Presley, Elvis - I'll Remember You Lyrics

I'll remember you
Long after this endless summer has gone
I'll be lonely oh so lonely
Living only to remember you

I'll remember too
Your voice as soft as the warm summer breeze
Your sweet laughter, mornings after
Ever after, I'll remember you

To your arms someday I'll return to stay
Till then I will remember too
Every bright star we made wishes upon
Love me always, promise always
Oh, you'll remember too

I'll remember you

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Presley, Elvis I'll Remember You Comments
  1. Catherine ServantGramont

    La voix d or et le frisson la beauté et le talent inoubliable wé remémorer Hou:-

  2. Lord Burlap



    Maravilhoso para sempre te amo Elvis

  4. Colin Westwood

    The feeling. The emotion the king puts into any song he performs seems to make it his own. Numero uno. 👑🙌

  5. hated and killed

    okay okay.. we found ourselves a bad ass over here

  6. shahid latif

    This was Elvis Presley farewell to the world. Respect. He was never the same after this. Respect love you brother

  7. assault and battery

    Fucking beautiful King...

  8. Liam Cusack

    2020 and we’re still listening, Elvis didn’t die, he just left the building 🕺

  9. Patrick George

    Elvis at his best. No doubt about it.

  10. Fiona P

    My only love...the king❤

  11. Unknown

    We certainly remember you Sir.

  12. Don Nesbitt

    I remember when his first hit song hit the air waves. I was helping a friend milk their dairy cows and his song played on the radio. I listened as his fame gr from there. We were so proud of him as he entered the Army as opposed to a famous boxer who chickened out and wouldn’t defend his country.

  13. assault and battery

    1:41,Who is he looking at..........:)

  14. Jeff K

    The January 14, 1973, "Elvis, Live from Hawaii" Concert was a performance for the ages. Those that attended, had to report to the HIC Arena (Blaisdell) at around Midnight because it was being beamed Satellite "live" and for Time-Zone considerations it had to be transmitted after midnight, Hawaii Time. There was so much electricity in the air, as I recall. In 1973, I was a College student,  and flew home just for this Elvis Concert. Those that attended, could not have known, what was in store for them. In the many Concerts held at the HIC arena, ( and I have been to many), I have never seen the arena stage layout reconfigured this dramatically. It almost resembled a modern stage that you would see at a designer fashion show with a center runway extended out from the stage. When it was showtime, The arena lights darkened and then the music of "2001, a Space Odyssey" movie filled the air. It was time to put on our seatbelt folks, we were about to experience the Concert of our Lifetime. This Elvis "Live from Hawaii" Concert is Elvis's musical gift to the World, and has withstood the test of time, even 47 years later.

  15. Stonecoldcwbys

    Love this song!!!!

  16. Ursula Engbers

    Happy Birthday Elvis you are the Best🍰

  17. Ismael Martinez

    Happy birthday Elvis Presley 08 january 2020 beautiful liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee voice forever remember You Maribel Martinez Mexicali baja California México 👑☝🎂🎂🎂🎂🎼🎵🎼🎵💎💎💎🍸🍸💖💞💙

  18. Gorete Carvalho

    Para mim ele ê o homem mais lindo do mundo e dono de uma voz maravilhosa, sem falar no charme com o sorriso meio de lado. Eita ! Como é lindo!

  19. TheJackflash85

    Loaded on Pills - Elvis still delivers, the voice still on ~

  20. Ismael Martinez

    Hello happy 01 january 2020 me birthday today l remember You Elvis Presley beautiful voice feeling only king Maribel Martinez Mexicali baja California México 👑☝🎵🎼🎵🎼💙💙🍸🍸🍸🎂🎂🎉🎉💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💙🍸

  21. zita brito

    Amo essa música II remember you.

  22. Norma Gallagher



    I love Elvis

  24. Lourenice Davia

    Alguém me dá notícia da tal igreja " bola de neve? Ah,ah,ah....

  25. Lourenice Davia

    Nunca idolatrei voz, sei dos truques da eletrônica, sei das cabines de controles de Som, por dentro e apenas o vidro por divisão para o pequeno dancin( salão), vivi todas as noites, no Hotel Salvatti, dançando com meu guarda - Costa da Capitania dos Portos, Mário, fuzileiro Naval, porém, nao6 tem novidade....O quê têm é muita mistura esquisita, e homem d+ na cozinha, querendo cozinhar melhor quê as quê possuem o tempero Maggi.

  26. Lourenice Davia


  27. yanis dadou

    Sometimes I think I love him obsessively. Is this normal ???????????????

  28. h h

    חקי חיון , עוד שיר שדוקר בי בימים סוערים אישיים אלו.

  29. Jude Doyle

    As John Lennon said it?and so very true.
    TO HOW HE DIED IN 1977

  30. Lourenice Davia

    Isso é quê dá, comer cebola crua inteira ,pensando quê é maçã, pilantra do 1/2 dia, o astral sabe, inclusive o Paraná, porém tudo sob as ordens da minha mãe, por isso sou Inocente,nunca fiz nada sem "Ela" ( quê já dorme) saber.

  31. Patrick Curley

    The King will always be with us

  32. motomichi okura

    Elvis can't help singing this song.

  33. Hussein Baghdad

    16th of August 1977 .. RIP the best in history

  34. Richard FELT

    Je te dedis cette œuvre Josette de Noumea

  35. Sena Sena

    ela sumiu até hoje

  36. Sena Sena

    sou do Rio de Janeiro ela de São Paulo

  37. Sena Sena

    me lembro da amanda de lima de São Paulo tivemos uma estória de amor com um filho mais ela me largou em 1997 a 2000 até hoje amo muito mais ela sumiu

  38. GoldenEra 4ever

    If you can't watch/listen to this man sing and understand what all the fuss was/is about then you have no idea what greatness is.

  39. Anita Moberg

    He was the King and he will Always be the King.I love You so .

  40. Lourenice Davia

    DA pra deixar EU respirar seu morto vivo eletrônico, encosto da 1/2noite, pilantra, .

  41. Analia Jimena Lopez

    Oh my God !!! I have never seen a singer like ELVIS , awesome , marvelous ...!!!👑👑👑👑👑

  42. Scott Dickens USMC

    Elvis is Timeless and his music is pure magical.

  43. Grim Beorn

    1:33 🙁

  44. J. K.

    Greatest person and musician ever in this universe

  45. Marion Fordyce

    I will never forget Elvis he makes my day.

  46. firdaus abdi

    sweat all over his face. i'm wondering if no air conditioner that time? LOL

  47. Johnny Wremp

    Elvis Presley vår största sångare genom alla tider o människa en gudagåva och vilken röst

  48. Tigers in the Forest

    Another very moving song from the 'King'

  49. Лю Журавлёва

    No one sings this song better than Engelbert. Definitely!


    Please, Humberdink couldn't hold Elvis's music sheet!

    Paula Jay

    No one sings this better than Elvis Engelbert had no talent

  50. Myke Mynah

    My mom and my aunt were at this show.

  51. Flávio Cavalcante

    I'II remember you.... 😢😭😭😭

  52. Erik Bartlett

    One of my favorite Elvis songs. I dedicate this song to a lady I loved in my youth.

    She will never really understand how much I loved her then and, now.

    " I'll remember you long after this end of summer is gone".

  53. Maria José Sardinha

    È eterno musicalmente

  54. roberto carlos colautti hernandez

    te recordare

  55. Devin

    Imagine how Elvis would sound today with all the modern advances of musical instruments, microphones and audio equipment. It would be beyond incredible!

    Paula Jay

    Sorry can't improve on perfection


    Paula Jay U obviously don’t know anything about audio technology. Elvis would sound so much better on today’s sound systems and microphones. They can reproduce and enhance the original sound source way beyond the capabilities of the 70’s gear

  56. Merly I.

    Timeless 💖💖💖💖💖💖 my father who passed Loved this song my dad and Elvis are chatting up in heaven!!. 💖💖

  57. Monique Janssens

    OMG this is so beautiful beautiful I get tears in my eyes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😪😪😪

  58. Janice Herbon

    Beautiful Song!

  59. Libby Sanchez

    You are so unforgetable our dear Wonderful,and we are so lucky to have your voice to heare and see the great vidios .of the gift we cherris alway and for ever. .Thank you so much to Elvis Aaron Presley.

  60. Joaquim Coelho Pinto


  61. ronkeepfit2

    I miss this man

  62. Erin Gavin


  63. Salvacion Ortega

    oh God,while im watching elvis singing the song i'll remember you,my feeling elvis is still alive

  64. Mark Hodges

    My Uncle Jim Said Elvis was so Shy" But 1 if Not the Best Soldier he'd ever served with" They were in the same Co" 2nd Armored Division Ft Hood Texas" 1958 - To Germany" Rest in Heaven Elvis"💖🙏

  65. motomichi okura

    This is the real thing, beautiful !

  66. David Chihanick

    Not a day since his death I don't think about him or listen to one of his songs.

  67. Jay Kavanagh

    It’s 2019 now, and I’m 69. Every time I run out of words to explain and tears to express, I let this music speak for me. Ever after I’ll remember you, Mom and Dad. I will love you always.

    MLGEliteAlphaMaleStudmuffinCallofDutyAthlete TTV

    Have a happy new year! :)

  68. Wes McGee

    Elvis owned the world at that moment.

  69. Jessica Maria

    Cadê os brasileiros??

  70. Barb Smith

    Wonderful elvis oh l loved him ♥️ this song is so beautiful we will remember u elvis u the best singer in the world adorable man so gentle sings from the heart ♥ rip elvis the king 👑 💋💋💋💋

  71. Ömer Çelik

    bu adam öldüyse biz neden hala yaşıyoruz lan..

  72. Norma Gallagher


  73. Ari Faustino

    Elvis o mundo ainda lembra de voce,,,,brasil

  74. Maria Fagiolo

    "I'll remember you long after these endless summer has gone…" this songs make me think about Elvis who is gone one summer day in August :( make me feel cry.
    "Your voice as soft as the worm summer breeze…" This is your song, my favourit song. I'll remember you always, Elvis Precious. LOVELVIS

  75. Maria Fagiolo

    Una delle mie canzoni preferite cantate dal King! LOVELVIS

  76. Ramon Cabrera

    😢😢make me cry love the songs of elvis

  77. Carlos Gonzalez

    beautiful song and lyrics with the best singer showman of the world ever...

  78. sashi prasad

    We remember you only only youuuuu Elvis

  79. Elda Huerres Mardaraz

    Tambien me gusta mucho cuando sale su hija en reportaje ,con el en esta cancion ,estan impresionantes🌹💝👍⚡👌💕

  80. Zdenka Kolman


  81. rosangela pereira

    E um espetáculo de homem que deixa a gente se folego💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 obrigado por compartlhar.

  82. Brenda Pendlebury

    What a beautiful man Elvis is with a voice to match only one Elvis God bless our Elvis 🎸

  83. diane millican

    You will always be in my 💓 Elvis,😢😢😢😢😢😢

  84. Janet Carter

    I don't know why I watch these videos when I have it on a DVD? 🙂

  85. heck B

    why oh why did he have to leave us so early  RIP Elvis thx for the memories  ill remember you always my friend god bless

  86. Meliaresort Mazara del vallo

    Fantastico, straordinario, dolcissimo, bello oltre ogni dire

  87. CooManTunes

    This sounds and looks like shit because the idiotic assholes at Vevo felt the need to overdub vocals from a different concert. Fucking losers.

  88. Grover Bennington

    Oh lord I remember watching this as it was aired live across the of those events you can say you witnessed. The first ever concert to be shown live across the world using satellite technology. I am now 3 weeks off being 54 years old...still the most awe inspiring live performance ever.

  89. MrJohnTeacher

    If Celine Dion was smart, she'd record a version of this.

  90. Heli Keskitalo

    I love Elvis too and listen his music every day. Nice to know there are looots of people like me 😘.
    No wonder, he is the best! 💖


    Nació para la música , grande estrella , que siempre está presente , no te olvidamos !!

  92. Adam West

    My parents took me with them to see Elvis in what would be his last performance in Atlanta in 1976. Yep. I shared the same air space with Elvis. I remember looking through the small velvet covered binoculars at him on stage and my little body getting chills.

    I would later go on to see Robert Plant and Jimmy page 3 times in 1994. Who could ask for more?

  93. Jozef Hatert

    when he turns and smile that sayd alot

  94. Benjamin Huguley

    Now remember this was only 4 yrs. before he passed away. I have chronic severe pain and know what it can do to slow down your bowels and the bloating it can do. He was suffering from extreme blockage and I hate when they make a comment on his weight. I am small and still if not careful will look like I am pregnant. So unless you have been there don't judge. The best singer, performer, best looking and most giving of any other singer we will ever know. R.I.P Arron Elvis Presley.

  95. Norma Gallagher


  96. cristiano silva


  97. Сауле Каженова

    Жаль, чувствуется, что не здоров...