Price, Sean - King Kong Lyrics

P! Yeah

[Sean Price:]
Aiyyo, millionaire monkeys microphone mix masters
Make money from music, the fo'-fifth faster
Slap a, bitch boy knock his tooth out his grill
Sean Price be the truth in the 'Ville, listen
If ya, knock on my door I'm cockin the four
Free to escape from the law like Assata Shakur
For a dime of crack you can put your cock in a whore
Kinda works when you rockin' on tour, listen
Groupie girls wanna lick on your dick
Groupie guys wanna get in the flick, I'm like - FUCK YOU~!
Give me some chips, overall they like "Sean's so ill"
Who you think you is, Ron O'Neal? (YEAH!)
Allahu akbar pah scar pa on the grill
Fake fuck's face cut when they fuck with the real
Mighty Flow Young, so dumb, guns is drawn
Calamity, all your family, your son is mourned, one

(I punch you in your face nigga~!)
(Who the fuck you talkin to, who? I smack the fuck outta you)

Crush kill and destroy them with savagery, catastrophe
Dump steel, let it roar and we smashin through your ave and fleet
Run you still can't avoid it, the spazzery, the agony
Battle you bitch bastards, we king kong your whole faculty!

[Sean Price:]
Aiyyo, Sean Price, Boot Camp best
Gimme the #2 pencil, watch me take the test
Shake your set, break your neck, competitors flee
Who the fuck rhyme better than me? Nobody-body
Dutch in my ear, Olde E in my palm
I Freddy Krueger your face, Michael Myer your moms
You botherin mine? That's when I'm sparkin the nine
Pull out the thing, flame on like 'clobberin' time! '
Fan-tastic flow, connect the concepts
Broke niggas with new kicks, that's my projects
My man like "Ruck, you ain't reachin the kids"
I stuck my hand out and three-pieced his wig
I'm, doin my thing, you new to the game
Don't hate, "Celebrate" pa, Kool and the Gang
I don't have a big crew, just Dru and Starang
And a couple of loose screw dudes boostin' your chain

(Fuck you don't know! I smack the shit out of you)
(Brownsville nigga, what the fuck wrong with you man?)

Crush kill and destroy them with savagery, catastrophe
Dump steel, let it roar and we smashin through your ave and fleet
Run you still can't avoid it, the spazzery, the agony
Battle you bitch bastards, we king kong your whole faculty!

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Price, Sean King Kong Comments
  1. Fridae

    2020!? Nope!Just me then!

  2. Diamian Little

    They say that I left the earth and I say well maybe I don't belong with them

  3. Manhattan Raised

    I cleaned 44 44’s to this and scaled a whole a ki.... RIP P

  4. Kara bash35

    P!!!!! RIP

  5. Eye,know Me

    P!!!🦍🦍🦍🎤🎤🎤 🎤🎤🙏🏼

  6. hottubuh

    Never this one! Wish Rockness had a verse and then Ruck with one more.. sick shit here

  7. James Chozen

    Reminds me of my high school years. Straight Fire. R.I.P Sean P.

  8. On God Blood

    Whose in Here for da 2019-20 TRAVEL WELL .P. SALUTE 💯‼

  9. Soldat Ottoman


  10. FatStarZzzz

    Sean lives on...!

  11. Frederick Schnackenberg

    Better then any rapper out there....GOAT

  12. Estiven Eikim

    woOUuw..!!!! 🆙☝️👑

  13. Axe God

    Truly I wanna rhyme like Sean Price but I made Axe God and ain't been rhymin since Sean P since. Rest in peace to the God Sean P! 👊

  14. Marcel Riegel

    The World GREATEST!!!!

  15. James Webster

    Whoever gave this thumbs down needs their noses broke..

  16. Young Egypt

    Whoever edited this video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Sitzplatzimbus

    It's no question that Sean Price is the best Rapper of all time. He connects the concepts on his own level. Listen.

  18. Roberto Bellini


  19. bReezy MadMann

    Heltah Skeltah!



  21. Raymond Reign

    This joint is disgusting rest easy mister price

  22. Danny02585

    That cello is crazy!!!!

  23. MrNeckCrack

    Playing this at all of YALLS funeral.

  24. Alejandro Sosa

    completely bullshit track
    know sean much more better...

  25. Rick Clegg


  26. christopher L Taylor

    Long live megatron Sean P!
    One of the greats

  27. s g

    The way rock came in was hard

  28. Low Tech

    This is just fukkin dope.

  29. Justin Crater

    I like this alot

  30. Cleto

    Fuck man those drums knock. Will never get that feeling from music these days

  31. Fakih Balboa

    Man when he took his shirt off I died 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ruck had to be a funny dude. Had me cracking up since Nocturnal RIH

  32. Oroi Ginalee

    ay yo 2019 here, this here is still fire , R.I.P. Sean P

  33. Askia Sabur

    Great escape from the law like Asatta Shakur

  34. Nic Hotte

    "dead rappers get better promotion".... Sean P was a god, but tons of people didnt recognize him to his value until the day he died. Pretty sad.


  35. Work Head

    Aye yoo

  36. driverdj2000

    Dead 4 years and nobody has come close to P. One of the best....FACT!!

  37. franco bee

    YOU FUCKNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......gimme an adyyyyyy ill donate

  38. The Dark Night

    I here cause of Pawn Stars and his 100,000 dollar Potato 😂

  39. Mike Spann

    Happy Birthday💪👍

  40. 44fifal

    Sean price 4 ever

  41. Da fuckery Show

    Dope luv from brooknam

  42. Young22M

    Nothing better than having Rock doing the hook, too dope

  43. 75lordfisch

    Who the f*ck rhymes better than P! .... nobody!

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    188 queers like multiple pairs of air yeezes!

  45. Brooklyn’s Finest Red hook! 718

    One of the tightest beats verses punchlines etc etc and the hook it insane! Rocko brovas🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🙏🙏🙏 Freddy Krueger ur face mike Myers your mom😂😂👌👍👻

  46. Bobby Worrest

    sean was such a good dude. rip man.

  47. wecall 3rd eye

    2018 And beyond!!!!

  48. V8ToYy

    RIP to a legend

  49. youdontknowme

    i miss ruck

  50. Mauro Kidy


  51. snsjbvfdj

    Sean price che dice studia shakur

  52. buffbagw3ll

    This nigga pickin his fight at the desk... CTFU Thats true rawness

  53. tarren garfinkle

    Duckdown.. Down ... Son

  54. Drummafolife

    Put this shit on repeat, I still listen to this album in 2018 on the reg

  55. jayr Ochoa

    Awww..I'm so, missin him.

  56. Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    McWilliam struggle training


    Замай - старый русский

  58. Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    My best friend died from crack, we were the best emcees in Oregon haha, he listened to Black Moon who got da props before every show this shit is personal to me lol

  59. Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    Reminded me of an old friend of m8ne that left the earth to soon, just sheer power mixed with pure humor, that's undeniable combination

  60. Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    He had a good sense of humor, he was a family man, probly a great Dad.

  61. Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    Why did everyone love Sean Price so much?My name Sean, so first off I liked his name, I think people lived him so much because he was everything the world hated in o e package, he was a beast, he was black haha, he was slightly scary, he didn't guve a fuck, haha, he made me proud of being named Sean Again lol

  62. A jay Johnson

    Rock in the back looking like he got all the answers lol

  63. jayr Ochoa

    R.i.p.sean is love!1 love!

  64. Omowàle Zaquir

    Always loved this joint - just wished Rock did more adlibs throughout the song, for that balance...

  65. Julieta Sepulveda

    P! 😭

  66. Davey Krowder

    I will findout where you are buried and come visit you. You're too much... Damn take me instead...

  67. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Miss you Shaun P can we have Shaun back on earth and take in return you have 50 Cent as he is a knob head P.

  68. This is SLUGADON

    Extreme 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Dave

    This is Gargoyle!

  70. will x

    who you think you is Ron O'Neil? ...Yeah!

  71. Astro Dawg

    rip- the best beast in the bizz

  72. kmd317

    Who are 176 M.F. who didn't like this!

  73. Cortney Dupree

    r. i. p to son


    The god is ill!!! Word to life we lost a great one!!!! These trash ass rappers gotta goooooooo!!!!!! Rest In Power SEAN P!!!!




    God dam P

  77. Danny J

    P !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Roberto Pinz

    One of the hardest tracks ever. Luv the claps snare n lyrics! Peace to Rock n Ruck!

  79. Paul Arlukiewicz

    cats know not to fuck around

  80. Paul Arlukiewicz

    He still here

  81. True King


  82. Nikoo Kaltsas

    Rest in P!

  83. Brian Doherty

    I'm not sure anymore who is knocking at my door

  84. Brian Doherty

    heltah skeltah

  85. Offside Tv

    on 0,52 he said allahu akbar , he is a muslim , & he is big and real rapper so i respect him والله يرحمو

  86. eutue

    what type of class is this?

  87. Big Chip

    what the fuck? this dude was dope as fuck, i just learn about him, and find out hes dead. that sucks.

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    Schön dreckiger Bass ^.,^

  89. Baltimore Z-Wad

    Just one of so many Classics off his solo albums, once he stopped going by Ruck & used his real name instead & wasn't anymore just one half of Heltah Skeltah. R.I.P. Sean Price, an underrated great MC who was around rapping for about 20 yrs. & most ppl not knowing of him the first 10 yrs when he was part of Heltah Skeltah

  90. tochiRTA

    Who the fuck rhyme better than me?!

    A.J. D

    Lil B clearly rhymes better than me duke - Sean Price

  91. bigmoo96 selfmade

    This 🔥🔥🔥 fuck who got 158 dislike

  92. bigmoo96 selfmade

    Dope track rip Sean price and rock listen to this theses MC since the 90's