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Let's talk about the nature of a classroom let's talk about rewarding complicity let's talk about how most of us can't even really read. We've been socialized by reality TV so we know how to make a big fucking scene but we can't even remember anything.

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  1. Tom Lehr

    Great priest, very expansive and inclusive,need more like him.Common sense

  2. Victoria Yartz

    I grew up Catholic & I loved this video. This priest truly understands Catholicism & is not afraid to say we do not know everything. I had so many priests & nuns teach me things they personally believed as a Catholic truth because they were afraid to say “I don’t know.” I left the church because those people started dominating many parts of the church. On paper, Catholicism makes sense to me, but the community can be very harsh & unloving. If all priests were like this one I believe much more of the world would be Catholic.

  3. C. Jester

    His statement about the church coming before the Bible really rubs me the wrong way. I don't think you can set a foundation for a christian church without having the Bible go before whatever man-made rules you setup for yourself.

  4. Unknown Unidentifiable

    God bless man, I am Roman Catholic thank you for a great talk and reaching out to us Catholic’s, I have a good Protestant friend and we talk about this stuff all the time and we love to talk and recognise our differences but also the wonderful things we have in common !

    Thank you, you are a true brother in Christ !

  5. Vincent Campos

    I just want to say that you truly are the meaning of what it means to be an American (Embodied in the 1st Amendment) . Having these conversations about religion and disagreement and allowing the people to make the decisions on their own is truly American.

  6. piptaac101

    Fifty Years in The Church of Rome by Father Charles Chinquey is a great book that reveals the amazing diabolical world of Catholicism. Sad to see Protestantism bowing once again to the Little Horn of Daniel 7. The reformers would shed many tears. Thy Word is Lamp unto my feet and light unto my path. Christ died ONCE for all, not every mass. Blasphemous. In vain do they worship me teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.

  7. Ricardo Canlas

    I've been a cradle Catholic my whole life. The problem was my Catholic Elementary School and high school never taught these things properly. I wish they did. I learned so much from this video than my school years combined. Thank you for being an instrument to reaffirm my faith!

  8. Justin Head

    I love just how much each of these men love Jesus

  9. TeexQ

    you should try looking at traditional catholicism

  10. Craig Hart

    Don't fellowship with heretics u crazy man

  11. Bouseux Latache

    we are not meant to be divided. we should be one in the Body of Christ

  12. Devan Cherne

    As an ex-Catholic I gotta say, this is probably the nicest priest I've seen :-) very calm and even keeled. The priests I grew up with were meh. One of my college professors grandparents was cursed by a German Catholic Priest when he was unable to answer their questions (and ultimately his grandparents left the church because of it). So yeah...I've had a string of bad experiences with them. Nice to meet a nice one though :-)

    I'm now a Messianic Jew :-) Shalom and peace out! ^^

  13. Han Solo

    I will add this: it isn't easy to become a baptized Catholic. There is a considerable time and effort. The Catholic church isn't going door to door, televising Mass or healings. The Catholic church members observably seem at peace with their faith and church, the protestants are vocal in their righteous-minded dogma. They ironically argue about the Catholic dogma and deny that their church is devoid of dogma and only follows the true bible. Furthermore, protestants will name scholars that prove their points as if the church fathers were not scholarly. In fact, 99.9 percent of vocal protestants have never read any of genius voluminous writings of the Catholic church fathers, but if they did they would soon see the great scholars of many disciplines throughout the full timeline, each century. The pointing out of about major immoral actions of bad individuals (scandals) that indeed happened in the Catholic the church is their, but fail to admit evil is pervasive and has historically influenced individuals in many other churches, probably even their own... This auto-argument, and purgatory and so-called idolatry is the time-old Protestant dogma, though they claim they lack church dogma. Their dogma is to instill the aforementioned with the sole purpose of discrediting the Catholic church. The church doesn't teach to kneel at statues or the pope, but people do unfortunately on their OWN volition. Even in the bible, an angel commands the apostle to stand up and not knee before him, as he is only a servant of Him. Some reading will I am sure, be able to find and write the biblical quote. ALL Christian bibles despite which interpretation or church commissioned it BORROWED from the original Catholic 73 books. Again, ALL OF THEM. Without Catholic scholars and servants of God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit - None of those churches would have book to read and preach from. Perhaps the most outspoken groups: the Lutherans and the Baptists... with the Baptists, their church father was John Smyth was ordained in 1594. Only a priest can make a church, and that authority died with Smyth a long time ago. Of course, the Roman Catholic Church will ordain any ministers unless the truly convert to Catholicism ( and they are many on youtube alone, and I could not find one supporting the opposite testimonial!) What amazes most is that my own old-friend, a protestant is so brain-washed, that he is worried for my family's souls because we have joined the Catholic church, a unanimous family decision. Before, we went to church for funerals and weddings and that was it... we all believed that there " must be a God" but that was the extent of our efforts. 4 years prior to our decision, my old friend silently joined the Baptist church, never told me the good news, even in my dark moments.... BUT upon the BAD news of joining the Catholic church, in his view, he has been vocal as ever about the bible and church...and quite frankly, arrogance. The main blunder of the WHOLE scripture-proud protestants is this: The apostles and first Christians all taught orally and from guidance of the Holy spirit..... they had No scripture nor did they need it. Last point, it is UNFORTUNATE that protestants have TWISTED, the scripture to ignore the most important worship Jesus left with his devote apostles: the Eucharist. Jesus wasn't casual about this, quite the opposite. Yet, the scripture experts aka protestants, ignore this! Arrogance! Their ignorance/ arrogance to glaze over the scripture where Jesus names St. Peter to carry on his church as the ONE church for all time. Protestants easily dismiss this scripture for their justification, claiming that Jesus was calling him : his little rock. Unbelievable.

  14. Bo Staph-Maverix

    These are common populist opinions. However if one would read actual early Christian writings aka the Apostolic Fathers all the way up to Constantine
    There is NO early case given for Rome Whatsoever. And specifically in one were to read Origen's commentary on John you would read that 200 ad the Apostolic Fathers recovering from a great falling away created step by step every office Bishop by name over the priesthood to keep bad erroneous priests in line and archbiships by name to keep bad erroneous bishops in line.

    In Orgen's epistle to Africanus this apostasy is discused Specifically that After the death of John there was a great persecution. (In which we can read from the earliest two apostolic fathers that DEATH BY ROMAN had been made a doctrine for Christians to go straight to heaven. And most teachers were so taken with this according to Roman Records Chrsitians and pastors and teachers were just marching into Romans and surrendering being as beleivers. To be tortured and then killed.

    So that in these earliest of Epistles there is NO SCRIPTURE, NO Epistles quoted and NOT A SINGLE WORD OF CHRIST. Recall that the first New Testament was assembled by Constantine. What not one church Father Did. God had to raise up a Roman to do what the Roman Pope Lineage DID NOT DO.

    There is not a single record in church history for the first three centuries Eusebius Ekklesiatical History is the only BOOK commissioned again by Constantine that exists to record names events and fictions of those first few hundreds years then there are the writings of the apostolic fathers. These are the only records by which all historians read and examine.

    So to begin with there is NO RECORD of apostolic sucession from Peter onward. The Power of the Pope was unknown until a few centuries after Constantine where the Pope bought a chair there are records of this and Usurped authority over the whole of the church. It was after this that monks and others began inventing histories saints and other bells and whisltes not commanded or implied by Christ and the Apostles.

    When I was a Lutheran taking confirmation we discussed the FIVE EPISCOPATS in the Church each having a Pope. Alexandria Ephesus Rome and two others. Jerusalem was going to be Rome if the apostles had any say and they set up shop in Jerusalem and refused to leave so GOD raised up persecution to DRIVE THEM OUT. This is recorded in Acts. When Rabbi Johanan via Titus destroyed Jerusalem fulfilling what Paul prophesied of the branches being broken off the stump of Abraham and Christ and the Ekklesia (The out called of the called)

    Not the Circe (Circle) Spelled in greek as Kirke the english Kirk the German Kirche or Modern English Church. The word derived from when the church in the book of Acts were all house meetings so that inside all sat in a circles with no prominant place for the pastor or teacher or no throne like seat to sit on and no raised platform forbidden in Exodus. and no altar and to altar rail. The people sat around a room not in pews.

    So there were these five episcopats after Jerusalem was destroyed by Rabbi Johnan's efforts recorded in the Talmud. To destroy the priesthood, the temple, the altar, the tribes, so there would be no more tribe of Levi , no more tribe of Judah no more prophets and no more messiah. One needs to read 1 and 2 Maccabees and the Talmud to see the events that underlie the Gospels Epistles and the final BETRAYED and destruction of Jerusalem by a single Rabbi. All to end Biblical Judaism to cut off all branches from it and to create Rabbinical Judaism Talmudic Judaism.

    The written evidence is so great but NO ONE reads and studies church history any more. Much less read Josephus Pliny and other contemporaries and the TALMUD itself

    So in 1 Maccabees we read that Judas Maccabee sent a contingent to Rome to friend rome by which Israel became a protectorate of Rome and was granted an ambassador to Caesar and the Roman Senate. These books were in the KJV and Revised Standard Versoin from 1611-1880. No one today knows. In the Great Awakening and the first two decades of Fundamentalism these books and others were read and preached from. Since 1900 all this has been scrubed many sermons are shelved in universities and archives where they molder away.

    After Alexander the Great died the Pharisees contacted his widow a NIDDAH in the Tamud the most unclean creature alive a gentile woman which they wrote all ever menustate so to hear their voice was utter defilement, and to walk behind them in their dust was utter defilement and on and on. The Phrarisees broke their own tranditons to contact her. THey petitioned her to take the SEAT OF MOSES on the Sanhedrin from the Maccabee high priest, to be given to their chief rabbi.

    You would NEVER KNOW of this Overthrow. So the pharisees sought to overthrow the temple and priesthood in 1 Maccabees we only read of the results as the book does not accuse the actions of turning the hearts of the people from the priests and temple to being Hellenisitic Greeks. This was the rabbis who had in Jerusalem they GREAT SYNAGOGUE that they have move the date up hundreds of years to hide its destruction for their deeds

    You have to read 2 Maccabees first of the miracle to spare Jerusalem from Alexander and his armies. and 1 Maccabees is what happens after Alexanders death beginning at the turning of the people from the Temple So that God raises up ANTIOCHUS the ANTICHRIST prototype to destroy the rabbincal Judaism the Great Synagogue not mentioned the priest are killed that were not fervent. an image of the beast Jupitor is set up inthe temple the altars are defiled and Antiochus in the temple shows himself as God. and begins blotting out Rabbinical and Bibilcal judaism in all of Judea and samaria Until hes tax collectors and soldiers come to the village where maccabess lived. From here this is reading like the book of Judges with only a few hundreds GREECE is REPELLED and Israel fights every nation around them defeating all.

    READING THIS Jesus refers to all this in Matthew 24. All prophecy of the last days speaks of what happened in Jesusalem and the temple with the rabbis stealling all faith and turning the people away and the RISE of ANTICHRIST in place of AntiOchus where the few faithful in the ekklesia will contend for the full faith. and bring the Gospel of CHrist the full written gospel over the whole earth as opposed to CHURCHIANITY which is spoken and argued here.

    When Jesus was before Pilot and the Rabbis Came to Pilot when he would Let Jesus Go They said YOU ARE NO FRIEND OF CEASAR. No one without Maccabees and the Tamud can understand the threat . If Pilot had let Jesus God the Pharisees in charge of the San Hedrin would have sent to their Ambassador in Rome to report this directly to Caesar and Pilot would have been taken to ROme and killed.l

    When Paul write we are Ambassadors he refers to the Ambassador in Rome. In the same passage Paul write christians are Jews

    Without the Tamud you would NOT KNOW that the pharisees during Paul sent to Rome to argue Chrisitans were NOT JEWS and therefore not protected by Rome
    and they also by Ambassador sent the Christians had a king that was not Caesar and were subversives seeking to overthrow the world.

    Paul in his epistles takes pains to quoting and citing christ and scripture declare all these things false.

    I have written 45 years of study today unknown by any denomination, not known in any bible school or seminary. ANYONE could have found these things
    but church history of reading orginal writings is DEAD and has been for Generations. ANYONE could have gotten the english version of the Talmud to read

    "Babylon is the Holies place on earth above Jerusalem"
    "Babylonian aka Aramaic is the Holies Language on earth above Hebrew"
    and miles of other terrible things. but not a soul has done so. to the dishonor and destruction of all churches and denominations

    NEVER Trust a theologian with the Gospel
    NEVER fully Trust any product of Bible school and seminaries that are PARROTS for their denominations as what is preached is CHURCHIANITY not Christianity

  15. Brutewarrior

    Wow. 1:30 in and any discerning Christian knows what he is saying. Basically that the new testament always refers to the old testament.... if that's the case then why not the apocrphy? One of the main arguments that it is not scripture. He shoots down his own Bible in less than 2 minutes. This RC conversion train is really concerning. All these arguments are really pointless. Read Matthew 23:9, 6:7, 13:55-56, 1:24-25, 1Tim 2:5, Luke 11:27-28. If you are questioning this religion because that is what it is only religion. Then I urge you to read Matthew, 1timothy, 1 Corinthians. There is more supportive scripture but those books are full of doctrinal differences. Yet it is in THEIR Bibles! Did the word not become flesh and dwell among us?

  16. Katie Serra

    I am a Roman Catholic and I am learning from this video.

  17. Glenn John

    The Ten Minute Ecumenical Hour.

  18. Cali Jose

    Sad how many people prefer being Catholic and I’m pretty sure it’s because they see it easier to follow even though the Bible says how you’re supposed to follow god but to each their own

  19. Sdpoolskater

    Might as well crowd source the pedophila , it can work under all false belief systems after all earth is only 6,000 years old anyway right? Ya speaking Old Testament,,, I’m all in

  20. Brook DesHarnais

    Why did Nehemiah refuse not only company, but also dialogue with Sanballat and Tobiah? (Nehemiah 6:7 ...Come now therefore, and let us take counsel together.)
    Was Nehemiah Inspired by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, or satan?
    What can we learn about God's laws and Word concerning dialogue and fellowship with the enemy?

  21. Niwot Mom

    The Catholic church was founded by Jesus in 33 a.d. Protestantism didn't even exist until the 1700's, or earlier. Protestant's rely on the bible ONLY. They self interpret EVERYTHING they read, because there is NO foundation.

    M Fitz

    Matthew 23:9, Jesus says, “call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

    My little children, these things write I unto you that ye may not sin. And if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous (1 John 2:1).
    calling sinful man father, priests are the advocate between man and God, and many more. catholics, They self interpret EVERYTHING they read, because there is NO foundation.

    joe key

    @M Fitz and I cannot call my dad - father, unreasonable and false

  22. Valerie Wood

    He reminds me a lot of my priest, an older gentlemen who is always open to answer any question you may have and is happy to do so. He is the reason my family of 7 drives 40 minutes to mass every sunday because a good priest/reverend is gold.

  23. Jason

    Great poker face.

  24. Michael

    I can appreciate the priests immediate admittance to heresy in his first sentence with "we are not a church of the book". Thank you for your honesty, many of my Catholic friends can not admit to this fact.

  25. All About Adventures

    This priest exactly defined the real role of Christianity here on earth. It’s beyond wisdom which he explained very well. As they said, we live by what we get but we need to be humanely treat with each other as Christ did. A very honest answers fully given with grace by God.

  26. Abi Patton

    Love this conversation. Gotta learn much from father Diaz

  27. Bien Amoranto

    I can sense your awkwardness while listening to the Priest thou.

  28. 2GrowDaily

    The very fact that the Roman Catholic Church has priests (no Christian priests in the NT) and imposes celibacy is proof enough that this is an errant church. The Mass, sacrificing Christ over and over, the rosary, the trappings and wealth, etc and more. I am utterly repulsed by this organization.

  29. Charles Bannerman


  30. Button Petrelli

    THIS is how differences/conversations should be had. Peaceful and constructive and emotionally mature "question and explanation" - conversation.

  31. Lucy Ferr

    this is a good example of mental illness in the western world

  32. Calvin Quesnel

    I am a Catholic and was impressed by the good Father and you. I enjoy your videos. There is so much more to the Catholic faith. Bottom like is we are human and some of us are " Christian" Jesus' message of love one another as I have loved you is more important in today's world than ever. I am enjoying your honest and open questioning with other religions. I have learned a lot.

  33. Steven Thury

    "The Church is first, the book is second." Says it all. God is dethroned.

    Steven Thury

    @joe key True. The Holy Spirit is not only active in this regard. Each individual Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This is our guide and light as we are instructed by the Word of God. God's Wotd must always be central and have the highest place in our hearts. This way we are able to hear Christ's voicr to discern Truth from men's inventions. It is God's desire that we are not deceived and fall into the snares of Satan as well as our own carnal lusts.

    John Sheedy

    @Steven Thury A guy tells you he read the bible through and believes it. You come back and say he is putting the church or man above God. Are you so hate-washed that you
    can't understand English ? Many, many are led to the Catholic church by reading the bible. You have been so inundated with anti-Catholic lies that you are incapable of even
    considering for a moment why so many Protestant ministers have and are becoming Catholic. They love the bible and care only for truth. Protestant people and ministers
    are interviewed on "The Journey Home". They tell of being brought up hating the Catholic church and their search for biblical truth. Would you dare listen to these Protestant people or are you too far gone ?

    Steven Thury

    @John Sheedy Those who read the bible and understand it in the least, would never put the Church above God's Word. When reading the accounts of Jesus in the Gospels, it is clear to see Jesus dealt with this very issue in which He fought against those the put the traditions of men above the Holy Word spoken by the prophets.. Now I can already see you raising you hand, "the prophets were men". Very true, but OT prophets are not NT prophets in the sense there is new revelation. NT prophets are those that speak God's revealed Word, for Jesus Christ is the culmination of the priests, prophets and kings. Therefore the NT Church submits to God's revealed Word, the 66 books of the Bible. There's no more, and no less. The bible is sufficient for salvation and life, which Roman Catholocism denies. This is why Martin Luther risked his life, because having a good conscience before God is greater than the pleasing of men.

    joe key

    @Steven Thury only from the grace of the sacraments able us to resist temptations from Satan, without them one will easily fall into sin and remain in sin - sadly all other churches has denied the sacraments

  34. Ronan Canuto

    Hey there! I just started watching your videos and I really enjoy them. If everyone were more like you, open for kind dialogue and all, we’d all get along much more. I’m Catholic and used to be very skeptical many years ago before going all in to my faith. The priest you spoke with seems great and very kind. I have to admit I wouldn’t feel very convinced if I were not a Catholic. He had me confused on the part about not living for heaven. I mean I understand it but I have to ponder and look into it some more. But great video! Thank you.

  35. Existential Lobster

    Just wondered if you would you be ready to speak with an Imam or any muslim on religious differences and similarities. I think it would make for a great conversation !

  36. Tony Michaels

    Father Martin Diaz. God bless you.

  37. Edgardo Salas

    I was a Baptist for well over a year. But something was missing when I went to Sunday service. So after studying and so on I tried going to a Catholic church and I knew what was missing: Mass. The Eucharist. The discipline and the brevity of The Word. I fell in love, and I've been a Catholic ever since.

  38. Gene Williams

    How does the church deal with sin

  39. motoride13port

    the bible is explicit, no be interpreted by a group of men.....

    Joshua Lopez

    Yes, the Bible shouldn't be just, "interpreted," by man, but how can we come to conclusions of what the word means/how it is to be interpreted if it can be confirmed by no man. People are not infallible and can interpret the word wrongly, that is one reason why Christ established a Church, to help confirm and spread his word.

  40. Dana D

    Jesus made one sacrifice, on the cross he said "it is done" we are saved by faith not by works.

    A Hofer

    My friend....its not that simple. I'm sorry. It's done? What's done? Jesus role of all he had to pass onto man-kind was complete. There was more work to be done, but it was up to us now.
    Is Faith more important than Works? Yes. But take a fruit tree, for bears fruit. Not much else. An Elm doesnt bear fruit. Just like that, I dont see how somebody can have a strong Faith, but not works. His works will reflect his Faith. End of the day, your works will play a role, but Faith will be the deciding factor. However, everything you do for another brother/sister in Christ, will not be ignored. It will be noted in Heaven.


    A Hofer True faith in Christ produces works.. Read Hebrews 11.. Thus we are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-10).

    A Hofer

    @Lanette That's what I was saying. But what I want to point out is that you cannot have a strong faith, and NOT have any works to show of it. I dont even believe you can be a proper Christian by yourself. It's always been intended to be involved in a Church

    joe key

    that does not seem reasonable - we need faith in God and we need to live the life of Christ and only do what is acceptable to him - Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." - - as children are pure of heart

    A Hofer

    @joe key Not sure with what you find unreasonable. I agree with you statement. I just dont see what you find unreasonable

  41. Alice Shelton

    Wow, very powerful vonversation. I wish all non-Catholics could be as respectful and appreciative of our Church. Your open mind, kind heart and respectful manner are inspiring to this life-long Catholic.

  42. Bob Carp

    A protestant talking with a preist is like a dumbass talking with a stupid shit. What century you idiots livin' in? Gods are fake.

  43. Twizzler

    Great video. Most of our priests are like this man, contrary to what the media would have you believe. But he is a man. We pray for him like he prays for us, so that we may all one day persevere and be with our Lord in Heaven. Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!

  44. California Lachlan

    This is not meant to be disrespectful, but as truthful as possible. I was raised Catholic and was confirmed a Catholic, and I know Catechism. I have done extensive research on this, which led me away from the Catholic Church, allow me to explain. First, from what I see, the main difference and most important is that, Catholics think JESUS MADE A DOWN PAYMENT ON MY SALVATION? According to the Catholic Sacrament of confession, and the Communion of Saints, I can get my grace piecemeal and maybe go to Purgatory where even loved ones still living can pray or pay for me with Indulgences, to get out... I may even borrow or use the extra grace that has been accumulated by the Saints, hence the Communion of the Saints? For those of us that have been born again, we believe that the sacrifice made that day on Calvary was sufficient. 

    And, let us not forget that the Church leaders essentially override THE WORD OF GOD... yeah that's not too arrogant. This priest is really a sweet man, but he is grossly mislead.

    The Catholic Deuterocanonical scriptures, or what we know as Apocrypha, is not historically supported. Scripture was sealed at the time of Jesus and his disciples, the Jews in Alexandria, Egypt did not have a competing canon to that of the Jews in Israel, it is not found in scripture, and furthermore the temple archives in Alexandria show that there were 39 books in the OT and the Apocrypha was not included. Even first century Jewish historians like Josephus show that the additional 7 books were added later. They were added by Augustine; Augustine's predecessor Jerome expressly told the Catholic hierarchy that the Apocrypha was not to be taken as inspired scripture... I could go on but the Deuterocanonical or "second canon" was not "established" as doctrine in the Catholic Church until 400 A.D.... that's how long they bickered about this in Catholic circles and Augustine admitted in writing that the reason he included the books was to avoid a riot by the people who were using them. So, there is no dispute about the OT Apocrypha, it is added to scripture and therefore an anathema.

    The NT does not support any of the major Catholic beliefs. Mary was not born pure and sinless, we know this from scripture because she refers to Jesus as "My savor" Luke 1:7. We also know that from Romans 3:10-12, and other scripture that "there is not one good among you, no NOT ONE." Mary was not a perpetual virgin either, Joseph kept her a virgin "until" the birth of her first born (Jesus) Matt. 1:25; Catholic apologists really have to do some verbal jujitsu to get around that one. Also the greek word for brothers, and sisters is not the same for cousins... Catholics argue that the parts of scripture that refer to Jesus' brothers are actually cousins because they were living in large extended families under the same roof... I know these arguments, but a bit of study and I found them to be unsupported.

    I also take issue with Peter being "the first Pope", the scripture where Jesus tells Peter that what he looses on Earth he looses in heaven is found in another part of scripture where he tells all 12 the same thing. There was debate amongst Catholics for centuries about who Jesus is referring to in the part about "Peter the rock" see the Greek word for "Pebble" v. "rock" and Peter's name meaning "Pebble"... many Catholics believed for a long time that Jesus was referring to himself. I don't personally believe that, but I don't see evidence of the passing on of the Apostolic Succession meaning the Catholic Pope. We know from scripture that Catholicism is a false doctrine: "do not call anyone on earth your father for you have but one Father in heaven"... not referring to your daddy, but as an official title. "Do not make for yourselves idols"... "do not pray repetitious prayer" aka the rosary... and probably most important, "you have but one mediator between you an God, the man Christ Jesus"... Catholicism does not agree with scripture, but of course, the Church they say, can override it?

    Rome was the center of power on Earth at the time the early Christians went out on the Great Commission, so it is only logical that they would go there. Rome was a polytheist society with many Gods and often required people to worship the emperor as a god as well. The early Christians would not budge and would not kneel to idols or the emperor and were persecuted horribly as a result. By 300 A.D. Roman leaders had resigned to the fact that persecution of the Christians only made them grow in number and become stronger. Along came Constantine , and he had a different idea... first he legalized Christianity in 313 A.D. (Edict of Milan), and then he went about crowning leaders of Christian churches with great power and prestige and money... this is where the corruption seeped in... Jesus was very clear that we were to keep a separation between church and state Mark 12:17; adding wealth or political elements to a faith will inevitably corrupt it... so, fast forward a bit and the new leaders of the church who did not want to give up their power, were willing to compromise, unlike the early Christians... they were willing to adopt the celebration of Mithra the Goddess of light on the 25th of December, but they would tell the people to instead call the celebration Christmas and it would symbolize the birth of Jesus (he was born in September actually).... that and they could keep their many Gods, only now they would call them many patron saints... Mercuruis the god of travel would become St. Christopher... even their beloved Queen Of Heaven Cybele, could just be replaced with Mary, the mother of Christ. And they could have idols in their homes to venerate, even if scripture forbids it.... on and on... Roman Paganism married Christianity and you got Roman-Catholicism. Not good.

    Luther albeit not a perfect man, was I believe a Catholic monk, who understood Latin and Hebrew and was studying the Catholic bible daily when he found discrepancies and started asking questions... the Church had made sure that the scriptures the people had were all in the elitist language Latin, only understood by a small faction of highly educated people; this made it possible to maintain power over the people who did not have higher education and could not understand scripture in Latin... as people incl. Luther began to translate the Bible into the common languages of the people, the Church persecuted them brutally. It wasn't until the 1500's when the printing press was invented (see Gutenberg) that the Church could not burn the copies fast enough. When people could read what the Bible said for themselves and the Roman Church could no longer tell them what to believe they realized much of what they had been spoon fed were lies, hence the Protestations.

    Most important to my mind and I will end with this: Jesus told us in the Olivet Discourse, how to know if we were following a false religion... he simply said, "you will know them by their fruits" Matt. 7:15-20... the Inquisitions, successive crusades after first, which was the only defensive one, the suppression of knowledge (see Galileo), the burning of innocent people at the stake, and the hiding of child molesters in modern time, is not Christianity, it is Catholicism as an institution. My personal favorite was the invention of a place called Purgatory; the Church told followers that if they paid money to the Church, they would receive prayers to help get their dead loved ones out of Purgatory, which was like a sort of hell with suffering, and given enough payment these people could be released into heaven. Literally selling salvation? But, this has not gone away, to this day Catholics pay for their salvation continually through the sacraments and believe through their "works" that they are attaining it. "For it is by grace that you are saved, not by works that any man should boast." Eph. 2:8-9.

    One more question: according this priest, even though it is a bishop that chooses a man to be ordained, this is in fact God making the choice. Does this mean that God chose all the priests that ended up being rampant child molesters?

    Jesus also said, "be careful that no man deceive you." Matt. 24:4. Just saying.

  45. Lina Deutsch

    Your two programs about the catholic faith and especially the statements about the eucharist have inspired me to change to the catholic faith and I am in the process of doing so. Thank you so much. It's changing my life day by day for the better and I want to thank you so much for sharing this! Lena from Germany

  46. Live for Love for All

    Very interesting. Keep in mind, Catholic Priest have to study for years in university and are very educated. As a Roman Catholic I found this very interesting. Well done:)

  47. Justin Fuller

    Moved around evangelical churches my whole childhood. I finally felt I had arrived at the fullness of Christianity when I was introduced to the first 1500 years of Church history. I knew that the Catholic Church had always been and was most likely the Church established by Christ, but never wanted to go that direction. I became increasingly curious to find out how the teachings of my evangelical church compared to those of the early Church, and was stunned to see the gaps in my faith. The rest they say is history. Proud to say that I will be coming home to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church this Easter.

    M Fitz

    What your looking for will definitely not be found in feel good traditions and ceremonies. Only in Jesus. Not one place did Jesus say follow catholicism or any other flavor of churchianity. He said, He is the ONLY way to the Father(John14:6) Remember, Jesus despised the religious and their priestly robes and empty prayers. Don't look to religion, get to know Jesus. Start in John, hope you find what your looking for.

    joe key

    St. Mary can help you - see her many apparitions on earth - filled with messages and miracles - evidence for the truth of the church and its teachings -

  48. Rachelle Walters

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  49. Patrick Poe

    Baptist here. I used to serve in the US Army as an enlisted Chaplain's Assistant, which means I had a role to take care of the chapel facilities and any group who used them. It was FASCINATING work! Honestly the most rewarding occupation I've ever had. I made many good friends from other denominations and faith groups. I would LOVE to sit down for lunch with Fr. Diaz and his flock.

    Matt, God bless you for the awesome work you are doing in building bridges among us humans of YouTube (and No Dumb Questions)!

  50. David Figueroa

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  51. Lennard Small

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  52. Hector Rodriguez Hinojosa

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    You are Catholic

    Welcome home

  53. michael homenchuk

    As soon as the Catholic priest said the church was first and then the bible second I immediately see how Catholicism is deceiving. First of all God didn't create denominations man did. The bible is the true word of God written for men to understanding the simplicity of the gospel. Man is fallen. God sent his Son to redeem man from his sins. God is not the author of confusion. I went to a conservative Pentecostal church growing up but my identity is a born again Christian. I read the bible and believed by faith with no influence from biblical history or denomination. Catholics always push there history that Peter was the rock that formed their church. I'm sorry but they are caught up in history and man made traditions of praying to Mary and Saints which is idolatry. Baptism of babies are not biblical. You need to be of an age where you realize your salvation to make the next step to baptism. This priest says basically you have to go through religious hoops to be baptized. Nonsense. ! They are so stuck in their religious traditions. Why can't they understand Jesus hated religion. He wants relationship ! It bothered me you the host said thank you Father. There's only one Father God in heaven !

  54. Korgon2013

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  55. missthunderstormable


  56. missthunderstormable

    "We are not a church of the book!" Well said! From the horse's mouth. Just remember: you will be judged by the Book! The chuch is not the authentic interpreter of the Scripture, it is the Holy Spirit.
    Matt, these are not "tiny differences"! I m wondering how well you know/understand the Catholic theology.

  57. A. Smith

    What is your purpose with this video? Someone promoting or allowing a false teacher to speak without correction, spewing their nonsense does not sound like a true believer themselves. Reasoning is one thing but you are simply having a Q&A. Why??

  58. eastwestcoastkid

    Enjoy the respectful dialogue, Protestant here who reads ecumenically, and while dissenting from portions of Catholic theology, certainly enjoy the dialog and reading Catholic theologians, even when in disagreement.
    Great dialogue here 🙂.

  59. T Saint

    But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.
    Also, And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

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  64. Elliot Morales

    For me there’s more differences than I realized. I always saw the difference being as a born again follower of Jesus, He’s my savior, Lord, and mediator. The Bible says we are a royal priesthood and a holy nation. According to the book of Galatians it’s faith in Him and what’s He’s done that saves us. Why the Rosary? Why pray to Mary or any Saint? This takes away from who Jesus is. We pray to the Father in the name of Jesus by the Holy Spirit and that’s it.

  65. Ian R.

    Former Anglican to Agnostic to newly Baptized Roman Catholic (just yesterday). May God bless you all.

  66. Bryan Harris

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  67. DRM

    Beautiful conversation. I loved Father Diaz' closing remarks, too. What a wonderful revolution it will be when finally we all recognize that we are brothers and sisters and create a heaven on Earth.

    M Fitz

    1John 3:10 By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil
    Curious how we are all brothers and sisters?


    @M Fitz :-) Clearly we have received different messages from our readings and learning (btw, you left off part of that verse). I, for one, am very happy to have received the message that we are all brothers and sisters and should try to treat each other as such. If that is not your view, it is not up to me to persuade you.

  68. Maria Flores

    Uau! Im a Catholic! And grew up hearing protestants saying that we are anything but christians.
    We love Jesus dearly! Its very hurtful
    we do not adore images either. We have respect to those who died for Jesus cause. The Saints. We like to follow their pats, because they imitated Jesus, and sanctified in this life for the love of Jesus our only Savior. We all can became saints if we follow the saints life here in earth. They were regular people that left everything to follow Jesus.
    Also I want to thank you for been so
    respectful and even listened to The Hail Mary prayer.
    You all know how much we catholics love Jesus but also our Mother Mary!
    Jesus bless you always!
    And as we catholics say may The Virgem Mary Our Mother protect you always.

  69. Peggy Monnin

    If you have been Baptized in another church the Priest said you are a Christian so why cannot you take communion in the Catholic Church.

    M Fitz

    You can not be baptized into Christianity, more specific, salvation or atonement for sins. Let's not forget the thief on the cross who simply believed in Jesus alone for salvation, he wasn't baptized and Jesus told the thief he will be with Jesus in paradise. The Lord asks us to be baptized as an outward expression of our inward commitment, but not required for salvation.
    Christianity and catholicism is not the same. Hope this helped

  70. BikePractice

    Clear explanations and apologetics for most of the red button protestant beefs. Despite this still see the repetitive sola trolls. Thanks for the vid. A convert to RCC FROM Dallas Theo Seminary grad ..... 6 years ago.

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    The Catholic priest sounds like a yoga teacher.

    Catherine Nicholls

    Perhaps what you are responding to is spirituality? If you are not religious or faith filled perhaps yoga begins to help you understand there is another dimension to life.

    N VDL

    @Catherine Nicholls I am a follower of Christ. The Catholic priest sounds like a yoga teacher, professing a system of works men can do to trade himself/herself into heaven. Saying that The Word is second to the man made rule is right out blasphemy.

  77. Arthur Ledezma

    I'm sorry by sneaking here...
    But I'm Christian, I follow my beloved savior and God itself my Jesuscrist! So I decided to be part of his body (church) that his the head (meditator betweens God father and humanity)and that church he founded is at Mt. 16:18-19
    I'm Christian and by antonomasia is called Catholic one of the characteristics of the church.
    The church is NOT named Catholic! The church IS Catholic.

  78. Bang Trinh

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  79. Chris Barlow

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  82. gloriousholy

    Yes, the Church that Jesus himself founded on Peter (rock). Protestants have to do literary gymnastics to suggest that Jesus was calling himself the rock. But why should I trust your interpretation? On what authority do you make this interpretation? You give me a protestant and an interpretation, and I'll give you another protestant and a contradictory interpretation. Now tell me with a straight face that the holy spirit is inspiring both.

    M Fitz

    Since Jesus said follow Him, not any of man flavors of churchianity, you should try that.
    Your saying God picked a guy whos name means crumbly rock, who has a temper and denied Jesus to be the head of the church? Catholicism has built their church on sinful imperfect man, not God.
    Since Eph1:22-23 says Jesus is the head of the church, you know, since He paid for it with His life, not to mention Jesus is the tabernacle, sacrifice and high priest.
    Jesus called Peter petros, small pebbles or stones, Jesus called Himself petra, like immovable bedrock. You do know it wasn't written in english right?


    M Fitz Yes it was written in Koine Greek, though what Jesus and Peter actually spoke in person was Aramaic. You know, when Jesus on the cross said ‘Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?’ ‘Father father why have you forsaken me?’ That isn’t Greek. Peters name is rendered Cephas in 1 Corinthians. Cephas. That isn’t Greek either. That’s a transliteration of the Aramaic word Kepha (rendered as Kephas in its Hellenistic form). So what does Kepha mean? It means a rock, the same as petra. It doesn’t mean a little stone or a pebble. What Jesus said to Simon in Matthew 16:18 was this: ‘You are Kepha, and on this kepha I will build my Church.’

    You are right Jesus is the head of the Catholic Church, it is Church doctrine. The pope is not the head of the church. He is the prime minister, who holds the keys of office until the kings return. God has a history of using broken, sinful, tempered men to be his prophets. Why would he make his Popes perfect in conduct? You think God can’t write perfectly straight through their sin?

  83. Ümmet-i Muhammed

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    I think Correct way is Protestanism

  84. A EU

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  85. Gabriel 2018

    Your video reminds me of my years as Catholic: the image settings lead you to believe in the things that are mentioned here, but some of them are not scriptural: confession, "sacrifice" of the body and blood (when the Bible is clear that it is not a sacrifice it is a REMEMBRANCE). I ask, is it the same thing to celebrate little Jimmy's 11-year birthday and remember his birth 11 years ago as to have baby Jimmy present there at his birthday as he was 11 years ago? No it is not; well the same error there is in Catholic teaching as compared to the Bible; they say that Jesus' sacrifice is taking place at the moment of communion (that He is dying again), when it is not. The bread and the wine ARE the body and blood though but in a much different context; here's the clue and the answer to that: the Passover celebration has always been done by the Jews while sitting at a table, and the main elements of the meal are lamb, unleavened bread and wine, and all the elements form one meal, they are all one thing; the first Christians celebrated the Breaking of the Bread with unleavened bread and wine but no lamb, because the Lamb is Jesus (the Spirit of the resurrected Jesus, of course); this is why Jesus taught it so to the apostles. ONLY in this context it makes sense that the bread is the body and the wine is the blood.
    Table, not altar.
    We all need to go back to gathering at people's homes.

  86. Gabriel 2018

    Both Protestants and Catholics have kept good teachings and wrong teachings through the centuries. It is not how the first Christian churches were almost 2,000 years ago, but men are who make divisions, not God.
    Most of what father Diaz said is good, but the veneration of images is wrong. Protestant study of the Scriptures is good, but believing that only by faith in Jesus you're saved, no matter your behavior, is wrong.

  87. Gabriel 2018

    And by the way, the celibacy of "priests" was imposed in the XI century so the properties of the pastor ("priest") of the church would not go to his children at his death, but they will belong to the church. So Catholicism was the first communist entity, by legalizing the usurpation of properties to go to a government.
    Needless to say, this celibacy has nothing to do with the gift of chastity that Jesus spoke of, about a few having it only.

  88. Baron Klaif

    We are not people of the book , plus Works works works ..... 😢
    Eph 2:8

  89. Baron Klaif

    Matt 18. What's lose on earth and heaven has to do with Church discipline in biblical context

  90. French Fry Fingers

    What a lot of missed opportunity. There is a complete missunderstanding of history.. Pope didnt exist until 400AD.. Praying to Mary 700AD.. The first Church leader after Jesus was his brother James.. not Peter..

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  96. Benedetto Tarozzi

    Thank you for this video; as a Catholic I really appreciated it. God bless you!

  97. Gabriel 2018

    Yeah yeah but bullsh*t for some of the things. Celibacy of priests was introduced in the XI century to prevent the properties of the priests to be inherited by their children, but to become property of the church instead. The Catholic church is therefore, the first communist authority that has been on earth. They legitimatized the usurping of property for the government to keep.

  98. jack mihi

    can u interview rey confort on why he seems he hates catholicism??? tnx.
    anyway, i'm also thankful to our God dat he is sharing Jesus to anyone. just hoping he'll always b convicted by Jesus Holy Spirit.

  99. David Fernando Cortés Céspedes

    I Liked a Lot this video . I am Catholic but i Also read ,watch, and Hear Christian (protestant) Stuff and I think si also great. We as Christians Belice era un Jesús we should look for the points we hace un common. And hold our honds because of him, think more in love, and less in diferences

  100. The Ten Minute Bible Hour

    If you want to see more stuff like this happen on the Internet, you can support the program at If not, that's cool too; I'm just grateful you're here.

    hani karam

    why Now ? why the Hypocrisy ? when the sellout was done years before , it is better for all of you to go worship your bloody Odin and do whatever you need to do to declare your hypocrite White Supremacy and kill all others cause this way we know whether there is a God of the Bible or not , go ahead stop living the lie


    @Good Morning Guy "Not trying to be divisive, but want to make sure you all know the Gospel." That seems to be a bit of a disingenuous statement...


    @Good Morning Guy "In Christ alone, my hope is found. That’s what I want for my Catholic friends. Christ alone. Sorry if it offends you." Why would it offend a Catholic person? If you think that Christ-centered faith contradicts Catholicism, then you truly do need to take time to educate yourself. Whatever source you are using for information is profoundly flawed. I also find your use of the term "friends" odd. Are you normally passive aggressive with your friends? It would seem a difficult way to maintain friendships. If your comments stem from genuine concern as you claim, perhaps reflect on your delivery.