Pressure 4-5 - Melt Me Down Lyrics

Born into fire
No given shape no
Sense of a beaten road
Trained by our voices
Given one choice it’s
Break the shell and move ahead
Or eighteen dead and decided

Melt me down
Pour me out
Into the mold
But I’ll break out

Time is our magnet
I’m sticking to it
An iron-clad existence
Is a prison in itself


Have we all become molded
Alive to the world
But inside dead
To be nothing…

I’ll break out
I’ll make it
Yeah I’ll make it
Do it my way

Born into fire
No given shape or
Chance to remain as we wish to be
And that is free…


I will not become molded
Allowed by myself to be nothing now
I’ll be nothing now

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Pressure 4-5 Melt Me Down Comments
  1. Damian Edwards

    Great Album and Band. just great crafted rock in the nu metal genre.

  2. Doug Prishpreed

    15 thumbs downs from concerned parents. I bet you make a excellent principal!

  3. Brian D. White

    I'm an old 50 year old punk/metal crossover kid from the late 70's-80's and have been listening to this record since it was released, talent is talent, and the perfect balance of elements go into this band that make them so pleasing to listen to. So good.
    Wish I saw them live.

  4. neongore

    Is this about meth?

  5. Cory Danrich

    This is such a Nostalgic track that goes back to highschool.

  6. Austin Hall

    Loved this band back in the day!

  7. Juiced Up

    Anyone here like Strata?

    mad traz

    Juiced Up strata好きだよ。

  8. Jeramy Stacey

    The whole album is great.
    Still listening in 2018

  9. ernesto alvarado perez sancho


  10. czarpaul01

    This album is still something I listen to a lot. Wish they had done more than one album. Seriously kick ass tunes.

    Богдан Нестеренко

    czarpaul01 They had 2 albums

  11. coreysteady

    such a good fucking song

  12. Madden Scrubs

    This band only lasted one album, such a damn shame. Late 90s and early 2000's was a great time for rock and hard rock music.

    Богдан Нестеренко

    They had 2 albums

    Sohib Conner

    Its actually nu metal that was popular back then

    Man de Gaturiss

    Egor Nesterenko dude

    MikeyB48 Berry

    So true

  13. Jordan Saks


  14. jerkin.megherkin

    was lucky enough to see these guys at ozz fest an meet em. they also signed my ticket

  15. Malesa Odom

    CD came out when I was in 4th grade I'm now 25 and still listen to this album!

  16. Warren

    definitely my favorite Pressure 4-5 song!

  17. AssDust

    32 and still listen to this album

    Dan Malzi

    There's no age limit on music

    Madden Scrubs

    38 and still listening here. I loved this band and was pissed when they didnt come out with new music

    Doug Prishpreed

    @Madden Scrubs Hes a school principal now yeah

    a Mun

    Right before they broke up I got to see them . 🤟🏼

    Richard Avery

    I am 32 as well, and I bought this album the day it came out with my yard work money lol still love this album to this day!

  18. doctorshifty83

    I love underrated stuff like this. I even listened to stuff like dis in high school. The singer teaches high school in Vacaville now correct? That's what I keep hearing. If so, bad ass!:)

    Partly Cloudi

    he's the principle at my school! will c wood!!

    Joshua Beshears

    who are you tho

  19. ConfuserOfficial


  20. Mike Walker

    I want a cd

    WWE Fan

    It's on Amazon

  21. SellyBabes

    It's funny because the lead singer Pressure 4-5 is now the voice principal of my high school.

    bishop Wyatt

    True Shit?

  22. vvstreetfightervv

    A band I was in back in 2003-2005 covered this at some of our shows. People were sooo into it. After the shows they were always asking when we wrote Then I told them it was a pressure 4-5 song, and they said: "who?" Awesome project done way before their time, should've had far more exposure. Shame.

  23. Caroline

    The lead singer is now the vice principal at my school.

    Nico The Nacho

    I guess that answers my question if his students know his history with the band XD Does he ever openly talk about it or anything? Or is it something that's talked about amongst the kids there??? I actually really wanna know.


    Nicholas Kreutzer it’s more of the kids know already and point it out to him.

  24. Nick Ortiz


  25. Sam Jackson

    Well be sure to tell your principal his music helped me through alot of tough times !!

  26. james williams

    the lead singer is our vice principal at PHS we call him Mr. Rich Thumbs up if he should sing at one of the rallys or should of stayed in the band

  27. chris todd

    We tried so hard to get Mr. Rich to play at graduation.... sadly it didnt work

  28. AverageNinjaMedia

    I miss Mr. Rich. :'( Best Chem teacher ever, then he left.

  29. despitefaith1


  30. Diffy

    Me too.

  31. Matt Dargis

    You may have one of the coolest vice principals ever.

  32. vikingmullet

    I remember this shit from tony hawk pro skater 3

  33. SinSchism

    So... what's it like knowing that your Chem. teacher/Vice Principal has rocked harder than you ever will?

  34. Keiler Landgraf

    @elopz94 he is the vice principal at my high school his name is mr. rich

  35. MatandoGueros

    @elopz94 then tell him to get in music biz

  36. Patryck

    the lead singer is my vice principal

  37. HerptotheDerp

    @elopz94 Get him to let you guys watch the chemical breakdown of something like metal through melting/liquefaction, and have him pour it into another container of some sort. Then get him to sing the chorus to this badass song. :D

  38. McScrabulous

    I haven't listened to this song in years and I still know it word for word. So many memories from this album!!!

  39. Dingoman013

    @georgeprodjex yeah i have him as well, and he doesnt get asked as much as you'd think

  40. Jayla Shakesnider

    @georgeprodjex haha no he es my earth science teacher..lmao he still cool thoe his band should get back together

  41. autXD

    @georgeprodjex not that I know of

  42. TerRec59

    Miss Them

  43. TerRec59

    If U think That Pressure 4-5 Should Get back together Put Thumbs up

  44. autXD

    Lead singer teaches bio at my school

  45. Dixon Gaming

    Barryman9000 dude what happened to you guys? You guys are one of the best bands ive ever heard!!!

  46. barryman9000

    If I remember correctly, this footage is from a show we played in Denver with Alien Ant Farm and The Apex Theory. The video was made shortly after, so sometime in late 2001 maybe early 2002.


    What happened to you after the band split?

  47. chris cull

    i wish this band was still around

  48. lucas lacerda

    banda muito loka!