Presley, Elvis - Island Of Love Lyrics

Kauai, island of love
Lovely princess of the islands
Kauai, island of love
Listen, can't you hear her calling

Aloha welcome my love
Her palmtrees gently do the hula
While her slaves, the waves
Rush in to kiss her shores

Heaven is another name for
Kauai, island of love

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Presley, Elvis Island Of Love Comments
  1. Saphire Blue

    No one will ever be as beautiful as Elvis, in every way. His father put on his tombstone, "Elvis Was a Special Gift From Heaven". That is true.

  2. Khoibu Global Channel

    Awesome 👏 song

  3. Arthur Punau

    For Ashlynn & JennaLynn my Daughter 💙✨💫💫🐬✨🐬🐬💫🌟

  4. Arthur Punau

    Arthur, Ashlynn Holleran & Jennalynn Arthur <3<3<3- Garden of Secrets & Dreams

  5. Arthur Punau

    For:Ashlynn Holleran and Arthur M ( both Spiritual <3<3<3 )

  6. Arthur Punau

    For Ashlynn Holleran, JennaLynn Arthur & Lynn💫✨💫🐬🐬🐬🌺🌺🌺🌞

  7. Arthur Punau

    For Ashlynn Holleran my love & life & my daughter Jenna Arthur For Ashlynn & JennaLynn 💙💙💙💫🦋✨🌟✨⚡️💫 ✨🌟⚡️🦋💫

  8. Arthur Punau

    🐬For Ashlynn Holleran & JennaLynn Arthur 🐬🐬

  9. Arthur Punau

    For Ashlynn Holleran 💙💙💕💕💕✨💫🌟✨💫 & JennaLynn Arthur my Daughter 💛💛💛

  10. Magdalena Kovaříčková

    Krásné super hlas

  11. Lm Nee

    Great song lob singing with you and listening to you..

  12. Julian Wiebers

    nur geil

  13. jytte thagaard nielsen

    I love that song!

  14. Joe WardJo

    I have never heard a voice as majestic r pure r smooth r intoxicating as elvis,its just breathtakeinly lovely

    brandon campbell

    Can't agree more, biggest role model

  15. Dulce Mendeja

    Nice song elvis presley

  16. Felix AvaMolifua

    Oahu this October then next trip Kuaui

  17. Bernie Darbyshire

    aptly named .on my bucket list !!

  18. zosimo javier Valera

    Heaven is another name for Hawaii island of island in the sand

  19. Triple MVP legend

    Gorgeous song all the way around! Hawaii, is the only State out of the fifty, where we've got a real connection to a royal past. Pretty awesome!

  20. Christy Hindenlang


    israel palomares

    Christy Hindenlang

  21. Nina Niedenfuer

    Blue Hawaii has to be my fav!

  22. Stefan Lage Ambecker

    Real Music not the shit they play to day!

  23. Kate Lohrenz

    As gorgeous as Hawaii is

  24. Mary Jane Smith

    Learning the HULA to this song.

  25. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favorites.

  26. Mani Pange

    Pure Talent,,,and Magic to go with it.......Elvis...4evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. RAS001

    What does Obama have to do with an Elvis song? Because he just happens to be from Hawaii? Can't you just enjoy the song? Why does everything have to have some sort of political leaning here on Youtube? And if you want to talk about being a "real American," how about learning how to build coherent sentences for other "real Americans" to read clearly. "Real Americans" are an educated bunch, thanks.

  28. 1950therichard

    i just got back from hawaii and elvis is right,
    hawaii is the island of love. this song is the kings great island song. blue hawaii

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Elvis too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the king.

  29. Triple MVP legend

    The "political", if u could call obama, a politician, instead of a economic, freedom
    terrorist, in front of an Elvis song, is totally unnecessary. First it's a 40 years plus year old,
    song, from a real american, who really served in the armed forces, Elvis. Obama, was a nobody, turned disaster president. Vote no for obama.

  30. Johnny Reday

    Sweet like a girl's kiss.

  31. Marilyn Ave

    A nostalgic tune is heard, and youth revives.
    Thank you for wonderful music.

  32. Heni Honey

    Köszi az albumot!

  33. sandtrapful

    Just fantastic!! I got the lyrics but not the chords to this Elvis piece.

  34. Red Hawk334

    Fantastic song by ELVIS!!!