Preston, Billy - You Are So Beautiful Lyrics

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can't you see

You're everything
I hoped for and what's more
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful, baby to me

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can't you see

You're everything
I hoped for and what's more
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful, baby to me

Such joy and happiness you bring
I want to thank you, baby
Such joy and happiness you bring
Just like a dream

Your light of guiding lights
Shinning in the night
You're heavens gift to me

You are so beautiful (You're beautiful baby)
You are so beautiful (Your eyes, Your eyes)
You are so beautiful (And your smile, your smile)
You are so beautiful (Your attitude)
You are so beautiful (I can't help to love you, yeah-aa)
You are so beautiful (Woah, you're beautiful baby)
You are so beautiful (Your beautiful to me)
You are so beautiful (Your legs, your legs)
You are so beautiful (Beautiful baby)
You are so beautiful (Your eyes, your eyes)
You are so beautiful (You're beautiful baby)
You are so beautiful (Your lips, your lips)
You are so beautiful (Your sweet love baby)
You are so beautiful (I love you, I love you)
You are so beautiful (Oh baby, umm, baby)
You are so beautiful (The joy of my life)
You are so beautiful (Thank you baby)
You are so beautiful (I feel so beautiful)
You are so beautiful (I just want to thank you baby)
You are so beautiful (I feel so beautiful)
You are so beautiful (I just want to thank you baby)
You are so beautiful (For being so beautiful to me girl)
You are so beautiful...

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Preston, Billy You Are So Beautiful Comments


  2. abjos eck

    After hearing/viewing this footage what else can I say? BILL PRESTON is the "Dark" side of the Beatles...Thank you LORD for gifting us such musical genius...

  3. Mike Spence


  4. xyzllii

    Lyrics are not Shakespeare anyway.......

  5. Sand C

    Qui écoute ce magnifique texte en 2020 ??

  6. el canal del joven lil bukake

    This is a Dennis Wilson song,Billy was a thieft

  7. Cas Everaert

    Best live performance ever.... it makes me cry everytime. Thanks for the music Billy, I life for guys like you <3

  8. Helen Jackson

    You Are So Beautiful To Me.

  9. Liza De Asis

    I love you Billy Preston.your the only singer who can make my heart beat faster and at the same time makes me cry.

  10. i love the fight pull up

    Magnifique 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. andres huaman

    The best performance Thank you

  12. Carlos Roberto

    Este faz falta.

  13. Alessandro Oliveira

    Oh eu aqui! Show

  14. Walter Silva Dos Santos

    Que talento! vai ser difícil surgir outro igual.

  15. Marco Paillacheo

    que buena casion que pena que no este cantante 😢

    Antonio Manuel Montes Martínez

    Cómo dices? Te reviento

  16. Sergio Freire

    Um dos maiores músico e compositor que já existiu !

  17. kathleenb1947

    Wow... I didn't know he WROTE this gorgeous song! SO talented! And the piano playing is just magnificent!

  18. Sergio Monteiro

    Saudades boa.....

  19. MadLightsProduction

    2019 anyone?. I'm 25, but this song hits me when i see my dream girl. but shes engage to someone she love. well thats life, i jusst keep on movin' on.


    For e ver in brazil !!!!

    Miguel Garzón

    I'm just 24 years old from Colombia and it can happen to whatever person the important thing is to maintain keeping going and doing your best, maybe that girl didn't deserve what you are.

  20. Lawrence Jensen

    OMG the Joe Cocker impersonation I'm rolling on the floor literally hahaha

  21. Ars Jazz and Blues Collection


  22. hankashley


  23. Wahnfried Duke

    Co wrote with Dennis Wilson.

  24. Alessandra A

    yoυ are ѕo вeaυтιғυl 🤗 (rιp) ♥

  25. vesacksi

    man is on fire damn

  26. diva didiv

    What's a beautiful voice 😭 YOU Billy are beautiful! ❤️😢

  27. Jevezy

    Miss you Billy, The Fifth Beatle, talented singer, great song writer, enjoying this in 2019.

  28. Dave Allgaier Official

    This legend died way too soon. God please bless his spirit and let us all enjoy this wonderful music!

  29. El pueblo

    Genial!!! Pero...cuantas líneas? La cagó...

  30. diane vallez

    the master!! and legend !!! John and george and Billy up there making music!!!!!

  31. TR Was Here

    That blows Joe Cocker away.

  32. CaptainRon1913

    God I miss this guy's music. Saw him a few times back in the early to mid 70's. Always put on a great show, and loved and appreciated his audience

  33. Lamb Sauce

    ♡im 13 and I'm just finding this and I love it

  34. David N

    Billy is so beautiful, I miss his massive influence over so much music- your music lives on and always will be beautiful Billy

  35. Ricky Bonning

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug...

    But seriously, so talented.

  36. J. D.

    "Do you like Ray Charles?"

  37. Noli Jean Perlota

    Wow... soooo great

  38. Jackie Smith

    183 thumbs down for the deaf

  39. Lönëly_ Hëärt


  40. 알 파치노

    one of the greatest version

  41. polo Lacoste

    Alfileres 👻👻

  42. Jackie Smith

    One of the greatest songs ever written

  43. omeletpants

    Billy Preston did more work with the Stones than he ever did with the Beatles

  44. Image Solutions

    Yes I love love love this version!

  45. Mike Harkins

    RIP BIlly and Joe... such amazing contribution to music.. I love Billy but I just feel Joe did this song and lyrics true justice. Joe Cocker just put his whole body and soul into his voice and music, and it really came thru in this song.

  46. silky Robinson

    Oh no. Billy passed too? Damnit.

  47. Marjory Rainey

    Oh this is very Good!

  48. Fall Spring

    He blatantly made fun of Joe Cocker's hand motions. I'll leave it at that.

    Mark Arao

    Fall Spring I’m a Joe cocker fan to the core but let’s give Billy Preston a little slack. Cheers to good music!

  49. Kenneth Namalomba

    Those impressions were just perfect. From the piano, voice to movement

  50. Kenneth Namalomba

    You think you can play piano until you see Billy play.

    Kathryn Schram Findlay

    Hammod B3 Organ too! 😉

    abjos eck

    You hit the nerve Bro...

  51. KageyamaHinata 09

    piano skillz

  52. calvin fcb

    September 2018 dance with my wife

  53. arturo maidana

    Musica linda

  54. Margaret Drury

    Sheffield rocker joe cocker sings this song with feeling in every word........Ray

  55. Juan Pablo Musica

    Esta es mi version,,, espero les guste


    By far, Billy's original of Y.A.S.B. is the best.

  57. عبد الرحيم ابن سيف الدين


  58. Pitso Mothibeli

    It reminds me of my girlfriend. I love her so much. She is so beautiful.

  59. Nilda Barbosa

    He was a beast in the piano.!!!!

  60. Diomedes22

    he should be honest and admit he wrote it with dennis wilson

  61. Kenneth Namalomba

    Fifth beetle indeed. Dude was too talented. Who else is here in 2018?

  62. Grace Barzyz

    Mr. BILLY PRESTON you may have written this song but you dont even bring one blessed ounce of what Joe Cocker brought to your masterpiece. Joe Cocker will always own that song! 💜

    Laura Francis

    Grace Barzyz
    Bullshit !

    Grace Barzyz

    Laura Francis He cant bring one ounce of what Joe Cocker made this song! No one can sing this with the heart Joe Cocker sang this with! He did the wrong thing by makin fun of Joe Cocker......just dont do it!

  63. monique cavard

    i know this nice song by Joe Cocker who sings it very well .

    Vargasko - Jazz & Funk

    Billy Preston is composer this song ;)

    Waterlily villa Albion Mauritius

    by the way the song is more melodious when sang in slow, deep and long rhythme

  64. Gwen Richmond

    Love it!

  65. 2Pac Avalley

    wow this is almost better than the joe cocker version

  66. Gabriel Sabino

    The best!!!! ❤️

  67. David Domingues

    Que talento, que falta você faz, descanse em paz ...

  68. Sergio rengifo ruiz

    maestro de maestros

  69. Philippe Cholet

    Magnifique quel talent ! so great

  70. Ariel P Garabito

    I just want to meet Billy Preston.Is my Dream. He is really Amazing

  71. Jenica Goroftei Zoldos

    Nice song 😍😍

  72. David Pressinger

    What a wonderful musician he was. RIP.

  73. beach side

    Billy was soo beautiful to us

  74. Ralph Oscar Antonio Gordoa Arredondo

    Me llena de nostalgia saber que el tiempo no se detiene y que a diario van cambiando nuestras vidas.... Esta canción me recuerda a mi infancia y me trae muy buenos recuerdos... Aghhh :(

  75. jozef kollár

    Briliante music Man + soul

  76. Baby

    Ray Charles was not really blind and either is Stevie W...Thats the Word..sadly..Deception..

  77. Baby

    I Love You Billy..Miss You Sweetheart, the Best Organist..Keyboards, awesome..You ARE Billy So Beautiful 2 ME 4 Ever..



  79. Edith CPT

    Magnifique from Paris

  80. Edith CPT


  81. joop de Klein

    top entertainment Billy Preston optima forma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Adrian Freitas

    It's amazing

  83. murp h

    Billy is forever so is this ballad _____ what a talent ___ rip soul man

  84. h' ard

    Canta sobremaneira. D+

  85. Mon

    i prefer the cocker version

  86. mathilda

    It's just so so so lovely

  87. Alex Nuñez

    great voice really a Gods gift to this man

  88. beach side

    Billy Preston wrote and sang tons of songs. He never got credit for most. Amazing impression of Ray Charles and Joe Cocker. Rip all 3 You gave us something beautiful


    fuck off, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys wrote this. Billy Preston stole it and took all the credit.

  89. RevEvangelist JOHNSON

    He originally wrote this song dedicated to his mother. Whom he dearly loved.


    Nope, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys wrote it so how can it be about Billy Preston's mum? Maybe he was shagging her.


    WillMansell check the writing credits. Billy Preston and Bruce fisher

  90. Lenilson Firmino Muito bom anos 80 Saudades

    nossa essa famosa canção nus deixou muita saudades

  91. RevEvangelist JOHNSON

    He said that he wrote this song to the mother whom he dearly loved.

  92. Vincenza Gervasio

    Un genio Billy....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. vania melo

    Linda melodia, histórias novas, novas canções para marca!

  94. M Narayan

    WOw great !

  95. Hugo Marcelino Silva

    A-do-rei !

  96. dan casey

    What a beautiful spirit he was . . . and so very missed

  97. Zeneida Araújo

    Bacana Talentoso. ARRETADO.