Presley, Elvis - Put The Blame On Me Lyrics

If they say we were doin' wrong
If they say we were out too long
Well, you can say
My arms were just too strong
Put the blame, put the blame on me

Felt so good when I held you tight
Couldn't stop when we kissed goodnight
So if they tell us we don't heave the right
Put the blame, put the blame on me

What I feel is deep inside
This is real and I won't hide
Go ahead, use my name
I'll be proud to take the blame

You just did what I made you do
You love me and I love you
So if the way they talk can bother you
Put the blame, put the blame on me

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Presley, Elvis Put The Blame On Me Comments
  1. Othelo The Moor

    And she is very "playful".

  2. Timo Lindroos

    But who is the girl?

  3. Othelo The Moor

    Put the blame on me, babe.

  4. mark theblue

    I really like tickle me. It's got plenty of funny scenes. Shouldn't be classed with some of the other shit films Parker got him to do

  5. Marita Unosson

    Good music🌞

  6. Alice Fulmer

    I loved this movie it was funny and great songs,and a good looking elvis,of course

  7. spinout3

    love this.

  8. bonnie benini

    out of all his co-stars she had best body........perfect;;;;

  9. Kerrian Louise

    Elvis 😙

  10. Jimmy

    Love this song

  11. YGC AmericanYeti

    That hat throw tho

  12. samiam261

    How can 1 guy have so much cool?

  13. jennifur sun

    want his hat guitarists were Scotty Moore and Tommy Tedesco

  14. pauliejmd

    Nice tune Katie

  15. cards1985

    The King

  16. jennifur sun

    discovered something interesting the other day. supposedly the Saloon Girl was a figment of Hollywoods imagination-girls weren't allowed in there


    women and of course they were

    Diane Fiske-Foy

    "LADIES" weren't allowed in saloons. Other types of women were.

  17. Katie Cosgrove

    Same here, (:

  18. ronfowlermusic

    Love the song and the movie!

  19. Katie Cosgrove


  20. Katie Cosgrove

    Thank you!

  21. Katie Cosgrove

    Thank you ! me too :)

  22. Mr. A.P

    Great *********