Price, Ray - Stranger Lyrics

With someone else perhaps in time I'll find a little peace of mind
And maybe someday I'll get over you
And if in time I hear your name it may be hard to bear the pain
But I'll go to a stranger before I'll come to you
For a stranger might show a little sympathy
And that's so much more than you have ever done for me
And to turn away from you won't be an easy thing to do
But I'll go to a stranger before I'll come to you
For a stranger might show...
I'll go to a stranger before I'll come to you

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Price, Ray Stranger Comments
  1. Richard Anderson

    I have loved this song since the 70's. It is the best song Ray ever recorded - I think!

  2. wrestlingluva

    Please, tell me your vinyl audio techniques!!! What program do you use?! This sounds superb!


    @wrestlingluva I have a turntable that will burn Vinyl records or cassettes to CD. then I use a program called Goldwave. They have a free trial version and heck I've had it for maybe two years and still haven't used up the quota and believe me I've cleaned up a lot of records. But when I have used up the trial I will purchase it.


    +jeriw thanks million! What do you use for cleaning your vinyl? Is 91% alcohol acceptable?


    @wrestlingluva I have a brush that you hold lightly on the record and then hand turn the vinyl on the turntable. If you'd like to know the name of it, let me know. Seems to do a good job and of course if there is a scratch, I just go looking for another copy of that particular album. If you download the Goldwave, let me know if you have any questions. There are so many things that I don't use on that program, most pops & crackles and noise reduction and changing the type of file. Those are the basic things I use and they're simple once you locate them on your menu bar.


    Thanks k you so much for your insight! I too have some Ray Price albums I just love, along with my collection of Marty Robbins and Porter Wagoner! I downloaded the program, I'll definitely play with it tonight! Thank you again!



    @wrestlingluva You're most welcome, enjoy the program. I also love Marty Robbins. I grew up around the area Porter was from. We'd have an Old Settlers parade every year in Central IL and I remember he was always in the lead vehicle. I believe Porter was from Missouri. He was there faithfully every year at old Settlers that I can remember.

  3. Bobby Jo Cowpoke

    Great song by Ray! Thanks