Price, Sean - The Genesis Of Omega Lyrics

It's the start of the ending
I'm departing but sending
This message out, the sket is out
You a target that's trembling

It goes, Hanna Barbara barbarian
Bars better than yours
And your entourage, pa, Sean bury 'em
You know how the shit go
No disco, Sisqo, or calypso
Blow piff, four-fifth, smoke mixed with indo
East African beast battering Chief Kimbo
Barefooted, stepping on hot coal
Shaka Zulu, spear chucking
You front and I'mma shoot you
Hardcore rap at its worst
Move from the morgue truck to the back of the hearse
Move from the back of the hearse to back in the dirt
Change clothes, put a pack on his turf, move on
Do Sean
Can't be me, motherfucker, your shoes wrong
Boot Camp for life, B
Nine times out of ten, you can catch me in Nikes

It's the start of the ending
I'm departing but sending
This kite out, it's lights out
You are marked with an emblem

It's the start of the ending
I'm departing but sending
This message out, the sket is out
You a target that's trembling

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Price, Sean The Genesis Of Omega Comments
  1. Robert Steed

    This joint is nuts I love it

  2. TR808

    2020 Anyone?

  3. John Smith

    Why Sean couldn't hit a million views before his death. Fckn ppl make me sick

  4. DuckAlert Beats

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 R. I. P



  6. J Bird

    Where was i..oh yes, Sean Carter is nice but Sean P is the best!

  7. Cardinal JAMJAM

    Whose here in 2019 still banging this tunneeeee...

  8. Crow Sword

    I ain't even dignifyin' this vid with an answer.

  9. Pat Costello

    ITien boTZwana

  10. Trill Gotti92

    2019 still bumping 🔥🔥🔥💯💪🏽

  11. C G

    When P passed I was in a fuked up place only thing I could think to do was push ups

  12. Drew Titan

    Hilarious at the end...

  13. capricornking560

    I miss this man sooo much... 😢😥

  14. The Melons

    Can that Bassline get any deeper? That shit from 14ft below. RIP P❗️

  15. Cap_1 Stuperman

    Real talk, I always considered this an intro and I told folks that this is harder than most "artists" entire albums. It's now 2019 and I still stand by my statement.

  16. Oroi Ginalee

    im the one of the nicest lumberjacks in town , REST IN PEACE SEAN P.

  17. Mark Silva

    R.I.P Sean P!!!!

  18. Dawud Yelton

    miss u P! 2 days after ur anniversary...sorry for being late, never forget the great words ...

  19. why not

    Still the best.....

  20. Mic Daddy


  21. Different Movies

    One of the sickest beats ever.

  22. Abidine x

    2019 ?
    anyone ?

  23. Sid Ahmed Bischoff

    Ayayaye 🔥

  24. Boris Gouma

    some crazy motherfuckers this like this pearl!

  25. Tony PINCKNEY

    I'm ready to give them the pain

  26. Ghost Unspeakable


  27. Brandon Brophy


  28. drizzyge

    This the start of the endin , im departin but sendin this kite out, its lights out you a mark with an emblem gets me everytime

  29. Willie Jackson

    Who made this beat?

  30. Iulius Protasius

    He know how to handle bitches hahaha

  31. hiro

    the goat

  32. Black Cap

    2019, and this still bangs out the 4-door, windows down.

  33. Javier Cabezas

    Classic Album

  34. Egidio Tembe

    R I P Sean price.

  35. Lord Dontay

    Rest in peace my Lord P!!!!!

  36. The Osidan

    Gotta be Alchemist beat

  37. Tamer Dardas

    You can’t be me mouthafucka, you shoes wrong 🔥🔥

  38. Donnell Williams

    I swear if this was back when nigga's made tapes, this would've been the intro 💪

  39. Being 3arabi

    this is Middle East .. R.I.P brother you made it here

  40. CBP FAN

    Who had better hooks than P.....Nobody

  41. Pablo Finesse

    Potato man

  42. Bryant Mungo

    i can see PRODIGY rappin to this hard ass Beat for real

  43. O-mega Supreme


  44. alian shampó prisioners

    ...sigue vivo...

  45. chris hoboken

    Classic RIP the goat

  46. Cardinal JAMJAM

    Still gotta pay homage we underestimated P "Genius"

  47. Rick Rock

    The fall of Yakub! Dope video by one of the best emcees ever...r.i.p lil' bro.

  48. Audio Fuzz

    pushing white and chopping trees!

  49. gene fury

    I miss this brother i'm sorry he's gone smh

  50. yourdeadgrandpa1 sup

    2018 sept

  51. Jamal Good

    If Jason Vorhees was from the bricks this would be his music killing bitches...R.I.P. Big Homie

  52. Moe Sanchez


  53. Yolo Swag

    This shit is dope asf RIP Sean Price

  54. M I C My Insane Consciousness

    Sean P you are one of my greatest influences in rap💯 RIP

  55. Đorđe Marjanović

    lets go 1mill

  56. MR JL

    He is, actually one of those rappers that can actually rap! RIP!!!!

  57. Arky Dark

    0.50 p was too much, he told his captive to listen

  58. Laurent Curko

    Forever Pppp, for liffffe

  59. Matt Dwelly

    [email protected] Sean P...

  60. solomon12


  61. Miguel Cid

    2018! P!

  62. Walid Aiit


  63. bigmoo96 selfmade

    Man I'm tell they don't know about this real rap hip hop Not hip slop Sean P! The greatest

  64. will x

    great LP.

  65. renzoe payne

    My 1st hearing and seeing the visuals,dope (lyrically & visually)💪🏿💯

  66. Jay Fisher

    What killed him?

  67. MeteoBlitz

    al can make some mean beats, but r.i.P.

  68. Sihle Manqele

    The title on its own is dope. Then the track... It all combined for the best 145 seconds of your life!

  69. Paul Arlukiewicz

    He would look good in Arab hat

  70. bballsharpshooter10

    Artist never die. His bars still ring trough my head everyday. This man might not have made the fortune some of these clowns make but in my opinion hands down best rapper to ever do it. The new Rockness AP is dope to

  71. Adam Gordon

    Still can't believe this guy is gone 😏 definitely one of the G.O.A.T. And in my top 5 personally, and who did this beat anyone ?? Sounds like ALC but I could be wrong 🔥🔥🔥

  72. GrU SaM

    Luv for the iLLest

  73. octoberlibrahunny

    RIP P !!!

  74. fvbtz

    A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aalchemist!! 2 legeds, RIP P!

  75. adam diaz

    43sec. Into it, figures come out from behind the trees

  76. jokebooks

    Real Hip Hop 101

  77. Ry Rez

    Change clothes put a pack on his turf... Move onnn


    True Legend

  79. Will Mac

    Best video of all time and I hate rap. But I heard Sean Price and I was like god damn those eat African beats.... got my $5k Dynaudios rocking. He's the hardest dude I ever fucking heard in any walk of life.. rip

  80. Ye Ti

  81. MeteoBlitz

    lyrical monster

  82. TheDivine2007

    ummm...this is the movie "get out" in reverse...

  83. Omega Black

    This shit go so hard make you want to beat the Orange off a wigga!😄😄😄😄😄 nah I'm playing! Then again No I'm not!😡

  84. Jay Harry

    P at his best /fuck all disses

  85. Joseph Colburn

    I aproove this message

  86. Theogglol Bdbehavior

    Alcemist beat 100%

  87. Nocturne 75

    Grown man beat right here!

  88. Nkuli Smit

    rest in p.!

  89. st V

    Rest in shit

  90. J T

    Sean Da Barbarian!!!!!

  91. Isaac HBF

    Sean P!