Price, Ray - Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) Lyrics

I have seen the morning burning golden on the mountain in the skies
Aching with the feeling of the freedom of an eagle when she flies
Turning on the world, the way she smiled upon my soul as I lay dying
Healing as the colors in the sunshine and the shadows of her eyes

Loving her was easier than anything I'll ever do again
Coming close together
With a feeling that I'd never known before in my time
She ain't ashamed to be a woman or afraid to be a friend
I don't know the answer to the easy way she opened every door in my mind
But dreaming was as easy as believing it was never gonna end
Loving her was easier than anything I'll ever do again

Waking in the morning to the feeling of her fingers on my skin
Wiping out the traces of the people and the places that I've been
Teaching me that yesterday was something that I never thought of trying
Talking of tomorrow and the money, love and time we had to spend

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Price, Ray Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) Comments

    this is my Cover of a great song

  2. artymgysgt

    The other night while watching Ken Burns documentary "Country Music" on PBS Charlie Pride was commenting on the poetic lyrics of Kristofferson's songs and he spoke the words without music and they sent a chill through me as they had so much meaning.

  3. webnet15

    love this spin.......


    Not a spin, this is exactly how Kriss done with Rita


    I used the word spin meaning that it's great & loved it my bad........keep doin what ya love cause  it's all good....... Mark

  4. marc davis

    Kris Kristofferson is one hella writer I would say one of the best. But when I hear Waylon Jennings sing this song he put so much into it. Its like he wrote it just for Jesse.

  5. freighthog3511

    God you can just feel the feelings put into this!

  6. Kliq Only

    Waylon did it better

    Elwood Jones

    To each their own...


    Opinions are like assholes. Different is not always better. The Glaser bros. did a 3 part irish quartet version that is very good. But it, Like Waylons, took the snot and the sweat away. It's like Dylan. Do you want pretty or do you want mussel and blood?

  7. Eder

    one of the most talented strong voices .......... kris

  8. Craven Morehead

    I give a 12

  9. Kleiden Diamond

    kris is a genius..

  10. richard wilson

    wow what a song writer its my story thanks kriss

  11. jo luttringer

    This version is -for me as lead guitar player- great and helpfull. I play this song since 1972 in G with my own Band from Jerry Kennedy version (on bass : Charlie McCoy himself !). I thank so much Karafun and YouTube for this opportunity "my lead with one wunderfull backing track. JO LUTTRINGER