Primal Scream - Kowalski Lyrics

This radio station was named Kowalski
In honour of the last American hero to whom
Speed means freedom of the soul
The question is not when he's gonna stop
But who is gonna stop him...

Kowalski, vanishing point, Kowalski, vanishing point
Kowalski, vanishing point, vanishing point
Vanishing point, vanishing point
Like a butterfly on a pin, like a butterfly on a pin
Soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice

There goes the Challenger
Being chased by the blue blue meanies on wheels
The vicious traffic squad cars are after our lone driver
The last American hero, the electric centaur, the demi God
The super driver of the golden west
Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind, the beautiful lone driver
The police number are getting closer, closer
Closer to our soul hero, in his soul mobile
Yeah baby, they're about to strike
They're gonna get him, smash him
Rape the last beautiful free soul on this planet

Vanishing point, vanishing point, vanishing point, vanishing point
Soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice

Hello Kowalski, hello Kowalski, hello Kowalski

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Primal Scream Kowalski Comments
  1. Danny Thompson

    Kristen Stewart brought me here

  2. Chris Papageorgiou

    WRC 3 and driver san francisco



  4. Михаил Кондратьев Юрьевич 1966

    UK Chart Singles #8 - 1 wk (11 May 1997) | the Best Music Video! ⚜

  5. alex fernando Huenten

    kate was thin.

  6. Mauro Soares Netto

    Grande abraço ao meu amigo Murilo Kowalski !

  7. sqwidink1

    Female Jonny depp = Kate moss

  8. Fran Citron


  9. Parz1fal

    This is the first time I see the video. Couldn't care less, don't even look at it right now but the track is a classic, pure #mdna

  10. Antony Oropeza uwu

    Kowalski opciones :v

  11. Александр Будний


  12. Dr. Creepen

    I feel old.

    celia ayneto

    Dr. Creepen Don’t ;)

  13. Виталий Воробей

    Вы сломили Берлинскую стену

  14. Mr Worry

    I'm not sure how much of a huge hero Kowalski really was.

    Stewart Taggart

    He wasn't, he was an anti-hero.

  15. Andrew Murphy

    Dodge Challenger

  16. NiGHFirst

    this ain't it chief

  17. James Trovias


  18. Raznyevideo

    My favorite song of Primal Scream

  19. Oscar Travis

    Nice reference to Eldridge Cleaver's book Soul On Ice

  20. JamesOwen

    That challenger should be a 1970 in yellowy orange with black stripes, a 440 six pack with a shaker hood, and a spoiler

    Dark Knightwing

    JamesOwen like the Driver San Francisco car. It’d be a lot better but it’d be best if it were a white Challenger with a normal hood, no stripes and no wing like the Vanishing Point Challenger. Also it should be a 1970 or 71 car, not a 73 like this one.

  21. Frédéric Fornaciari


  22. Antonio H. Vargas


  23. Digicenter NH Informática


  24. Alejandro Pasos

    This radio station was named Cornell, in honour of the last American hero to whom speed means freedom of the soul.

  25. Fabian

    Such a masterpiece

  26. Bing Sinatra

    Jaki Liebezeit RIP :(

  27. sausage

    bardzo fajna muza !!!

  28. Erick Hernandez

    Miss this kind of music.... hate the hipster style nowadays!!!

    k k

    lmao hipsters mostly listen to the old music, they hate the nowadays style

  29. Snowtato XL

    WRC3 and Driver San Francisco

  30. Stefano P. Testa

    Can - Halleluwah

  31. gary Crawford


  32. Brutally Honest

    Devon Aoki <3


    young Kate.


    @N.O O.N.E ...and a young Devon Aoki.

  34. Emin Zeynali

    'This radio station named Audioslave. In the honour of the last American heroes, for whom speed means freedom of the soul...' De ja vu

  35. sebastian morales lezica

    unica kate

  36. abd majid albabs

    great song 

  37. Nicolas G

    Sounds like Breakdown of Guns N' Roses


    no it doesn't

    Colin JD

    +Nicolas G Not even remotely...

    santiago candioti echagüe

    in breakdown there is the same dialogue from a great movie called vanishing point

  38. Muskateering

    This rocks.

  39. Geemonster69

    The Dodge Challenger is fucking white not red VEVO!!


    Old Red's a bit of a smoker isn't she :-( Video ruined by being silly and featuring the Croydon pikey. Oriental girl is quite lovely though.

  41. Gustavo Metzker

    It's hard to listen to a song with a sample you know where it came from. You keep thinking about the original song. But Kowalski's good anyway

  42. el buen perro

    Great basslines by Mani!

  43. blablabla

    pozdrawiam wszystkich Kowalskich :D

  44. walfisteiner

    me :DDD

  45. spizzardo

    This track is far better just listened too. Don't care if it is Irving Walsh, in the video and wrote the script. It's still a bland video for a good track. Better vid, would have been straight cuts from the movie. Walsh might be a good book writer, but on the strength of this, not much good at screenplay or direction. I would have expected more imagination from the spaced out. The track is alive, the video is tired.

  46. PeepingTomGirl6

    I was gonna ask if that was Irvine or not, thanks for the confirmation :)

  47. neilmac991

    i reach my vanishing point at 5pm when i leave work!

  48. spizzardo

    Agree, they should have used clips from the film. Somehow footage of British streets and roadworks don't quite cut it.

  49. SparklyCupcakeBadger

    kate moss looks so different here.

  50. Billposter

    driver san francisco anyone?


    Billposter .

  51. theycallmeluis

    What happened to the film Vanishing point,it's great, I though it was cut into this music vid?

  52. Flip Dynko

    Ha! The sinister looking photographer is played by Irvine Welsh, tha author of 'Trainspotting' who also wrote the script for this video! And the 'Vanishing Point' album also features the title track of the film 'Trainspotting'. And yes, this is my favourite album by the band. Beautiful soundscapes and atmosphere!

  53. Julien Dupont

    This is the cool !!!

  54. Starry&Bohemian

    this 1971 movie offer a very deadend end... typical of the early 70s... just a tiny less disturbing end than "Scarecrow" (73)...
    ...musically it's surely my fave Primal Scream album (i nearly hate the previous one...)

  55. Evgeni Kowalski

    i am also Kowalski nice to meet you

  56. Barakel

    You guys are my favorite band!
    Keep up the good work!

  57. Tracey Partis

    Hahaha loving it: Malloy face down in the Cherrios!! Go Kate, give him one for me!

  58. Mindphaser

    Fantastic song! The music video featuring Kate Moss & Devon Aoki, is great too.