Presley, Elvis - Little Egypt Lyrics

I went and bought myself a ticket
And I sat down in the very first row
They pulled the curtain
But then when they turned the spotlight way down low
Little Egypt came out a-struttin'
Wearin' nothin' but a button and a bow

Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying
Ying-ying, ying-ying

She had a ruby on her tummy
And a diamond big as Texas on her toe
She let her hair down
And she did the hoochie-coochie real slow
When she did her special number on the zebra skin
I thought she'd stop the show

Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying
Ying-ying, ying-ying

She did her triple somersault and when she hit the ground
She winked at the audience and then she turned around
She had a picture of a cowboy tattooed on her spine
Said, Phoenix, Arizona 1949

Yeah, but let me tell you people
Little Egypt doesn't dance there anymore
She's too busy mopping
And a-takin' care of shopping at the store
'Cause we've got seven kids
And all day long they crawl around the floor

Singing ying-ying, ying-ying
Ying-ying, ying-ying

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Presley, Elvis Little Egypt Comments
  1. D mo-ra

    Elvis stole this song from The Coasters and did a pretty good job.

  2. Stan Stedanko

    Me thinks Elvis was the coolest cat that ever walked Mother Earth.

  3. James McAleenan

    Brilliant song

  4. John Black

    My mother & I made a date one night to go to the movies after my older brother refused. Thank you, mom.

  5. Timothy Wright

    always love these. my chilhood

  6. César Gómez Rodriguez

    Somebody is here cause the movie "Mask" (1985), where Cher sing this song?

  7. Walliano4566

    she did a triple samasoud? and when she hit the ground she waked at the audience and when she turned around she had a picture of a cowboy tattooed on her spine saying sphinex arizona 19-49

  8. Fae Browne

    Summer holidays growing up i always looked forwars to the Elvis films. He was so talented and bloody gorgeous 😍😍 And those dancers were outrageously awesome

  9. ronald welch

    A gift from GOD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. mitch rawles

    love it

  11. Lee Thompson

    That girl was a good dancer and Elvis perfectly sang while she was dancing! Was this on telly because my dad might have seen it but not me I was born in 1993 and I don't think Elvis was singing it looks like he was lip singing but you never know he might have done

  12. sesh wondo

    Rocky Dennis sings it better

  13. FinlayB

    Not many people can wear a bright red jacket and get away with it. Elvis looks good in anything. He looks stunning here. Great song too, very catchy.


    FinlayB He would look good in dress!

    Alvin Mays

    But this song was made by the coasters not Elvis

  14. Lacie Abercrombie

    Love your son

  15. Bruce Mc Clain

    my wife loves this movie and elvis

  16. the king

    Noone does it Better then Elvis 👑👑👑

  17. Marlon Autry

    thanks havent herd that forever

  18. John W 1711 Stock

    Pheonix AZ 1949!!!

  19. Sunil Kukreti

    Ooooooouo gichi gichi gichi wow

  20. cool music

    Those dancers were babes! Swing! 🙋

  21. Timothy Wright

    always enjoyed and loved this song and the act

  22. Riddlez ?¿

    To crack the code you must play a game of Simon says and Simon says sing like H***. Thank you for playing by the book and watch for birds

    (70->1,2,3,4 R 199->60 71-> under 1-6 first 2 72->57)

    e.g. counts but letters & numbers don’t

  23. Timothy Wright

    video is the best thing to happened to television

  24. Timothy Wright

    good to be back

  25. D'Al Mort-Iz

    I love little egypt! wish I could buy a ticket and sit on the very first row...


    Elvis was getting stuck in some pretty forgettable musical numbers by the mid-1960s, but this one's the pits.  That constant, annoying "Goochy-goochy-goochy" by what sounds like a dude off-stage, trying to sound like a gal,  sinks this one.  Pure barf.   The soundtrack album's version wisely substituted a "yakety sax" for it, which is a vast improvement.


    why waste your time stating your pointless opinion that no one but you cares about

  27. Raymond Baylis

    the king that is Elvis Presley the king of rock n roll

  28. Bill Brower

    Go to settings, and put the speed on 0.75 and leave it there. This speed is perfect at 0.75 !!!

  29. Patty Miller

    Poor Elvis, who wrote that song?? lol of course he made it great but I bet he was not happy!



    Mary Herlein

    Leiber & Stoller wrote it in 1961; they've written better songs that Elvis recorded.


    hahaha it's actually one of my favorite elvis songs!

  30. lorie porie

    Loved the movie! And this song😛😛😛Elvis is so Handsome!!!!!!

    Lloyd Kline

    laurie reza no weak spots in the movie I love the green acres man in the movie

  31. Shani Trahan

    I love the video it's a great song

  32. Bonnie Stewart

    I Will love Elvis Presley

  33. Tim Dawson

    I am the third son legitament of Elvis Aaron Presley we do not approve of people who are faking to be my father my father is dead 1977 I've already spoken to Google and a whole bunch of other people there's me my brother to Lisa Marie Presley and lucky rockets that are left no one else we disapprove on people that are doing this live peaceful

  34. Mario Live Gaming

    I love his movies ❤ this way he will be remember and his music respected 👑🎬

  35. Valter Vicente

    Muita saudades dos filmes do Elvis Presley em sessão da tarde , era muito legal...

    Marcia Brasileiro

    Valter Vicente Maravilhosos!! Divertiam muito sem baixarias! Adoro Elvis.

  36. Omar Villalobos

    como se llama la canción por favor


    Little Egypt

  37. graftonreed

    Wilda Taylor was Little Egypt, amazing dancer with awesome legs. She's 87 and still has the twinkle in her eye and spring in her step. Shows what leading a healthy lifestyle can benefit later in life.

  38. George Vreeland Hill

    Proud to be a fan of Elvis Presley.
    The greatest entertainer in history.

  39. дмитрий алексеев

    Шишка у меня поднялась

  40. Bizsu Me

    Little Egypt where is the Gipsy s come from!
    He was and he is a gipsy boy by his mother side I don't know he's father!
    The gipsy soul that was and still because he is ALIVE
    Coming out from Elvis
    So beautifully and that smile !
    Remember he is spiking in a special language that is a roma language

  41. paul stroope

    love this song. I think thats Betty Paige dancing.

    Hugo Burnside

    No Wilda Taylor.

  42. Timothy Wright

    at age 8. the man my dad was charming everything in middle and elementary school

    Jane Barbaro

    Timothy Wright l

  43. Daniel Kubacki

    ha that was funny. I love The Coasters version.

  44. TheAliveandKickin

    I came here because of Mask.

  45. t1000eg

    The King

  46. Kyal Jacobi-Sutton

    Kyal Sutton came out struttin' wearin' nuthin' but a button and a bowww-ohwowow!

  47. Tony Fortuna

    The most talented singer that every lived!!

    Marcia Brasileiro

    Tony Fortuna for sure!!!

    Ella Stern

    :) Or Billy Joel - although he's not doing much better with his personal life either. It is too bad.

    Gunner apple

    @Ella Stern billy joel lol

    Stan Stedanko

    @Ella Stern Billy Joel.......BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!🤣🤣🤣

  48. Timothy Wright

    this is another favorite

  49. Timothy Wright

    git it git it git it git it

  50. Timothy Wright

    8 year  old girl charmer  on 7th court.. my dad could really sing these songs.. with style and grace

  51. Connie Dellarusso

    Who is better than that? :)


    How about The Coasters?


    Nope, not better. Just different.

  52. LongLivetheKing0871

    Loveit !!!

  53. mochi suzuki

    This movie brings back so many memories! I remember going out to see it with my friends right after the last school bell on a Friday in high school in San Francisco. This movie was very popular among my friends just for the pure emotion of happiness and energy it brought with it. Things were simpler back then.


    mochi suzuki Ah I'm so jealous, I wish I could just go out with my friends after school to watch the latest Elvis movie :,) Must have been great times

  54. Donna Cole

    I remember listening to this song when i was a child, it was one of dads favourites. I havent heard it for so long,i still remember the words, amazing!

  55. Nina Nina

    He is moving with such a grace. Is there anything that this gorgoeus, talented man didn't have?

    Ella Stern

    Not much of a brain - but otherwise he was perfect. It is terrible to see someone who has it all and still flounder pathetically.

  56. kenny presley

    a young elvis

    Andrew Butler

    He was 29 in 1964 and did aged 42 in 77

  57. kenny presley

    a young elvis

  58. kippercat123

    either this movie is set about 7 % above normal speed or Elvis has been toking a little helium !

    Justin Lim

    Yeah it's annoying, so obvious with girl happy and other movie songs, remember reading somewhere the producers did it to liven up the sound and tempo, but it sounds so darn unnatural, would love to hear the original version and Elvis's real Golden tone.

    Joe Barbaro

    @Justin Lim Here is the original version of the song if that is what you meant:

  59. louiselvis

    great elvis - jesse!

  60. John Green

    Loving it much thanks for uploading this :)

  61. Katie Cosgrove

    Thank you

  62. Eric Smith

    Fantastic ! Long Live the King.

  63. Jo Elvisfan

    Great uploading! I love this. Jo

  64. Katie Cosgrove

    Thanks so much!

  65. Katie Cosgrove

    Thank you

  66. DavidMoatMUSIC

    Great video from a great movie starring The King!!

  67. Mr. A.P

    Great, my friend

    Tim Dawson

    Mr. A.P I know who I am and on the third son of Elvis you're an imposter I want to know who you are man the Presley family organization of Elvis and Corporation wants to know

    Tim Dawson

    Mr. A.P YouTube Google Twitter know who I am and I have authorization do I have to report you tell me who you are and if you're using my name you will be eliminated from here

    Tim Dawson

    Mr. A.P my father died in 1977 he's long gone yes I miss them but I want to know who the hell you are and where do you get off on using my dad's name you will start to see your name start to disappear very soon once I call Google by telephone and YouTube unless you tell me who you are I want your real name not using my daddy's name either people are being found and also being eliminated from the Internet by using my dad's name the Presley family does not approve of it

    Master Kota

    Tim Dawson Please stop claiming to be the son of Elvis 🤦🏽‍♂️ He only has child and her name is Lisa Marie Presley.

    Anthony Bye

    And me, don't forget me.