Presley, Elvis - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Lyrics

I'll take you home again, Kathleen
Across the ocean wild and wide
To where your heart has ever been
Since first, you were my bonny bride

The roses all have left your cheek
I watch them fade away and die
Your voice is soft whenever you speak
And tears bedim your lovely eye

Oh, I will take you home, Kathleen
To where your heart shall feel no pain
And when the fields are soft and green
I will take you to your home, Kathleen

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Presley, Elvis I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Comments
  1. Wendy Cushenan

    Wow...EP forever 💞

  2. Audrey Muir

    Remembering my Dear Mum and Dad, this was their special song.

  3. Elenice Castro

    @Mr A.P... Parabéns pelo lindo vídeo eu ameeei Obrigada! Bjs!😘⚘😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌟🌟ELVIS FOREVER🌟 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Kathleen Moore

    Feel like Elvis is singing this beautiful song to me! I'm 🍀 Irish so I love how he pronounces my name!! A real legend! R.I.P.

    Claudia parish

    My father used to sing this to my mother.
    Today is her birthday.
    She would have turned 100 years old today.
    We are very Irish.
    Hearing this song always makes me miss both my mother and my dad.
    I also have a sister who is named Kathleen, and my second name is Kathleen, and both my daughters have Kathleen as their second names.
    Oh yes, and my grandmother's name was also Kathleen, and Grandpa used to sing it to her.
    You are in good company with that name.

  5. Kathleen Millar

    why will my u tube play

  6. Debobbs Pocky

    Oh my...I just watched Ken Curtis sing this in a John Wayne movie.....just think if he toured abroad....out of this world...

  7. 22 MDH

    Wow the best version ever by EIvis the best singer ever. Wonderful.

  8. James Ryan

    The one and only King of popular music.

    I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
    Across the ocean wild and wide
    To where your heart has ever been
    Since first you were my Bonnie bride.
    The roses all have left your cheek.
    I've watched them fade away and die
    Your voice is sad when e'er you speak
    And tears bedim your loving eyes.
    Oh! I will take you back, Kathleen
    To where your heart will feel no pain
    And when the fields are fresh and green
    I'll take you to your home again!
    I know you love me, Kathleen, dear
    Your heart was ever fond and true.
    I always feel when you are near
    That life holds nothing dear, but you.
    The smiles that once you gave to me
    I scarcely ever see them now
    Though many, many times I see
    A dark'ning shadow on your brow.
    Oh! I will take you back, Kathleen
    To where your heart will feel no pain
    And when the fields are fresh and green
    I'll take you to your home again!
    To that dear home beyond the sea
    My Kathleen shall again return.
    And when thy old friends welcome thee
    Thy loving heart will cease to yearn.
    Where laughs the little silver stream
    Beside your mother's humble cot
    And brightest rays of sunshine gleam
    There all your grief will be forgot.
    Oh! I will take you back, Kathleen
    To where your heart will feel no pain
    And when the fields are fresh and green
    I'll take you to your home again!
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  9. Edith Evans

    First time I have heard Elvis singing this song what song couldn't Elvis song simply the best talented man amazing thank you

  10. Snowy Owel

    Wow never knew Elvis sang this one of my favourite songs being song by my favourite singer 💝 beautiful.

  11. Selekta

    Dedicated to my Nana 100 years old ! played this at her funeral and it was a honor taking her coffin carring her to the burial ! Rip Nana I love you miss you

  12. Elenice Castro

    Mr A.P Parabéns pelo lindo vídeo ameiii ELVIS FOREVER KING 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  13. David Gibbs

    Could anybody sing this better.Short answer.No.Sublime.

  14. Mark Martinez

    Elvis played piano on this song and then played two more songs called I Will Be True and It's Still Here. RCA Records went back to put some orchestration or bass line into these songs. It was one of those good moments Elvis just sat at the piano to play some songs and I'm glad the session was captured.

  15. Ralph Furley

    I love it!!! A great version of a classic song!!! ☮️🖖🏽

  16. Kathleen Harrington

    Oh how beautiful Elvis sings this. My father used to sing this to I wish for one more verse from him with the gentle hug and saying of 'That's my girl'; I would pay a million dollars... One of my eight brothers sings this to me everytime I see him. Elvis always captured our hearts and everything we hold dear. What a treasure.

  17. warren wilson

    Pristine !!!

  18. Jenny O'Connell

    Love this song. My dad used to sing it to my sister and me when we were very little.

  19. Mohammed N Khan

    This song sticks to you for the rest of the day! Truly magical voice!

  20. DJ Ward

    The Royle Family bought me here

    Truant MYFHC

    I can still smell shit in here

    DJ Ward

    Shhh a luv this

  21. Fra ruger

    Thank U Elvis, u always a loyal son of Ireland!

  22. Linda Broom

    Only Elvis can sing with such emotion and Love.Eternal Love

  23. Billy Murray Fan

    This song was one of Thomas Alva Edision favorite songs,but of course not this with Elvis. Edison died in 1931 4 years before Elvis was born

  24. I can't begin to tell you Clarkec

    I can't begin to tell you

  25. waylonmac6

    Really cool to hear this by Elvis, this is a song written in 1875 and been sung in a few John Wayne movies

    Vera Brown


  26. Mick Clapham

    I so miss my mum Kathleen😟

  27. tony Conti

    This song has grown on me...Elvis can sing anything

  28. Billy Murray Fan

    Sorry.!!!,but only Walter Van Brunt did this song great. Walter had a much more pleasent voice than Elvis. Elvis broken this old beautiful song. Walter was in life when this come out I’m nearly 100% sure he not liked it either

    Cute Kittens

    Billy Murray Fan. You have to be kidding. Tried listening to that version and it was an assault on the eardrums.

  29. thepuma2012

    he also plays the piano here, and on the other songs of the session (i will be true)

  30. ひろこ静香。にしのにの

    Soo beautiful....❇

  31. nape jack

    Elvis respect great John Gary, whose version of this song is amazing!

  32. Steven Sawyer

    Never heard this song by Elvis before, very nice indeed.

    Rene Guenon

    Me too.


    Wonderful. Dad used to sing this to my mum .Elvis sings it with such feeling.

  34. Lewis Sanders

    this lovely song shouldn't BUTCHERED like that.

    Cute Kittens

    Lewis Sanders. Notice you did not like Johnny Cash either.

  35. Rex Regum

    Elvis is playing Piano here

  36. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    O my goodness that voice beautiful beautiful Elvis i miss you xxxx

    Matete Garrison

    Nobody to date matches Elvis' voice...ballad or rock or gospel..he excels!

  37. World Power Design

    Crying sound of Elvis

  38. Bob W

    What a beautiful rendition of this lovely song.

  39. BikerHomeBoy

    brings tears to my eyes the way he sings it.

    Antoinette Vancaeneghem

    BikerHomeBoy willy somers

  40. Kathleen Crane

    Anyone here with the name Kathleen?

  41. Blossom1948

    Yes having the name Kathleen..i feel he is singing it to me too!😊

  42. Blossom1948

    All these years and i never knew the king sang this one..truly beautiful!...

  43. Helge Valama

    This old Irish song is great with, Elvis!

    Thomas Carroll

    Helge Valama yep an old Irish song written in 1875, in Indiana, by a German-American! (Thomas P Westendorf)

  44. 37merton

    my wife is named Kathleen and she loves this song. She says she feels Elvis is singing just to her! Best version I've ever heard too

  45. paacer

    My goodness that was really beautiful . Thank you Elvis for the joy you brought and still bring to many people .

  46. TheKing Elvis

    wonderful song this version its from 1973?


    Yes, it was recorded by Elvis in 1971 and released in 1973.

  47. Robert Bawden

    the best

  48. brian barnett

    Want to dedicate this song to my dear parents Jerry and Kathleen Barnett. My father would often sing this song to our mother when he had a few "glasses" He would start with "I'll take you home again Kathleen" and the rest of the words he forgot and then it was just la, la, la etc. Mother loved it. They loved each other right to the end, which has given us great comfort.

    David Gibbs

    Lovely story to accompany a lovely version of the song by Elvis.


    love this song

  50. Gary Owen

    grandma I miss you I love you to like Gramps did to the moon and back


    nice gary, cheers

    Anne Shore

    My Father wanted me to be named Kathleen , he was killed 3 weeks before I was born and I am named Kathleen Anne

  51. cattinc

    Anybody else here because of Star Trek?   Thank you Lt. O'Reilly...  :)


    I do a podcast where I watch episodes with a guy who's never seen Trek. We're on the TNG episode where they get the drunk virus again and we remembered this song fondly from the Kevin Riley cover in TOS. Thought I'd look it up to share a non-Trek version with listeners and here I am.

    Mr. Spock

    HAHA me too!!!

    Mr. Spock

    he was a better singer than uhura

    Random Guy

    LT Kevin Riley: "LT Uhura, you've... interrupted my song, uh.. Im sorry but, there will be no ice cream for you tonight." 😂

  52. Geert Dehoux


  53. Harriet Parnell

    Here because of Star Trek

  54. Sarah Cole

    So love this song--and love Elvis.

  55. Marakesh7


  56. Dot Artingstall

    what a man it said it all xxxxx

  57. Cassia S

    Star trek brought me here

    Felipe Veronezi

    Captain Reis-Kirk Vc esta em todos os vídeos relacionados a Star Trek

  58. Maggie Davidson

    my aunty Cathy died on Wednesday, and I can always remember my uncle singing it to her when I was young,beautiful memories ,and elvis she loved singing it,xx

    Geert Dehoux

    So nice!

  59. Chris Johnson

    Wow what a voice

    Geert Dehoux

    Yes, Elvis was a Genius!

  60. sistergoldenhair416

    This is such a lovely song. I've heard several artists sing it, but no one can do it like Elvis does. What a voice!


    Rachel, could you check out Emmet again and see if he isn't a little bland, insipid, compared to The King?

    Billy Murray Fan

    sistergoldenhair416 o yeas Walter Van Brunt sang this much much better than Elvis. Walter’s version is much more neautiful than this with horrible Elvis. Hear Walter sing it here on Youtube and You will never again say this with Elvis is great. I’m NOT elvis fan I’m Walter Van Brunt fan ( since 2013) after I started listen to Walter I stopped where fan of Elvis because I like a million times better Walter. Walter sang many of very beautiful songs. He started as recording artist in 1909when he was only 17 years old and was the youngest recording artist of that time,but a very good one

    Birgitta Carlsson

    It´s obvious you´re not an Elvis fan, so what are you doing here slandering him? I will not listen to Walter whoever that is after your comments. You´re the horrible one and  with bad taste.

    Cute Kittens

    Billy Murray Fan. I did listen to the version you posted (74 views at the time) and it is truly awful. There again everyone is entitled to their opinion and some people have a better ear than others. I know which category you come into.

    Brad rawsner

    @Billy Murray Fan
    Hey stupid fuck?
    The version you told me to listen to?
    It is awful.
    Are you a fuckin idiot?

  61. jean lawson

    The King!

  62. Tatiana Simonova

    So strong and soft voice simultaneously. It charms you and and leads you into a miracle country, where everything is possible...


    Tatiana Simonova Lovely comment.

  63. Gocatgo

    Aargh, that was sooo lovely.

  64. patrick odonnell

                                          YOUR LOVELY EYE'S
                                              A POWERFUL SONG
                                                WITH A VERY POWERFUL VOICE
                                                        THE KING ELVIS PRESLEY
                                                                        T C B

    Pat Dean

    you have said it all

  65. Petrus Barnard

    This is a person that can express his feelings with a voice thatch seldom matched

    Geert Dehoux

    I fully agree.

  66. les reed

    He can do no wrong1

  67. Jesus Is The Boss


  68. Toos van Es

    Great song !!!

  69. Elvis Presely

    Do  U  Have  Any  Video  of  Elvis   Live   In      CONCERT  BUDDY  !!!!!!

  70. Maritza de Olarte

    What a magical voice! The one and only!

    Geert Dehoux

    Yes, indeed!

  71. Ron Wisman

    What a treasure this man was, how blessed we are to have these recordings

    Geert Dehoux

    I think so, too.

  72. Danielle Murdock

    For my beautiful aunty kath R.I.P xxx

  73. Ann Thompson

    Is Elvis playing the piano?

    Ann Thompson

    @MrRol1n I thought so.Have seen him play this song sitting in a rehearsal studio.Everyone around him was clearing up and clattering.But he was lost in his own world.Talented man that he was.


    I just got done watching that video."Melancholy Piano" .I enjoy his piano playing.

    Ann Thompson

    @MrRol1n I enjoy anything Elvis does.He was so talented.

  74. Ann Thompson

    Elvis sings this with so much love..he sounds as if his heart is breaking.


    That is so well put. I really never thought of this but you are so correct.

    Billy Murray Fan

    Ann Thompson Hear this song recorded by Walter Van Brunt and you will never say this with Elvis is great again

  75. Ann Thompson

     I have just discovered this. As usual he is wonderful.

    Geert Dehoux

    So it is.

  76. anamar23601

    bella bella,beautiful beautiful Adem!

  77. carol biggs


  78. Katlen Camacho

    My name derives from Kathleen, and my mom LOVES Elvis (n so do i). But she have never heard this song.. When she listed to it, she freaked out hasudihasd <3<3

  79. Kathleen O'Donovan

    my name is kathleen;)

  80. alphasun1

    Bad arrangement, unworthy of the King.

  81. Roselyne Gérard

    Enfin une vidéo qui n'est pas polluée par les additifs de la P. Beaulieu. Très belles photos d'Elvis sur ce merveilleux chant !

  82. kate Beard

    I know this song, being Kathleen, surprisingly good, like it

  83. Catherine Lindsay

    As my name is Catherine, Kathleen is a form of my name. The man in my life sang this when he was 7 years of age for the first time and still 60 years later, sings it to perfection.

  84. barbarybar

    My mum died when I was five. Her name was Kathleen and she was of Irish decent. My dad used to sing this to me as a child. It still means a lot to me even though I am now 64.

  85. Donna Adams

    I love this song, it was the song that my dad sang to my mum all those years ago, before she passed, Elvis just sings it so softly and sincerely.

  86. Jack Strickland

    what a lovely song sung by a legend

  87. Dalton Santiago

    gods songs ;D

  88. Jovi Peruser

    The first musician I ever loved.

  89. clarence fender

    @DonvanderDeijl Both were great singers! The music of today is terrible.

  90. Don van der Deijl

    @cf1934 Frankie Lane was a great singer too. Hear him sing one off his most famous songs "ï Believe" My father who died 9 years ago loved Frankie . On his funeral there was Frankie Lane,s music I believe. There was a time my father said "Elvis tried to do what Frankie did" maybe he was right, Elvis was recorded I believe to. I guess both off them where great singers. I missed that kind off singers. I feel sorry for those today but just call me one singer who did it like this two giants.

  91. clarence fender

    @DonvanderDeijl You feel about Elvis like I feel about Frankie Laine.

  92. Don van der Deijl

    @cf1934 But off course your right about that. I liked Elvis his voice speccialy in the 70.s But that,s personel. There are a lott of songs which he did without feelin. But this one he did with his soul. Even in the end when his voice was broke you can hear in eg Unchained Melody that he suffers as also in My Way. THAT makes the different between a lot off others HE meant is when he sings, And that had nothing to do with range. Listening to MJ and i heared a voice without anything for eg

  93. clarence fender

    @DonvanderDeijl To your ears, not mine!

  94. Don van der Deijl

    @cf1934 What has range to do with it? Elvis himself Roy Orbisson who had a greather range. But don,t forget It,s Elvis himself behind the Piano doin this song in one time and you can hear an feel he means every word of it and THAT my friend makes Elvsi zo Human and big

  95. Horgan1956

    This has always been a beautiful song. And one of the reasons my first daughter is named Kathleen. The King does an awesome job on surprise. He had more range than many realized.

  96. Monique de kramer

    I've never heard this song before, it's awesome! Other artists are nothing when you hear Elvis sing. He is simply the best! Elvis forever!
    And thanx for sharing!


    Just beautyful Elvis is great. Thank GOD for the voice that gave to Elvis, to sing that way.