Presley, Elvis - I Will Be True Lyrics

I will be true
No matter what they may say
I will be true
Although you're far, far away

Each night I pray
All day I'll say silent prayers
That when I open my door
I'll find you there

Somehow I feel
That someday we'll meet again
Don't ask me how
It's something I can't explain

Until the day
I give up all hope of you
Assure yourself this, I'll do
I will be true

That someday we'll meet again
Don't ask me how
It's something I can't explain

Until the day
I give up all hope of you
Assure yourself this, I'll do
I will be true

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Presley, Elvis I Will Be True Comments
  1. Moussa Alioua

    Splendide.Rien à ajouter.

  2. LOYAL ROYAL did it. 😎.....Sighhh , I love Elvis for so many reasons. 💖🙌

    bernadette primault

    super voix qui touche le coeur

  3. Alfred Kloos

    What makes this even greater is that Elvis plays the piano on this one!!

  4. Watcher Offools

    WOW! Amazing song

  5. Arlete Araujo

    Que Voz mais linda !!!!!!!!! Chega mim arripiar de tão linda e suave essa Voz de Elvis !!!!!!!!!!!!! Eu escuto todos os dias e todas as noites de tanta saudade que sinto de Elvis Presley !!!!!!!!

    Maggie Hall

    Just fantastic !!

  6. Moussa Alioua

    Très belle ballade par un grand MONSIEUR.

  7. ines lagos

    Best .king for ever

  8. Martine Simon


  9. el V

    The gold voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. NICCHITA music

    mo mountain you so vear Grazia Russo e in quella fotho e my che e' stata inserita da falcon nel my cellulare ce so stati strane variation de colori a me no me importa sto a di che ce divertiamotra de noi ascoltando le canciones de style so you daccordo e non ho nesun problem mountain le vojio un mondo de bene you so fijia d'arte no so chi unque la mi familia semo persone conosciute nell'ambito artistico a miss you Grazia (1963) (16) (05) no lo dimentichi che sono fijia d'arte no si sbaglia jo tengo solo stu cellullare e telef.e quello da villa ad abito ok altri tengo so proprio you mountain.

  11. Berit Samuelsson


  12. anna maria facchiano

    Dearest Elvis, tomorrow it would be your birthday, a lucky day for all of us who love you, miss you, listen to you everyday

  13. bonnie benini

    what a voice.....

  14. bonnie benini

    i just heard this in my car for first it...

  15. L L

    FANTASTIC ! Thank You! 💕

  16. Ralph Williams

    Everything he sang was from the heart👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  17. d abdella

    pretty sure Elvis playing the piano also on beyond the reef plus others

  18. Imaculada Conceição

    Prá sempre vou te amar
    Por toda a minha vida vou te amar
    Mas cada volta tua há de apagar
    O que esta ausência tua me causou..

  19. Sandra Miller

    He was true in his own way his way ,,,,I believe Elvis Loved two beautiful ladies deeply one was Priscilla a the other was Ann Margret. ,,,, I believe he had memories of them both a that these two ladies touched his life a heart like nobody else he knew a dated.

    Josephine Woodward

    Sorry but you're wrong! Elvis was in fact coerced into marrying P. Beaulieu by Tom Parker ( and her father), asked her for a trial separation shortly after their marriage and is on record as saying she was as cold as ice! He stayed friends with her after their divorce for Lisa Marie's sake.

  20. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    My God this is so sad it makes me cry every time . He loved his wife very much Elvis we love you you break my heart I will never miss you so much The King always 👑👑👑😢😢😢😢😢😢💘💘💔💔🌏💜🎸💜👑👑

    Josephine Woodward

    To you too - take off your romantic rose-tinted spectacles. The marriage was organised by Parker and only produced his beloved daughter Lisa Marie!! They stayed friends because of her and for her only......

  21. June Dobson

    I. Feel that way to , I can't explain it, I've had it all my life, that's why you're.deep in my heart,💖💖🎸

  22. Susan Ladd

    such heart. so moving. a gem!

  23. Monika Borowiec

    Beautiful song 👌⚡⚡⚡♥😘

  24. Monika Cabadajová

    This is so beautiful. One of my favourite. Thank you for sharing this gem.

  25. Sandra Miller

    I believe he also loved. Ann Margret to. but lost them both.

  26. Sandra Miller

    Elvis loved his wife a never gave up hope they get back together but his dream of being Happy was not meant to be here. Only in Heaven is he Happy.

    Josephine Woodward

    Take off your rose -tinted spectacles - his marriage to P. Beaulieu was the worse thing he ever did. She was/is a gold digger, she never understood him and they only remained friends after the divorce because of Lisa

    Maggie Hall

    He made two mega mistakes in his short was having the colonel as his manager the second was marrying Priscilla.

  27. Elizabeth Havelec

    so sweet good job

    maria mountain824

    +Elizabeth Havelec Thank you so much ☼❤ ☼ Happy week (❥ˆ◡ˆ) - BLESSINGS of ℒℴνℯ -💖 før➷ᵧₒᵤ ❤【ツ】☼💕

  28. Robert Mason

    I remembered this song when you were gone; I couldn't bear to listen to it until now, but I want to share this with you Donna !      me

  29. Lorenzocrown

    Super classic, a wonderful Ballad so very well performed by Elvis

    maria mountain824

    @Lorenzo2930 Thank you so much Lorenzo.

  30. SpiralBlue Andromeda

    Simply enchanting!
    Thank you so very much my dear friend for sharing all this magic with us!

    maria mountain824

    @SpiralBlue Andromeda Thank you so much my dear friend. hugs, xx

  31. invinoveritas

    beautiful Maria  x

  32. Remembering Elvis Presley

    Beautiful song and video dear Maria!!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs and Love Angeline xox

    Marie Lopez

    Hi. Aaron

  33. ossama2000il

    Another beautiful song of the great Elvis
    very nice choice again,nice video dear Maria
    Beautiful work again
    Have a wonderful day

    maria mountain824

    @ossama2000il thank you so much for the kind comment dear friend. Happy week! maria

  34. totallyamazing36

    What a very beautiful song Maria....and lovely pictures...
    I so enjoyed the visit....
    thank you for this special post
    Marilyn xox

    maria mountain824

    @totallyamazing36 Welcome Marilyn. Thank you so much for the kind words. hugs, maria xx

  35. Bjay1956

    Brilliant song here Maria, the voice is just magical, he could sing anything, loved it, John

    maria mountain824

    @bjay1956 Thank you so much for the beautiful comment John. Happy week! maria

    Heather Wholley