Preston, Billy - Nothing From Nothing Lyrics

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
You gotta have something if you want to be with me
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
You gotta have something if you want to be with me

I'm not trying to be your hero
Cause that zero is too cold for me, brrr
I'm not trying to be your highness
Cause that minus is too low to see, yeah

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
And I'm not stuffing, believe you me
Don't you remember I told ya
I'm a soldier in the war on poverty, yeah, yes I am

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
You gotta have something if you want to be with me, oh baby
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
You gotta have something if you want to be with me
That's right, babe, ha yeah

Gotta have something if you want to be with me
You gotta bring a little something, girl, if you want to be with me

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Preston, Billy Nothing From Nothing Comments
  1. Emp Tee

    Now that's a 'fro.

  2. Ramon Key

    Trying to tell em in all my classes I teach

  3. 櫻井敏明

    flash and the firecat

  4. Patrick Le Meur

    BILLY ! qui a été un musicien de studio et concert !il joué avec les plus grands !!!oui!oui ....c'est vrai!

  5. Mike Williams

    Fat Albert's crew all growed up!

  6. Marina Holmes

    The first couple of beats and my smile got as big as his afro. Love it. 😆

  7. Lee Reeder

    Billy Preston was amazing as this was a big favorite of his that I had

  8. jean paul convers

    A pure jewel.

  9. South Hill Farm

    I always thought this great tune was sung by BTO. Great tune.

  10. Daniel Gomes Nogueira

    E 99% dos brasileiros não conhece esse gênio, Viva Billy Preston.

  11. The Gorilla

    So true ♥️👍

  12. José de Ribamar Paixão

    Grande recordação dos anos 70.

  13. Nicole Stoudt


  14. Adri Elric

    I'm pretty sure Billy Preston was a Muppet.

  15. Florax

    Man those chord changes...👌

  16. Erika Fine

    Great stuff!!

  17. Mike Thacker

    Super groove.

  18. jose Penate

    Yeah baby

  19. Shawn Smith

    If this song can't make you move then you have no soul!

  20. Blair Williams

    Amazing uncelebrated and forgoten talent

  21. Mark Chavez

    Michael bennots dad?

  22. 戸谷健二


  23. Thomas Walker

    Is he lip syncing?

  24. Vaz123

    Meanwhile I'm thinking about the chord progression

  25. t.y everything is good return


  26. Dave B.

    Eddie Murphy (Delirious or Raw?)

  27. Gefletschtes Gebiß

    Such genius songs are no longer written today.

  28. Michael Cummings Herrera

    This is such a good feel-good, toe tapping song, with good rhythm had quite danceable too.

  29. Toye Kuntzmann

    Excellent ! Ça fait des siècles que j’💝

  30. Ewout Geentriangeldus

    Bandmember chances,songs chances but this one we still play and always makes this people feels good.Its so colorless colorful

  31. Isaac Alston

    The best fake afro in the business! lol. great artist and song

  32. Anthony Taylor

    Maaan, This is KILLER ! I can really dig this ! kinda reminds me of the good ol' days, kinda like Groovy man. Have a Nice Day People !

  33. Rich M

    Democratic Impeachment Hearing theme song.

  34. алина логвинова

    Nice try Laurence Fishburne :D

  35. CharlesXavier

    Jesus: So... um... s-so, wh-what have you been up to?
    Bob Denver: N-nothing, nothing really at all.

  36. Robert Berryman

    Wow, it’s been so long since I heard this great song! I had listened to the 12th Street Rag, and so of course youtube immediately recommended this and I’m so glad they did. Preston was such a mega-talent! I wonder if he ever played out the entire 12th Street Rag in a concert. If he did I bet it was as good as Liberace!

  37. Ewout Geentriangeldus

    His voice is full emotion and dark

  38. ninja vigilante

    This is like a real life fat Albert episode

  39. cihtrouschip 4727

    sr pelo

  40. Noam Gonen

    When pop music was still... well musical. Great melody.

  41. Angel Karras

    Disciples - Jesus and Pals

  42. Bill Cayemberg

    Academic Focus AHS, Green Bay Wi says "we got something......" Except SG who is selling a cruddy calendar that has nothing.

  43. Just Ben

    Boomers be like

  44. Raaap Shit


  45. lil shaver

    He messed up the lipsync and smiled it off 0:54

  46. Keith Strand

    Memories, of driving around and groove-in to this song.

  47. Josh Meisenheimer

    0:37 I want to be that happy someday

  48. Stephen Greenwald-Smith

    45 years ago, #1 on the charts & radio 📻🎶🎵🎹💙💛💖, 1974...

  49. Kazuyoshi Sakamoto

    Excellent! I became to know his name from Beatles' song, GET BACK.

  50. dobie gal

    A tidbit of fun trivia. Billy Preston was often referred to as the 5th Beatle. Did a LOT of keyboards with the Fab 4.

  51. bolso66

    They can play

  52. Yves Eric Ndemba Akono

    Waouh 👍👍👍👍

  53. Patrick Phokoane

    Is there any musician of today who can play music live with instruments like that


    Joe satriani.

  54. Jonathan Nieto

    Uffff. .. !Excellent¡ 🏆🎸🎶👍



  56. lajas44

    Trump is using this in the 2020 campaign.

  57. Mad Hatter

    Billy got some serious hair there !!!🤣

  58. Ebony Boop2

    Is Billy Preston and Samuel L. Jackson related???

  59. Alzira AC Carvalho

    Beautifull song and Singer Black 😀💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  60. Rodolfo Garcia

    Super talent Billy Preston

  61. L. Salisbury

    For the longest time I thought this was a Stevie Wonder song...

  62. Kenneth Bonney

    True good music!!! You actually feel the music go through you, if you tell me you don't feel a little Joy when you hear this, check in with God to see if he forgot to give you a soul😭

  63. Ebony Boop2

    Show me those stacks!!!

  64. Lucio florenzzo

    Billy canta muito fácil!

  65. alexandre carvalho

    The 6th Rolling Stone.

  66. Ma.luisa Mendiola Arroyo

    Me encanta su pelo

  67. Jorge Farfán

    Brutal maestro gracias por siempre amen

  68. Jorge Farfán

    Bestial que genio el quinto Beatle que bravo el maestro Billie Preston vaya que funky desde Bogota gracias

  69. Killa Watt

    That fro is on point.

  70. K. LOUK

    Didn't know that NPR Tiny Desk existed way back in 1974...

  71. Salazar Payne

    Those horns tho!

  72. db60615

    5 friends in the basement making a hit song! It's beautiful.

  73. Blue Butterfly Wellness

    70's Music Video BEFORE MTV!

  74. norcal91

    I've never seen such a majestic afro in my life. RIP brotha

  75. Frank Linden

    Wow! That hit the spot! ..but that jiggling afro tho!

  76. Watchtower7

    That is got to be the Dopest Afro on the face of the earth.

  77. KiwiComics

    I wish music like this was still made today

  78. An Vi

    So great

  79. 신승범

    피카츄 배구 !

  80. Rashad Abdur-Rahim

    Never forget how cleverly this man couched a cold blooded pimpish message in one of the most happiest and acceptable melodies and rhythms of all time lol

  81. Zac Dior

    Never heard of him but this sounds cool. I love those chord changes.

  82. KL LWC

    He REALLY deserves a documentary 🖤His life certainly wasn’t boring and there was some dark episodes in his life but true friends were there for him when he needed them 🎤🎧🎼🎹🎨

  83. kid freeze

    Extremely talented

  84. Steve Martino

    Timeless slapper, still good in 2019

    Greg DeAndrea

    It'll still be a classic in 3019.

    Michael Savin

    @Greg DeAndrea 100 percent Agree

    Michael Savin

    100 percent Agree

  85. Spooder man

    That guy on the base with the ”Mario Oddyssey hat” really looks like a black Shia LaBeouf IMO

  86. darkknightsds

    I don't smoke pot but I want to smoke pot with this guy

  87. Droveg

    Long live and prosper. Billy

  88. Kerroro

    à ta guise


    À la tienne

  89. Buck3n

    This song always makes me think of Eddie Murphy Raw when he calls home and his drunk dad answers the phone. "Lillian can not use the phone" xD

  90. ruff2007

    he's from the neighborhood I grew up in.westend houston,texas 77007.peace.

  91. Kazo Alhaji

    Every man should remember this when he meets a woman, women already have this in their DNA!

    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    You're nothing but what you can provide to a woman...period. If she can find someone that provides more, she'll leave you flailing like a tumbleweed in a tornado.

    Gil B

    Is this song mentioned in one of Eddie Murphy's stand ups from the 80s?

    Ebony Boop2

    Us women are taught this at young age. Every woman period.....

    Rob Hill

    Hehehehe hehehe right on man

  92. Mario Maneri

    Che forza!

  93. Seymour Booty

    Dush ini gno mawuy tyu wawa tisi vhe pol!!

  94. Edward Anthony

    Billy played with Nat King Cole as a child.

  95. sdelaypausu

    Шапка у товарища классная!

  96. Liberty

    That Room was Jam packed.


    You had to do somthing for a motha-fucka to punch you in the mouth.

  98. Mystery Me

    I love YouTube recommendations

  99. Ein Walroß

    I'm just imagining this as somebodys living room and they're all buddies that decided to have a jam session.