Pressure 4-5 - Beat The World Lyrics

Try to use a better piece of your mind
But you’re inside out
And the whole world’s there to see you
Does it make you want to think
About the tragic things in this life
If you want to cry
It’s hard to deny
That it makes me want to die
For the madness that’s in this world
If you want to die
Then it’s over now


If you want to beat the world
It might reach up and pull you down
If you want to find the way
The door is locked, the key is rusted

So break away from all these chains that bind you, cut you at the wrists
Or does it make more sense to just go
And make the scar yourself
‘Cause you like to see it bleeding
And you like the color red
But you’ve seen the light
Through the hate and all the lies
And the madness that’s in this world
If you want to die
Then it’s over now


Too rusted to find a way…I gotta find


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Pressure 4-5 Beat The World Comments
  1. jerkin.megherkin

    If anyone happens to see this an goes to school where the singer works if he still does that shit...tell him it's 2020 an I still listen to this shit an still have my ozz fest tickets from 2001 signed by them

  2. Tommie Reid

    1:15 Dimples are cool..

  3. Damian Edwards

    i absolutely LOVE this band. they represent the nu metal genre SO well. great times and overcoming the bullshit. great beats. kick ass playing. great vocals.

  4. Maycie Huddleston

    Where all the will c wood kids at that have Adam as their principal?

  5. mad traz


  6. relaxshacksDOTcom

    Whole album is great. Very underrated band- I still listen to the album in my car....

  7. irreversiblemess

    anyone got the demos they recorded after this album?

  8. Trojann Perez

    I thought this was papa roach

  9. Squirt Slurper

    The singer took some balls to the face at the end!

  10. Paul Joseph V.

    I got these guys of then!!

  11. unstoppableExodia

    I discovered this band after downloading the tony hawk 3 soundtrack and loved the song melt me down so much that I looked up more of their songs on kazaa and they were all great. Such a shame they had such a brief time in the spotlight, their talent deserved better.

  12. Justin Flores

    Criminally underrated

  13. Kris O

    Brings me back to high school an this coming on kroq

  14. Cloud_TeN

    0:42 when you see a spider on the ground lol

  15. Sammy J Watson

    I forgot how cool your tones were as well your songs...

  16. Blake Blackstone

    Been coming back to this video for years and years now. This comment section is where I found out the lead singer became a teacher. And now I'm seeing he has become the principal. Hahaha.Weird how times change. I was jamming to this in the early 2k's when it was on rotation on MTVX. I have their CD as well. Music just isn't what it used to be.


    He isn’t like this at all anymore.

  17. VaajpaOfficial

    Same location in Disturbed - Voices music vid

  18. wendell owings


  19. Andrew Heller

    ahh the nu metal days of late 99 early 2000s going back to these songs and get that sense of nostalgia from it. I still rock out to some nu metal now a days....five pointe O, flaw, APT 26, primer 55, union underground, Ultraspank to namedrop a few...takes me back to high school and simpler times

  20. Joe Austin

    I remember buying this cd. This was the only good song on it lol.

  21. Mountain Jam

    Absolutely tragic we only got one album from these guys. Im still listening regularly 18 years later...never gets old...always beautiful music...start to finish its a masterpiece

  22. Victor molina

    Papa roach are you???

  23. Drew Jackson

    Love this song

  24. Chris Craven

    Hey, Principal Rich, would you please get this damn band back together?? Ya band was excellent, and 1 album was nowhere near enough! Oh, and I hope you dont suspend me for this...


    Hey Chris, ready for finals?

  25. selw0nk

    I always thought he voice sounded like Jacoby of Papa Roach.

  26. John Lichtenberg

    I loved this whole cd back in the day, but im really having a hard time trying to figure out why the crowd in this video is stage diving and "moshing" and what not. This is music is not heavy like that, at all. lol damn we were dumb in 2001.

    Chris Craven

    Back in the mid 90's to early 00's, people would mosh to ANYTHING. I mean, people were moshing to Weezer and Our Lady Peace, m'kay? If they dug the music, they'd mosh away. It was kinda hilarious.

  27. Wesley 013's

    Alguém em 2018 ? 😈

  28. Caryn D Prescott

    Vince Neilstein from Metal Sucks tweeted about these guys. He said that you should play this vid and let autoplay guide you thru the underrated nu metal scene.

  29. Hypebeast

    This is my principal

  30. Freddy Shenanigan

    I saw this band open for alien ant farm in 2001 at the EMP in Seattle at a private 107.7 FM show. They will forever be the first band I saw live in my life.

  31. ThisSideOf August

    it's been too long. always loved this band. saw them and hoobastank at st. Andrews in Detroit a bunch of times. awesome.

  32. jaime sanchez

    when tower records was the place to be and get nu metal bands back in 2001, after going off of work and you would see mtv2 and find out kick ass bands not crying out today, another era, the post era after post grunge, and people hanging out steady and tight, well, when we were young

  33. Homey Iommi

    Ozzfest 2001 mix bunch of nü-metal tunes ever put together. AKA my adolescence personified.

  34. AxCxVevo F

    From lead singer to a briefly successful Nü metal band to school principal.
    Now that's success xD

  35. google account

    Where can I find more music that starts off with that electro beat intro?

  36. James Yusko

    Pressure 45 , LiNKiN PaRK, CKY...will be the greatest show oF all TIME...Oh..and...HELMET.....TOOL....KoRn...and.....The Mighty MighTy Bostones..also LAGWAGON,,,and NOFX..MOtionless iN WHhite..A DAY TO REMEMBER...this is Jay I"m out"

  37. Madden Scrubs

    Another band from the early 2000's that should've been more popular.


    I blame Limp Bizkit for killing nu metal. Sure, they sold a lot of records, but they also caused a LOT of people to never even give the genre a try, and as a result a lot of better bands from that period never found their audience.

    Richard Avery

    @SithCats I think that's an unfair opinion of it. If it weren't for Limp Bizkit being as popular as they were, a lot of these bands wouldn't have even been looked at in the first place unfortunately. They helped usher in an era in music, love it or hate it.

  38. Lewis Bush

    hey guys does Adam Rich have Facebook cause i want to be his friend on Facebook

  39. Daniel Gilmetti

    Ive been looking for this for years. I loved this band when I was a kid hahaha

  40. Poppa Magi 1 Views November 26 2015

    Yeah, they had an early 2000s style. Great song and video.

  41. dirt bag

    finally I found this song. I had heard it the first time on a 2001 Ozzfest CD. I got free 2002 Ozzfest


    I still have that CD in my car. Tons of great stuff on it!

  42. Dawn Keibalz

    Chris volz and Jacoby from Papa Roach ....

  43. DJ M.O.D.

    can ANYONE please tell me, what Ozzfest cd is this on? IF I remember right, it was somewhere between 2001 and 04.... anyone?
    *preliminary thank you if you know

    Kyo Kusanagi

    This is the only info i found on wiki about pressure 4-5, no albums that have this track or at least not on a google search.


    It was 2001. This song was track 3, right after "What a Day" by Nonpoint and before "Chemical" by No One. Awesome CD.

    Homey Iommi

    2001, definitely. GREAT bunch of bands on that CD

  44. Jimmy Bryce

    the lead singer is my schools principle

    Madden Scrubs

    Can you ask him why they only put out one album? Would've loved to have heard more stuff from them.

    Daniel Sanford

    Their core members quit after their first tour, and the band was $1.1 million in debt and the album wasn't successful enough.

    Steven Manning

    Sounds like they got royally fucked. Sad how some record labels take advantage of bands like that.

    Toreyano Huber

    Yeah he was my principle

    † Sebastian †

    + Jimmy Bryce
    Lmao I remembered the song...Spidy.

  45. tkdpower

    I cant believe it was 15 years when this came out in 2001. This song was on Tough Enough album. Ozzfest in the 2000s were my life.

  46. Jaybob

    The Vocalist Adam, he's my principal


    Sorry Bro, Does he make you watch his videos in detention?

    Keith Thompson

    His music inspires me.

    Izzy T

    He's a principle now? As in public school?? If so, that's kick ass


    Jaybob That's fucking awesome!

  47. Lou Rivera

    This album... still holds up. It's one of the very best albums that came out in the 2000s and one of my favorite albums of all time.

    Beat the World
    Melt me Down
    These hands
    Into Yesterday


    Ancient Of Days

    ...mine too...miss them...!

    Joe 1218

    Gots to agree. This album is amazing.

    Justin Flores

    Sorry for the late reply, but you can't forget Proven and New Wave. Those were great too imo

  48. James Knowles

    What an era of music. Love it as always.

  49. Dan Malzi

    Another band that failed due to lack of cooperation. From what I've read the band was the brainchild of the vocalist Adam. They got a lot of exposure and built a following really fast, toured, did Ozzfest 01, and toured with other big names. Then his band split on him while recording their 2nd album that never came out. Shame. He could've been huge. Now he's a teacher. It's like a straight to tv movie. Rock singer's fame is ripped away as fast as he got it. Years later hes working a job in a cubicle.


    That's a bummer. This song especially I remember listening to non stop. He definitely has a good voice too, growly enough for metal, but rich enough for rock. It sounds alot like what happened later on with Wayne Static and Static X although I don't know enough in either circumstance to be sure at all.


    Static-X was hugely more popular than this band. About the voice, sounds too flat for me, not enough emotion and melodic variety.

  50. Fabio newmetal

    tempo bom que da saudade

  51. Dan Mitchell

    Sounds like Papa Roach meets 12 Stones? Sounds good to me :-)

    Dawn Keibalz

    Chris volz meets jacoby


    Chris Volz + Jacoby Shaddix + Paul McCoy + John Feldmann + Chris Demakes :-P

  52. Partly Cloudi

    hey uh that's my principle

  53. Ernesto Alvarado


  54. moxshyfter

    *sigh* Back when bands actually knew how to get good bass tone

    I fuckin loved this band <3


    Warwick for the win

  55. ConfuserOfficial



    Probably because their label barely promoted them and no one knew who they were.

  56. Juan Martinez

    I like how Adam Rich is my fucking vice principle at will c wood now


    +Juan Martinez dude same

    Juan Martinez

    +MrFlipperInvader782 yea

    NR Kee

    +MrFlipperInvader782  I did some investigating, and it turns out he is a vice principal. Pic from his twitter:

    Jorge R.

    Damn, you got one cool principal! it makes it easier for you to fuck up hahaha

  57. Jason M.

    This was my anthem when I was 12-13, now I'm 19 and still rocking this through my speakers.

  58. Derek Diedricksen

    Fantastic band- still have the cd in rotation in my car..... solid drummer too!

    Cornbob Rimlove

    +Derek Diedricksen I have always raved about this drummer as well man........I love his taste and feel on this whole album. Saw them live and bought the CD at the show. It's been one of my all time favorites of this style music along with a band called REVIS.

  59. ZShadows

    Damn soooo underated on soooo many levels

  60. mrfmj123

    WWF Tough Enough....

  61. John Gibbons

    I saw this band when they were on tour with Alien Ant Farm and Dredg in Colorado Springs. The guitarist and drummer, who are brothers, were some of the nicest guys ever. While AAF were only letting girls backstage P 4-5 took my brother and I backstage, gave us some drumsticks and picks. Cool guys.


    @John Gibbons Sounds about right, I doubt pussies like Alien Ant Farm could get a girl otherwise.

    Zachery Smith

    I saw that tour in STL. These guys were great. Also got introduced to Dredg that night, and they're fucking amazing.

  62. Davey Johnson

    Oh the days

  63. Bryan Ortez

    So this is what the Yellowcard singer did in his down time.


    @Bryan Ortez Nu-Metal is still a step above that emo-core, indie, punk-pop bullshit.

    Nick Randles

    easy there...there's great music in all those genres and ALL genres

  64. Zvonimir Aračić

    I heard this song in 2014 and I was blow away. I love their burning the process album. Too bad I didn't heard them before in 2001 when I first started to listen nu-metal. Such an awesome underrated band. 

  65. Preston Axtell

    2001?---Damn I feel fuckin OLD


    @Preston Axtell Yuuuuuuup. Same here.


    @Preston Axtell Yep, I was in high school at this time

  66. xBizkits

    The singer reminds me of the singer of Flaw


    Chris with blonde hair and no beard? yeah. (and no tattoos)

    Juan Martinez

    He's my principle at my highschool


    tell him i said hi haha

    Live Wire

    Tylers Chronicles Chris Volz from FLAW is a far superior vocalist than this guy but this was a good song back in the Korn Def tones etc days


    flaw and pressure 4--5 are really good bands

  67. Coby

    vocalist sounds like 12 stones vocalist paul mcoy somethin like dat

    AxCxVevo F

    yes,he actually does.

    Juan Martinez

    He's the principle at Will C. Wood now

    Chris Craven

    Also sounds a bit like Jacody Shaddix of Papa Roach, no?

  68. SummerBreezeTB

    One of the biggest disappointments of that era....that this band didn't last. They were definitely one of the better bands, and much worse bands survived and are still around today. Sad.

    Dan Malzi

    +ofthemorningstar how do you figure? he mostly sings about drug addiction these days


    Korn and Staind are exactly who I thought of when SummerBreezeTB mentioned that much worse bands survived and are still around today. Flaw's cool though, and I didn't know they were still around.

    Jon Autopsy

    Saw them at Ozzfest 2001. They were pretty damn solid!


    Look on the bright side,bands like 40 below summer and flaw are still around,you should listen to SHUVEL they are really good

    Madden Scrubs

    Agreed. Would've loved to see what they came out with next. They had a lot of talent.

  69. John Doe

    And who says that those that can't do, teach? How abou5 those who teach ensure the survival of those narrow minded who think they can do? Fucking morons, nobody would be where they are today with teachers.

  70. ItsRandomKam

    this was my backyard wrestling theme back wen that was cool lol, song still rocks tho!

  71. RandomizeYourDay

    Dang Mr. Rich was my biology teacher in highschool lol

    Khanh Nguyen

    Dang he's my principal now 😂

  72. jaime sanchez

    that´s right, bring back pressure 4-5 that 2001 was the year of nu metal, i remember going to see staind, lifer, switched, damn that was awesome, this guys used to rock the house with so much energy, now the bands in the mtv are a joke compared to this band


    There are no bands on MTV.

    jaime sanchez

    actually mtv it is not a music channel anymore, back then in 99 and 2001 nu metal was the thing in mtv2 i remember, a lot of bands coming out in 91 thru 96 grunge was rocking the house but now we dont have too many movements coming out, nu metal for me was my thing and grunge but this particular band just surprised me like no other band has ever talking nu metal-ish 

  73. Vladislavs Kolesnikovs

    That 2001

  74. 1019danny

    Crazy was my sience teacher! He's failed my ass :/ haha whatever he was kind of a hater at our school! Hah

  75. Toby Smith

    Im 36 still rockn this album great songs to bad for the band  collage band yeah but they pulled it off anyone no why and where they went


    Toby Smith The lead singer is the principal of my high school.

    Eric Salley

    Cobalt Sulphate Will C. Wood still there

  76. S S

    Man, I loved this band and album.  I wish they had stuck around longer.

  77. nlorenzo4321

    lol rich is vp now holy shit

  78. cody edie

    The lead singer of this band is now the vice principal at my school

    Diana Julianto

    Tell him that this record means a lot great work people are still jamming his record

    Paul Joseph V.

    When u in a band u usually never leave!!

    Izzy T

    Which school? Location I mean

    Maimed Fascia

    @Izzy T I think it was a joke tbh...

  79. Sherizzler


  80. Calab Knowles

    My old VP lol.

  81. BayAreaThrasher83

    I remember seeing these guys in Modesto around the time this song first came out.

  82. Trevor McWilliams

    The singer is hella sick rock on mr. Rich

  83. 831solo


  84. TheCuddlyKnife

    apparently the singer is teacher/vice principal at some school. well, that's what half the comments say.

  85. Brandon Muller

    This takes me back to high school...ah I dont miss you teen angst, lol...great song tho!


    It takes me back to high school because he’s my principal

  86. Zakk_Z0mbi3

    WTF ever happened to these guys? I remembr seeing this vid on Mtv back in the day, when Mtv actually stood for MUSIC Television lol.

  87. preston wrachford

    The lead singer is my Vice Prince
    !!! Mr. Rich!!!

  88. Jennifer Sanchez

    The Singer is my Vice Principle

  89. luv2eatpuss79

    bet he wishes he had his old gig back

  90. oh7mak

    no there is, does it matter if I spell knew as new or know as no? If English is a second language, I understand, if not, please do not be so sensitive over common shortenings to spellings that do not in anyway interrupt the flow or understanding of the sentence. This is no where near as bad as those who type as if they are a gangster or something. That is completely unrecognizable.

  91. miracleeraser

    Is there no "k" key on your keyboard?

  92. Caryn Williams

    thumbs up if they should get back together or should sing at one of the rallys at school

  93. james williams

    lead singer is my vice principal at PHS and at 2:43 shows the tattoo he still has

  94. james williams

    the lead singer is the my vice principal at PHS high school he even said he was and showed me the tattoo he has on his arm

  95. Jon Malone

    jesus, i saw them at oz fest in i really getting that old now? son of a bitch!

  96. Jennifer Sanchez

    Its so weird. My brother and I loved this band when we were growing up and this year when I went into HS I found out he is our Vice Principal


    What was it like?

  97. Avalon Putney

    lead singer is my vice principal

  98. oh7mak

    new he was in a band, didnt no he was this big

  99. jason m

    I remember jammin out to this album at penn state in 2001. Between the towers falling and everything else, those were confusing times. This band was a staple in our apartment, got us through everything. These guys were bad motherfuckers...If you havent heard the rest of it, the whole album is worth a listen.

  100. SimbaKoda4444

    LOL 2:25

    "I'm levitating air!"