Price, Ray - Today I Started Loving You Again Lyrics

Today I started loving you again now I'm right back
where I've really always been
I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend
Then today I started loving you again

What a fool I was to think I could get by
with only these few million tears I've cried
I should have known the worst was yet to come
And that crying time for me had just begun
Cause today I started loving you again
Today I started loving you again
Yes today I started loving you again

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Price, Ray Today I Started Loving You Again Comments
  1. Brian Baxter

    Great Singing by Ray Price, He give's his song's Heart & Soul.

  2. Liz McGushin

    So a beautiful song, i love it.

  3. Roxane Mathis

    He was the Black Tie to country music!

  4. Darrell Somers

    Merle wrote it and it's been recorded by over 400 artist ,let that sink in

  5. Albert Strickland

    My My My this beautiful song where did all the music go... I'm reminded of the Don McLean's The day the music died... this man's voice got better with age

  6. Marilyn Cooper


  7. pat mosten

    AMAZING!! What a voice.

  8. hyunil

    What a nice song and voice it is...

  9. Rita Mooney

    Always loved you Ray! You allowed me to let the tears fall. You were a class act and a King of ballads. RIP

  10. Harley McKain

    The All time Greatest!

  11. Sidney VanWagner

    Super...Love Ray Price...Thanks.........Sid...!!!

  12. Bonnie Boutelle

    Love to hear Ray sing all night long,

  13. Sub to Imtoxic

    Hank Sr's apprentice, I think he's going places, 😂

    Jose Sosa

    Stable Genius willie mnelson

  14. Raymond Faron

    I love covering Ray Price's songs...just be nice if I had as good of voice as my favorite singer of all time.

  15. Geoff Chandler

    The best country voice, always reminds me of the love of my life, Julie in Australia

    James Carmichael

    Geoff Chandler in

  16. Judy Shuss


  17. Karen Bloomer


  18. Karen Bloomer


  19. Mark Allen

    Is this man good or what... Amazing.

    Raymond Faron

    He's my favorite, always will be

    Ramhag Ramhag

    Yes ,,, Merle song

  20. robert hart

    Hope I see you again Ray

    Bob Hart

    Monic Carriere

    robert hart the only

  21. Jack Pope

    I won't mention it again, one of my top favorites!

  22. Judy Shuss

    I sure do miss Ray ;;I'm getting my daily fix of his music;;

  23. Iswtván szücs

    Lehet, hogy nosztalgiából szeretem hallgatni a dalait! De "Ő" korombeli! Kiváló szép hang orgánuma van!

  24. Judy Shuss

    You;ll always be the best;;; getting my Ray Price on youtube;;

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Ray too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the best.

  25. ian moore


  26. Donna Bowles

    Today I started loving me again so I don't have to depend on your opinion of who I am.....Google baby it's time for me to learn how to fly.....~°•○●●☆~•°~👋👋👋👋👋❤

  27. Liz Wright

    his voice is so beautiful

  28. Ella Pate Correa

    His voice is so peaceful

  29. Cecil Brown

    I love all of Ray Prices Songs, He will be missed, but his music will nevef die.

  30. webbjr37

    Don't get better than Ray Price, He even takes the Hag's song and improves it

  31. Michael Yates

    Good morning jeriw iv just come across your posts and only just found ray price I'm a big country music lover also massive elvis fan I must say ray price is a great singer lovely tunes thank you from Michael in London England


    +Michael Yates Glad you enjoyed Ray's songs. You couldn't have found better artists to enjoy, that's for sure. We just thank Ray for leaving us with such great music to enjoy.

  32. Gustavo Corrêa

    That's I call a good country ballad, well arranged, without exaggeration and strong inks of other singers and bands.

  33. Judy Shuss

    one of my all time favorite songs; glad you did it Ray Price;;you are the best; RIP; you sure are missed;;

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Ray too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the best.

  34. Michele Wyatt

    lovely song

  35. Jack Phillips

    OK...grown men can cry...dammit

  36. sh5248

    Great rendition of this Merle Haggard tune, done with feeling and meaning....

  37. wrestlingluva



    @wrestlingluva Someone who really doesn't like country or they are just idiots. LOL

    Ranch Managers

    That (Gaga et al) ain't music. It's just a bunch of screaming and hollering with soft pornography.

  38. jeriw

    Juliana Carney for some reason I can't directly respond to your message so hope you see it here.  I'll check my files and see if I can find the song you're looking for.  If I do find it, I'll upload it this week.  I just did a quick search and it looks like I probably have it on my other computer.  So keep checking the next couple days and I'll try to get it uploaded.


    Juliana Carney, I've posted the song, just search for:   After Effects Of Loving You - Ray Price 

  39. Encyclopedia Duke Brando

    Another perfect cover by the immortal Ray Price..... he respects the music... thats why im a fan...


    He could do no wrong when it came to music.  He was the best.

  40. jeriw

    I removed the two "stupid" posts.  You Tube really doesn't monitor it, it's up to someone else to report it.  I can of course because it's my upload, but I do think others can also.


    Listening to Ray also reminds me of my Mom also. If not for her I wouldn't have my love for old country and especially Ray. Brings back the good memories.

  41. Marcel Lefebvre

    I Wonder why  Youtube let that pass Those stupid words from Ashley Zimmer ????

  42. Terry Holliday

    You will sing in the presence of God today oh beautiful voice.

    Debra Shiflet

    So soft and tender , love it

  43. jeriw

    Plus when I convert an album I like to have every song from it uploaded.

  44. jeriw

    Probably so but I love posting his different versions, some slower, some with more feelings, etc. Eventually I'll try to probably put them all together in one upload like I've done before.

  45. jeriw

    Thank you, it's a long hard road but Ray's music helps me survive for now.

  46. 1942ann

    Hello Jeri, Thanks for posting your wonderful Ray Price songs. My condolences to you.

    Dale Westbrook

    1942ann should we go back

    Stephen Bennett

    A great, great singer.