Preston, Billy - Slaughter Lyrics

Slaughter's going to blow your mind
Slaughter does not waste his time
My advice to you is this
If you shoot at him you better not miss

Slaughter's big, bad, black and bold
The brother has a lot of soul
Don't you make him mean and cross
'Cause he'll show you who's the boss

Slaughter come to blow your mind
Slaughter does not waste his time
My advice to you is this
If you shoot at him, brother
You better not miss

Slaughter is big, bad, black and bold
The brother has a whole lot of soul
Don't you make him mean and cross
'Cause he will show you who's the boss

Yeah, Slaughter
Yeah, Slaughter

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Preston, Billy Slaughter Comments
  1. ToxicMan 77

    When I listen to this I picture a scene that should've been in wolfenstein. BJ blazkovitz and furgus are in a barfight with a bunch of Nazis while this played

  2. Rodrigo C

    Tarantino would be a great DJ

  3. Angryman 430


  4. Wallace Bruno Leandro Da Costa Bezerra

    🗣🎙yeaaah slaghter

  5. ToxicMan 77

    If there's ever a wolfenstein film the guy who plays Hugo steglitz needs to be B.J blaskovitz

  6. James Bilce

    Black Madruga: The Chaves Avengers

  7. Guilherme Fanck

    black madruga

  8. Coda Mission

    Everyone in ze german army has heard of *HUGO SCHTEEGLEETZ*

  9. Die Glocke

    The beginning reminded me of Godzilla

  10. Egg Boi

    When this song starts to play you know shits about to go down

  11. Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur

    Here come Hugo Stiglitz (Til Schweiger)!

  12. David Azoulay

    "Sergent Hugo Stiglitz ! ... T'a entendu parler de lui ?
    - Tout le monde dans l'armée Allemande connait le nom de HUGO SCHTIGLITZZ !
    - * HAHAHAHAHA *
    - H.Stiglitz : Hahahahaha..."
    * Guitar électro * TADEEEEEEEEOOOOOOW ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍

  13. Juan Marin

    *H U G O S T I G L I T Z*

  14. Cool but not super cold Just room temp

    Modern day Hugo stiglitz joins white supremacy group to kill group organizers

  15. One of Egoraptor's chins

    Wow this song turned out to be so different to what I thought it would be after only hearing the first riff in Inglorious Basterds

  16. RaydentkSIR

    The knife/pillow stabbing scene caughted me out of guard.

    Kyle Shiflet

    It's an homage to when angel in the good bad and the ugly shot the man who hired to kill through the pillow he put over his face

  17. el Hugo stiglitz

    Ohhh yheeea

  18. Ark Antika

    Freaking love this song ! Inglorious basterds forever !

  19. ToxicMan 77

    Paranoid schizophrenic intensifies

  20. Louis CZ

    The reason Hugo Stiglitz is celebrated among german soldiers is simple: as german enlisted man, he killed 13 Gestapo officers.

    Instead of putting him against a wall, the high command decided to send him to Berlin, to be made example of...

    *...Needles to say, once The Basterds heard about him, he never got there...*


    first line is actually "The reason for Hugo Stiglitz's celebrity among German Soldiers", not "is celebrated among German Soldiers"

  21. josepunkthrashdude

    If only they used this amazing piece in Wolfenstein 2
    Terror Billy Preston

  22. cesar garcia

    Hugo "motherfucking" Stiglitz

  23. Needy Major

    Celebrity soldier

  24. Johnny Marsan

    Rob Zombie used the intro in House of 1000 Corpses too

    Robert Petrea

    you're thinking of a different one if you're referring to the dr satan office scene

  25. Tarek Legrand

    Only Trantino is crazy enough to pick music like this to feature in a war movie

    Parker Davidson

    Tarek Legrand Tarantino is such a genius filmmaker, and his music taste is always a perfect compliment to his work.

  26. The_Og_ Dirk_Diggler


  27. Swishiestsum34 Swishers

    Lt Hicox: "Stiglitz."
    Sgt Hugo Stiglitz: "Say aufwiedersien to your nazi balls."....famous last words

  28. J.t Grooms

    Whenever I pay Sniper Elite 4

  29. BenderPY

    Ever heard about Hugo Shteeglitzz?

    Bearded Pete

    Everybody in the german army has heard of Hugo Shteeegliiiitzz

    Lane Sorken

    as a german enlisted man he killed 13 gestapo officers

    Adam Wong

    BenderPY its whoogo shteeeglitzzz


    @Bearded Pete Instead of putting him up against the wall, the high command sent him back to Berlin to be made an example of... Needless to say: Once the Basterds heard about him... He never got there

  30. KRMA VDMarne

    Agent blaskovitch like this

  31. Brecconable

    So a paranoid schizophrenic enters a bar...

    Luca Guida

    Wrong movie?

    Louis Shelton

    Thats fucking legend mate

    Ethan Chen

    Luca Guida this exact song was in one of the fight scenes

  32. AbbieIs AKilljoy

    Wasn't this also used in Legend with Tom Hardy, in the scene where Ronnie and Reggie fight the gang sent by the Richardsons in the pub?

    Chase Kaplan

    Yes it was. Awful movie. Completely missed the ball with who the Krays were. Still the same song

    ElectroGamer HD

    Yes it was, and no the name lives up to the quality, so you can just fuck off "Chase Kaplan", whatever that name is

    Ganesh Gaitonde

    Neva Herdamee  it was a good film tho


    @Chase Kaplan And I suppose you knew the krays? Lmao

  33. Nemo The Kid

    thank you..just thank you.

  34. Kasper Kruse Jensen

    I just wanna say that i am a real big fan of hugp stiglits work. Ya know when it comes to killing nazis. Though its nothing compared to the bear jews batting average.

    Nemo The Kid

    they both dish out unforgettable hatred towards the Nazis.

    Nemo The Kid

    huuuuggoo shhhhhteeeglittzzzz

    Kasper Kruse Jensen

    THATS A BINGO! :) Wait that's the term right? That's a bingo?


    +Kasper Kruse Jensen just say "bingo".


    abacs21 BINGOOOOO!

  35. Max Eisenhardt

    "Everybody in the German Army has heard of Hugo Shhhteegleetz"




    @Max Eisenhardt und woher weißt du das?


    +Max Eisenhardt hoogoe schteegleettzs

    Jim Jones

    Max Eisenhardt Evey ANTIFA is about to hear about Hugo Shtegleetz

  36. Camila Souza

    St. Hugo Stiglitz!

    ElectroGamer HD

    Saint Hugo Stiglitz?

    Coda Mission

    To be fair, killin nazis nominates you for sainthood in my book

    Pere Parellada Gràcia


  37. Camila Souza

    Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz

    NotYourMom 2


  38. davonjones2009

    Say aufweidersein to ur nazi balls :)

  39. VoelGinger

    he went out the way he wouldve wanted to, stabbing a gestapo officer in the back of the head


    didn't he go out shooting a gestapo officer in the balls?


    Fuzzyballs01 yeah, but he stabbed hellstrom in the back of the head afterwards

  40. nori452

    @KeziahBryceland Every time I hear this song, I say "HUGO STIGLITZ!" lol

  41. Keziah Bryceland

    Hugo Stiglitz is one badass Basterd, and this is the perfect song for him :)