to loop it countless times as well XP

  37. Porterhaus

    This is the best song off of this album
    This and Bob's Party Time Lounge.

  38. 0064ghost

    I wish they played this song live! Such a trip!

  39. sockondik12

    sounds like an awesome jam session

  40. Drew Van Daele


  41. hippz420

    @SpliffusBongicaOfGor It WAS an experience and a half!! I have never seen a better show than this. I saw the two shows in Toronto, one right after the other (awesome hotel party after the first show :P). First one: Themed like an airliner, everybody's pilots etc. and they played all awesome versions of all their songs. Second day: COUNTRY!! :D Cuntry Boner, World up my Ass, Vagina Mine, Undertaker, all country style. Maynard and his two lady friends are great actors too! :P Youtube it!

  42. Fok Yu

    @nectarguru Yeah I looked into that tour (hearin about the DVD an such), what an experience that must have been! S'a shame you missed out on em this time, but they're comin back around in Sept/Oct to those parts, Detroit and North Carolina, maybe one of those two locales' be close enough for you to go

    Heads up though, it wont be as ridiculously amazing as the fromage tour was haha they went all out on that, but its definately worth checkin out how they operate with Jay nowadays

  43. Fok Yu

    @nectarguru I think hes doin Puscifer with Maynard from Tool, cause he did for their first album and now they're at it again, so he's temporarily not with them as far as I can tell... Jay Lane's with them now, he was the original 80's drummer, and he's bomb! They only announced that he was with them in March, and now they're tourin north america so go see them if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Fok Yu

    Saw them on the 27th in Toronto, and I can tell you Jay Lane whos back with em is better than Mantia and Herb! He's a perfect mix of em, actually; the technicalites of Herb with the strong-arm balls of Brain - trust, go see them on tour and tell me im wrong!!!

  45. Aloysius Carswell

    Go brown album in all your groovy destortedness. Best Primus for sure.

  46. Dad City

    remember this day