Presley, Elvis - The Fair's Moving On Lyrics

All the rides are over and done
It's late and no prizes are left to be won
The rides are closed, it's the end of the day
The horses are moving away
Yes the fair's moving on
And I'll soon be gone
Remember the love that we've known
Yes the fair's moving on
But I won't leave you long
It's the last time you'll be on your own

The music has ended, the carousel's still
The horses in boxes with the big Ferris wheel
The canvass and glitter are safely on board
The trailers will soon hit the road

Yes the fair's moving on
And I'll soon be gone
Remember the love that we had
Yes the fair's moving on
But I won't leave you long
I'm coming back so please don't be sad

At dawn I'll be gone but I'll soon return
Till then the fair's moving on
Till then the fair's moving on
Till then the fair's moving on
Till then the fair's moving on

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Presley, Elvis The Fair's Moving On Comments
  1. Wilf Macrow

    I feel privileged that I got too see his last two concerts ,
    There are Elvis songs that bring back memories throughout my life

  2. Billie Duff

    True it is sad when u must move on!!

  3. Billie Duff


  4. Janice Justice Rollins

    One of my favorites!

  5. claudemir batista

    It seems gospel music.

  6. Benedito R.


  7. Buzzi DOG

    This voice,this

  8. Anita

    That beautiful voice~~~~   XOXO

  9. Sushmita Banerjee

    Never heard it before but nice as ever

  10. Mario Live Gaming

    I melt away from this voice of voices 💝💝💝💝

  11. Grover Bennington

    one of his best..Kathy Wesmorelan's backing vocal is beautiful...

  12. Anita

    So beautiful~~

  13. Marcio Inacio Inacio

    Linda canção na vós desse fenômeno Elvis Presley

  14. B. W. Starkey

    He Is Alive !!! This is the TRUTH and it's Documented ! It is FACT! That was NOT Elvis in that casket! It was a Wax Dummy ! That is exactly what was in the 900 lb Copper Casket along with a portable AC unit to keep the Wax Head from melting. Everyone that observed the '' body '' in the coffin noticed that the forehead had '' beads of sweat '' Gene Smith, Elvis's 1st cousin, said that the Sideburns had been ''glued on'' and kept coming loose ! Gene also stated that everyone could feel the ''chilled air'' all around the casket that was coming from the AC unit within the coffin. When Gene asked Vernon where Elvis was , Vernon replied , '' He's safe, Don't worry. He's Upstairs .We had to put something on display for the fans ! '' ELVIS did NOT Die on August 16, 1977! ELVIS ARON PRESLEY is STILL ALIVE !!! NO ONE is actually buried there at the Meditation Garden in back of the Mansion. That's just for the Fans , ( the NON-Believers ) and the Tourists. All of Elvis' family members that have passed on are buried somewhere else in a Private Cemetery and ELVIS IS Very Much STILL ALIVE !!! He never really stopped making his music ! He has been recording and making music all this time . He just can''t release any of his songs using his real name anymore because of EPE, Inc. . He has been using different alias ever since . The FACTS are there for ALL to Believe and Accept !!! Elvis Aron Presley is now living as Jesse Presley, aka ''Jon Burrows '' and several other various ''alias''. He staged and faked his death with the help and knowledge of Col. Tom Parker, Dr. '' Nick '' , Joe Esposito , and the FBI by doing a '' Body Swap '' with a Terminal Bone Cancer patient Roscoe Scott Holloway of Germantown, TN of whom Dr. Nichopolous had located. After some minor cosmetic surgery they made Roscoe Scott Holloway look like Elvis, a ''double'' which fooled the Paramedics , the hospital personnel and most family members. Elvis, aka ''Jon Burrows '', was a U.S. Special Federal Agent that worked undercover in various '' sting operations '' against known members of the SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group. The SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group was responsible for numerous multiple bombings of Police Departments , Federal and State Court Houses and other public buildings during the 1960's and 1970's. Charles William ''Bill'' Ayers was the SDS Leader of the Weather Terrorist Group, along with his cohort Bernardine Rae Dohrn, and they were personal friends and Mentors to a one Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama and it was the SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group that put Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama into Politics and made him the Socialist Thug that he is and a threat to the American way of life as we know it. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, the name he used when working for the DEA and later for the FBI as a Special Federal Agent, was appointed by the former late President Richard M. Nixon and Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, worked as a Federal Agent from December 1970 until his official retirement in December 2004. In September 1978 , Elvis, aka Federal Agent Jon Burrows, was the Government's '' Secret Witness '' in '' Operation Fountain Pen '' and He testified in Federal Court against a well known member of the Mafia Organized Crime Syndicate, a one Fredrick Peter Pro of the '' Fraternity '' . On August 16, 1977, Elvis, aka Federal Agent Jon Burrows, entered the Federal Witness Protection program where he stayed until July 1978. Then Agent Jon Burrows, aka Elvis, returned to Washington D.C. where he worked for the DEA and the FBI Counter-Intelligence Branch until his official Retirement in December 2004, and ending 34 years of dedicated Federal Service. Elvis, aka Jesse / Jon Burrows is currently in the Federal Witness Protection program because of past threats made by members of the SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group, Bill Ayers and past threats by certain key members of the Mafia Organized Crime Syndicate, of which Agent Burrows, aka Elvis took part in various undercover '' sting operations '' to indict and bring them to Justice. He is being kept in the Federal Witness Protection Program by the U.S Government DOJ ! All these facts are told in a documentary interview that Elvis / Jesse, aka Jon Burrows, gave, recorded and released on a DVD in January 2012. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, also recorded and released a brand new CD of 15 songs in January of 2012. Both have been voice authenticated 100 % as the voice of Elvis Aron Presley. Elvis was a Bonded Certified & Trained Deputy Sheriff with the Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. in Memphis,Tn, a Reserve Police Captain in the Memphis PD , a Reserve Police Captain with Denver PD and a Reserve Deputy Sheriff with the LA County Sheriff's Dept. He was nominated as One of the Top 10 Young Men in America by the American Jaycees on January 16, 1971 , not for his work as a Entertainer, but for his dedication and work in Law Enforcement !
    A Georgia Fulton County Deputy Sheriff was on location at a Underground Wax Museum in Atlanta, Georgia during the week it was closing around the first of the month of August 1977. Vernon Presley, and a couple of the guys that worked for Elvis, came in and bought a life size wax figure of Elvis, because it was being auctioned off. They made the purchase and on the way out the door, after they loaded the truck, Vernon Presley turned to the Guy at the Museum and said
    " Wait 'til you guys see what we're going to do with this."
    All the facts are told in a documentary interview that Elvis / Jesse, aka Jon Burrows, gave, recorded and released on a DVD in January 2012. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, also recorded and released a brand new CD of 15 songs in January of 2012. Both have been voice authenticated 100 % as the voice of Elvis Aron Presley.

  15. Simon Stevin

    Aside from his 1950s heyday, my favorite Elvis period is from 1968-1970. He just looked great, his suits, his new band, his music, it’s before all the drug bs took over later on in the decade. He still looked young and his voice was better than it ever had been. Much of the music he made during this period has a strong country element to it too, which I love since I’m a fan of old country music from the 40s, 50s and 60s, and his voice works beautifully with that kind of musical style. Simply awesome. Rest In Peace king.

  16. Mona Gaw

    how brilliant to be able to sing about a story The King can sing anything and sound fantadtic

  17. Jelica Djuric

    Elvis Kinggg

  18. Alexander Mcnichol

    I believe Elvis was an Angel sent from God to bring joy to all his fans on earth with his beautiful one of a kind voice and the blessed talent he had that no other artist has ever matched, even 40 years after his death. God knew he was tired and took him back home. Elvis is the only singer i listen to every day of my life. Elvis will live in my heart till God takes me home too!

  19. Alexander Mcnichol

    Elvis Presley IS and will ALWAYS be the greatest singer of all time! No other singer has ever even come close to his beautiful voice! Elvis" music will live on forever. There will never be another Elvis! LONG LIVE THE KING!

  20. Mona Gaw

    How amazing the King is singing a story imagine it takes a genius to sing this one

  21. Mona Gaw

    wow not to many people can sing a story But difficulty was a treasure for the king at work He had a golden voice

  22. Mona Gaw

    The King is singing a story with his powerful voice He has a God given talent

  23. Judy Lim

    Very good song

  24. Mona Gaw

    This one is a treasure, Elvis is singing a great story and expresses every word mentioned THATS WHY HE BECAME THE kING AMEN

  25. Lawana Walker

    Beautiful, wonderful Elvis Presley

  26. Glen Page

    Another great job brother. Thank you.

  27. Otto Greenleaf

    Written by Doug Flett. Sung by Elvis. Awesome. Cheers!

  28. Nunquam Non Paratus

    True Elvis

  29. Shirley Roemer

    A wonderful song seldom played..I love it!

  30. Marilyn Scott


  31. Kristina Hautamäki

    Beautiful song Elvis was the best miss Elvis

  32. Jeanie Collier

    Beautiful song love Elvis til the end of my life

  33. malc jow

    What a guy he was ...

  34. Nigel Wilson

    one cool song the fair's moving on elvis presley back in memphis

  35. gregory john

    I agree with Hey Ringworm 2008

  36. malc jow

    Memorries of the fairground .. good days..

  37. malc jow

    What a waste .. great singer..

  38. mferike1

    Yes, ez szenzációs..............!!!!

  39. malc jow


    Jeanie Collier

    malc jow I agree with you he was the best

  40. Sergio Luis Alfredo

    Enquanto existir um fã de Elvis na face da terra ele sempre será lembrado, Elvis vive !!!

    Marcia Brasileiro

    Sergio Luis Alfredo Adoro Elvis!!

  41. Sergio Luis Alfredo

    Enquanto existir um fã de Elvis na face da terra ele sempre será lembrado, Elvis vive !!!

  42. Jeanie Collier

    which CD or,album,has the,fair,moving on beautiful song

    Cindy Phifer

    Jeanie Collier on Elvis back in Memphis

  43. Jeanie Collier

    the fair is moving on is a beautiful song guessing it was abt Priscilla,

  44. Silhouetto of a Man

    How could anyone call Elvis' music "devil's music?" Come on, a song this light-hearted? Couldn't have been!

  45. Sandra Souza

    LINDO EU AMO VOCÊ ELVIS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Roseann coulter

    Love mA dad ae bits worth a fortune not. aloud to wasteit

  47. Paul Dashwood

    I love this song .what a fantastic man he was..x

    Marcia Brasileiro

    Paul Dashwood

  48. Paul Dashwood

    I reckon if elvis was alive today his voice would be just the same...I have a feeling .god bless.

  49. HeyRingworm2008

    How extremely sad it is ..... when we have a radio media that only ever plays the same dozen or so " obvious "Elvis hits  over and over ..While hundreds of beautiful Elvis songs , like this song , never get played at all !!   The radio stations should hang their heads in shame .


    This is WHY I bought Sirius Radio, so I can get Elvis 24/7.

    Melita Sampson

    HeyRingworm2008 this is the first time I’ve heard this song and ive also listened to some other songs ive never heard

    Ralph Williams

    Signal 2 radio 2 all play the same songs every day but in dif order they think we are bloody stupid as for elvis they could play all his every day for a month there listening figures would go through the roof i be honest i listen to signal 2 once theyve played elvis i turn it off

    Linda Gilbert

    Wow how so very true THANK-YOU

    Maria Aparecida

    Elvis Presley sempre te ouve em Deus dos 8 ano elvis presley eu sou a Cida eu ti admiro por tudo vc e um grande homem lindo tem outras vidas e vc sempre vai brilhar ti amo

  50. Sandra Miller

    beautiful pictures of the greatest singer a intertainer. that ever. hit the music. industry. MR. ELVIS. ARON PRESLEY. MY MR. SONGMAN.

  51. Barbara Clark

    At 2:40 is my picture with Elvis taken 6-12-1970 at the Memphian Movie theatre.  This picture is one of the happiest days of my life.  Thank You Elvis

    Jane McGrath

    +Barbara Clark I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to have a photo taken with Mr Presley,A world actually a universe away from anything i dare to have dreamed as a teenager growing up in Ireland in the 70's,treasure your memory Barbara

    Tony Oak

    Barbara Clark cool

    Tony Oak

    Cool. Very cool indeed

    Alexander Mcnichol

    Wow! I wish i was as lucky as you to have met Elvis. That is just wonderful!

    Devoted Fan

    Lovely! I am happy for you, Barbara. God blessed you with this precious memory.

  52. b coats

    Beautiful song!!!!! I thought I had heard all of Elvis' music but somehow I missed this one. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  53. Elza Januario

    Linda música. the fair is moving on

  54. bonnie benini

    what a voice....

  55. Jane McGrath

    I only found this little treasure recently,simply love it,i have shared it over and over,the gift that is Mr Elvis Presley,thank you

  56. Beatrice williams

    memories x

  57. Elza Januario

    linda música adoro

  58. Scott Kavanaugh

    What a gift .thanks god

  59. Ronald Rickard

    flip side of Clean up your own backyard

  60. Susan Laker

    If only he was here now..xx

    Hardev nandra ep Nandra


  61. márcia m castilhos MELL

    Sweet Elvis Always.......

  62. John Spell

    Thank God for the recordings of Elvis Aron Presley for this golden voice is gone and there will most likely never be another one like it. Nearly 40 years after his death I am still amazed at the quality of his voice. This is another underrated gem that he recorded. JUST LISTEN TO THAT VOICE. AGAIN!!!

  63. patrick odonnell

                                          OVER AND GONE
                                             THE HORES ARE MOVING ON
                                                     YES FOR THE LAST TIME YOU'LL BE ALONE
                                                             REMEMBER THE LOVE WE HAD
                                                                 SO DON'T BE SAD
                                                                        T C B

    Linda Del Rio

    patrick odonnell my story grow up . I don't tell..

    Linda Del Rio

    patrick odonnell sssshhhh ! 😚

  64. Pamela Pruitt

    I heard Priscilla say that this is one her favorite songs that Elvis sing. I understand why.  

    Judy Hunter

    why bring her into it it was probably about her, she was the one who was committing adultery with anything she could find while Elvis wept

  65. cadillacblaine

    Heard this playing the other day and had to hear it again ... Thanks TCB

  66. LongLivetheKing0871

    Fantastic !!!


    Thank you

  67. BruceEllis1964

    You're very welcome Gloria.. :-)

  68. motomichi okura

    Yes, because he is Elvis.

  69. BruceEllis1964

    Mine too...

  70. BruceEllis1964

    I agree....:-)

  71. MMAFighter38

    Elvis knew how to sing a country song

  72. forrealdog2

    Nooooo appreciate the music but Jesus is our God !!!

  73. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favourites.

  74. BruceEllis1964

    TCB :-)

  75. albrecq gerald

    he is the greatest he isthe King great song great voice Elvis is my God

  76. BruceEllis1964

    #1. I didn't say this was the original undubbed master. When I made the video I most likely turned my chair around and looked in my book and put the date listed for the recording. But thanks for your input..

  77. Nicholas Serio

    This is the February 22nd 1969 version where Elvis repaired his vocals on the master.
    The original unedited undubbed master from the day before has his different vocals on it, and therefore is not released as of yet. This has to be correct because like all his other tunes he made in January/February 1969, he had to re- sing them.
    that early version again is not released as of yet.
    [email protected] if you need to contact me.....

  78. 559heather5150

    yes he is singing about the fairs moving but you can hear what (HE IS REALLY SAYING ) U CAN TELL HE IS SAD IN HIS LIFE AT THAT TIME ...R.I.P. ELVIS ONE DAY YOU WILL MEAT ALL UR FANS I NO YOU WILL MEAT ME

  79. BruceEllis1964


  80. nicolettitta1

    I love it! 333 thank you very much my friend! Nice video and song! *__*

  81. BruceEllis1964

    Hope it was a happy tear.........Thanks for your comment..

  82. Ms Clawdy

    Don't know why~~~but this song bring's a tear ta my eye ever time I hear it....Course, anything ELVIS sing's touches my heart. Love The Man!!!!