Priests - Good Time Charlie Lyrics

Like all great pornography
This story is touching
It's something I wanna see
For good time Charlie

Black and gold tile
Champagne flute
Sauna water dirtying
The birthday suits

Charlie says, "Turn up that TV!
There's something I wanna see"
In vegas, the topless genuflect in the jacuzzi
For good time Charlie

Five o'clock shadow
A desert landscape
The party politician
Has a hero's face
Fight the red army
Save the human race

He's an implacable machine
She's naked on the mezzanine
A lady in waiting, but, Charlie, the mujahideen
And joanne, your queen
Good time Charlie

Helen of troy, your helicopter lands
An honor is to serve at your command

Congressman and goldenrod
Will weaponize the forgotten
Because, they say, we worship the same God

Years from now he's gonna be
Half drunk in his office on fine whiskey
Do you cry for joanne or afghanistan, Charlie?
Contrition is a great american, Charlie

Good vs evil of stories we tell
We're the ones who never ever go to hell
It's not the stock and trade we sell
The hollywood and entertaining kinds of pell-mell

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Priests Good Time Charlie Comments
  1. Guile Bocaej Alma

    Esta musica es perfecta para mí, mientras voy en auto .

  2. Justin Lutz

    is this about charlie wilson?

  3. Amy Pham


  4. Artifacts and Fungus

    Much better than the last one thank God

  5. DX Satellite Rock

    Great track!

  6. Emiliano B

    who is goldenrod?

    Ben W

    Not sure, BUT goldenrod the plant is native to North America, but is an invasive species in Europe and Asia where it's been rapidly spreading, inhibiting the growth of smaller plants around them, and killing off native insects in those maybe some analogy there.

    Ben W

    Emiliano B

    @Ben W i thought it was a concrete figure from contemporary american politics. thank you , ben

    Ben W

    @Emiliano B it totally might be some other reference I'm missing though tbh, but with this goldenrod plant thing being something talked about fairly recently, and how the analogy might apply to the theme of the song, I think it might be this.

  7. Albin Lundholm

    This is definitely better than the first single

  8. John Behan

    Ok now I'm excited.

  9. achilles

    Can't wait for the album

  10. Louis Bell

    YaY!!! New Priests Music!!!!!!!!!