Preston, Billy - Isn't It A Pity Lyrics

Isn't it a pity?
Now, isn't it a shame
How we break each others hearts
And cause each other pain?

How we take each others love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Isn't it a pity?

Some things take so long
But how can I explain
When not too very many people
Can see we're all the same

And because of all their fears
Their eyes can't hope to see
All the beauty that surrounds them
Lord, ain't it a pity?

Isn't it a pity?
Lord, ain't it a shame
How we break each others hearts
And cause each other pain?

We keep taking each others love
Without thinking no more
Forgetting to give back
Lord, Lord, ain't it a pity?

Forgetting to give back
Ain't it a pity?
We keep taking each others love
Oh Lord, ain't it a pity?

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Preston, Billy Isn't It A Pity Comments
  1. thebeatlesenchile

    Best version of the whole show.
    "Something" takes the second position.

  2. Thales Fontanetti

    what a moving piece!

  3. Michael Scott

    Eric is possessed during his solo.

  4. Hongyuyang Guo

    Perfect version of "isnt it a pity', George must be proud of it.

  5. mjmsongs

    If that Hammond B3 solo doesn't tear you in half, you ought not claim to be a fan of music. Billy, thank you for that one. "It lifts me up when I'm feelin' down." I play that for people, and their jaws hit the floor.

  6. Rafael Valentini

    Monster Billy Preston!

  7. MrJL75

    RIP marvellous Billy Preston

  8. Alberto Costa

    Fantástic...Superbe...the best! Billy Preston...Clapton... :)

  9. TheBluewaterBlonde

    George Harrison said, "Dhani looks more like George Harrison than I do."

  10. Gregor Miller

    If you guys get a chance, plz check out my friend Chadde's site, he breeds and raises Lycan Shepherds and Renascence Bulldogges. His site is 1st508th Airborne. If ya stop by, say hey for me, thanks.

  11. robin knight


  12. Irene Leão


  13. Reio Flink


  14. James Dalgleish

    He was fav Beatle.....

  15. udiseus

    ממעמקים קראיתך

  16. luis angel

    F for George

  17. RFV Yukio

    I love the way Billy Preston plays the keys at 3:13 His faces are so great. You can tell he absolutely loves playing the keys there. And he gets lost in the good vibes. Like a carefree child having fun.

  18. Don James

    tears aren't an obstruction to anything

  19. cyclopsvideo1

    So much emotion and musical goodness coming off that stage.

  20. Jamester Man

    Clapton's like the 4th best guitarist up there. Massive hubris thinking that weak solo could follow Billy's.

  21. lisa de jong

    Isin't a pity, we will nev
    er have
    Another concert like this ⚘
    Unwordable , wath luxury ⚘

  22. Dave Savage


  23. Michael Slavitch

    Damn, Billy.

  24. lisa de jong

    The most wonderful concert ⚘ that ever Heard.⚘ UNFORGATABLE⚘

  25. Enrique Aldanondo

    ¿No es una lástima?
    ¿Ahora, no es una pena?
    Cómo nos rompemos el corazón el uno al otro
    Y nos causamos dolor
    Cómo tomamos el amor el uno del otro
    Sin pensar más
    Olvidando devolverlo
    ¿No es una lástima?

    Algunas cosas llevan tanto tiempo
    Pero cómo lo explico
    Cuando no demasiadas personas
    Pueden ver que somos todos iguales
    Y debido a todas sus lágrimas
    Sus ojos no pueden esperar ver
    La belleza que les rodea
    ¿No es una lástima?.

    Qué pena
    Qué pena, pena, pena ...
    Cómo nos rompemos el corazón el uno al otro
    Y nos causamos dolor
    Cómo tomamos el amor el uno del otro
    Sin pensar más
    Olvidando devolverlo
    ¿No es una lástima?

    Olvidando devolver
    No es una pena
    Olvidando devolver
    Ahora, no es una pena

    Qué pena
    Qué lástima, lástima, lástima
    Qué pena
    Qué lástima, lástima, lástima

  26. Osvaldo Menezes

    Música maravilhosa demais

  27. Rafael Valentini

    This song remember my dad and my brothers... 🙏❤️

  28. william godoi reck

    When i fell like "man, i need to cry" i always come here.

  29. Lt Columbo

    Just blown away how much ease and dangerous playing Billy Preston did here. And he sang with George love in his heart. And Clapton solo is astounding. He was showing his deep friendship to the man he loved by playing his heart out. This is a must watch concert in your lifetime

  30. Percy W


  31. rick flood

    wow....beautiful billy preston singing George's beautiful song.....what a performance

  32. James Susanka

    Such talent playing their hearts out how fricken awesome.

  33. arik chernovski

    Billy Preston and his hammond... maybe he is really the fifth beatle .

  34. Ah! bowakawa pousse pousse

    I weep everytime. So beautiful!! To think, Paul was probably watching from backstage waiting for his "big entrance" a little uncomfortable that they used his Hey Jude melody at the end of a most beautiful George song. A song written in 1966. A song which George wrote to be released for the Beatles and they completely ignored him. Isn't it a pity alright!! I hope they stuck it to the man. I hope Paul was nervous!! He had the audacity to play on All Things Must Pass - another he and others refused to let it be on a Beatle record. RIP my Sweet George and Beautiful Billy Preston.

  35. sue springell

    Watching Dhani there gives me the chills, its just like seeing George play ❤️

  36. magical mystery tour

    Rip My Sweet George

  37. Vomiting Confetti

    Once again Billy brings the audience to church. This performance is so spiritual! Magnificent, Spectacular. Truly The BEST!

  38. Claudia Taylor


  39. jackcantskate

    My guy going berserk on the tambourine fucking love it

  40. Pedro Querido

    4:01 "Yeah!" - Andy Fairweather Low :D

    Lynsey C

    That Yeah from Andy made me smile 👍

  41. Kalyan Kakarala

    Greatest guitar player or not but Mr Clapton is such a good musician in terms of conducting a show, that glance at 3.15 shows how precise and skillful he is. Love this song 🤘

  42. Dave S

    Cool 😎

  43. Miguel Pazos

    I too cry when I hear his music rendered in such a beautiful gathering. I miss the way we were and are no more.

  44. TheRoberto44

    We miss you Georgie, we miss you so mouch.

  45. neliko jandieri


  46. Uncle Roy

    Give Albert some of that


    RIP Billy Preston

  48. Ryan Chadwick

    This version always gives me the happy tears man!!!

  49. kurikokaleidoscope

    Five hundred bucks and a round of drinks says the Hey Jude part came from George.

  50. kurikokaleidoscope

    No time to run off the stage on this night. Clean and mean. Super work by Billy and the band.

  51. L Blue Heron

    Preach Billy!!! One of my favorites. Thank you, Dhani and Mrs. Harrision

  52. Joyce Arnold

    Dhani, I still just want wrap you up in my arms and tell you everything is gonna be alright!

  53. Joyce Arnold

    It's truly a pity, especially for those of us who call ourselves Christians 😥 I'm an alto and the harmony is like I've never know!

  54. enzo rothen

    Q versión...

  55. TAC

    Moses built a Ship✝️🚹⚖📜👈🌈

  56. Carlos Schroeder

    I am atheist but... Amen!

  57. lee turton

    What a tune....that's some serious song that is..magical

  58. Carl Windsor

    Just love this...Billy Preston is my musical hero. Awesome concert.

  59. JnK Shelton

    This sounds so good on my Electra Glide sound system. May the good Lord always watch over Billy and George. Sincerely from the very deepest part of my heart, Kevin W. Shelton Port Republic southern Maryland on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

  60. Highly Likely

    Mıssıng You, dear George. Rest In Peace....

  61. Tonetwisters

    Isn't it a pity that more people in the world do not come to Jesus before they pass ...

  62. Laurie Croad

    THIS song must be one of the greatest of all time, in our troubled times... I wept through it...

  63. VoxMax1200

    Amazing solo by Billy Preston!

  64. James Susanka

    nobody writes songs like this anymore

  65. Thales Fontanetti

    such a beautiful and touching song! Tears rolled down my eyes!

  66. Dylan Murphy

    God bless Billy Preston and George

  67. felipe mongelos paniagua

    Hermoso! Sin palabras para alabar tanta belleza

  68. Joyce Arnold


  69. Richard Deschamps

    Billy Preston took it to another level God Bless George and Billy just get goose bumps every time . Thanks

  70. The Fish Slappee

    One of the performances of any song which makes me cry the most often, I want all of humanity to listen to this :D SO GOOOOOOOOOOD yaaaaaaaaay

  71. TheBatugan77

    Miss you George. We were blessed.
    Miss you Billy. You were the best.

  72. JeanPat

    Absolutly awesome !!!RIP George

  73. TroutOfOrder

    Imagine being Dhani Harrison and learning guitar from George freaking Harrison as a child

  74. Enrique García López

    would it be too ignorant to claim that George Harrison wrote more goosebumping songs than John Lennon or Paul McCartney? Anyway, that’s my take on their contribution to music. All legends, even Ringo

  75. luis alexander

    La Propia Crema................. GRANDIOSO

  76. Michael Scott

    This song takes me to The Throne if Grace.

  77. Nicola Fisher

    Realised watching original tribute for George 2004 that While my guitar gently weeps was for the sadness of missing Liverpool mate John L and a significant other that should never have been.

    Thank you

  78. nano italia

    3:28..preston's face resume how delightful was for everybody...

  79. Alan Mmm

    5:11 <3

  80. speed racer

    Preston and Clapton create magic here.

  81. Zapple

    1:08 | _"Take it, Billy"_

  82. Amy Molina


  83. mohamed oran

    But who's gonna tribute the master of guitar EC 😢😰

  84. Joel Brady

    Who is the guy in the hat playing lead guitar not Eric but who

    nano italia

    Marc Mann

  85. Phil Townsend

    George and the rest of the Beatles have and will always be a massive inspiration to me as a musician, God rest his beautiful soul.

  86. manco82

    I wonder why there was never a Concert for John.

  87. Bien Kee

    Such a beautiful song that mirrors the genius of beloved and most underrated George Harrison as composer / musician! So aptly sang by incomparable Billy Preston!

  88. Louis Cracchiolo

    It started to sound like hey Jude at the end would if one of them just yelled out hey Jude

  89. Valson Pereira

    Isn't It A Pity that you gone, George! RIP...

  90. Richard Jones

    quite possibly also 1 of if not the most spectacular Hammond solos ever beautiful tribute by another late genius

  91. Anita Huie

    It's so sad 8

    Anita Huie

    Thx, Jeff for being the producer of the music.

  92. Alejandro Corona

    Everybody so into it...

  93. Alejandro Corona

    De las mejores de este concierto...

  94. QJ Verdun

    They threw down

  95. John Lemon

    "Billy Preston!"

  96. leandro Pablo grizzuti


  97. Evan Tapper

    I need a tambourine.
    * Nuff said.

  98. Kat Masterson

    one exquisite and heartbreaking Tribute. A great concert.
    Always Missed.

  99. Patrick Borbely

    How lovely and what a pity. Lesson for all mankind found in this art. Miss you, George. Love lives on.

  100. Debra Bolton

    This concert brought tears to my eyes, to see so many talented musicians paying tribute to George Harrison. I was not a Beatles fan but came to appreciate Mr. Harrison's music when he was on his own and especially with the Traveling Wilburys. Seeing his son perform was touching.