Presley, Elvis - Rock-A-Hula Baby Lyrics

(Fred Wise - Ben Weisman - Dolores Fuller)
The way she moves her hips to her fingertips
I feel I'm heaven bound
And when she starts to sway, I've gotta say
She really move the grass around

Rock-a-hula baby
Rock-a-hula baby
Got a hula lulu from Honolulu
That rock-a-hula baby of mine

Although I love to kiss my little hula miss
I never get the chance
I wanna hold her tight all through the night
But all she wants to do is dance

I bet that she could teach the palms along the beach
To sway when breezes blow
And birds up in the sky could learn to fly
By watchin' how my baby can go

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Presley, Elvis Rock-A-Hula Baby Comments
  1. Hannah Feigenbaum

    Happy birthday Elvis!

  2. NORA

    My baby birthday is close😄😄😄😍😗😗😗😇💜🕯

  3. Robert

    I'm here because of Full House

  4. Willo :3

    How man people remember the king in 2019?

  5. shankleythebest

    Hawaii 5-0 sent me here

  6. Rakshitaa Rahul Bharathan

    Full house

  7. Gatcha Wolf_girl

    Full house sent me here

  8. James McAleenan

    One of the best ever

  9. Ωたたっきー


  10. Beatrice Nkundwa

    I like Hawaii because of Elvis Presley.

  11. Daniel Foster

    my technicolor world just fucking exploded!

  12. Grace King

    Elvis 1935-till the end of time
    The king never dies

  13. ドルフィンズ


  14. Giuseppe Ferrazza

    Hawaii 5-0!

  15. Dee Donner Ramone

    Mark Steyn Online sent me.

  16. 1973ziggystardust

    This used to be the song for the surfing mini-game on the Elvis Kids official website. Great memories.

  17. Maria Fulcar

    Jesse from Full House (John Stamos) SOUNDS ALMOST EXACTLY AS ELVIS!

    Killer Frost

    Maria Animates Exato

    Z Z

    Maria Fulcar john stamos is better

  18. Jules

    Haruki Murakami brought me here.

  19. Dave S.

    Elvis presley 1935-2016

  20. Jocelyn Dillon

    I love the song

  21. M Cortez

    am I the only one who breaks out dancing to this song?


    Angel Russell You guys are the same person LOL.. Anyway, me too

    Music Lover

    Nope, Me too.. ;)

  22. Chris Murphy

    God Bless Elvis Presley

  23. Snicker.nicker

    Doesn't Jessie sing this? In full house?


    Yes he does

    The Wolf/ultimate CFC

    Abrakazam yeah when they're at Hawaii

    Yesenia Cardenas Osornio

    Sn00py duh

    Juliana Batista

    Ya Jesse does

    shahid ahmad

    Yeah he does but it is a cover of this

  24. Tara Gaudet

    love this song. dance 2 it every time

  25. lowa padora

    Duh IQ hugs tux is

  26. Lizette Espana

    My mom has a videotape of me dancing to this song in my diaper


    +Lizette Espana upload it!




    send it

  27. MsMimilala

    Love the ending... <3

  28. Rollerpuss

    My next ringtone!

  29. VideoGameRaid

    Full House sent me here.

    Angella Mumbe

    Me too...

    Annulis bros

    VideoGameRaid same

    Paul Young

    Memories from the 1970's brought me here.

    Yulia 661

    Yass me too

  30. Marine Wannabee hooo raah!!!

    This is a good song by elvis 

  31. Emily Vazquez

    I love Elvis

  32. Goddess Within

    Just felt like a little Rock A Hula...with Elvis..:-) Well..actually it was playing on Hawaii Five-0 so I thought I'd go google it so I could hear it again :-)!

  33. carlover dude

    Also on full house

  34. Insight200801

    Dolores Agnes Fuller co-wrote this song was an American actress and songwriter best known as the one-time girlfriend of the low-budget film director Ed Wood. She played the protagonist's girlfriend in Glen or Glenda, co-starred in Wood's Jail Bait, and had a minor role in Bride of the Monster. Later, Elvis Presley recorded a number of her songs written for his films.

  35. Slick Sylba

    Wow this is sexy! I'm 18 n i hate this f up generation. I love Elvis he so sexy n voice is hot! Notice i didn't say was sexy becuz i don't believe Elvis is dead, i cried when i hear ppl say it

  36. Vocaloid Hetalia

    Elvis lives forever

  37. kutiekookie23

    I did a solo to this in my dance class

  38. Random Jojo

    There are no lyrics!liar!

    ur poor

    Random Jojo the lyrics are in the description, you just didn’t bother looking

  39. Shakeytunes

    This is with no doubt my fav Elvis Presley tune and brings back good memories of childhood

  40. Tiffany T

    He's so handsome

  41. Carl Ferro

    no i cant i was never taught gramer in elementry school so im not good most times plus i tend to spell stuff by the way it sounds

  42. Alondra Salas

    I love this song!!!!!! :D

  43. vlc1231000

    loves this song sooooooooooooooooooo much

  44. Thaís Rodrigues Alves dos Santos

    Elvis sexy!

  45. Bryan Babcock

    I <3 elvis he was sooooo amazzing!!!!!!!!!

  46. CristinaMaggie

    Is it just me or does no one else hear the final verse?

  47. SuperZombiemaniac1

    i love elvis he is so hot like john stamos of full house

  48. dtigersfan2011

    First of all, I'll correct the spelling. Oldies*, Like*, Don't*, Appreciate*, Chosen*, Elvis'*. Congrats though on enjoying great music! I'm also a younger person. I'm 20, but I started listening to 50's, 60's, and 70's when I was thirteen. Great music!

  49. ornage ornaged

    Love the song & Elvis but the co writer of this song Dolores Fuller was a total mercenary bitch! She disowned Ed Wood for his cross dressing yet didn't hesitate to cash in on his notoriety after the release of the Tim Burtons great film Ed Wood. Fuck you Dolores Fuller!!!

  50. Carl Ferro


  51. joey Hernandez

    I wash Elvis never died

  52. Marmite Badger

    This is VERY corny. Awesome.

  53. DevilEdwin1

    I'm here for Ed Wood ._.

  54. Anastasia Zaytsev

    hawaii five 0

  55. facebookrangers

    no no no..this isn't the elvis i love..its like he was forced to sing it..terrible song, terrible lyrics..that colonel parker ruined him in his latter years with songs like this....

  56. Joshua Boon

    Love this Man so much :')

  57. chrispleasantable

    John Stamos covered this song in the Season 3 Full House episode "Tanner's Island" what a cover it was.

  58. Dessie Elizz

    im almost 16 and i agree

  59. Aeri Kim

    was? still is! hahahaha

  60. Machiner6

    I think I heard the end of this on a trailer for Quest for Camelot.

  61. Matthew Huehn

    long live the king

  62. WCS

    @metrokaraoke For every science experiment which will directly effect humans, scientists 1st perform them on animals to see what the effects are, whether it be testing a medicine or cloning. But the point about him not necessarily wanting to pursue singing is a fact. Cloning only copies the DNA but that doesn't mean the clone will have similar interests, kinda like how 2 twin brothers might not have the same interests. i dont think cloning is against the law. i know religious groups protest.

  63. WCS

    @metrokaraoke It wouldn't work. I realize its a hypothetical, but a serious answer is that clones only live a little more than half the lifespan of the original being, so that would mean the clone would die around his early to mid 20s. Plus, that would just make a look-a-like of Elvis, but that doesn't guarantee that he would pursue singing and dancing. I realize you were just adding another i miss elvis comment, i was just answering it rationally.

  64. Armen Frundzhyan

    I <3 elvis awesome songs

  65. Alessio Secci

    2 guys aren't so Hula Hula...

  66. theclassiccarfan

    elvis never died he just left the building

  67. J ChiefCalf

    i dont know y people say evlis died when he just really went home

  68. Cedric1987

    he didn't he just left the building :)

  69. Savannah Rose

    when i was in disney i saw the luau, they sung this song & i was singing along.

  70. Luke Ravenhill

    the king is still in town

  71. Shakespearean Wannabe

    @Theolivermand He'll never die if we keep him alive.

  72. Kyle Somatis

    Im using this song for auditions for my schools musical audition, LONG LIVE ELVIS PRESLEY

  73. lexisongwriter1

    @KkKaylee1 he was!! (besides the drug addiction part)

  74. brownle44

    @dgenerated what!!!!!!!You have a point but you cant not respect a man just because he did not right his own music!

  75. eleniz

    @dgenerated oooohhhhhh fuck u :@

  76. chloe rendell

    Elvis you own!!! <3

  77. Love Bigbang

    i think we had to do a dance to this song in elementry school!

  78. Jahnny

    @dgenerated well yeah >_> he didnt write his own music, but without him rock and roll probobly wouldnt rlly be this famous. because at the begining they took him in because they were looking for a white person with a black persons voice and ever since then it was more like he didnt have much freedom, everyone was like pushing him around and his manager would only let elvis do what HE thought was good for his career... even when he was wrong and knew it

  79. Kaylee Lamb

    i ♥ elvis he was sooooo amazzing!!!!!!!!!!!