Preston, Billy - Oh Holy Night Lyrics

Oh holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth, oh yeah
Now long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices
Oh night divine, oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine, oh night, oh night divine

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Preston, Billy Oh Holy Night Comments

    I wish she would have taken voice lessons around this time. Her breathe control wasn't that good. She never sustained a note, she just squalled it and rolled off. That part "FAAAAAAAllllllllllll on your knees" wasnt smooth, AND "oh Night DIVIIIIINNNNNEEEE" she couldnt even hold it for 2 seconds. I hated that growl she started doing when her voice got extra husky.


    Aretha's voice and breath control was going through some changes at that time I think mainly due to her smoking . She had quit either before or shortly after this time. The husky growls weren't my favorite either but they gave her another way to express and emote a feeling which is ultimately why she remained one of the most influential singers up until her death.

  2. icub4ucstr8


  3. Marcella Norfleet

    Wow, The Queen of Soul Aretha and the legendary Billy Preston were fabulous with this rendition! Rip!! December 2019!!

  4. Richard Gamble

    I want to see you beside Mahalia Jackson singing in the presences of Jesus, Jesus is all love. Thank you Aretha and precious Billy

  5. jaquen1977

    This is GOLD!

  6. Loc'd Emperor

    December 8th 2019 let’s set the tone for black Christmas

    The Dome

    Let's NOT. That soundd very racist "Lets set the Tone for a wonderful xmas, with this beautiful voice" why label it Black?

  7. Blessed Every second

    May both of you great sangers R. I. P ...... I meant it sangers not singers

  8. Detroit Skippy

    Great moments that would be even more so if the content of the song was authentic and not make believe.

  9. coach3801


  10. Mrspain 79

    So intimate. Only the Queen!

  11. M Chan

    I love billys voice and laugh

  12. Dave S

    Billy rules

  13. J.D. Whitfield

    I was looking up Billy Preston and stumbled on this. This is one of the best renditions of this song I've ever heard. By far, O holy night is my favorite Christmas song.

  14. mr. campbell158

    This is what a real singer does, sit down at the piano and in that moment somehow personalize and deliver a mind blowin version of any song. I doubt they spent a lot if any time on this. love the Queen

  15. allymayful

    Another treasure for this Aussie's Playlist, that l have had so much pleasure putting together over the last 2 days. Aretha's musical journey in chronological order - 1964 'till 2018 :-

  16. Walter Krueger

    Absolutely beautiful. 💙

  17. Tarik zemmouri

    RIP Two soul music legends

  18. RandomNest

    Her voice really was, is and will always be a natural resource.
    Rest In Peace Madam Franklin.❤

  19. Anne Hamilton

    R.I.P...The Legendary "Queen Of Soul" Ms. Aretha Franklin.  You'll be so truly missed!!!!

  20. Shango Bongo

    You can tell she was smoking heavily during this period.

    AJ Sassy

    Shango Bongo Not much tho! Everything Aretha touched turned to pure gold! #Thevoice

    Shango Bongo

    @AJ Sassy She actually gave up smoking, and her voice started coming back nice clear and strong, without the breathiness and rasp.

  21. Robert Margouleff

    Together in heaven now. RIP Aretha and Billy. Angels both.

  22. Myles Burris

    Today is December 16th, 2017 and yes ma'am I agree NO ONE CAN BEAT THE REAL QUEEN!!!!! MAHALIA JACKSON !

  23. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.

  24. Dean Morrow

    Two legends. RIP Billy Preston.

  25. Evelyn Walsh

    Fall on your knees


    God Bless everyone this holiday season, let us pray for peace, love and unity as our Lord and Savior Jesus command us to do.PEACE

    Lydia Flowers

    Bless His Holy Name.

  27. Kathy Brown

    What a great rendition between the two of them.

  28. jollysincere

    Billy Preston was so very talented....yet so very troubled.

  29. DaTruEbonyRayne

    I swear Aretha's lower registers are sooooo freakin sickning till its not even funny. I love her upper registers, but her lower registers is what sets the bar above all singers...

    Davida Rose

    Her lower gives me chills especially when I can't see it coming.

  30. David Elmer

    shes so hot

  31. William Webber

    one of my most favorite Christmas songs


    Love these good and sensitive

  33. Y. T.

    great performance

  34. fan8504

    precious video

  35. NothingHereMoveOn

    When Ree drops her voice down low in the "fall down on your knees" part, it sends chills down my spine.

    A Musical Soul

    +kmfdm10392 Ikr I was FEELIN THAT.


    +Dshawn TheGr8 My greatest wish is to have these sorts of clips cleaned up, without the hiss of VHS, and collected onto a DVD . And I want the "Amazing Grace" movie released !!

  36. curlen crump

    That was DANGERIOUS perfect feeding frenzy the best or the best.If it would be a draw

  37. Anne Hamilton

    The reigning "Queen of Soul" still wears her crown, Ms. Aretha is always amazing,
    R.I.P.....The Legendary, Mr. Billy Preston.

  38. Robert Margouleff

    God Bless them both..Billy was a friend, and I do miss him...RIP Billy..

  39. emine trent

    This is for everyone with God in there hearts,
    Merry Christmas & Peace in 2014.

    pure Love Elias


  40. Roy Snabilié


  41. Burney Warren

    what you looking at billy lol! i love yall. merry Christmas.

  42. DaTruEbonyRayne

    I swear Aretha's lower register's are crazy sick!!! I love when she hit those high notes, but when she reaches those bottom/lower registers...that's where her power lies!

  43. SoSoBradley23

    Aretha knows how to usher in the Holy Spirit

  44. Kenny Williams

    Nobody does it like Aretha!

  45. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    Aretha is just pure soulful...she can't help it because it's in her blood.

  46. Guips Vidal

    merry christmas everybody ! god bless u all

  47. Mooser42001

    I use this as my model for an organ arrangement of this tune. Presumptuous, but I do.

  48. neededsaying

    runawayslave0000... Thanks for saying that. Aretha voice has done just that helped a lot of people get through hard times. Her voice has been there for me when in sorrow and joy..

  49. Lindsey Dean

    Just great. Thank God for them both, and I really listen to Billy's music very often. He was amazing as is she.

  50. Dwight Dowson

    A Wonderful Set of Artists here making a Sound Truly Remarkable for ALL!

  51. wambui37

    No one sings this song as beautiful as Mahalia Jackson!!


    this is Aretha - uniquely so

    Color Purple

    To you, no one sings this as beautiful as Mahalia Jackson and to me no one sings this as beautifully as Aretha Franklin the queen of soul. I love them both.

  52. Foxxy4life

    it warms the heart and soothes the soul

  53. 2dasimmons

    That's so true, especially with today's demonic music industry.

    Color Purple

    Yes it does

  54. boomerang905

    Sterling presence and performance by two giants. Rest my Billy. God gifted and loved you and Ms. Franklin, you stay on top of your game. Peace.

  55. theoriginalbadbob

    There are a lot of songs that make me start to tear up, but this one is the first one to make me tear up at Aretha's first note. Amazing.

  56. vonshorter

    Subscribe; VonShorter. HoT R&B Vocalist

  57. monise ghandchi

    how old is this?

  58. starmantough

    Wonderfull. Thanks for this. I saved it!

  59. quixotism222

    Have to say - she really does not hit those high notes at the end.

    Color Purple

    I really have to say she really don't have to to tap into your emotions and you feel it.

  60. csco72

    RIP Billy Preston - the 5th Beatle (and will always be) :)

  61. Redd Vizion

    im not nearly as good as that but pls listen to my verson!!!
    i hav a dream too!!

  62. bartonone2005

    Beautiful! RIP Billy Preston for all the happiness you gave us with your music. Your star now shines brightly in heaven.

  63. Kelvin Klink

    Hoje é aniversário de Aretha Franklin. Vendo este vídeo, tendo a achar a música feita hoje muito certinha, bem acabadinha, inha, inha. Aretha canta com a Bocetha, mesmo cantando um gospel!

  64. ShiningStar

    Aretha's attire that she is wearing is stunning. And her voice is like that of an angel. She really makes you want to bow to her and give her all of the glory of being the Queen that she is. And I have always admired Billy Preston ever since I bought his record "Nothing From Nothing" in 1975. Not only was he talented, but he was always energetic and vibrant and always smiling, and I miss him.... I salute them both.

  65. Chique Records

    @pretorious700 Fair enough - No harm intended whatsoever, just not understanding how people can not love this :-)
    Love will conquer all !

  66. pretorious700

    @ChiqueRecords We must not hate, keep love in your heart. Our poor misguided brothers and sisters will be forgiven.

  67. pretorious700

    If that don't bring a tear, you have no human heart

  68. DJaBookByItsCover

    I Love & Respect These Two Gurus Of Musicianship But It Seems That They Have Opposing Tempos They Want To Portray.

  69. Chique Records

    Amazing !!
    Still there seem to be 15 people that should not be allowed to breath.

  70. mel0dyism

    Our prayers are with you Miss Aretha. You are very strong and have many angels with you. Highest respect, all our love, and thank you, thank you, thank you.

  71. Harvey K

    @africanflava -I don't see any ref to 'size'...take some time to read before clashing, pls.

  72. TreasureOne

    @markojameow You know he played on "Let it Be," right? A major major talent in the church and in the recording studio. RIP, Billy.

  73. Monica Wright

    I remember seeing this when I was in middle school.

  74. oneloveatatime

    who ever said an Aretha Christmas wouldn't sell. Look at the amount of views this video has......thank you my friend Emeless. I love this every time I hear it..........

  75. NearAbbeyRoad

    Ironically Amazing Grace was written by an English slave ship captain.

    Color Purple

    Yes and there he found God.

  76. Elzie M. Mayfield

    queen of soul. you go girl!

  77. bemaniac2

    early recordings. she cant really sing that great now to be honest.

    Color Purple

    To be honest, thats to you she can't. To me different sound but nevertheless still the greatet singer in the world.

  78. MusicEclecticArt

    Okay. Im going to make it simple for you. The same thing that makes Pattie Labell, Chaka Khan, Gladis Night, Pattie Austin, Natalie Cole, Barbra Streisand, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and MANY others great is the same thing that makes Aretha Franklin GREAT. Get it?

    Color Purple

    Let me sit this right here for you my dear, not discounting the anointing which is the leading focus as to Aretha being set apart and above all the rest. But if you don't understand what the anointing is and does, I'll explain it this way, maybe it's closer to you understanding. Now there is great and there is greatness , the anointing brings Aretha from just being great along with everybody else you mention, to raising her up above the rest, to being, "Your Greatness", Aretha is greatness personified.
    #thequeenofsoul. Get it?

  79. tempo3rd

    I'll look into it, thanks!

  80. tempo3rd

    I don't understand what makes Aretha Franklin special. Will some one explain?

    Color Purple

    If you don't have the wherewithal to understand it no one can tell you, even if I told you you still wouldn't understand. Google it, see what other singed has to say about what makes Aretha special.

  81. taddyd1

    I love all three of the pop singers too and have almost all of their recordings. Saw Aretha and Joan this year. I love the Billy Preston (my former neighbor) and Re duet on Old Lang Syne! Thanks for sharing TheRealAngelHeart.

  82. Peter Jones

    They are like an old married couple! - histoire!

  83. ahayes1217

    Are you crazy? They were GREAT! Two of the bwsr of all time!!!!!

  84. Kutsuba

    They took my favorite Christmas song and destroyed it. They didn't care about the song. It was all about them

    Color Purple

    and this is suppose to be all about you, fight? My, my, my.

  85. Robin Timmers

    Thanx for sharing, MERRY CHRISTMAS y'all!

  86. Michael Jenkins

    It truly is!

  87. taddyd1

    I worship Re, but as she said herself
    "a woman's only human." I even love La Diva to the max, which is generally considered
    her worst lp but... Joan Baez knocks Re (from One Faith) out of the ball park on Ave Maria too.
    Don't forget:
    Leontyne, Mahalia, and Ella sang Cantique de Noel also ( known to Americans as O Holy Night) and they're surely mightier competetion than Celine!
    MLK was known to mistake Baez for an angel when he would wake to her singing.
    "believe i hear an angel".

  88. William Westerman

    Terrific job on Aretha and this is my fav Christmas song

  89. Kareem Pyles

    a coer is just when someone else sings the song.. like patti labelle has a cover of this song.. michelle williams has a cover of this song etc..

  90. Dale S

    Lets believe that Billy will be "celebrating" with the Man who this Season commerates. What a joy ... play a couple songs for my Dad and my Mom who left us last year! God Bless you this Christmas.

  91. suki zan

    What a treasure! Thanks so much.

  92. YellaBellydAlligator

    WOW, that's straight from heaven. Thanks for posting!!!

  93. taddyd1

    See youtube: Cantique de Noel/Joan Baez

  94. taddyd1

    you need to check on Joan Baez singing it in the original French version for the best.

  95. snidelywhiplash

    At 1:06 you can hear Billy go "Mm."

    Sums it up nicely.

  96. avivandoelfuego

    omgggg...God bless this mans hands (RIP)..truly of my favorite christmas songs everrrrr...Aretha smashed it way betr than any other cover including Mariah Carey n Celine Dion even tho i love their versions as well...this version is crazy soul!

  97. Tim Hoy

    Two of the greatest in complete harmony with keys and vocals. What a joy.

  98. Tim Hoy

    A timely reminder for me who the true Queen is. RIP Billy the main man. What a combination of true talent.