Presley, Elvis - Judy Lyrics

They say you found somebody new
Whose love will always be true
I don't know what it is to be alone
That's why I dread to know you're gone

Oh, Judy, don't let our sweet love wither and die
Like flowers in the fall
Oh, Judy, don't you know
It's you I love most of all

Oh, please come back
I promise always to be true
Oh, Judy, there'll never be
Anyone else, dear, but you

Oh, please come back
I promise always to be true
Oh, Judy, there'll never be
Anyone else, dear, but you

Oh, Judy, there'll never be
Anyone else, dear, but you
Oh, Judy, there'll never be
Anyone else, dear, but you

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Presley, Elvis Judy Comments
  1. Stephen Heath

    this type of song really suited his voice,along with sentimental me

  2. celmardida

    Ce morceau est une merveille !

  3. Niels Dalberg Hedegaard

    Et fantastisk godt nummer fra The King Elvis.

  4. Alle Hoogenberg

    Geweldig nummer super

  5. SuperHOGGA

    Judy , Judy , Judy (Johnny Tillotson )   Judy's Turn To Cry ( Lesley Gore ) Judy Green ( Bobby & Laurie)  Judy In Disguise  ( John Fredd)  Judy ( Elvis Presley ) Hey  Jude ( Beatles ) come to mind.

    judy CARNES

    +SuperHOGGA  don't forget JUDY IN DISGUISE

    judy CARNES

    +judy kiser ,sorry didn't see it

  6. Thom Campbell

    Such a classic Elvises first true love

  7. Doris Christie

    I love this song so much!  <3

  8. Alec Subrayan

    I love this song so much ! No matter what others say ! Elvis only can sing like this. You give him any song and he turns it out to be the best. He has a God-given talent !!!

  9. Judith Nicholson-Sherwood

    I'm, a Judy....special song, especially sung by the King himself.. as Billy Swann said.... not many songs with Judy, except Judy in disguise with, I hated it, because I wore glasses when glasses were not cool.

    Judy Sirois

    My name is Judy too . I have not heard this song until 1 year ago. I love it

    judy CARNES

    +Judy Sirois MY name is Judy and ditto what you said....luv it

  10. Billy Swann

    Judy...........this one is for you and you only sung for you by the King himself.

    .........................There will never be anyone else for me but you

  11. Serge gagnier

    J avais le 33 tours .j aimais beaucoup j ai plusieurs c .d.que j ecoute assez regulierement .love elvis.

  12. Люция Журба

     It magnificent! Elvis, and only Elvis, touches to a heartache and delight tears...

  13. cards1985

    I onced love a Judy. Great song.

  14. MrJOBE33


  15. Nicole English

    J'aime tellement... Gros merci.

  16. motomichi okura

    I am very glad to hear your comments, I'm 67.

  17. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 Favorites ! A Happy Combination of Elvis Presley and Floyd Cramer. I feel So Comfortable, thank you.

  18. lunnaalmacigana

    I love Elvis!!

  19. drunkonjive

    just flows the tune the song and of course elvis "great".

  20. mholdr

    great vocals by EP.......RIP

  21. madashell2222

    i heard this song one time when i was in my 20s,always wanted to hear it again,never did untill you tube,thank GOD for the internet,now 74 years old,and still love this song

  22. Ray Burns

    just a greatsong i think

  23. seph2801

    A real charmer in every way. From his voice to his looks and's no surprise how he ruled the music world even after he's long gone from this world. Must be performing for the creator right now......not fair LORD.

  24. Jayamohan Rajappa

    An ever green song

  25. Jayamohan Rajappa

    an ever green one