Priests - The World Lyrics

The world is not so black and white
There are things that cannot die
Your paycheck is wrong, prison is a lie
The world is not so black and white

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Priests The World Comments
  1. Patti Willis-Leake

    It's 2020,and i'm still missing you.

  2. A A

    I was in love with this song and in love with Maxi 🙃, so sweet, still gives me romantic vibes❤️💛💚 this was my start to fall in love with reggae music, great teenage memories, sentiments, wonderful!!!

  3. Yanni Stath

    wow this songs reminds me of when I was a kid. 500 lifetimes ago....

  4. Julie Hardingham

    I like this SONG oh baby it's a wild world out there smile girl me message me please anyone thank you

  5. KAHI official

    It's 2020 and this song is still rocking like it's just from the studio. Who is here with me?

  6. Matt Shyt

    Try Cat Steven's who he copied it from but still a good version

  7. Becoming A Billionaire

    Pegasus Guyana Poolside Music <3

  8. Ciku Wanjiku

    But if you wanna leave take good Keeyyyaaaa😅♥️♥️

  9. detras de

    ME 2020

  10. 及川たいよう

    ✊✊👏👏When music was real music 🤜🤛

  11. Well Garces

    Até q fim achei 🎶🎧 🇧🇷

    Gustavo Henrique

    Demorou, hein, 'chegado"?

  12. morris odhiambo

    Ah..... it will always be a wild world

  13. David Man

    love this song reggae

  14. Vincent Donovan

    Amazing song, best ever❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Daniel Nzomo

    Here in Feb 2020. And still it's a Wild World!

  16. Miguel Martins

    Não sou comprado muito asservo cultura arte

  17. Senor kevin Ricardo lopez

    Beautiful song 2020

  18. Thierry Seevraz

    I'm listening to this song since more than 20 years,unforgetable

  19. Eddie Jeffery

    Watching this cause of my music exam at school lol

  20. Kieran Walsh

    Any one here today??

  21. Billions TV

    Forever gold

  22. My Point of view

    Crap... Both Cat stevens and Jimmy cliff sang it better. #fact

    Truth Before Opinions

    Well....that's like your opinion man! It's easily better and that's an objective truth.

    My Point of view

    @Truth Before Opinions 😂 well thanks for your views on the matter, regular small minded individual.

  23. Keren kares

    Still can't believe this dude is a gayz that's crazy 😳soooooo handsome😏

  24. Anonymous

    plagiarism ?

  25. Madu Sy

    Great song great advice

  26. Kodie Thompson

    Beautiful song and lyrics very nostalgic. Wish I could go back to the 90's ...

  27. Nyrere Parchue

    Me and my ex were laying down head to head on my bed. Then she started to sing this. It was at the end of our relationship...our last time chillin. Memories and I'm still young.


    Sorry to hear. I hope you're still friends.

  28. Tushy Ranx

    This one was an all-time classic

  29. Elizabeth Breseno

    This song is a classic and it will continue to live on for many generations.

  30. Jake Kalati

    This is real music. Now a days' music is trash 🚮

  31. Tre Tre

    Gosh hes hot

  32. Zara Othman

    Happy tears as I listen to this. I miss growing up

  33. shanny Gilbert

    Here 2020 listening who else still is?

  34. Natalie Hemans

    Friday vybz

  35. Akilah Huntley

    omg i love this song so much whos hear in 2020

  36. Gary Hetherington

    Tune !!! 👌😎👍

  37. Amairany Gaspar

    Solo pienso en Skins :'v

  38. Kathy Bayne

    Just saw him here in Honolulu. Great show

  39. Kemar Stevenson

    2020 vigon

  40. Jamali Powell

    Who still listening this song an a Sunday day holding a great vybz

  41. CaramelDiva7


  42. Allaine Williams

    Maxi to the priest

  43. Gabriela Torres


  44. Strawberry Smiles

    Maxi 😍🥰


    2020 and this song is so classic and charming

  46. Patricia Moseley

    Top tune from my younger days. now when I think about this song it is a wild world but wasn't as bad then not like now. Especially with the internet facecrap ect. Love this though. 2020 still listening to it

  47. Frank Forero

    What a fantastic tune!

  48. matthew lee

    2020 anyone

  49. Somalian Romio

    Whose here in 2020 leave a like coz its a wild world

    Kawaii Potato

    Indeed🥰 happy 2020


    here i`m jah live and bless up

    Jamillys Martins


    jack utsle

    This song is a CLASSIC, it defies all time!!!

    David Vong

    J'adore !!!💚💛♥️

  50. Denzyl Cornish

    2020 baby

  51. Sasha Forrester

    The most beautiful song/artist ...2020 😊

  52. jay juma

    2020 any 1

  53. Davis Ariko

    Who is still listening in 2020? Tuuuuune!

  54. Prince Quee

    Its 2020 and am still jamming to this song

  55. Nelly Wassy

    Whose listening 2020... 8 january

  56. Thi Binha

    The ver Best music

  57. shawn mitchell

    Just got dis fucking song on repeat ❤❤💯💯💯💯💯💯

  58. Senjama Phiri

    2020 we here still jammin

  59. Darell Tompkins

    This a memory a sad one my friend got killed rip ying one love
    Reminds me of when we had cassette player!
    Music that stands the test of time: Timeless Pieces! 2019 and beyond! (y)

  60. anthony morgan

    This a memory a sad one my friend got killed rip ying one love

  61. Crystal Silburn

    Still bumping to this in 2020! 🎉

  62. Andrew Rukundo Kyakabale

    I was young in 1996 but I vividly remember massive advertisement of his concert in Kampala-Uganda!


    This all l in need

  64. Natasha John

    Sweet an is still d best

  65. Caught Cheating

    whos here in 2020


    Caught Cheating I am

  66. Dannibee Hill

    And u no what the more I find out the more I dont want to know

  67. Marlon Francis

    Lovely music dan,,, keep playing,,,,

  68. bramile babu

    Starting my 2020... With this song.. For real it's a wild world

  69. Hamzah Hussain

    First song in 2020 👌


    2020 WHO DEH YAH

  71. James Gretsch

    When did you first hear this song? I heard it in 1987 in Honolulu, Hawaii. How about you?

  72. James Gretsch

    I just feel sadness when I hear this but it's such a good song. Great cover of the great Cat Stevens song.

  73. Rude Red

    He is like an angel.

  74. francisco prazzio

    Who is the woman in the video.

  75. francisco prazzio

    It is almost 2020 who will be listening in 2020.

  76. francisco prazzio

    First time I heard this song I was staying in a hotel in Cebu.

  77. Garryxly

    Best Maxi song EVER... Happy memories

  78. Wasim Mohammed

    Amazing voice

  79. Garvey Evans

    Attention seeking whores all over this and every over song on YouTube. It doesn't matter when or where you listen to it. It's a awesome song. That's all that matters.

  80. Odean Henry

    2020 am still gonna be here

  81. Kamar

    I'm 21 but damn I was missing out

  82. Marko Markovic

    Cat Stevens 👍👍👍

  83. Rodney Maboke

    nice music, no swearing words just simple words
    the world used to be better back in the days...

  84. Dorothy Norah

    You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do
    and it's breaking my heart in two,Because I never want to see you sad girl
    don't be a bad girl, when a man loves you for real he will never let you go no matter what

    Ionut Perju

    If she doesn't love you back??

  85. mark king


  86. Simon Edgbaston

    Jusuf 😀

  87. discover life

    Big up cat Stevens for this great son

  88. Michael Amos

    Sitting in a cab listening. So good cheers

  89. Yvonne Kenny

    Love Maxi Priest x

  90. Olivia Melchiot

    17 december 😊

  91. tushabomwe brian

    December 2019 and I played it non stop all day at office. Such good music has a way of turning on the mind

  92. Dannibee Hill

    Family first lol xx my other step mummy xx

  93. The Levellers_Unofficial_Fan page

    Did this come before the cat Stevens version?

  94. 深田桃世

    one of my favoritclassic reggae singer he make me always so relax

  95. Ace spade