Presley, Elvis - Life Lyrics

Somewhere out in empty space,
long before the human race,
Something stirred,
A vast and timeless source began,
Intelligence was born and then,
there was the world,
Powers filled the universe,
matter formed and broke the curse,
Of nothingness,
Love became an ageless soul,
nature reached her highest goal,
And breathed the breath of life,
Everlasting life.
Well creatures come from out of sight,
Daylight came from in the night,
and all was good,
Life became a masterplan,
Love produced the perfect man,
that understood,
The image of the makers word,
worshipped him with all he had,
But then one day,
From in the depths an evil seed,
grew and manufactured greed,
That changed the way of life,
Everlasting life,
Oh the loving power looked and saw,
Inside the heart of man a flaw,
began to grow,
Well, the fires of hell began to burn,
and so he sent his chosen son,
To let us know,
That love had surely made us all,
and hate would surely make us fall,
So from the cross,
Well he showed the world that dreadful day,
That love could be the only way,
or all is lost of life,
Everlasting life,
For life is love,
And love is life.

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Presley, Elvis Life Comments
  1. ElvisTheKing

    Elvis' Is The Way Of Life

  2. Giuseppe Ravidà

    Sei grande Elvis, the best!!!!!

  3. Chris1094

    I heard this for the first time last week, having just bought the album "Walk a mile in my shoes: the essential '70s masters", and have listened to it several times since. It's not my favourite song of his- (that will always be Separate Ways!) but this is making it's way up there!

  4. Lindsey M.

    My grandma is a huge Elvis lover, and even she had never heard this song before. We found this song the other day and my grandma was so happy that she cried.

  5. Angel Elvis

    Elvis had such a beautiful heart, everything he sung came strictly from his heart with such deep emotions.R.I.P. beauiful man. Love you.

  6. keetonplace

    So beautiful!

  7. chris bugg


  8. Оксана Перлова

    А я сама не знаю,кто я,
    Пришла неведомо когда,
    С какою целью и откуда,
    Сюда,неведомо куда.
    По большей части,дело в степени
    Различия,ведущего к проблемам,
    Того,что люди представляют о себе,
    С тем,чем они являются на самом деле.
    Была бы я такой,как там,
    Всё получалось бы легко.
    А здесь чужого места занимать
    Я не хочу и не хочу обидеть никого.
    Быть может,смысла нет стучаться в запертые двери
    И ждать,чтоб кто-нибудь открыл,
    Мой случай,может быть,не безнадёжен,а ничтожен,
    Я получаю то,что заслужила.

  9. Nina Garcia

    Elvis forever!!!

  10. motomichi okura

    Elvis is My God.

  11. carolbob606

    This was really beautiful. I especially loved the words on the screen, this was an exceptionally well written song. Elvis sang it from his heart as usual & made it a piece of music to enjoy & remember. God Bless

  12. Roy

    B E A U T I F U L.......

  13. MikeeSings4You

    On music vids I never care for commenting about the videos but I have to say that was awesome and helped me feel this song in a whole different way thanks my friend :)

  14. glorianna43

    grazie per l'iscrizione e le belle parole...questo video lascia a bocca aperta tanta è la meraviglia! Grazie infinite

  15. francotiola

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  16. LeCommedieDellArte


    Obrigada, Lucia querida amiga, obrigada pelo teu carinho !! :)
    Excelente final de semana para você também, para toda a tua família, que a Bia encante sempre a tua vida com a voz linda que ela tem e que ela nunca deixe de cantar... Que Deus abençoe a abençoe, Lucia,e a toda a tua família! Obrigada .... Um forte abraço! :)

  17. LeCommedieDellArte


    Che bello che è vederti ancora qui, Jorge !! Grazie d'essere ritornato !! Adesso speriamo che tutto sia come una volta, soltanto Pace, molta, molta, molta Pace e soltanto Amore!
    "Gira il mondo gira, nello spazio senza fine, con tanto Amore, con tanta Pace !! "
    Pace, Pace, Pace, Pace ...... :)
    Grazie Jorge, grazie di tutto e un forte abbraccio a te e un bacino dolcissimo a Luquinha ! :)
    ( Io speravo tanto vedere il facino grazioso e dolce di Luquinha come il tuo Avatar...)

  18. LeCommedieDellArte


    Thanks, dear Maria !!
    Lots and lots of Love and Peace to you and family, lots and lots of stars to you, lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you and family, sweet Maria !

  19. LeCommedieDellArte


    Thanks ! :)

  20. LeCommedieDellArte


    Si, querida Myriam, tienes razón, que Dios te bendiga a ti y familia, con mucho Amor, querida amiga!

  21. LeCommedieDellArte


    Muito, muito obrigada querido amigo do coração que eu gosto e admiro tantíssimo !!
    Não mude nunca, Valmir !! Obrigada por ser o amigo querido que você é !!
    Se você soubesse quanto Elvis foi importante para mim, quando eu era adolescente !! :)
    Agora, graças a você, ao Raffaele (meu filho) e ao YouTube, esse Querer Bem voltou, e com estes meus videos eu agradeço ao Elvis Presley tudo de lindo que ele me fez sonhar...
    Deus o abençoe, Valmir, com Paz, muita Paz e muito Amor e Paz!

  22. Vasmir15

    Maravilloso, vida, life , eso es lo mejor que podemos tener, disfrutarla al máximo, es mi deseo.

  23. Kyra Gaus

    Great !!!

  24. beadsstitcher

    LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.....What a beautiful video this is! Incredibly nice song by Elvis.Thank you so much for sharing,my dear friend.Lots and lots of stars too.

  25. beadsstitcher

    LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.....What a beautiful video this is! Incredibly nice song by Elvis.Thank you so much for sharing,my dear friend.Lots and lots of stars too.

  26. Tania Popkova

    Beautiful video !!!!!!