Price, Ray - Kiss The World Goodbye Lyrics

I never had no regrets, boys, not for nothing I've done
I owed the devil some debts, boys and paid 'em all up but one
I don't even regret the living that I'll be leaving behind
I've gotten weary of searchin' for something I couldn't find

I'm going down to the shades by the river one more time
And feel the breeze on my face before I die
I'm gonna leave whatever's left of my luck to the losers
And then bend down and kiss the world goodbye

I'm kinda lucky in lovin', I never had no complaints
They never said, I was evil, but then I wasn't no saint
I'm just a river that rolled forever and never get to the sea
I ain't blamin' nobody, I had it coming to me, I'm going down

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Price, Ray Kiss The World Goodbye Comments
  1. Scott Quillen

    Great voice of Ray Price singing great lyrics by Kris Kristofferson beautiful, match made in heaven

  2. john citizen

    I met Ray in Albuquerque New Mexico 1956, back when he wore the fancy suits... he became a favorite and remains one of the purest voices of true country music. I t was a sad day when he passed away, so many that I have known are gone now forever... Hank Snow, John Cash, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard,,,, the list is long. The "country music" of today fits the tasteless bunch that put it out and that listen to it, to each his own I guess but if you grew up with Jimmy Rogers and those that followed we were the lucky ones... there will never be the likes of them again in our future!

  3. Randy Sherman

    This is a wonderful song ! Lyrics , melody and of course the singer .. has it all ! Ray Price got better with age like a fine wine 1

  4. 2packs4sure

    Recorded November 17 1970 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - Ray Price (Producer: Don Law)

  5. Glen Yates

    winner is a winner in Virginia and Brent e is too winner Ray price has been a great singer and songwriter and great voice and song winner thanks for your time and channel and friend and friendship winner my favorite channel to listen to is winner and Brent e great country music Star s track s to listen to please play some more for me when you have time to winner lady s track s on a winner channel God bless you winner and Brent e thank you very much for your time and friendship winner and Brent e i will always listen to your channel Brent e and winner God bless please let me know when you are sending me some more for me winner and Brent e what's happening in Virginia winner and Brent e your favorite Listen er friend fan favorite listen er Glenn yates in pretty water sapulpa creek Oklahoma USA God bless you winner and Brent e

    the winner

    +Glen Yates thanks god enjoying this song Glenn. Ray Price sure was one of the best ever.

  6. Paul MCKEAN Sr

    The Winner