Presley, Elvis - That's Someone You Never Forget Lyrics

The way she held your hand,
The little things you planned
Her memory is with you yet
That's someone you never forget

When she is far away
You'll think of her each day
And you know she'll wait for you
That's someone you never forget

Others may pass your way
And let you think their love is true
But you know that they'll never replace
The one that waits for you

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Presley, Elvis That's Someone You Never Forget Comments
  1. anna maria facchiano

    This touchng song was only for his mother, no doubt!

  2. Angelo

    Still miss him every day why don't you know?
    But it's true

  3. Gabriela gaby

    Fantasticoooo l love Elvis. Su vida empeso a derrumbarse con la muerte de su madre tan querida ...y otras juntas q no lo supieron cuidar entre ellas el Coronel!!

  4. whatisit

    She endured having a famous son. And, it didn't look like it was easy for her.

  5. Annie Aston

    Amazing spit out his moms mouth

  6. bernadette primault

    beau chant

  7. Salvacion Ortega

    elvis was handsome and super loving son to his parents,specially he's mother

  8. Ehdh Hdsj

    Elvis nelle sue canzoni e all'intera anima c'è momento di attimo percepita da un solo anima 👑💍💎👊

  9. Chris Guy

    A lot of singers touch your heart, only Elvis touches your soul

  10. Elvis Johnson

    Elvis was a real gentleman. His mother was the love of his life. My father was the baby of his family. He's 95yrs old and now he is our baby. He and I sit and talk a lot. I've got 2 brother's that are dead and my father tells me All the time of All of his love ones he misses his mother the Most. I wonder how different Elvis' life would have been If his mother would have lived longer?

  11. Viv Ricketts

    Lovely song you can hear the emotion and the look of love from his parents and definitely from Elvis. Just love Elvis.

  12. Robin Markowitz

    Such a simple song, so deeply sung. His ghostly arrangement really defines the song.

    I played it at my mother's graveside service. The wind was howling along with the singing. Those in attendance asked me for the lyrics, which I gave them. It was impossible for them to hear the words. It was serendipitous for the wind to have matched his arrangement so perfectly. Elvis' immortal voice was there for me at one of the worst days of my life. God bless him, and may he sleep in peace.

  13. Marcus Marsh

    Absolutely, one of Elvis's greatest works. From the Pot Luck album. But remember, Priscilla....The day you left Elvis was the day Elvis started to die. Shame on you....The Hillbilly Cat.

  14. Macushla XOXO

    I hope you always hold on to the love we shared. I know how time takes an unfortunate toll on our hearts...always know how much I love you - it is with all that I am.

  15. Sharon Walsh

    GOERGOUS song and lovely photos of Elvis and his parents

  16. Jackie Schiettekatte

    Que c es touchant une famille en or pour la gloire de celui qui en et l auteur une belle image de la réalité oui de le départ de la création Dieu les béni soyez fegon remplissez la terre et tenez dans la soumission toute bête sauvage avec amour et respec obéissance à mes commandement pour votre bonheur et tout ira bien pour vous c était son droit lui le créateur de tout chose Jéhovah Dieu

  17. Mabel Luis

    Hermosa cancion para su amada mamá!!

  18. Scott G

    regardless of his faults, this song showed his best side

  19. Tim McCartney

    Mrs Presley looks so sad and depressed. As haunted as this song.

  20. UncloseR

    My new fav Elvis song

  21. Chris Guy

    John Lennon said before elvis there was nothing I'll say after elvis there's been nothing

  22. Chris Clarke

    This is haunting,,,,,, beautiful.


    We love you Mama and Daddy 😔

  24. mrbobevans

    Elvis should have focused on songwriting more. Most great songwriters are rhythm oriented which Elvis was.

  25. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Early sixties Elvis what a voice he could really hit the high notes 60 to 63 Nashville was his best material his vocal and physical condition was at his best his phrasing his ability to go high and low was at his best in the early sixties great singer all his life but nothing Beach early sixties Elvis Nashville nobody should be comparing Michael Jackson to this guy not even close

  26. Jackie Schiettekatte

    🌹 esquisse une petite famille qui ne demandait qu' à être heureux comme bcq! Et qu' oi de plus normal c'était le souhait du créateur aussi que c es t .il passer ? d'e le départ adam et eve devaient obéir au commendememt de ne pas manger de l arbre de la connaissance du bien et du mal afin de rester en vie parfaitement 🐞sinon ils mourrai voilà ou on en ET! Encore un peu de temps et le paradis rétabli terrestre bientôt tout ceux qui sont dans la mémoire du créateur jehovah dieu ressusciteron quelle bonheur de retrouver tout nos chers disparut ici bas

  27. bernadette primault

    belle chanson et la voix l'émotion touche au coeur

  28. Anneylee Yourds

    would say its about his mum

  29. Dave Roberts

    The king 👑

  30. Benjamin Lim

    🇦🇨🇦🇲🇦🇼🇧🇫🇧🇬🇦🇽🇦🇴🇦🇩🇦🇪🇦🇶🇦🇿🇧🇭🇧🇮🇧🇦🇦🇷🇦🇫🇦🇬🇦🇸ELVIS FOREVER!!!!!!🇦🇨🇦🇩🇦🇪🇦🇫🇦🇬🇦🇮🇦🇱🇦🇲🇦🇴🇦🇶🇦🇷🇦🇹🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇼🇦🇽🇦🇿🇧🇦🇧🇧🇧🇩!!!!!!

  31. yellow driver 602

    Wish our son would love us like Elvis loved his mom and dad. I miss him so much.

  32. Elenice Castro

    Anton van D... Parabéns pelo lindo vídeo ameiii!!! Família lindaaa. ELVIS FOREVER KING 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  33. Gary Church

    like this song there are many that was recorded by Elvis Presley that are ballads for the soul. unfortunately not even a lot of Elvis Presley fans or people that just like Elvis Presley music has ever heard some of these ballads unless you happen to catch it in a movie that he may have done. one of those songs that comes to mind that he sang in the movie was called I need somebody, along with many others. so close yet so far away, big love big heartache, no you don't know me, please don't stop loving me,. the list just goes on and on. he could easily go from a white-hot intensity that just drove people crazy to a completely different person that could turn your emotions into the string on a yo-yo allowing us to hear a completely different Elvis that could draw out emotions that you did not even know you had but he had them because no one could ever sing like that without feeling the emotions of the song. a lot of people think Elvis Presley thought a lot of himself because if we had those looks and that voice we would most certainly think a lot of ourselves, but he did not. think about the movies he did and hated not to mention the campy stupid songs he had to to sing in them, who would do that without putting their foot down or raising hell over it while the rest of the world and its music was moving on without him or so he thought? went into the service without batting an eye just when he was really getting started and could have easily fought it? the answer is one very humble person who certainly does not think they're all that.

    Rene LeClerc

    Gary, check out my Elvis playlists.  You'll find dozens of rarely heard/little known songs.

  34. Mary Ben-McD

    Beautiful 💝🎤🎶💓🌹💑😇 'Elvis' A Beautiful Soul 😎 Love That Never Stops!😍

  35. John Scott

    this is such a good song for those mum s out there when your faraway you always wait for them others may pass the way your footsteps i love you the way she here tears fall of the love thats in the heart thats some one you never forget xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. louis borselio

    Elvis co wrote this song. one of the four. He never wrote a song on his own.

  37. Gary Church

    a voice like that just does not come from a human being, man what a gift we had absolutely freaking amazing that song since chills up and down my spine and puts me in a whole new universe, absolutely angelic. if you don't like this song somebody better check your pulse!

  38. Diane Grant

    Remarkable voice xx

  39. John Scott

    there are times you always remember the person that love her children when shes gone you still l love her aand remember her you mum this lovely song xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. tom kerk here is my version listen

  41. Sandra Miller

    Elvis never could get over loosing his mom brother a wife a daughter. He was so emotional. singer a oh so lonely a Gorgeous. now he's in a better place now. Where Noone Stands Alone.

  42. Minka Encheva

    Глас класа визия незаменим.ГЕНИЙ.

    Irene Casio


  43. Danny Zuehlsdorf

    Incredible vocal quality and a beautiful song. Really sweet that he was a momma's boy. Elvis fans will never forget The King.

  44. Alexandra Zuluaga

    Elvis with the feeling that he gives to his beautiful voice, awakens deep and beautiful feelings of our being, only he can do it, only he achieved it.

  45. Mona Gaw

    Elvis I will never forget you You brought so much joy to my life

  46. B. W. Starkey

    He Is Alive !!! This is the TRUTH and it's Documented ! It is FACT! That was NOT Elvis in that casket! It was a Wax Dummy ! That is exactly what was in the 900 lb Copper Casket along with a portable AC unit to keep the Wax Head from melting. Everyone that observed the '' body '' in the coffin noticed that the forehead had '' beads of sweat '' Gene Smith, Elvis's 1st cousin, said that the Sideburns had been ''glued on'' and kept coming loose ! Gene also stated that everyone could feel the ''chilled air'' all around the casket that was coming from the AC unit within the coffin. When Gene asked Vernon where Elvis was , Vernon replied , '' He's safe, Don't worry. He's Upstairs .We had to put something on display for the fans ! '' ELVIS did NOT Die on August 16, 1977! ELVIS ARON PRESLEY is STILL ALIVE !!! NO ONE is actually buried there at the Meditation Garden in back of the Mansion. That's just for the Fans , ( the NON-Believers ) and the Tourists. All of Elvis' family members that have passed on are buried somewhere else in a Private Cemetery and ELVIS IS Very Much STILL ALIVE !!! He never really stopped making his music ! He has been recording and making music all this time . He just can''t release any of his songs using his real name anymore because of EPE, Inc. . He has been using different alias ever since . The FACTS are there for ALL to Believe and Accept !!! Elvis Aron Presley is now living as Jesse Presley, aka ''Jon Burrows '' and several other various ''alias''. He staged and faked his death with the help and knowledge of Col. Tom Parker, Dr. '' Nick '' , Joe Esposito , and the FBI by doing a '' Body Swap '' with a Terminal Bone Cancer patient Roscoe Scott Holloway of Germantown, TN of whom Dr. Nichopolous had located. After some minor cosmetic surgery they made Roscoe Scott Holloway look like Elvis, a ''double'' which fooled the Paramedics , the hospital personnel and most family members. Elvis, aka ''Jon Burrows '', was a U.S. Special Federal Agent that worked undercover in various '' sting operations '' against known members of the SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group. The SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group was responsible for numerous multiple bombings of Police Departments , Federal and State Court Houses and other public buildings during the 1960's and 1970's. Charles William ''Bill'' Ayers was the SDS Leader of the Weather Terrorist Group, along with his cohort Bernardine Rae Dohrn, and they were personal friends and Mentors to a one Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama and it was the SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group that put Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama into Politics and made him the Socialist Thug that he is and a threat to the American way of life as we know it. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, the name he used when working for the DEA and later for the FBI as a Special Federal Agent, was appointed by the former late President Richard M. Nixon and Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, worked as a Federal Agent from December 1970 until his official retirement in December 2004. In September 1978 , Elvis, aka Federal Agent Jon Burrows, was the Government's '' Secret Witness '' in '' Operation Fountain Pen '' and He testified in Federal Court against a well known member of the Mafia Organized Crime Syndicate, a one Fredrick Peter Pro of the '' Fraternity '' . On August 16, 1977, Elvis, aka Federal Agent Jon Burrows, entered the Federal Witness Protection program where he stayed until July 1978. Then Agent Jon Burrows, aka Elvis, returned to Washington D.C. where he worked for the DEA and the FBI Counter-Intelligence Branch until his official Retirement in December 2004, and ending 34 years of dedicated Federal Service. Elvis, aka Jesse / Jon Burrows is currently in the Federal Witness Protection program because of past threats made by members of the SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group, Bill Ayers and past threats by certain key members of the Mafia Organized Crime Syndicate, of which Agent Burrows, aka Elvis took part in various undercover '' sting operations '' to indict and bring them to Justice. He is being kept in the Federal Witness Protection Program by the U.S Government DOJ ! All these facts are told in a documentary interview that Elvis / Jesse, aka Jon Burrows, gave, recorded and released on a DVD in January 2012. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, also recorded and released a brand new CD of 15 songs in January of 2012. Both have been voice authenticated 100 % as the voice of Elvis Aron Presley. Elvis was a Bonded Certified & Trained Deputy Sheriff with the Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. in Memphis,Tn, a Reserve Police Captain in the Memphis PD , a Reserve Police Captain with Denver PD and a Reserve Deputy Sheriff with the LA County Sheriff's Dept. He was nominated as One of the Top 10 Young Men in America by the American Jaycees on January 16, 1971 , not for his work as a Entertainer, but for his dedication and work in Law Enforcement !
    A Georgia Fulton County Deputy Sheriff was on location at a Underground Wax Museum in Atlanta, Georgia during the week it was closing around the first of the month of August 1977. Vernon Presley, and a couple of the guys that worked for Elvis, came in and bought a life size wax figure of Elvis, because it was being auctioned off. They made the purchase and on the way out the door, after they loaded the truck, Vernon Presley turned to the Guy at the Museum and said
    " Wait 'til you guys see what we're going to do with this."
    All the facts are told in a documentary interview that Elvis / Jesse, aka Jon Burrows, gave, recorded and released on a DVD in January 2012. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, also recorded and released a brand new CD of 15 songs in January of 2012. Both have been voice authenticated 100 % as the voice of Elvis Aron Presley.

  47. Dave Roberts

    That's Someone You Never Forget Song to his Mom and he sings it with great Emotion just For his Mother whom he Loved that much it hurt him a lot when Elvis mom passed away he just wished he could have been there all the time to be with her it was so sad for him to lose her and could not do anything about it because she was so ill it was just Time before she died and it made Elvis very sad and lonely because he loved her so much it really hurt him it took a long time to get over losing his Mom I don't think 💭 he ever did get over it he miss her so much he was Terrible sad 😭 most of the Time So sad for fans to they new his pain and he was not very good at all he was just to sad absolutely about losing his Pride and joy His Mother RIP


    I love this song ,but it's a love song it's creepy watching pictures of him and his momma .

    Paul O'Farrell

    He’s quite obviously singing about his mother. It’s not meant to be a love song in the romantic sense.

  49. Eli The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica

    This song/tune can be played in the key of “D” on your harmonic. I will be making a cover of this song….soooo…Look for it! click on my icon ... now!

  50. Elvis Doolaeghe

    yes that is my case, but who has the fault? can be an error of fate? but if that's the case then I can not understand why!

  51. Joanna Sielawa

    It's takes my breath away, so touching, love you so much.
    This morning I received a very beautiful message from my son and I was thinking about this song to share with Matt and someone read my mind?!, this song just displays on my phone.Thank You so much, Elvis Presley Love You always.

  52. Nigel Wilson

    That's Someone You Never Forget - Elvis Presley album pot luck

  53. Martyn Civil

    his Mum aint smilin!.....all the way through!

  54. miss daisy bluerose

    love song sorry my love if your still out there i love you so still xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. Damiano Mazzarini

    This is the only song Elvis wrote, entirely dedicated to his mother. That' s a beauty...

    Bryan Diaz

    He also wrote You'll be gone, another great masterpiece. You'll be gone is more like Surrender type of song. All of them are great songs.

  56. Retro Fan

    I discovered Elvis when I was around 10 years old and at 34, I still enjoy his songs. I remember my grandma had a painting of him in his white uniform. It was a large painting on a soft, velvety canvas. She gave it to me.

  57. Johann Werkmeister

    hier ist jedes Wort überflüssig, Emotion pur

  58. bernadette primault

    elvis adorait sa mère et Gladys l'aimait également sa mort fût un drame

  59. Alice Fulmer

    Can't help but cry,to have a child love his mother that much,I don't think I would want a child of mine to love me that much,because I wouldn't want them to hurt like he has over his mother,some of you may understand what I am saying some may not,

    Robin Markowitz

    I do. And you're so right. ❤️

  60. Amnon Levi Lavi

    אלביס לנצח.
    אלביס הענק.
    Elvis Forever
    Elvis Huge huge

  61. Diane Atwell


  62. MrTupuhi

    Not real big on smiles was she?


    She was a alcoholic who had depression.


    She was sick and died at 42.

  63. Tata Spain

    What a voice ..

  64. Hazel Evans

    You and your family will never be forgotten Elvis now and forever

  65. Roger Forsman

    People who associate Elvis with Jailhouse Rock etc. miss his best songs, no one ever does ballads as well


    If that's not the truth.

  66. Sharon Davis

    She look so sad .

  67. Donna Marie Pszoniak


  68. Terry Leland

    Elvis's mother always had a sad face


    She was probably beat up constantly. There were different times.


    Her son’s fame killed her.

  69. LLP P

    I remember the day Elvis’ mother died, also at 42, he was heartbroken and was not ashamed to show it. This song was for her, the only woman in his life.

  70. bonnie benini

    he was perfect....

  71. bonnie benini


  72. Chris Guy


  73. tony laverty

    I had the pleasure of playing Elvis  in the first amateur version of Joseph and His Amazing Technicoloured  Dream Coat in Newcastle County Down, Northern Ireland. January 1974. That's Someone You'll Never Forget is Elvis's voice at it's best.

  74. Mike Wright

    Breathtaking song

  75. Valeria Liptakova

    A wonderful song Beautiful interpretation

  76. Don Porter

    This song was written by Red West with some help from Elvis. Beautiful!

  77. Brenda Lawson


  78. Jim Mcdowel


  79. Danny Willis

    Just beautiful.

  80. Gary Campbell

    voice of an angel

  81. World Power Design

    Love u Elvis only one in this world of incredible voice

  82. oluf anders viberg


  83. John Mullen

    This was written by Red West a true Elvis friend. Red passed away yesterday R.I.P.

  84. coocoocachooglin

    RIP Red.

  85. Little Mrs

    Rest In Peace Red West 18th of July 2017

  86. wmauibill

    Rest In Peace Robert Gene "Red" West

  87. Claudia Picariello

    the voice of God itself...
    we miss u so much Elvis... you are someone we will never forget...
    I hope you found your peace... with your beloved mum by your side.

    Rob Bell

    I myself am probably the biggest Elvis fan you could ever other singer comes close to me.but he DIDN'T have the voice of God.he was NOT god.remember what Elvis said ( you can see on YouTube)I'm not the king Jesus is.

  88. Jeff wilson

    This song is truly amazing this is just beautiful GREAT WORK ELVIS!!!!!

  89. ChoirWalker

    Puperty did an amazing fucking job on Elvis :)

  90. Rene LeClerc

    Here is a song every Elvis fan should hear.  To know it is to love it. This is - easily - one of his top-five ballads.

  91. lilly21ish

    i love this song

  92. Ruth Anderson

    The best powerful songs that express feelings for Mothers Day. So emotional as he loved his mother the way most of us loved ours. Happy Mothers Day

  93. Elaine Wilson

    Beautiful song, Elvis could sing anything, I'm so glad I was around for the last 17years of his life ❤️

  94. janke Nijhuis

    Zo is het ,,,

  95. kingoma61

    The lyrics to "That's Someone You Never Forget" written by Red West and Elvis Presley. The song was written and recorded in 1961 and copyrighted in 1962. The song was published by Elvis Presley Music, Inc. It was originally the closing track of the Pot Luck album in 1962 and was released as a 45 single in 1967 by RCA Victor as the B side to "Long-Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On)". The recording was featured on the career retrospective Artist of the Century collection in 1999.

    "The way she held your hand,
    The little things you planned.
    Her memory is with you yet,
    That's someone you never forget.

    When she is far away,
    You'll think of her each day.
    And you know she'll wait for you,
    That's someone you never forget.

    Others may pass your way,
    And let you think their love is true.
    But you know that they'll never replace,
    The one that waits for you.

    The way she held your hand,
    The little things you planned.
    Her memory is with you yet,
    That's someone you'll never forget.
    That's someone you'll never forget."

    Words and music written by Red West and Elvis Presley. Copyright 1962.

    Hazel Evans

    I sure his mom waited patiently in heaven for her precious son Elvis and was there to meet him when it was his turn he never forgot her love for him

    yellow driver 602

    Thanks for the lyrics. Easy to sing to.

    Jerry Jaye

    It should have been the A side of the 45, but of course, they were prmoting the film Double Trouble by the A side.

  96. Shanni-Leigh Boobear

    God bless all. they together now forever may they rest in peace

  97. deborah venner

    elvis loved his mum so much xxxx