Primal Scream - Velocity Girl Lyrics

Here she comes again
With vodka in her veins
Peen playing with a spike
She couldn't get it right

Splendour in silver dress
Velocity possessed
The world was hers again
It fell apart again

I don't need anyone to hurt me
No, not anyone at all
'Cause my so-called friends have left me
And I don't care at all

Leave me alone

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Primal Scream Velocity Girl Comments
  1. Tom Squeeze

    This is power pop & indie pop as well

  2. The Last Bastions Of Bohemia

    One of the last bastions of Bohemia,☮️

  3. Chameleon Chris

    Manics cover is better. Cue the hate.

  4. ponponvinsky

    Didn't see it coming at all.

  5. Cain Marco

    sometimess iiiiiiiiiii fantasiiiiiizeee, sounds like a stone roses song

  6. Just a Smiths Fan

    I remember when Belle and Sebastian talked about this song...

  7. Just a Smiths Fan


  8. Just a Smiths Fan


  9. Yasser Khadoura

    this is Buenos Aires ? anybody knows?

  10. ruskin73

    Heaven sent.

  11. the sodium lights

    c`mon, give us Broken ya tight bastards!

  12. Sarah Tonin

    None of my friends give a shit about me. When you're with me, you might as well be alone.

  13. Sophies

    this song is way too short!

  14. Sabila Rasyad

    keluar juga

  15. Nirvana 1989

    Am I dreaming? Is this for real? No way

  16. Nono Morales

    My Merside Paradise? looks like...

  17. Felipe Sánchez

    Thank you Bobby and PS!! One of my favourite tunes of all time!! It brings me good memories! Thank you, again!!

  18. Daniel Field

    Only just discovered this song, had it on repeat for like the last 3 hours love it

    The lyrics are kinda haunting to the tune of such a nice melody

    Sabila Rasyad

    same here

  19. pepioh pepper

    Saludos desde Mexico esta bien chida esta rola


    Bobby,Thank you!!
    i love this song!(from Japan)

  21. Kool Rock Radio

    A favourite!

  22. KW C

    pure bliss. sounds remastered here as well

  23. Jo Gon

    # Sometimes I fantasise... #


    The Stone Roses admit to taking the chorus for made of stone. Apparently Squire loved this.

  24. Ariel Tenorio

    Hay una pequeña influencia de The Pogues, creo. Me gusta.

  25. Carlos Oviedo

    who's the girl in th video???


    Edie Sedgwick

    Carlos Oviedo

    @telleebabe now I remenber Sienna Miller made a film about Edie rigth?

  26. with wings

    Very lovely song. Remembering Edie on her 76th birthday, RIP.

  27. Geo 100

    Pure magic every bit of Primal Screams history is joy, whit a band man.

  28. don key shot

    just what we`ve all been waiting for: the approx. tenth compilation of primal scream`s "greatest hits": thank you, sony!

  29. Mai Boyracer

    Lovely tune from Bobby G.

  30. Mark D

    Smiths B side.

  31. Veera

    OMG this is music!!!

  32. Carlos Visentín

    Sonic Flower Groove era is the best. Thanks for bringing back this classic gem.

  33. Littleleague


  34. Jelle Kolenbrander

    I wish they would've left all the Bobby out and just put out a minute and a half of Edie Sedgwick.

  35. Facing Problem

    Primal Scream at their best era, come on velocity girl

  36. Chris Goodson

    4539 views. Half of them by me. Perfection

  37. Nexus I

    Made Of Stone.

    BNE Video

    This beat it by 3 years


    Yeah but the Roses used it for the chorus. Check out 3 o'clock - the band. The roses were into them big time


    Early mid eighties


    Check out The Factory - Gone....there's your Made of Stone in the chorus. Gone was a song by Paul Revere & the Raiders....Brown and Squire were 60s Mod freaks that's ya link to The Factory.

  38. CherrySunburst

    Favourite song of all time

  39. nabil izzullah

    Stone roses??


    This song is from 1986

    BNE Video

    This actually came out three years before 'The Stone Roses' but they were around at the same time. 'Sally Cinnamon' was about the same time.

    Geo 100

    That’s why people say they are sister bands, that’s why they toured with the Stone Roses on the reunion gigs, it’s all there if you look it up.


    Mani from the Roses played bass in Primal Scream around the turn of the century but the Scream have made more than one good LP 😎

  40. Daniel Crocco

    1:23 of pop perfection!!!

  41. Smerington Weeps

    82 seconds of loveliness

  42. sunsetman22

    The late Edie Sedgwick

  43. Furdi Santero

    Just gorgeous simple emotive lyrics with Gillespie's tainted rotten stance and delivery. SHIMMERING soulpop. id love to hear them make an album of short simple pop songs.

  44. Bubblegum Lemonade

    One of my favourite songs / recordings of all time. Great to see it being embraced again. This is POP!


    No it's jangle pop

    Bubblegum Lemonade

    @BrianRocksOne ;-)

  45. Simon Meadows

    Great tune😊

  46. Oscar R

    Bloody awesome this!!!

  47. Joey Levenson

    Douglas giving Bobby the Reid bros.old sunglasses, I see.

  48. Bryan t


    Bryan t

    Nice work btw


    @Bryan t ahah :)