Presley, Elvis - Stranger In My Own Home Town Lyrics

I'm like a stranger
Like a stranger in my own home town
I'm like a stranger
Like a stranger in my own home town

My so called friends stopped being friendly
Oh but you can't keep a good man down
Oh no, can't get him down

I came home with good intentions
About 5 or 6 years ago
I came home with good intentions
About 5 or 6 years ago

But my home town won't accept me
Just don't feel welcome here no more

My home town won't accept me
Just don't feel welcome here no more

I came home with good intentions
About 5 or 6 years ago, yes I did
I came home with good intentions
About 5 or 6 years ago
But my home town won't accept me
Just don't feel welcome here no more
I'm like a stranger, like a stranger in my own home town
Yeah, I'm like a stranger, like a stranger in my own home town
My so called friends stopped being friendly
Oh but you can't keep a good man down

I came home with good intentions
About 5 or 6 years ago, yes I did
I came home with good intentions
About 5 or 6 years ago
My so called friends stopped being friendly
Oh but you can't keep a good man down

I'm like a stranger, like a stranger in my own home town
I'm like a stranger, like a stranger in my own home town
My so called friends stopped being friendly
Oh but you can't keep a good man down

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Presley, Elvis Stranger In My Own Home Town Comments
  1. 10401040100

    Yepp !!! baby is me again 2 years later ;) hi hi hi ;)

  2. Per Johansson

    Where the hell did this ”he’s a racist” crap came from?? His music, the pictures, the legacy and not least his fellow musicians on stage all witness about the opposite 🤔

  3. Keith Adamson

    Wow! Where can I buy this?

  4. Pat Blunsden

    Love it!

  5. clevec

    I wish this version would be included on CD along with other Elvis blues songs.

  6. Dag Souleyedblue

    Of course Elvis wasn´t the first Rock n Roll artist. He was the first star whose whole appearance and noise consituted a big Fuck you to the establishment. Hence he resonated at the time he did his thang. This song serves as a reminder he was the baddest of asses. The King.

  7. Alicia kiss

    Elvis wasn't racist on the contrary...❤👑👑🎶🎸

  8. Galo Rouco

    Joe Cocker was spot on when he said Elvis as one of the greatest blues singer of all time.
    Just brutal. Just the best.

  9. Elvis presley King of music

    Elvis the coolest guy who ever lived. fantastic version so bluesy and motherfuckering Brilliant.

  10. Elleane Backlin

    Sing the blues Sweetheart, you got it EP 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️sing it Baby. Don’t like the curse word but I looked over .

  11. Shirley Roemer

    He could do it BAD... AND THATS GOOD!

  12. Bokaj01

    3:04 :D 4:15 :D :D Also, that 'Yeah' at the end of this line is the iconic Elvis sound 0:56

    Charlie Belgrade


  13. joe syms

    Vocals are Clean, Thank-You for an Excellent Job. To Those W/O [SIN] , Please do not Judge, LEST YE................... J.M.S.

  14. Andrew Redding

    love it

  15. John Desmond

    Elvis the king man ,I love elvis what a man ,he's all soul man ;I love elvis x

  16. Achtung utterance of warning

    Haha going back drive that mother fucking truck.... but u can’t put a good pick down lol

  17. Cristina Esturillo


  18. John Dunn

    Love the blues version.

  19. Sensei Juan

    This shows that Elvis could sing any style of music. He is still the King.

  20. Anita

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE~~~ Elvis honey, LOVE it when you screw around, love your sense of humor. And this has always been a great spicy bluesy song.

  21. Majik0715

    The ONE and ONLY . . . . Elvis Presley!

  22. John Desmond

    My God what a cool kid elvis was and is love him x

  23. bruninho Mack

    Ohhh man amazing i love BLACK MUSIC i love U.S.A i love BB KING JAMES BROWN too,i love BLUES,JAZZ,SOUL,ROCK CLASSIC,and COUNTRY music,i from BRASIL i 13 age i singer too 😍☺

  24. James Byers

    The BEST Version of the song IS...THIS JAM Session Version. ** Too bad, Sonny !! 🤣**

  25. Saphire Blue

    This is not Elvis.

    Jeremy Shirland

    Saphire Blue it most certainly is


    It most definitely IS Elvis Presley . . . The One and ONLY!

    Saphire Blue

    @Majik0715 Doesn't sound like him to me.


    @Saphire BlueI have this on an Elvis Blues CD. They edited out the swear words but other than that, exact. He's really put his vocals in the deep blues vibe. It's from a rehearsal.

    Elvis presley King of music

    Of course it's Elvis, He's just having fun. I thing it's 100 per cent better than the studio version.

  26. krimou meliani

    joe cocker a dit elvis est le meilleur chanteur de blues du monde. il faut ajouter de rock n roll, de country de ballades ,de gospel...
    il apportait de la valeur ajoutée à toute chanson qu'il reprenait (il a commencé avec that's alright mama sans s’arrêter..)

  27. krimou meliani

    joe cocker a dit elvis est le meilleur chanteur de blues du monde. il avait raison sauf que c'était aussi le meilleur cahteur de rock de gospel

  28. John Desmond

    There's the king and what s great man he is ,pure king man ,love elvis ,miss him all the time x

  29. DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    The best version

  30. John Desmond

    Elvis what a great man you are ,we still love and long for you ,and what a funny man too you were ,you will live for ever elvis thsts for sure .

  31. David Pfeifer

    Wow, never heard this version....amazing!!!

  32. A Face in the Crowd

    That be Reggie Young on geetar. Betcha by golly it is.

    Freddy Snip

    It's not Reggie Young, it James Burton, recorded during rehearsals for Ttwii in July 1970.

  33. Alan Smith

    Brilliant tune had a brilliant video some pukka photos

  34. Charles Te Huia

    He say that he gonna go home and drive that motherfuckin truck again

  35. Theodora Kazantzidou

    This is awesome! We miss gou Elvis!

  36. John Desmond

    You were always a fantastic man elvis,we will never forget you,,

  37. Vincent Vega

    Beautiful version

  38. Wes McGee

    Never heard this before. Great!

  39. Le Monde

    Wish he could have kept this good at the blues

  40. Berkay Kpck

    Haha very nice .))

  41. d abdella

    I love my man and his sassy mouth
    would like to know names of people in pic s
    the movies white breaded and buttered him up so much
    everybody has many emotions that need to get out and break loose

  42. Mara Companhoni

    pq o Elvis não ficou no blues ?? porque ??? !!! excelente

  43. John De Carteret

    I have my doubts that this is in fact Elvis. Sounds similar, but it just doesn't cut it. The swearing, well that's just not like Elvis at all!
    The pictures are great though.


    John De Carteret it’s Elvis. I have it.

    Robin Markowitz

    It's Elvis. Proof positive. And if you've listened to his recording sessions, he swore more than any sailor.

    Freddy Snip

    Trust me it's Elvis, and maybe he doesn't sound like it, the swearing and stuff, but it was Parker in fact who created this image, not Elvis. Je use to swear an awful lot during studio recordings too on several outtakes. This is the unadulterated Elvis. A true artist!

  44. music2soothmysoul

    Wish we could have heard the real Elvis and not the washed down Colonel Tom Parker version. I like this Elvis much more. It was to stressful to pretend, what he was not. RIP EP

    Celine Montes

    Google elvis presley then look up that gospel singer. Elvis is indeed spiritually dead to his old self but he still sings gospel. He has a church paster Bob Joyce

  45. Catalina Ortoljo

    This is Elvis?! Did he record this? God, I wish he had really focused on this really raw, bluesy stuff.

    Catalina Ortoljo

    Lyall Blanco And the entertainment value of his career in the 70's. But, for lack of a better way of putting it, for me, his essence really comes through when it's him, his guitar and his band. For me, it's easier to focus on not only his voice, but what an amazing guitarist he was. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Lyall Blanco

    Catalina, I understand what you mean about the ‘rawness’ of his earlier work. Its wonderful to listen to Elvis anytime, but, the early Elvis seems so true and unaffected. There are a couple of songs which have Elvis singing and playing the piano. He had a lovely touch on the piano.... so much light and shade, just like his singing 😉

    Robin Markowitz

    @Catalina Ortoljo It would have been better to start performing again at smaller venues or traditional festivals like those at Newport. Just go up there and dive into any blues phrase you like and then run with it... Instead, the first time he saw someone on the new Vegas stage, he felt terrified of the sight. Barbra Streisand was on stage and Elvis watched from the balcony. "She looks so small on that big stage." He made sure to cram as many other human beings on that stage as possible! Thousands of people watching and he couldn't imagine being a lone figure in a spotlight.

    A daytime picnic atmosphere at, say, the Newport Folk Festival would have been ideal for his stage return rather than Vegas. But Parker would never have even considered it.

    Catalina Ortoljo

    @Robin Markowitz 💔😔😢

    Stephen Milburn

    He could book end this song with How Great Thou Art and His Hand in Mine.

  46. deboisblanc

    Great jam!

  47. Sandra Miller

    I believe this is how Elvis really felt around people. different a lonely strange ,,,,,, poor guy never deep down did fit in w other people.

    Robin Markowitz

    Absolutely true. And he was trapped into a life that became more complicated and demanding than he ever Imagined. He sounded like he wanted some kind of break from everything. But he knew that was impossible. He didn't want to be poor, that's clear here, but he also didn't want to be responsible for more than a dozen entire families. He had to keep raking in the money because it wasn't just him and his family. It was a big array of families who depended upon his working for as much of "their" money as possible. Agreed that they often were a support system for him, but not very often.

  48. bobtown67

    anyone know when this would have been recorded?

  49. Jimmy

    Love this top elvis tune more people should hear this

  50. Daniel Brunner


  51. Joseph Heatherly

    I love the blues, and I love Elvis, but I hate hearing him use vulgar language!

    Robin Markowitz

    He couldn't help it. Elvis had a rather obvious stuttering problem and the use of profanity actually helps stutterers be far more relaxed, and yes, more creative. Believe it or not, he didn't cuss so much to make a show of it. It's simply that it helped him.

    Marilyn Jayne Miller

    No one is "Holier than thou" (excuse any mis spelling) - using bad language just shows that Elvis was only human...


    But that's why I love this version so much, it's pure and honest. I love this man so much!

  52. usunęli mi kanał

    Better than rock version :)

  53. Robin Markowitz

    1. Fantastic video!!! You got right down to business. Excellent. Love some of the more rare photos! Fine, fine job.

    2. Elvis rewrote the song, but with profane lyrics. Unlike other such times, he wasn't laughing, at least not audibly. He had a point to deliver, and this was the only way he could do it. Caught between a rock and a hard place. No escape; he was responsible for others so he couldn't quit. But all he had to quit for, in his mind, was a pointless minimum wage job as a delivery boy for Crown Electric.

    In addition to that, he knew that "proper" Memphis had never accepted him and never would. And it became even more complicated than that. He really was a stranger in his own hometown.

    3. He was able to EASILY write at the microphone, but only using profanity. My guess is that it was due to his stuttering problem: profanity helps stutterers to more easily express themselves. He just wasn't the sort of person to go alone in a room with a pad, pencil and guitar to write lyrics; whatever happened at the mic was all you were going to get. And unfortunately, it was unsuitable for official release at that time.

    4. Nice audio job too, on this. Kudos!

    Charlie Belgrade

    Thank you, this was a good review on the subject, I must say. Very interesting remarks that I can agree with.

    Celine Montes

    Google search the man and then chwck out paster Bob Joyce

  54. diane millican

    Lord have mercy,I sure would have loved to slow dance with Elvis to this!phew!!


    diane millican you would have squirted in your panties

    diane millican


    Kathy McGowan

    you me and about 2 million other women.

  55. Keith Adamson

    Wow - every time I hear EP sing the blues I wish he had recorded more. Thank you so much for posting this great track - Elvis has surprised me yet again.

  56. georges andre frémigacci

    Avec l'accent traînant du sud ou de memphis, un peu comme l'accent créole d ' Antoine Domino dit " FATS"

  57. Serafim Sousa

    FUCKIN' GLORIOUS! Thanks for this one, Charlie Belgrade.

  58. Toshiro Jamett

    Increible - magico y genial ....the king ...ayer -hoy y siempre...

  59. Rambles

    I love how raw this is...definitely a sizzler so I shared it on my favorite musical social media site...Here's this tune...I gave you credit of course...I look forward to seeing your other posts

    Charlie Belgrade

    Thank you very much Rambles, always glad to share great music!

  60. nick tsanatelis

    i love this song

  61. Κonstantinos Stamatis

    Long Live the King 👑

  62. MrOnlystrongsurvive

    Magic !

  63. lord helpus


    Robin Markowitz

    Me too. But I have to accept that he was too scared to let himself go in public like that.

    That was his whole problem with songwriting, especially at that particular moment in music history. People were examining their own navels in their songs, trying reveal every emotion and idea they felt, and sell that on the open market. There was just no way someone as profoundly self-conscious as Elvis could allow himself to do that. He needed that middle ground where he could say "hey man, I didn't write that song. It's not about me. No way it's about me!" When very often the songs were about him.

    Spencer Harris

    Robin Markowitz Right! Like he did when asked about “” You Gave Me A Mountain. “” It’s recorded him saying that before singing that song.

  64. Woody Cat

    really nice , song and photos.Thank you so much! listening with headphones.

  65. Andy S

    Yeah play the blues boy....!!!!! RIP .......!!!

  66. Greg Benson

    Elvis even sounds good that goes to show he's just human....most everybody swears .......and to the people who don't swear and find this offensive...GO FUCK! YOURSELF!!!....awesome video thanks for sharing

    Charlie Belgrade

    You've got to have a style, even when swearing, lol!

  67. gaf1943

    Thank You Very Much !!!!!!!!!!

  68. 10401040100

    yepp !!  baby hummm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  69. robert french

    Awesome set of pics thank you lots new to me great track wish he would have done this way in the studio

    Charlie Belgrade

    Thank you Robert.

  70. Evert Van Der Hik

    is this recorded before the more famous disco beat version ?

    Charlie Belgrade

    You mean his funky version? After.

    Evert Van Der Hik

    Charlie Belgrade yes that one. This one is even greater I think

    Charlie Belgrade

    Yeah I like both versions, one has pop approach and this one is dirty blues jam just for kicks.

    Garry Roche

    This x rated version is from a 1970 rehearsal, I believe the 24th July!!
    I've heard the full rehearsal and it's so good, Elvis is relaxed, changing song lyrics, swearing and just being a bloke, who's having a sing song with his mates....
    I still have the two cd set of the full uncensored uncut session. The first version of "Stranger In My Own Home Town" was recorded in 1969 in Memphis, this rehearsal version is at the film studios .CA.

  71. thesmithselvis

    Wow, love his funked up version, this bluesier version is equally as good. The King could sing a page of the phone book and it would sound superb. Long live the King.

    Motormouse Productions


  72. barbouze

    Amazing blues version of that song never heard before!! Thanks a lot for sharing that jewel. I love when Elvis sings the blues...

    Charlie Belgrade

    You're welcome Barbouze. It's a hidden gem, and one of my favourites.


    And congrats for the pictures, as rare as this version....

    Charlie Belgrade

    Thank you Barbouze! :-)

  73. UmmmWelll

    The most photographed person in the world and the most beautiful person from the inside out as well. And as for those vocals Ohhhh Boy! ;)

    DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    Pretty sure that was Hitler.


    @DTOM, ¿eStamos? But Adolph couldn't sing!

  74. Michael Deery

    To see Elvis with standing shoulder to shoulder with Black Musicians at a time when it wasn't fashionable, popular and singing a mixture of their music and country showed how far ahead of his time he was. The respect he had for blues and who/where it came from, came through in every note he sung,
    When the greatest guitarists performers musicians in the blues genre like BB King, John Lee Hooker, James Brown ect, tip their hat to salute Elvis.. that says so much for the man he was.
    He made so many people worldwide want to know where his sound come from and to try to replicate it. He always said it was "basically rythm and blues"

    Robin Markowitz

    @Cocoa Femme HE DID NOT EVER SAY THAT. Pardon the virtual volume, but I want everyone to hear it!

    So, what happened? How did this happen? Who jump-started it? And why?

    It appeared first in 1957 in a white-owned magazine in Texas called Sepia. The phony quote was unsourced - "a man in the street" interview that placed him saying it either in "a Boston appearance," or on an appearance on Edward R. Murrow's television program.
    Except that he wouldn't be in Boston until 1971, and NEVER appeared on Murrow's show.

    Later that same year, 1957, Jet Magazine investigated the claim and found it unfounded. Elvis was interviewed by the great journalist Louie Robinson, who also crossed the nation, investigating Presley's whole life. All he found were black folks who had nothing but good things to say about Elvis and his parents. One black Tupeloean remarked simply "the Presleys were always on our side." They lived in predominantly black neighborhoods in Tupelo during Elvis' 'tween years.

    Please feel free to join a wonderful and unique Facebook group at this address:

    Charlie Belgrade

    @Robin MarkowitzYeah, thank you for the quote, that's how I remember it, mostly. 'Hound dog' kid, made his pull from the Blues', something like that.

    Robin Markowitz

    @Cocoa Femme In this case, there is nothing to forgive. Elvis was no angel, but no way on Earth did he ever make such a remark. I wouldn't forgive him if it were true. No way. Fortunately, it was not. Ever. 💯💖

  75. Michael Deery

    mean and moody, growling and angry.... brilliant and well done.