Preston, Billy - That's The Way God Planned It Lyrics

Why can't we be humble
Like the good Lord say?
He promised to exalt us
But love is the way

How men be so greedy
When there's so much left?
All things are God-given
And they all have been blessed

That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be
That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be

Let not your heart be troubled
Let mourning, sobbing cease
Learn to help one another
And live in perfect peace

If we'd just be humble
Like the good Lord say, yeah
He promised to exalt us
But love is the way

That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be
You better believe me
(That's the way God planned it)
(That's the way God wants it to be)

I hope you get this message
Where you won't, others will
You don't understand me
But I'll love you still

That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be
Yeah, yeah, yeah
(That's the way God planned it)
That's the way God wants it to be
You better believe me

That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be
That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be
That's the way God planned it
That's the way God wants it to be

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Preston, Billy That's The Way God Planned It Comments
  1. StrongnBeautiful

    Did he do drugs?? Something about his energy ..hmm.

  2. jdw3848 fenton

    Rip Billy. The 5th Beatle.

  3. Helen Jackson

    That's The Way God Planned It... That's The Way God Wants It To Be.

  4. Mike Green

    One of a kind

  5. Thelma Williams

    he invented the barrier for the organ.he was just great.

  6. Rennã Soeiro

    Wonderful 🙏🏻 what’s his keybord model?

  7. mark caine

    So glad he is ditched the oversized wig he used to wear this guy has amazing talent, one of the greats

  8. escrapple M

    The 5th Beatle.

  9. neliko jandieri

    rest in peace🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Gregor Miller

    Please check out Susan's site, Peace and Love, thanks.

  11. Babba Zee

    Priest of the Most High

  12. Esteban Posada Duque

    ... authentic musicianship ...

  13. Pat Semien

    Just amazing

  14. Dean Morrow

    What Hendrix was to guitar,
    Billy Preston was to keyboards.
    RIP Billy Preston, 1946-2006. 🍏⭐

  15. McPowerful

    In reality Billy was one of the very best. And all of the music scene in that time knew that! RIP Billy Preston.

  16. Stella Ercolani


  17. MechanicalFish 176

    At first I thought that he was playing let it be in the beginning

  18. tim venters

    This is incredible.Awesome Performance.

  19. Rodrigo Souza

    What a wonderful musician: Billy Preston. Helped too much the Beatles in their end. I remember him playing "Isn't a Pitty" in the concert for George.

  20. Brian Haight

    Brother Billy..Most outstanding..😎

  21. Jeflyn Mae Navarro


  22. BeeUndercover

    That audience sucks! Germans!!! :P

  23. Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    Its so unfortunate that far to many talented folks gay lifestyles and perverted misbehavior destroy their images. Billy held a Mexican boy in his home against his will and faced charges before he died. PItts. He was one of James Cleveland. Turnouts. If young boys whom R now men would talk there would be many many gay pastors to be called out or go to jail for abuses of boys. PItts. There R a large number of gay ministers hiding behind church robes and songs. DPitts

  24. Tom Rugo

    This is music....

  25. jtrocz

    God bless Billy, he is defiantly in the best all star band


    Wow!!! Billy Preston so underated and yet so great!

  27. Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel

    Rip always dear Billy! It was a pleasure meeting you!

    Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel

    @john warter xMilan!

  28. Jeferson Moral

    Simplesmente um gênio musical,ele se vira com qualquer música.
    Sai até melhor que as originais.

  29. Juan Reyes

    You may not understand it but Billy will love you still!!! :)

  30. Gwen Richmond

    Pretty Song

  31. D W

    A once in a lifetime perfomer/artist.

  32. Robert Lowe

    His backup music made the Beatle's best ever I say!

  33. David Domingues

    Muito bom!!! Conseguiu destacar os 2 talentos, Harrison e Preston.

  34. Baul ullash

    i love it

  35. Garth Rasmussen

    He may not have been much into the Eastern thing, then again he may have. But he had "Shakti",Billy did. Love his music. I`ve always loved this song!! R.I.P Mr. Billy Preston

  36. ste s

    Billy was there playing with all

  37. ogrebattle22763

    Great musician... very underrated... but he was very well respected by other great musicians & artists in the music industry..

  38. Emma Robinson

    I love the reggae feel in the breakdown... :-)

  39. Amos Radebe

    amazing man of God ❤

  40. Patrice Marie

    Oh Yes! ...... God sent this to you ... TODAY!

  41. Scott Aubrey

    So good on the keys

  42. anna maria landi

    Dovevi essere il 5 beatles!

  43. Lyle Batson

    love him just great

  44. vincent maganga kaettuh

    That's the way God planned it. Definitely ❤️🔥👌

  45. youssoupha fall

    Purée Merveille de rythme sonore voix extrêmement magnifique la grande Classe HD. respect Totale l'artiste

  46. Paul Griffiths

    When someone as great as this dies it is a great loss to this world, this kind of talent doesn't exist in today's world, hope to meet you one day in paradise.

  47. Sven Edelönn

    Billy Preston - a real heroe !!!

  48. Elizabeth M Ciaglo

    Awesome! Billy, many moons ago you had it right, "That's the Way God Planned It." Peace🕊☮️ ❤️Love Caring & Sharing all over the🌎🌏🌍

    Sandra Lynch

    That's the way God planned it Amen

    Doug Crates


  49. Liza Rosa

    Hes real and so kool!!!!!

  50. Quindell Holmes

    rest in peace, God bless him.

  51. hawkrider88

    You are missed Billy....what a tremendous one of a kind talent!

  52. Linda SmilesRFree

    Billy was AWESOME!

  53. normende

    wicked bass guitar!!!

  54. Paul Timmerman

    One of the greatest musicians of his time.... Incredable keyboard player and singer.

  55. kavi poag


    Dorsey Dlee

    I believe i i belive i can touch the sky.

    Dorsey Dlee

    On the wings of love.up and above the sky.

    Dorsey Dlee

    Because i really dont know if i am coming or going.

  56. Sa Dmith

    I will always love u

  57. Kate Bates

    Billy Preston's"that's the way God Planned it" popped into my head during massive panic attack & as I accepted that this is the way God wants it to be the stress gave way to calm & I did not die after all.

    Scott Kane

    Kate Bates wow.That'd awesome.

    Ashley Jones

    Kate Bates amen

    The Gorilla


    Carl Felton

    Amen, Kate!! Sounds like let go and let God. I have to remember that myself.

  58. Mairtin Donaghey

    I played this at my mothers funeral. So beautiful.

  59. scott nasta


  60. Misael Martinez

    Hermosa canción.

  61. Andy Trullinger

    Man oh man, Billy was so awesome! This is the real deal, right here!

  62. joacil brito gomes Gomes

    Boa música.