Preston, Billy - A Long And Lasting Love Lyrics

A long and lasting love
Not many people find it
But those who do their whole life through
Put their heart and soul behind it
A long and lasting love
A long and lasting love
Is what I've always dreamed of
And when I look into your eyes
I knew I'd really seen love

A long and lasting love
We share for many reasons
A special bond
That goes beyond the changing of the seasons
A long and lasting love
A long and lasting love
Someone I can care for
Someone to be there for the rest of my life
A long and lasting love

I never thought that I would meet someone so beautiful
I never thought I'd see a love like this
Tonight I'll show you that our love is something beautiful
And I'll seal it with a kiss

A long and lasting love
Is what I've always dreamed of
And when I looked into your eyes
I knew I'd really seen love
A long and lasting love
A long and lasting love

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Preston, Billy A Long And Lasting Love Comments
  1. lostintimeline

    A great duo they offered us beautiful love songs over the years and and this was one of their greatest songs

  2. jungjung Tesoro Pico

    Days Of Our Lives

  3. jubaliciouz

    Haven't checked my channel for 4 years and I am so overwhelmed by numbers of responses! Thank You guys :)


    I love this version of a long and lasting love as will as the version of crytal gayle and eddie rabit if im mot mistaken..


    Crystal gayle alone rather.


    ROSE JOROLAN also glenn medeiros sang this song

    bonnie bianco

    Not Eddie .lol

  5. rockinrobin56403

    I still haven't found my long and lasting love. 😑

    Regina Franilyn Rabina

    rockinrobin56403 it will come unexpected


    rockinrobin56403 me 2

  6. kasj rud

    till now i knew original song is from hawai

  7. Just Simple

    One of my favorites

  8. michael anthony hilario

    So sad those two are already gone. May rest in peace

  9. Micaï. Claude.

    R.I.P. Pretty Syreeta.
    R.I.P. Billy.

  10. Emelda Lawson

    I have a question. Love, which is God ordained, come more then once. The reason is, if their have been 2 different men or women, which have died at different times, as the other dies and you meet, another wonderful person, it is wrong, to love another, the loved one, would not want you lonely. It is highly possible. God, blesses you. I think. God is Love!!!

  11. Emelda Lawson

    The story is being written. Daily! It should be, Wonderful!! It started, many years ago.. Praying and Wonderful, if intelligence, prevails!!

  12. Lucy Gonçalves Menina Elegante


  13. ulises9925

    Bonita versión pero prefiero la de Glenn Medeiros.

  14. GL AnnapolisTeam

    Pretty song. If you haven't checked out some of Syreeta's solo music. She was great & should have been a major star.

  15. summer time


  16. Miki Okuno

    thanks a long lasting blessing and love from God husband and my family❤❤

  17. Beata Kuno

    A Long and Lasting Love..

  18. Dave Wollenberg

    Either Crystal Gayle covered it, or vice versa.

  19. Matt Edward Genobisa

    Love is shared by two hearts that understand and love each other. This version is a perfect one!


    This is the kind of love everyone pray for and appreciate when it finally happens.

  21. Madisonclaire Dane

    which one was the original version?this or crystal gayle's?


    Neither, but this version came before Crystal Gayle's.

  22. dunamis333

    When I was a teenager I would pray for my wife, whom I hadn't met at the time, this is one of the classic love songs that inspired me. I did eventually meet her, and we've been happily married now for 18 years.

    Kary Babii

    Awww how tweeeetttt 🥰😍💕👯‍♂️

  23. Leizelle Jarana

    this will be my wedding song.

  24. Cynthia Chatman

    Now this is a love song! Thanks.

  25. glasscitadel12

    A beautiful memory. Life is something--isn't it?

  26. Lorna Coming

    so beautiful song i like this..

  27. Leizelle Jarana

    beautiful wedding song

  28. ladymuziklover

    truly beautiful song

  29. Rowel Villacruz

    i.m always inlove because of this song

  30. michelle barrameda

    made me cry... so touched thanks for uploading...

  31. lafavuloza

    this is the version that i love the most!

  32. 前川靖夫


  33. moral jocelyn

    eto yung alam ko at parati kong pinapakingan nun mon eto yung gustong gusto ko^_^v baka masakal mo na naman ako hah^_^v love you.

  34. gazunt


  35. Taylor Fam Squad

    i know that patience can give a longg and lasting love :)

  36. Kary Babii

    @leizelle1 where? i wanna know too? Any one can recommend an mp3 downloader/converter?

  37. czarjjna3

    I believe it was Jane Olivor who first sang this song and could be found in her album the "Best Side of Goodbye", Columbia 1980. This song was written for her by Michael Masser (born Michael William Masser, 1941), a former stockbroker, is a composer and producer of popular music.

    Jane Olivor - 1980
    Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright - 1981
    Crystal Gayle - 1985
    Glenn Medeiros - 1988

    bonnie bianco

    My first version was by Glenn. Medeiros. I can't choose a fave version.

  38. Jo Ann Tanchoco

    This is our theme song, the Crystal Gayle version wayback in 1986.
    Out theme song... of my late husband, Jojo.. I still love and miss you my dad..

  39. ladymuziklover

    beautiful song & nice pic

  40. jubaliciouz

    @womblewandering I think it's Crystal Gayle who did the first version

  41. jubaliciouz

    @projectlimed I'm sorry to hear that :(

  42. womblewandering womble


    I thought this was originally sung by glenn medieros? Guess i was wrong lol.

    This is a nice duet though.

  43. All Welcome

    This song is from Minto II: Friends for life.

  44. Ann Espuelas

    May I know where I can download an MP3 File of this song? OR if someone has the MP3 file, can you send it to me? PLease... I've been looking for this so for so long. Hope you'd be able to help me. Salamat! :)

  45. jerome macadat

    pareho tayo nakakaiyak ito

  46. Starelen

    oh my ever goodness.... isn't this one of the greatest ballads of all times?? am i an incurable romantic... oh lord, i love this song, always have, always will.

  47. preciousjey

    i still like the glenn medeiros version, this ones ok different lyrics

  48. Starelen

    this is a fantastic, rare song... so many thanks for uploading this diamond tender ballad.... splendid.

  49. shittywife

    This is the original version I to Crystal Gale 1985.....Big Tune

  50. rhoyzie sarmiento

    nice version..... especially the chorus part..... a potential wedding song

  51. rhoyzie sarmiento

    nice version..... especially the chorus part..... a potential wedding song

  52. leigh877

    Wow! This is a great version! Thanks!

  53. Meg Castellow

    Memories of my twenties flood me, and in some ways break my heart all over again. But I totally embrace those feelings again.

  54. Brock’s Grit

    I love this version. The refrain part is wonderful and I can feel the romantic voices of both Preston and Syreeta.


  55. GerrySELondon

    I love this song. So many memories.