Presley, Elvis - You'll Think Of Me Lyrics

I'm sorry now girl, but I must leave you
There's something deep inside my soul keeps calling me
The winter wind girl, will not deceive you
And in your cold and empty bed, you'll think of me, oh yes
You'll think of me

You'll see me coming, you'll see me going
Don't ask me why, I'm just the kind needs to be free
Just like that outlaw wind keeps on a-blowin'
Yeah, in your cold and empty bed, you'll think of me, oh yes
You'll think of me

Now I know you loved me just like I wanted
I know you'd follow me across an endless sea
But baby I've got a heart that's haunted
Yeah, in your cold and empty bed, you'll think of me, oh yes
You'll think of me

Ah but you should know girl that I'll be crying
Out on that lonely road where not a soul can see
I'll shed my tears for a love that's dying
Yeah, in your cold and empty bed, you'll think of me, oh yes
You'll think of me

The summer sun girl will bring a stranger
And he'll be better to you than I used to be
And when he takes you into his arms girl
Well, in your warm and loving bed, you won't think of me, no, no
You won't think of me

Then in your warm and loving bed, you won't think of me, no, no
You won't think of me

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Presley, Elvis You'll Think Of Me Comments
  1. вера семенова

    Не понимаю почему он может не правится об ясните на русском пожалуйста

  2. katieshealinggarden

    Although I never got to see him, I felt like I knew him. The day he died I was laying in my bed with my 3 mo old baby girl when the news was on in my bedroom saying he had died... I was devastated! He was one of a kind! God I miss him forever ❤

  3. Joe Billielo

    Unfortunately he was way too empathetic and kindhearted, this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to being manipulated by unscrupulous hangers on. There were so many things that weren't in his best interests, starting with that doomed marriage of his......WHEW!!!!!

  4. David Gibbs

    Elvis at his absolute peak.Beautiful.

  5. Luna Mellor

    He was Soooo good looking in 1969

  6. Beth Johnson

    Thanks for letting me hear this

  7. David Harrison

    He should of hung around a little longer , gone too soon.

  8. Len Drury

    The man loved his cocaine

    Paula Jay

    And you know this how was he a personal friend didn't think so why such an irresponsible comment no one really knew his life except his inner circle we knew what they wanted us to know nothing more and I don't think you were part of his inner circle. I just think that speculation is harmful we knew Elvis had a drug problem but you don't know for sure what it was so until you do go away

  9. Sharon Taylor

    You'll Think Of Me🤔 Yes Indeed Elvis We Will❤ Beautiful Man

  10. Diane Phillips

    Happy 85th birthday

  11. Sidney Almeida

    Elvis 1969

  12. Sidney Almeida

    Elvis Presley forever!!!

  13. George Morrison

    My mama played him when I was a baby 65 and still love his music

  14. Joez86

    The king :)

  15. Cristina Ghersi

    Increiblemente hermoso en esos años!

  16. josette fuentes


  17. Angel Pieces Baby

    I'll NeverForget This Song ! I Love This Mans Style !🍇😇🦄💂‍♂️🌼🌺🌹✌🥀💞

  18. Margret Sims

    This video has some of the most gorgeous photos of Elvis; thank you!

  19. Tim Penfield


  20. 96 lscpower

    I associate this with my family that have passed,

  21. 96 lscpower

    This song always gives me chills,

  22. Denise Lima

    Está para nascer um homem belo como ele! incomparável forever 👋♥️🥰

  23. Stephen Juracek

    An exciting time for sure in Elvis’ Career! A Dynamic, Reinvented Elvis taking on the world!! TCB⚡️

  24. Dee Matthews

    Sorry Guys, when God made Elvis he broke the mould

  25. Erin Gavin


  26. Elenice Castro

    @AnNa... Amoooo!!! ELVIS FOREVER KING👏👏👏🥰⚘🥰⚘Obrigada pelo lindo vídeo Bjs!🥰⚘🥰👏👏👏

  27. cindy brockman

    What a gifted Man!!! Best Looking Man that ever lived!!!

  28. Janice Longthorn

    Wonderful x

  29. Louise Calenda

    When my time is over I will look into the light for ep , always on my mind and in my heart, never new what the opposite sex was till I saw ep , love you forever and ever Louise

    Snowy Owel

    I agree when I first saw Elvis in the cinema he took my breath away so so handsome loved him ever since ❤

  30. Sandy Fields

    ❤️ Love ❤️ This ❤️ Song ❤️

  31. exdus235


  32. N.L L.

    I miss him!

  33. Rosie Cleary

    So handsome he was a angel with such a kind heart love you xxxx

  34. dave mitchell

    forever the king of music....god bless brother bob...still tcb...

  35. Christin Tople

    Truly the most God given talent, God given golden voice! Really is this real?!?! It is really God given talent! God put him right here in our path to bring many to God. I love you Elvis and I'm following Jesus Christ our King. Amen

  36. Grover Bennington

    Still skrikin today...

  37. Anna Elvis

    The greatest entertainer and artist forever and all the time.

  38. Grover Bennington

    Thanks for posting images of Elvis at his most gorgeous!

  39. Isabel Cordero

    Great Elvis, wonderful song!!! I can listen to Elvis' songs hours and hours. I'm never get tired of them!! Sad or happy songs,whatever they are always a guarantee!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song I had never heard before

  40. michael talbot

    elvis will always be the best

  41. Lucrezia Ambruoso

    Le meilleur des king

  42. Blue Moon

    Elvis,you were sooooo right...

  43. Roland G

    the best no comment

  44. Jacob Fair

    Once In a lifetime performer , artist , singer, & entertainer #longLIVEtheKING

  45. bernadette primault

    quelle voix inimitable tout en finesse on est sous le charme forver

  46. Matt R

    Elvis was just a regular guy

  47. Grover Bennington

    This man is and always will be beautiful....That's the way it was...

  48. devinraymond

    Mere mortals just need to accept that the universe is experimenting - a bit of this, a bit of that - all the time. Don't blame Elvis because the Universe got it spot on with Elvis - it took 14 billion years to get Elvis. Suck it up, average Joe - you're special in your way too - just not Elvis special!

  49. agnelanna heavens

    eatin my daddys type boiledbakedsmashed tators burger American nachos that the basic food group

  50. GoldenEra 4ever

    Man, I just don't have a problem saying Elvis was a damn good looking dude. The man just had it all, the voice, the looks, the charisma, the laid back swag, especially in the years of 68, 69 and 70. There will NEVER be another.

  51. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    I will think of you Elvis for ever and always love you and miss you i am 73 tomorrow and I have followed your life and music from Ten years old you are the greatest of all time The King forever and always my idol .perfection💔💔💔💔💔👑👑👑👑👑😢💘💞💘😢💞🌏✨⭐️⭐️⭐️👑💜💜💜🎸🎸🕯🕯

    Jacob Fair

    Happy late bday 🎂

  52. Rick Mays

    We still are!!!!!!! 2019!!!!! 50 years and counting!!!!!!

  53. Magui Só

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍😍 para Elvis mas por que colocar essa mulher?
    Tem que estar acompanhado?

  54. malc jow

    All the legends gone more good music...

    Jacob Fair

    Swear (29 years old saying that)

  55. rhonda ravanis

    I will always love my Holy Family, Glen Doherty St3 /C. I. A. and our United States of America 😇😘😎🐧

  56. Майа Токтогонова

    Miracle is man and voice

  57. David Scott

    what a life to live

  58. Johnny lee

    I'm jealous cuz he was one good-looking son of a b**** but that's my king Elvis

  59. bernadette primault

    un artiste fantastique grande voix faisait ce qu'il vouait comme un instrument belle leçon pour

  60. Nancy Stidham

    I have an Elvis room ,even a life size cardboard cut out of him

  61. Roland G

    son plus grand fan a cinque ans pour vous

  62. Roland G

    le best off moi

  63. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    So Beautiful Elvis God made him he threw away the mold """💘💘💘💘🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  64. Mary French

    "The summer sudden girl will bring a stranger....." What a beautiful line and in the best verse (in my opinion) of this utterly wonderful song that tells the tale of a one sided heartbreaking relationship. This is one of my favorite songs by Elvis.

  65. Sandra Miller

    Elvis Presley had it all but unconditional love a Peace of mind ,,,,

  66. Jack Heppell

    Elvis mighta been good but I'm the criteria by which normal is judged

  67. Big N

    Jealousy is a [email protected]@ isn't it. 108 Dumb-down people so-far. No scene being jealous he has been king for over 73 years now and counting and he stopped putting new songs out over forty years ago and STILL is the king and most-likely all-way will be ~~ GET OVER IT

  68. Sam Dorsey

    How can you give Elvis a thumbs down?? Go listen to some rap crap losers

  69. Claudia Aust

    Ya 😎

  70. el V

    Beutiful man, sexy man 🔥
    The king of kings 👑 FOREVER 👑
    Asombroso, hombre hermoso, hombre sexy
    El rey de reyes por siempre,viva Elvis 💋

  71. Tony Pimentel

    Greatest voice ever!

  72. Angelina Mcmurray

    I love you 💋🌹you are gifted from. God himself for a special reason that non other can are will ever touch amen

  73. Tata Spain

    Before ELVIS there was nothing.

  74. Michael D

    And on the 8th day, God made Elvis!

  75. streetpi1010

    There's that Coral Sitar guitar sound, Rest Peacefully Reggie Young.

  76. Grover Bennington

    Beautiful..Saw the Crazy Horse sculpture in the summer.His profile is so like Elvis.

  77. Stan Menshic

    O.M.G. Elvis with sitar backing, never thought i would hear it & Love it!

  78. Diane Hayse

    I think of you everyday baby. When I wake up until I lay my head down,I think of you.

  79. Ann Corcoran Reeves Thomason

    Elvis is the most beautiful, talented, caring man, in the whole universe! God gave us an amazing gift. I love you, Elvis!

  80. Grover Bennington

    I love this so much..

  81. Mya Pagan

    I have 45s with all his songs

  82. mr micheal john peterson


  83. Juan Carlos Vegallera

    Elvis grande el rey

  84. Augustus 20

    The "me too" campaign has started to tarnish his reputation already, seen it on a couple of posts. All proof of course. Easy to make accusations when people are dead.

  85. Tony Sowerby

    Fantastic vocals amazing lyrics unbelievable song so much honesty and emotion

  86. Leeanne Featherstone

    Love this song. Love you Elvis.

  87. Tony Sowerby

    We lost lyrics and tunes like this when this man left us and it's a tragedy

  88. Charles Biehle

    had to be the most photographed person of all time. r.i.p Elvis

  89. Charles Biehle

    truly one of his best. will never be another like him. R.i.p.Elvis

  90. J A

    J adorre

  91. Zev Feldman

    country style

  92. Michael Biberacher

    The King forever

  93. Chris Hughes


  94. Sallie Hooper

    Wow wow wow is there any song that Elvis couldn't sing what a superb voice he had

  95. J A

    Le plus grand tu as tu est tu seras le King

  96. Mona Gaw

    Another winner for the King He is a champion in everything he sings with his golden voice

  97. Johnny lee

    I was 16 when I hit that interstate I was headed on down the Memphis and I didn't look back and it was great I'll never forget Memphis I love it and I love my king Elvis and that's a great song to to listen to on that interstate Don't Look Back Ivana going God bless him

    Johnny lee

    Elvis and 75 when I was going down that interstate I had a 73 white Eldorado just like yours and it was the greatest time in the whole world when I went to Memphis see you

    Johnny lee

    I'll never forget my king ever I love you Elvis

  98. Sandra Armitage

    I think of you every day wherever you are loving you as always xxx♥️♥️♥️

  99. Louise Thompson

    Sleep easy Elvis.your talent an warmth lives have helped many of us through bad times.those that knew better should have looked after you babe xx 😚