Price, Ray - Release Me Lyrics

Please release me, let me go
For I don't love you anymore
To waste our lives would be a sin
Release me and let me love again
I have found a new love din
And I will always want her near
Her lips are warm, while yours are cold
Release me, my darling, let me go
(Please release me, let me go)
For I don't love you anymore
(To waste our life would be a sin)
So release me and let me love again
Please release me, can't you see?
You'd be a fool to cling to me
To live our life would bring us pain
So release me and let me love again
(Let me love, let me go)

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Price, Ray Release Me Comments
  1. Roger Alsop

    Great version.

  2. Adam Aliberti

    My favorite version is Freddy Fender's, didn't see a mention in the credits.

  3. Truthfears Guilty

    hillbilly coyo!

  4. Roger Alsop


  5. George B

    373,820 views so is a great song!!!

  6. Peter Griffin

    I love this song. Now this is REAL country music to me.

  7. Monika Cabadajová

    I love this record. From later versions I love Jerry Lee Lewis version and Elvis Presley version from 1970. Great song.

  8. S Lynch

    songs from a society where people knew where they stood as a distinct people, united by religion, blood and culture, the USA is dead, what remains is an insult to the country Ray and his generation grew up in, fought for and worked for, subverted by communist Jews, in education, media, Congress, the federal reserve and banking system etc, historians will look back and ask how a whole race of people flushed their future down the drain in exchange for comfort

    tom smith

    Your a sick puppy man, bless you though


    There is truth to what he says.

  9. Trout Slayer

    someone about 4 years ago on this message board said that his dad used to sing this dad did too....he died in 1986 at the age of 56 and i was 16....but the used to love the fuck out this song...and he was usually piss fucker....i miss him too.....


    Dude- EVERYONE's dad sung this song around the house.....whilst pissed drunk.

    Trout Slayer something about this song

    C Dykhuizen

    I wish my dad would've sung.... or got drunk. That fucker. Don't miss him one bit.

  10. Peggy Bagley

    Beautiful Classic Country.Beer Drinking.

  11. Sammie Ryan

    dedicated to Mary Jo Schroeder gone may 2 2013 we miss u grama

  12. Sammie Ryan

    please release me let me go

  13. jimp0128

    Cheryl Crislip, it's Robert Yount ( with a T). He was my uncle and I also miss him very much.


    Wish Ray had stayed Country like this Great share Thanks,BR Channel

  15. zzubuzz

    I like the Arnold Swartzenager version better..Please re-grease make me let me glow, I've got to win this muscle show..

  16. Agenor G. Oliveira

    Com todo o respeito, mas essa interpretação, frágil e até mesmo desafinada, fica a léguas de distância daquela que foi eternizada por Engelbert Humperdinck...!

  17. cheryl crislip

    I was reading some of the post that have been left through the years and there was not a word about Robert Young. He was a co writer on the song release me and I want you all to know for he deserves his credit as well without his words there would be no song! The music is great I don't deny it but the words are great as well! Way to go Bobby. Love ya much and miss you with all my heart! Save me a place in Heaven! I'm still living here in Biggs , California just down the street from the garage where the jam sessions were held. Every time I pass by there I feel kinda sad knowing that all the doors are shut now that the musicians have gone to third great reward!

  18. cheryl crislip

    I met the man who wrote the words to Release Me. His name is Robert (Bobby) Young. He autographed a book that has the song with his name as on of the writers of the song. Amazingly enough I met him playing guitar in a little garage with a bunch of other old timers. It was in a little town in Northern California called Biggs. He wasn't able to sing anymore do to cancer that he had cut out of his throat but his fingers danced along those guitar strings. I cherish my guitar because he played it for me a few times. He had a real nice certificate from the Country Music Hall of Fame that he gave to the woman he lives in the house where we had our jam sessions. Bobby was one hell of a nice guy that I loved dearly. Everybody who met him couldn't help but love him! Bobby passed away in Oroville, California a few years back. I will always miss him, although I know he is enjoying playing and singing his songs with all the greats that have gone on before. So long friend!!!!!

    Matt Miller

    Thanks for sharing 😊


    what a great experience and story to be able to share....forever. ❤️

    Charming Billy

    It was written by Eddie Miller too, and it is Yount not Young. Just for clarification.

  19. hankedful

    Don Helms, Jerry Rivers, Sammy Pruett and Grady Martin helping Ray out.

  20. Martin De Wilde

    great song... good performance by a great artist.... a great hit by Engelbert Humperdinck.

    George Middleton Jr

    Ray prices is the original and the best!!!

    Martin De Wilde

    @George Middleton Jr
    may be he is... ...may be...he's not.... two good singers... i love them both... but for this song i prefer the amazing warm voice of E H....

    George Middleton Jr

    eh????he butchered the verses to make it his that is not how it should be done

  21. rulead legs

    Thanks for Sharing  a Great song from a Great Singer and a good marine

  22. piet pienter

    I always thought Humperdinck sang the original version. Never heard of this version. I'was born in 1954 and this version dates from 1946. Great song isn't it ?

    The Gillelands

    Jimmie Heap and the Melody Masters of Taylor Texas came out with the FIRST version of this about 6 months before Ray did. Perk Williams did the vocal. That was in the mid 50's. Humperdink was in the 60's

    piet pienter

    @The Gillelands This thing gets complicated. I consulted wiki, and there they write that the writer Eddie Miller recorded it himself, shortly before Jimmie Heap, followed by Ray Price. Whatever, the best version is Humperdincks of course. Greetings from Belgium.

    Daniel Gunter

    Esther Phillips did a marvelous version of this song: incredibly soulful.

  23. Rick Clark

    RIP Ray! The best of the best are gone now. Your music will always be remembered. Dead at 87. 12/16/2014

  24. eddie dawson

    Price and Bob Wills had the finest dance bands ever.

  25. lw bren

    ray is my favorite [email protected] singer

  26. wilhite1399

    still the best

  27. howat123

    Darn you Colonel Mustard, what does this have to do with E.T.?

  28. Albert Brewster

    My dad used ti sing this all time....after 22 years i still miss him

  29. AaronBaker12345

    @YellowstoneJoe check out the johnny trouble trio, they write old style country.

  30. Albert Brewster

    I remember my dad singing this one...miss ya old man

  31. helen wright

    In relativity we are the person that need to release .

  32. lerebs

    This song takes me back to my teen years. I enjoyed his music then and I enjoy it today when I am in my 70's.

  33. Barney Fyfe

    Great Song by a TRUE COUNTRY singer. We need more singers like him instead of this no-talent crap we have today.

  34. david funderburg

    great singer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    oh yeah!

  36. tiranchula

    Wow, never heard this version before! Love it! Thnx for posting!

  37. debbieg64

    Thanks for the post this has to one of the great voices in country music 5*****

  38. Matt Attack

    Ray is the Greatest Country Singer in my opinion no one can hold a Candle to him.

  39. jamestee007

    peopel ought not to use profanity & foul language on here -but Raprice is perhaps one of the best in country music ,problem today is most of it should be called "country crap'" to put it

  40. John Dalzell

    I watched Ray on TV the other night on Fox News and I have become a new fan! You go Ray! Love You Man! 83 yrs old - 23 yrs old - your the best!

  41. Roy Galvan

    Love this classic song from the past and still it is timeless . A fan of the recording artist .

  42. AnnW57

    I saw Ray on TV Saturday night. He is 83 years old now! He can still sing pretty good though for his age!

  43. Maj-Brith H

    Great version!

  44. YellowstoneJoe

    Its been 50 years since I began dancing to this kind of music. What memories! I used to have records with all of Ray's songs. In the early years he was utterly amazing. He sang effortlessly, the words just flowed out.
    Perhaps YouTube will revive real country music. (Today's "country music" is worthless.)

  45. MusicDude86

    never heard the '68 version

  46. AlanPaladin

    "Release Me," a 1946 song by Eddie Miller, popularized by Ray Price (1954) and Kitty Wells... & Others...